Top 17 Movies Filmed in Spokane, Washington by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Spokane: Unveiling the Silver Screen Magic!

Lights! Camera! Action! Grab your popcorn and get ready for a blockbuster adventure in the exciting city of Spokane, Washington. Forget those humdrum evenings of flipping through channels in search of the perfect movie. Today, my friend, you’re gonna be the star of your own reel life!

Hey there, fellow movie buff and travel bug! Feeling a bit bored, huh? Well, why not add a dash of Hollywood magic to your life and explore the sensational filming locations right here in Spokane? Trust me, you’re in for a reel treat. Lights, camera, Spokane, action!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the reel-life wonders of Spokane, Washington.
  • Dive into the enchanting worlds depicted in your favorite movies.
  • Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure while exploring local landmarks.
  • Become a walking, talking IMDb by collecting trivia about the movies filmed in Spokane.
  • Experience the thrill of being on-set without any pressure to remember your lines.

Now, let’s talk about why visiting movie filming locations is as fun and exciting as riding a rollercoaster while juggling ice cream cones.

Picture this: you stroll down a picturesque street, reminiscing about that jaw-dropping scene from a beloved movie. The energy in the air is palpable as you remember the chills you felt while watching it on the big screen. Suddenly, you’re transported into the reel world, walking side by side with your favorite characters.

And here’s the best part: you don’t need any acting skills, audition tapes, or that snazzy director’s chair to experience the magic. Just your sense of adventure and a sprinkle of imagination will do the trick.

Feeling like a detective? Keep your eagle eye peeled for iconic landmarks that will transport you straight into legendary scenes.

From that famous coffee shop where two star-crossed lovers shared their first cup of joe to the steps where a legendary car chase unfolded, Spokane has it all. You’ll be ticking those movie bucket list boxes like a pro!

Imagine the stories you’ll bring back home. You’ll have your friends eating out of the palm of your hand with captivating tales about the secrets behind the scenes. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover some hidden gems that even the most die-hard movie buffs overlooked.

So, before you hit play on another snoozy evening, grab your camera, don your best sunglasses, and embark on an adventure through the reel world of Spokane. It’s time to make some unforgettable memories in the footsteps of Hollywood legends.

Lights, camera, Spokane, it’s showtime! Are you ready to take center stage and explore the movies filmed in this incredible city? Lights, camera, action! Let’s roll!

But first, here’s a list of movies that have captured the magic of Spokane on the silver screen. Dive into the cinematic world right below and plan your blockbuster journey through the heart of this incredible city. Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen!

Tag – US Box Office: USD$54,730,625

Director: Jeff Tomsic

Main Cast: Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Lil Rel Howery, Annabelle Wallis, and Isla Fisher

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Filming Locations: Spokane, Washington, USA; Fayetteville, Georgia, USA; Peachtree City, Georgia, USA; Stone Mountain Golf Club, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA; North River Tavern, Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA

Main Plot: Childhood friends have played tag against one another for the past 30 years. When Jerry gets married, he attempts to quit the competitive annual game without ever being it. It forces the other four to band together, eventually making enormous attempts to tag him. Jeff Tomsic directed the film. According to the Wall Street Journal, avoiding it requires preparation and caution. When they reach Spokane, Washington, the location of their hometown, they seek out Jerry at the country club where he would be getting married. Still, they are astounded by Jerry’s talent. Jerry then introduces Susan, his fiancée, as the others acknowledge their sadness at not being invited to the wedding. Despite their strong friendship, Jerry was concerned that he would likely be tagged or, at the very least, harassed throughout the ceremony. The recreational game “tag” gained popularity in the 1980s. In the 1980s, Tag: That Assassin Game (1982) and Gotcha! made some money from the craze. Nevertheless, the group attempts to tag Jerry before or immediately after wedding-related events.

Famous quotes:

Randy: [to Jerry] “Yeah, you’re really good at tag.”

Hoagie: “Yes, but you’ve kind of missed the point. I mean, it’s not about trying to get away from each other. It’s actually about having a reason to be around each other. You know?”

