Best Places in Asia to visit in February

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Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Why visit Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Brunei is a great place to visit in February as this is the driest month, and you can also encounter some great deals offered by the locals. Visitors are also few during this period. It is one of the best places in Asia to visit in February.

The weather in Brunei has a daily temperature of 87°F. This is perfect for strolling and taking a dip in their rich culture.

Unspoiled wilderness and royal palaces are only two of the many attractions of Brunei Darussalam. Bandar Seri Begawan, the country’s capital, is home to an excellent museum where visitors can understand the locals’ history and heritage. You can also explore the Royal Regalia Museum to taste the Sultan’s abundance.

You can also witness bizarre proboscis monkeys with enormous noses in the floating town of Kampong Ayer!

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Sapporo, Japan

Why visit Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo is a magnificent place to visit in February because of the cold weather; you can take advantage of this climate before everything melts!

The temperature in Sapporo typically ranges from 28°F to 32°F. The climate is best paired with their unique soups!

Large-scale sculptures of snow and ice line Odori Park as the Sapporo Snow Festival commemorate the city’s severe winters. Snow sculptures aren’t the only thing at the festival; there are food stalls, light and good acts, outdoor ice skating, and a ‘Park Air Jumping Platform’ for snowboarders!

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Andaman Islands, India

Why visit Andaman Islands, India

The Andaman Islands is one of the best places in February that should be visited. The weather in the Islands is delightful.

The weather in the Andaman Islands typically ranges from 80°F to 87°F. This climate is excellent for sightseeing and admiring nature’s beauty!

The Andaman Islands include some of the most beautiful beaches in South Asia and some of the best diving in the region. In Andaman, there are several fascinating destinations. The Andaman Islands’ Havelock Island is the most visited and, unquestionably, the most gorgeous. 

You can go snorkeling, scuba-diving, or just relax on one of the island’s beautiful beaches in Havelock. You can enjoy the area’s beaches, galleries, and water activities or simply unwind. Any activity you choose to partake in a while visiting the Andamans will be gratifying.

Rajasthan, India

Why visit Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is a majestic place to visit in February because of the nice weather experienced in the town. The climate is more relaxed compared to other months.

The weather in Rajasthan during February ranges from 73°F to 81°F. The temperature in the area is perfect for taking pictures!

There are many things to see and do in Jaipur, such as the Hawa Mahal and the stunning pink Palace of the Wind. Take a woodblock printing session in Jaipur to discover how to manufacture the beautiful fabrics that can be purchased in the markets. It’s easy to get lost in the city’s maze of blue-domed lanes, which give Jodhpur its name and the city’s majestic Mehrangarh Fort.

Hampi, India

Why visit Hampi, India

Hampi is a great place to visit in February because of the hot weather experienced in the town. Locals also welcome tourists the whole year to give an unforgettable vacation.

The weather in Hampi ranges from 93°F to 98°F. The scorching heat makes you want to bring shades or an umbrella and buy refreshing drinks around the town.

Over 1600 ruins exist in Hampi, ranging from temples and palaces to horse stables, markets, and Ganesh statues. It is remarkable that they have been maintained beautifully and that the inscriptions and sculptures reveal many stories. Virupaksha temple and the old Vittala stone chariot are the most famous remains. 

Near the town of Anegundi, there are some fascinating temples to explore off the regular road. The rocky scenery is equally stunning, and most temples are situated in incredible spots.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Why visit Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is a magical place to visit in February because of the low season experienced in the area. The weather is also calm to stroll around the beautiful town of Bali.

The weather in Ubud has a daily temperature of 86°F; although it is sunny, you can still experience some gloomy days.

It’s possible to pamper yourself with an in-home massage, a flower bath, or a sound healing ritual in addition to a massage in a spa. The Tegallalang rice terraces, which are typically less crowded in February, are also a must-do in the city of Ubud. While the monkey forest isn’t something I’m a fan of, Tirta Empul, a well-known water temple, is a must-see.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Why visit Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a magnificent place to see in February because of the wide range of hotel rates! There are a lot of cheap hotels in the area.

The weather in Luang Prabang scales from 83°F to 89°F. This temperature is best paired with their falls and lagoons.

There’s no denying that the country’s natural beauty is enticing. Luang Prabang is a cultural and natural hotspot that caters to many visitors. Luang Prabang’s Old Quarter is the city’s unquestioned crown jewel and one of Southeast Asia’s best-preserved old cities. 

Don’t miss the peaceful Luang Prabang countryside and the spectacular Kuang Si waterfalls, about 30 kilometers from the city center. Take a soothing plunge in the Kuang Si waterfall’s three cooling pools!

