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Best Places in South America to visit in January

Best Places in South America to visit in January

Santiago, Chile
Why visit Santiago, Chile

Santiago is an excellent destination in January, especially if you want to escape the winter blues! The sun will definitely warm you up!

The weather in Santiago ranges from 86°F to 80°F. This is an ideal temperature to do different activities.

Santiago’s pleasant climate, with its consistently mild nighttime temperatures and dry heat, makes exploring the city a delight year-round. You may spend a few days in the beautiful seaside resort of Valparaiso or take a day trip to the surrounding world-class wineries in January.

Santiago goes into its summer hibernation, making it a great time to take long evening strolls. Enjoy late dinners and ice cream in crowded plazas. Watch the sunset over the Andes.

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Cartagena, Colombia
Why visit Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a good spot to visit in January because of the warm and dry climate, where you can enjoy the sun while strolling.

The weather in Cartagena typically spans from 87°F to 84°F. You can enjoy the vibrant holidays in Cartagena!

If you’re the sociable type, you’ll have a blast in this city because pubs and restaurants remain open late, and plazas are always bustling with activity. A trip to Cartagena would be well worth your time. 

If the old city’s historical architecture and Caribbean setting don’t captivate you, perhaps a day trip to one of the nearby beautiful islands will!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Why visit Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a beautiful destination to visit in January to warm yourself up from the winter season. 

The weather in Buenos Aires scales from 82°F to 75°F. Visit the famous attractions around the place.

Buenos Aires is teeming with life and energy and is also known for its diversity and progressive outlook. It is one of the most exciting cities in the world due to its wealth of architectural and cultural history. 

A youthful creative spirit, electrifying nightlife, one-of-a-kind customs, thriving arts scene, and expansive parks makes this place extraordinary.

Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile
Why visit Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile

Patagonia is a great place to visit in January because of the sunny days experienced in the destination; this is a perfect spot to warm yourself.

The weather in Patagonia typically spans from 50°F to 70°F. Enjoy the different attractions under the sun!

Patagonia is well-known worldwide for its stunning scenery, extensive forests, national parks, glaciers, and unique animals. Patagonia is one of the top contenders for the title “most beautiful place in the world.”

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Salvador, Brazil
Why visit Salvador, Brazil

Salvador is a must-visit place in January due to its vibrant warm days. This is perfect for exploring the colorful streets.

The weather in Salvador ranges from 87°F to 84°F. The ideal climate to walk along the colorful streets.

The city serves as a cultural hub for the country. It is well-known for the stunning architecture of its many Baroque colonial churches. Porto da Barra is the closest to Salvador’s many gorgeous beaches.

 This beach’s best sunsets are seen, making it a popular destination. It can get crowded, but there is a wide variety of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars to choose from, so there is always something exciting to do.

Pantanal, Brazil
Why visit Pantanal, Brazil

Pantanal is a great place to admire nature in January. This is also one of the warmest months in Pantanal; bring your hats while exploring the wetland!

The weather in Pantanal typically spans from 83°F to 77°F. Discovering the wildlife is the best thing to do in Pantanal!

Pantanal is full of friendly, competent biologists and naturalists who can show you the finest of what it has to provide if you’re thinking about what to do there. Travelers may rest assured that they won’t have to sacrifice any conveniences during their stay, as the area is dotted with all-inclusive lodges and floating hotels.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Why visit Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is a great spot to visit in January, especially if you want to have a vacation in a more remarkable destination. This is the best choice to escape the scorching heat.

The weather in Ushuaia usually ranges from 55°F to 48°F. This type of climate is best paired with their magnificent sceneries.

 If you visit Ushuaia when it isn’t overcast or windy, you’ll be rewarded with stunning scenery. The old penal colony is now home to a museum and a variety of wildlife, including penguins, orca whales, and seals. 

The town, though, has its own unique appeal. The Punta Arenas Mountains encircle this small town on three sides, providing a picturesque backdrop.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia
Why visit Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona National Park is a perfect destination in January, especially if you want a sunny day while admiring the beach!