Jerry: [Quietly] “Yeah.”

Hoagie: “I mean, Ben Franklin said it best. Am I right? “We don’t stop playing because we grow old.”

Hoagie, Randy, Callahan, Anna Malloy: “We grow old because we stop playing.”

Sequel: Tag 2015

Fun Fact about Tag:

  • The chase through Chilli’s apartment building is a nod to Political Subdivision (1990).
  • The film reconnected Ed Helms and Rashida Jones. They appeared in The Office (2005) and were introduced to the program in the same episode.
  • They agree not to play the game during marriage activities in exchange for invitations to the wedding.

Red Dawn – US Box Office: USD$50,950,296

Director: Dan Bradley

Main Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, and Adrianne Palicki

Release Date: November 21, 2012

Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA; Grand Ledge, Michigan, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA; Royal Oak, Michigan, USARoyal Oak, Michigan, USA; Pontiac, Michigan, USA; Harper Woods, Michigan, USAHarper Woods, Michigan, USA

Main Plot: Washington’s Spokane is shaken by a North Korean paratrooper invasion. Veteran Marine Jed Eckert and his civilian brother Matt escape to a remote cabin in the woods with some companions, where they see Captain Cho’s brutal execution of their father. The brothers join the Wolverines, a guerilla resistance group, with their friends to drive the invaders out of their homes. As the teenagers struggle to determine whether to submit to the invaders or resist, tensions mount; Pete ultimately deserts them. Sergeant Eckert and the mayor are brought out by North Korean soldiers, led by Captain Cho, to persuade the group to submit. In contrast, the mayor convinces the lads to submit. Cho murders Sergeant Eckert after she refuses to cooperate and encourages them to resist.

Famous quotes:

British Male News Pundit 14: “North Korea is like a spoiled child!”

News Anchor: “North Korea is a danger to the world.”

Female News Anchor 15: “What would North Korea possibly hope to gain?”

Korean Man: “What is it that they want?

Female News Anchor 16: What are they preparing for?”

Sequel: Red Dawn 1984

Fun Fact about Red Dawn:

  • Radio Free America’s encoded messages are identical to those in the original Red Dawn (1984).
  • The film was shot and completed in 2009, with an initial release date of November 24, 2010. Due to MGM’s financial difficulties, it was put on hold for over two years.
  • The force that invaded was initially Chinese. It was altered to North Korean in post-production to keep access to China’s box office.

Benny & Joon – US Box Office: USD$23,261,580

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

Main Cast: Johnny Depp, Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, Oliver Platt, CCH Pounder, Dan Hedaya, and Joe Grifasi

Release Date: April 16, 1993

Filming Locations: 301 N Cedar Street, Spokane, Washington, USA; Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington, USA; 1303 W 10th Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA; Hillyard Tire Center – 5404 N Market Street, Spokane, Washington, USA; Ferguson’s Fountain Café – 804 W Garland Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: Benny, an auto mechanic in a small town, dedicates his life to caring for Joon, his talented artist sister. The latter has a mental illness and struggles to make it on her own in the outside world. Benny is compelled to host Sam, a player’s relative, in his home for a few days as part of a poker game, upending this generally quiet arrangement. Sam, who arrives, makes an immediate impression thanks to his subtly odd behavior, reminiscent of the antics of the legendary silent cinema comedian Buster Keaton. Sam and Joon are utterly drawn to one another without Benny knowing it. However, when Benny learns the truth, it splits the siblings apart as they try to comprehend how drastically their relationship has changed, shifting due to this strange arrival.

Famous quotes:

Sam: “Oh my God! “I’ve just been looking for my boyfriend. Have you seen him? He’s a cute guy with a little mole on his right cheek.”

Local: “Hey, Ruthie. One of your ghosts comes back to haunt ya?”

Sam: “AH! Oh, Brad! Oh, Brad. Brad, please don’t be dead. Brad, I never had a chance to tell you what you meant to me. Oh, Brad, please!” It’s you! You’re you! Ruthie Melony, co-star of the Prom Queen Mutilator with Dick Bebe!”

Ruthie: “You saw that?”