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Why visit Macau - one of the Best Places in Asia to visit in February

Macau is a great area to see in February because there are a lot of great accommodations offered in the town, making the place more attractive to the world.

The weather in Macau spans from 63°F to 66°F. Wander the majestic streets of this place with your friends!

Macau is a busy East Asian metropolis that provides visitors with a fascinating look into the region’s history. Old and new coexist in perfect harmony in Macau, a city shaped by centuries of Portuguese and Chinese colonization. 

While in Kyoto, take advantage of the city’s many hidden corners, such as the cobblestone streets and ancient temples. Visit the most well-known attractions in Lisbon, such as St. Paul’s Ruin, the vivid Senado Square, and the A-Ma Temple while you’re there.

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Penang, Malaysia

Why visit Penang, Malaysia

Penang is a great place to visit in February because of the warm weather, and this is the time before the high season begins.

The weather in Penang has an average temperature of 89°F daily. Penang has a lot to offer, especially to first-timers.

Penang will not let you down, regardless of where you choose to spend your days. You may soak up the colonial heritage buildings and polished art scene in George Town, or you can head south to the island’s various beaches and durian fields. 

Penang has many kid-friendly attractions and amusement parks, including the world’s giant water slide at Escape and an eco-park on Penang Hill. You can imagine being a flying lemur by taking a zipline through the forest canopy.

Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Why visit Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Coron is a paradise in the Philippines that should be visited in February because the weather is pleasant, and the rainy season has not yet started. 

The weather in Coron has an average temperature of 89°F. Water activities are the best for this climate.

You can savor some delicious cocktails or meals in town, get a relaxing massage, or go souvenir shopping along the seafront. Other sites of interest in and near Coron include a hot springs region, isolated beaches, and scenic drives around town.

Siargao, Philippines

Why visit Siargao, Philippines

Siargao is a majestic destination to visit in February. The weather will literally give you your beach paradise fantasy! This is also the time when you can avoid large crowds!

The weather in Siargao has an average temperature of 85°F. This is perfect weather to catch some waves under the sun.

Surf lessons are available at many of the nearby resorts, a lot of which are budget-friendly. For those who aren’t concerned about learning how to surf, Reef Beach Resort is a warm and welcoming place to stay.

This gorgeous island, which is both rugged and pristine, boasts an abundance of excellent eateries and friendly locals.

Doha, Qatar

Why visit Doha, Qatar

Doha is also a great place to visit in February because of the comfortable weather experienced in the town. Locals stay outside of their houses or even on roofs during this time.

The weather in Doha typically ranges from 71°F to 76°F. The temperature is perfect for swimming but be careful before you wear bikinis!

The Museum of Islamic Art is a Corniche must-see. The building is a modern masterwork designed by I.M. Pei at age 91. Inside are 12 centuries of Islamic art from around the world. Next to the museum is Souq Waqif, a stock market that will overwhelm your senses. Some restaurants serve Middle Eastern cuisine that is authentic!

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Galle, Sri Lanka

Why visit Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle is a fantastic site that should be seen in February. The climate is more relaxed than in other countries, and there are excellent accommodation deals around!

The weather in Galle has a daily temperature of 87°F. This is perfect for checking the different attractions in the area.

Walk along the walls to see the stunning lighthouse and the Clock Tower within easy walking distance. There are numerous art exhibitions and shops in the area where you may purchase souvenirs. As a bonus, the money from one of them will go to help the stray animals in the area!

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Why visit Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta is a perfect place to visit in February because this spot is the best, especially if you want to experience everything without spending too much! There are also fewer tourists than on other Islands.

The weather in Koh Lanta ranges from 90°F to 92°F. Make sure to wear shades and put on sunblock!

If you’re looking for an adventure, Koh Lanta has a lot for you to do, from beach time to trekking and kayaking. Among the many things to do in Koh Lanta are seeing the island’s beautiful beaches along the southwest coast, enjoying snorkeling on Koh Mook, and discovering the Emerald Cave!

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Why visit Phi Phi Island, Thailand - one of the Best Places in Asia to visit in February

Phi Phi Island is a superb place to see in February because the weather shines on the coastline the whole day!

The weather on the Island has an average temperature of 91°F. This climate is best paired with friends and cocktails!

It’s the perfect combination of stunning scenery and beaches with a laid-back and friendly atmosphere! The pedestrian town comes alive at night with people walking the busy pubs and restaurants!  

Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with glowing plankton at dusk, and resting on the boat are just a few exciting activities from Koh Phi Phi Don’s shores!

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