The weather in Tayrona National Park usually scales from 91°F to 87°F. This is an advantage to getting tan lines with your friends!

The beaches of Tayrona are among the most beautiful in the world because of the bays they sit in, the mountains in the background, and the coconut trees that provide welcome shade. Because of the powerful current, several beaches are not suited for swimming.

All of the land and water in Tayrona are part of a marine reserve protected from pollution and other hazards. You’ll find fantastic richness in the wildlife and plants here.

Quito, Ecuador
Why visit Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a great spot to visit in January because the weather is not harsh, unlike the nearby countries. Enjoy your vacation without worrying about the climate! You’ll be greeted by low accommodation deals and lower prices upon arrival!

The weather in Quito usually spans from 64°F to 60°F. Quito has a lot of attractions that can really maximize your stay!

A cultural mecca and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this alpine metropolis has it all. Quito, Ecuador, has exciting activities for people of all interests. A trip to Quito, Ecuador, would be a fascinating experience.

Fun Fact: Quito is at the highest peak in the world!

Atacama Desert, Chile
Why visit Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert is an amazing place to visit in January because of the dry weather experienced in the Mars-like Desert!

The weather in the Atacama Desert ranges from 81°F to 78°F daily. This is a fantastic spot to have an extraterrestrial photoshoot!

This place is unique because of the lunar valleys, high-altitude lagoons, fractured salt flats, and limitless desert horizons. It is a must-see destination due to its abundant natural beauty and rich cultural heritage dating back thousands of years.

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Angel Falls, Venezuela
Why visit Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls is a magical place that should be visited in January. The bright sun and big clouds will make it a hundred times majestic!

The weather in Angel Fall ranges from 91°F, rarely falling below 86°F. This is perfect for admiring these gigantic Falls!

Visitors can hike to the top of the Falls, take a boat trip, or see a birds-eye view from a helicopter. The pool at the base of the Falls is a popular swimming spot, especially when the water level is low.

 One must at least once live this experience and soak in the majesty of the water’s Fall from the tepuis.

Cusco, Peru
Why visit Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a great place to visit in January because of the mild temperature experienced in the town. The locals will welcome the tourists warmly! You might also encounter some great deals!

The weather in Cusco has a daily temperature of 63°F to 57°F. This is perfect for exploring the town’s rich culture!

Cusco offers an abundance of entertainment opportunities. This historic Inca capital is not just one of Peru’s most popular tourist locations but also the starting point for many trekkers and hikers en route to the famed Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. 

The city is worth visiting because of its unique blend of Incan and Spanish culture.

Baños, Ecuador
Why visit Baños, Ecuador

Baños is one of the cheapest places that should be visited in January. Low accommodation rates and cheap shops or restaurants will excite you!

The weather in Baños typically scales from 62°F to 58°F. This mild temperature will literally make your stay more enjoyable!

Located in a picturesque valley at the foot of an active volcano is the town of Baños. The city has earned a reputation as Ecuador’s “adventure capital,” and it should be included on any trip to the country. 

Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs can all be found near Baños.

Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Why visit Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

Rurrenabaque is a great spot to vacation in January, especially if you are trying to save money!

The weather in Rurrenabaque ranges from 85°F to 80°F. This is an ideal climate to enjoy the attractions around the town.

In the jungles surrounding Rurrenabaque, you may go on some stunning walks. If you can find the trailhead, the most popular choice is Mirador de la Cruz.

 There are fewer people on the Hanging Bridges route because it is off the usual path.

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Huacachina, Peru
Why visit Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is a stunning destination to visit in January. Aside from the bearable temperature, there are also many cheaper prices like lodging and souvenir shops!

The weather in Huacachina usually spans from 68°F to 63°F. This calm climate is great for admiring the scenery.

Huacachina, Peru, is the ideal place for visitors to explore Peru’s desert because it is home to South America’s largest and most magnificent sand dunes. The area is stunning, and sand surfing tours and dune buggy trips have helped to bring attention to it. 

It’s no surprise that people come here from around the world to see it!