Sam: “He was mine! He was mine!” “No, Cindy. You’re sick. Cindy, you need help. No, Cindy! No, no!”

Fun Fact about Benny & Joon Filming:

  • Ruthie works at the Milk Bottle Café in Spokane, Washington. The interior was shot in a completely different restaurant, Ferguson’s Café. The two restaurants are just close to each other. It’s not the only structure in Spokane shaped like a milk bottle.
  • Benny’s persona was initially intended to be a New York psychiatrist.
  • When the production crew discovered Ruthie’s apartment, everything was in disarray. They had to refurbish the entire flat.

Vision Quest – US Box Office: USD$12,993,175

Director: Harold Becker

Main Cast: Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Schoeffling, Ronny Cox, Harold Sylvester, Charles Hallahan, and J.C. Quinn

Release Date: February 15, 1985

Filming Locations: Monroe Street Bridge, Spokane, Washington, USA; Santa Clarita, California, USA; Ridpath Hotel – 515 W Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA; Rogers High School – 1622 E Wellesley Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA; 828 W Main Street, Spokane, Washington, USA; Ferguson’s Fountain Café – 804 W Garland Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA; Ferris High School – 3020 E 37th Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: A middle school wrestler decided to name Louden Swain star in the coming-of-age movie Vision Quest. He decides he wants to be more than just a typical gymnast and needs to focus on a prize that most are unaware of. He can win. He then sets out to accomplish his goal independently, with little assistance from his father or coach. Teenage wanderer Carla is sharing his father’s room. She helps Swain stay focused and on task as he is infatuated with her. Other challenges Louden faces in completing his year’s objective are. Include whether he will achieve the required weight by the deadline and, even if he does if his body can withstand the strain of such a drastic weight drop.

Famous quotes:

Tanneran: “Well, what do you think? Does anybody understand a word of it? Huh? Louden? This poem mean anything to you at all?”

Louden Swain: “Yeah, kind of. I figure the girl in the poem’s about my age. She’s feeling sad about the leaves falling from the trees, and the poet tells her that what she’s really sad about is that she’s beginning to realize she’s going to die someday, too. The thing is, she’s already dying.”

Tanneran: “Is that a good thing to realize, or do you think maybe we’d be better off not thinking about it?”

Louden Swain: “I don’t know. Nobody likes to think about it. I don’t like to think about it. But if you don’t, you might go through life thinking you’ve got plenty of time. You put off the really important stuff until later, and pretty soon, before you know it, there’s no more time left, you’ve blown it.”

Tanneran: “That’s not bad, Louden. Not bad at all.”

Fun Fact about Vision Quest:

  • This was mainly shot on-site within and around Spokane, Washington, USA. And cast numerous locals in minor roles and as extras.
  • Madonna makes her first cameo in a major motion picture as a singer at a neighborhood bar, where she sings the tracks “Crazy for You” and “Gambler.” The film’s title was modified in some countries to capitalize on Madonna’s rising star and the success of the single “Crazy for You.”
  • The training scenario with Shute occurs at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane. It hosted high school football for over seventy years, in addition to the Washington State Cougar Crimson the Grey game, before being demolished in 2021.

Knockaround Guys –  US Box Office: USD$12,806,614

Director: Brian Koppelman & David Levien

Main Cast: Jennifer Baxter, Dennis Hopper, Vin Diesel, Andy Davoli, Seth Green, and John Malkovich

Release Date: October 11, 2002

Filming Locations:  Glendive, Montana, USA; Glasgow, Montana, USA; Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada; Alberta, Canada; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: The four sons of huge Brooklyn mobsters. Diesel, Green, Pepper, and Davoli—have to work together to recover a bag of money in a little Montana village run by a dishonest sheriff. They want to be sons of mobsters, go to a remote Midwest town and get into more trouble than anyone could have imagined. The plot begins explicitly when Matt Demaret (Pepper) follows his uncle’s advice and accepts a job to deliver money for his gangster father (Hopper) (Malkovich). But things don’t turn out as expected. Teddy, a friend of Teddy’s father, forces a young Matty Demaret (Barry Pepper) to choose between killing and sparing the person who led to his father’s detention (John Malkovich). Teddy informs Matty he is unsuited for mob work since he cannot fire the gun.

Famous quotes:

Store Owner: “I got nothing for you my friend.”

Taylor: “I checked the meter on my machines. Now they’ve had plenty of play. I gave you that key so you could borrow a little, float yourself for a few days. But half of that money is mine, and I want it.”

Store Owner: “What can I tell you, Taylor? I run a business here. I have expenses. If I’m not paying fast enough for you, turn ’em off. Take them out of the store.”

Store owner: “[Taylor leaves and comes back with a crowbar] What the fuck are you doing? Are you crazy? They’re your own fucking machines! Don’t do this to me, por favor.”

Taylor: “The milk guy’s getting paid… the potato chip guy’s getting paid… the beer guy’s getting paid… every-fucking-body’s getting paid, and you look through me? You fuck!”

Fun Fact about Knockaround Guys:

  • The show’s first release date was set for October of 2000. It was pushed back because New Product Entertainment didn’t know how to sell it with then-unknown performers in the lead roles.
  • A second date was intended for 2001 to capitalize on the breakthrough of The Fast and the Furious (2001), starring Vin Diesel. The release date in 2002 was set following Vin Diesel’s debut triple X feature for New Line Cinema to have a more prominent name to sell this film.
  • Tom Noonan improvised the ” why are you in such a hurry? ” statement. In a sense, Seth Green’s expression and delivery of his information are genuine.

The Leisure Seeker  – US Box Office: USD$10,472,180

Director: Paolo Virzì

Main Cast: Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland, Christian McKay, Janel Moloney, and Dana Ivey

Release Date: January 3, 2018

Filming Locations: McDonough, Georgia, USA; Key West, Florida, USA; Stone Mountain Park, Georgia, USA; Maryland, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: An elderly couple travels from Boston, Massachusetts, in their dependable old RV, “The Leisure Seeker,” to the Ernest Hemingway Villa in Key West, Florida, on a fantastic journey. Throughout a lengthy drive filled with discovery and surprise to the conclusion, they rekindle their love for life and one another. For more than 50 years, John and Ella Robina have lived a great life together. Ella, who is now in her nineties and has cancer, has decided to forgo therapy. John has dementia. The self-described “down-on-their-luck geezers” kidnap themself from the grown. Children and doctors who seem to govern their lives to escape from their houses in suburban Detroit on a forbidden vacation of rediscovery out of a desire for one more adventure. In quest of a past, they’re finding a damned hard time remembering. John pilots their 1978 Leisure Seeker RV along the abandoned sections of Route 66, with Ella serving as his watchful copilot toward Disneyland. Ella is adamant that you can go back a second time, sneak a little extra time, and take a little bit more, even though everyone says you can’t believe in life.

Famous quotes:

John Spencer: “Is that really you, Ella?”

Ella Spencer: “Of course it’s me! Who are you?

John Spencer: “I’m me! John.”

Ella Spencer: “No, you’re not. My John is a young teacher. He’s charming. Very handsome. Educated. I want him back. You stole him from me and I want you to give him back.”

John Spencer: “Oh boy, if I could I would. He was stolen from me, and was stolen from you too.”

Fun Fact about The Leisure Seeker: 

  • Paolo Virzi is the first full-length English-language film.
  • The 74th Venice Festival of Films featured this film in the most significant competition division.
  • The Trump Rally sequence was shot in Marietta, Georgia, at Marietta Square, directly in front of the famous Strand Theater.

Smoke Signals –  US Box Office: USD$6,745,362

Director: Chris Eyre

Main Cast: Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard, Gary Farmer, Tantoo Cardinal and Cody Lightning

Release Date: November 27, 1998

Filming Locations: Worley, Idaho, USA; Plummer, Idaho, USA; Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation, Plummer, Idaho, USA; Tensed, Idaho, USA; Idaho, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: The storyline opens with a brief view of two baby boys, one of whom was just barely saved from a fire that killed his parents. We get a tiny glimpse of them maturing and discover the conflict between them. Thomas, a young Native American man living on his reservation, is a nerd who wears large spectacles and tells everyone things they don’t want to hear. When his parents perished in a fire in 1976, Arnold saved Thomas. Victor, a rebellious kid, had not seen his father in ten years when Arnold abruptly abandoned his family, including them. When Victor discovers that Arnold has died, Thomas offers to pay for the trip to collect Arnold’s ashes, provided that Thomas is allowed to go along. Victor and Thomas started their expedition.

Famous quotes:

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: “Your father saved my life”

Victor Joseph: “Thomas you don’t even know my father. Did you know that my father was the one that set your parent’s house on fire? Did you know that my father beat my mother? Did you know that my father beat me too?”

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: “All I know is that when your father left your mother lost you too.”

Victor Joseph: “Thomas I wish that fire had killed you.”

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: “Victor LOOK OUT!”

Fun Fact about Smoke Signals:

  • Elaine Miles (Lucy) learned to drive backward during filming the scene in which Lucy and Velma are riding back. In the end, a stunt driver was not required.
  • Smoke Signals was chosen for conservation in the National Film Registry by the US Library of Congress in 2018.
  • In a prologue, Victor’s dad asks him who his most fantastic Indian is, and Victor replies, “Nobody.” Gary Farmer, who portrays Victor’s father, played an Indian called Nobody in the film Dead Man Walking (1995).

The Joneses –  US Box Office: USD$1,475,746

Director: Derrick Borte

Main Cast: Demi Moore, David Duchovny, Amber Heard, and Gary Cole

Release Date: April 23, 2010

Filming Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Alpharetta, Georgia, USA; Roswell, Georgia, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA; 2780 Manor Bridge Dr, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Main Plot: The Joneses is a societal critique of our consumerist society. Steve and Kate Jones are the pride of their affluent, suburban neighborhood, which is replete with McMansions and upper-middle-class accouterments, along with their lovely teenage children, Jenn and Mick. Kate is the perfect trendsetter: she’s attractive, sensual, and decked in designer labels from head to toe. Steve is an admired, successful businessman with everything: a beautiful wife, a large house, and an unending supply of high-tech goods. Jenn and Mick rule their new school by embodying everything hip and current – intelligent clothes, fast automobiles, and cutting-edge technology. But, as the neighbors struggle to keep up with the Joneses, no one expects the truth about this all-too-perfect family.

Famous quotes:

Steve Jones: “Man, this thing rides smooth!”

Kate Jones: “It’s very nice.”

Steve Jones: “Yes, it’s like riding on the ass of an angel. I mean, I wish I could have sold a crossover like this, I wouldn’t have been able to keep them in stock.”

Steve Jones: “I want you to come join me in the real world.”

Kate Jones: “This is my real world”

Fun Fact about The Joneses:

  • Most of the students in the vicinity at Carlton J. Kell Academy were junior and senior Kell students.
  • Real Housewife Kim Zolciak-Biermann is present at the Joneses’ party.
  • David Duchovny with Amber Heard previously collaborated on the 2007 film Californication.

Why Would I Lie? – US Box Office: USD$1,175,855

Director: Larry Peerce

Main Cast: Treat Williams, Lisa Eichhorn, Gabriel Macht, Susan Heldfond, Anne Byrne Hoffman, Valerie Curtin, Jocelyn Brando, and Nicolas Coster

Release Date: August 8, 1980

Filming Locations: Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: This story is about someone who prefers the word fabrication to lie. Cletus has a history of lying. He is given the case of a small boy named Jorge, who was removed from his mother. To reconcile Jorge with his mother, Cletus must create some false narratives to prevent Jorge from being adopted. While searching for his mother, Cletus immediately falls in love with a counselor. At first, Cletus looks like a cute, troubled boy in the Morgan, sitting on his psychiatrist’s couch wearing an old coal miner’s helmet mold. But it’s never really made clear what he is.

Famous quotes:

David Mitchell: ‘Well, stranger things have happened, but I think only about six ever.”

Lee Mack: “We’d like to thank the creators of “Call My Bluff”, for not suing us…”

Jack Dee: “The problem we have here is that not all of you are telling the truth.”

Fun Fact about Why Would I Lie?:

  • Gabriel Macht’s first feature film.
  • Unfortunately, the fantastic theme song by B. J. Thomas has never been available on vinyl or Cds.

The Basket – US Box Office:  USD$367,098

Director: Rich Cowan

Main Cast: Peter Coyote, Karen Allen, Robert Burke, Amber Willenborg, Jock MacDonald, Eric Dane, and Brian Skala

Release Date: May 5, 2000

Filming Locations: Garfield, Washington, USA; Washington, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: The setting for The Basket is a picturesque community in the Pacific Northwest raising its wheat and kids amid a country still recovering from World War I. In a period of suffering and prejudice woven against a backdrop of beauty, ‘The Basket’ inevitably points to triumph and keep hoping in a changing America. Martin Conlon, a new school teacher, played by Peter Coyote, introduces basketball as a brand-new sport, which causes a stir in the community. The Basket finally results in success and optimism in a changing America, set against a backdrop of beauty during a period of pain and prejudice.

Famous quotes:

Brigitta: “Everything I loved was taken away from me right before my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it. [Ben forces Brigitta to look at his leg, amputated due to WWII injuries]”

Ben Emery: “Look at it. Look at it! Germans like you did this to me.”

Brigitta: “No, soldiers like you did that.”

Tom Emery: ‘Ben told me all about the war.”

Brigitta: “And where is Ben now?”

Fun Fact about The Basket:

  • Scott McQuilken, the Athletic Director of Whitworth College, is Spokane basketball player number two. 
  • Producer Rich Cowan and photography director Dan Heigh note (DVD commentaries) that the locomotive did not work, so the railway could not move. 
  • In the teaser trailer “Behind the Basket: Designing,” production designer Vincent DeFelice mentions that some horses were supposed to squeeze.

Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me – US Box Office: USD$365,422

Director: James Keach

Main Cast: Glen Campbell, Kim Campbell, Ronald Petersen, Dave Kaplan, Julian Raymond, and Ashley Campbell

Release Date: August 1, 2016

Filming Locations: Santa Barbara, California, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York, USA; Tucson, Arizona, USA; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Malibu, California, USA; Kent, Ohio, USA; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Spokane, Washington

Main Plot: This stunning portrait of the life and career of legendary American musician Glen Campbell. Introduces the viewer to the extraordinary talent who gave rise to classics like Rhinestone Cowboy, Wichita Lineman, and Gentle on My Mind. Glen is a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Campbell united with his family to fight the most challenging battle of his life after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011. The diagnosis was made public by Glen and his wife Kim, marking the first time a prominent American celebrity shared their experience with the rest of the world.

Famous quotes:

Glen Campbell: “You’ve got to try a little kindness, yes show a little kindness Just shine your light for everyone to see.”

Glen Campbell: “There’s been a load of compromising, on the road to my horizon, but I’m gonna be where the lights are shining on me.”

Glen Campbell: “There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas / Creation’s most unique and precious pearl / And heaven help us always to remember / That the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

Glen Campbell: “I like to start the day early, it keeps me out of trouble.”

Glen Campbell: “I don’t remember not singing. I started when I was, I don’t know how – what, two years old, or a year old or something like that.”

Fun Fact about Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me:

  • This movie is the only 2015 nominee that, at the time of the nominations, did not have over 100 votes.

Lonely Hearts- US Box Office: USD$188,565

Director: Todd Robinson

Main Cast: John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, James Gandolfini, Scott Caan, Laura Dern, and Michael Gaston

Release Date: October 21, 2006

Filming Locations: Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA; Ossining, New York, USA; St. Augustine, Florida, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA; Westhampton, Long Island, New York, USA

Main Plot: This short narrative describes how two detectives are looking for Martha Beck and Raymond Martinez Fernandez, the Lonely Hearts Killers. In 1940s New York, Det. Elmer Robinson, still mourning the death of his wife, who committed suicide, hunts for two legendary murderers. Margret Beck The latter attracted their victims via personal advertising. A cunning con artist named Ray Fernandez preys on the money of lonely ladies. Then he meets Martha Beck, a woman with similar beliefs and practices, and they get along splendidly. But because he keeps luring ladies with their savings, Martha becomes envious. A run of murders spanning several states results from frighteningly intense jealous behavior. Two experienced, knowledgeable, and jaded police investigators are pursuing them.

Famous quotes:

Martha Beck: “You just as soon see me burn, so you can go home to your little house, your little wife, your little life, and pound your chest little like a monkey. “

Det. Elmer Robinson: “Mrs. Beck…”

Martha Beck: “You can call me Martha, honey.”

Det. Elmer Robinson: “Martha. My life is a never ending sewer of maggots like you. You’re going to grow old and die in an ugly box with bars at one end and a shitter at the other.”

Martha Beck: “Has anybody ever loved you that much, detective? To kill or die… for you?”

Fun Fact about Lonely Hearts:

  • Elmer C. Robinson, the detective who examined the Lonely Hearts killings, was the director’s grandpa. 
  • The genuine Martha Beck was much taller than actress Salma Hayek and weighed well over 200 pounds at the time of her death. 
  • To achieve the look of the actual Raymond, Jared Leto shaved the front of his skull and the bald patch.

Hangman’s Curse – US Box Office: USD$168,406

Director: Rafal Zielinski

Main Cast: David Keith, Mel Harris, Leighton Meester, Douglas Smith, Jake Richardson, Bobby Brewer, and Daniel Farber

Release Date: September 12, 2003

Filming Locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Spokane, Washington, USA; Riverside State Park – 9711 W. Charles Road, Nine Mile Falls, Washington, USA

Main Plot: After yelling out the identities of a famous ghost. Who is at fault? A peculiar illness? Is it an illicit substance? Is it supernatural? The students at Rogers High School are racing against the clock and have access to few clues. This Veritas Project, an expert investigative team working secretly to find the truth, is the only hope. There is a chance to be lost as they work to unravel the mystery and protect the student body from the haters’ fear. Nate and Sarah Springfield, along with their teenage sons Elijah and Elisha, are hand-picked to look into a spate of bizarre happenings in an otherwise ordinary high school after successfully launching a narcotics bust.

Famous quotes:

Nate Springfield: “Since when was bullying a part of the curriculum here?”

Coach Marquardt: “Since when was toilet cleaning a prerequisite for ethics?”

Nate Springfield: “Come on, don’t tell me you don’t see the strong ones pick on the weak.”

Coach Marquardt: “If it seems that at times the strong prey on the weak, well that’s part of their education. The weak toughen up or they fall behind. The strong prevail and we are all better off.”

Nate Springfield: “[twisting the coaches fingers in a painful position] We’re only as strong as our weakest link, wouldn’t you agree coach?”

Fun Fact about Hangman’s Curse:

  • When Elisha first discovers spiders in the air vents, some of the spiders walking on the walls do not move their legs.
  • Sarah is wearing white gloves when she picks up the disk for the digital recorder in the RV. But as Elijah removes the disk from her, the gloves are gone.

Knights of Badassdom- US Box Office: USD$123,854

Director: Joe Lynch

Main Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, D.R. Anderson, and W. Earl Brown

Release Date: April 11, 2014

Filming Locations: Spokane, Washington, USA;  Washington, USA; USA

Main Plot:  To lift the spirits of their ex-Dungeons and Dragons legend and lately dumped pal. Joe is dragged along by two ardent Live Action Role Players—Eric, a 27-level Grande Sorcerer in training, and Hung, a medieval Master Rogue—to a massive LARP adventure in the middle of a forest. If they unintentionally summon a demon from Hell, they will have to bear the repercussions. However, things will quickly get out of hand when malicious arcane dark magic from a supposedly benign prop book of spells. Unintentionally summons a demonic succubus intent on destruction. Try halting a murderous extradimensional being with a few foam sticks and plastic swords.

Famous quotes:

Joe: “Where the fuck are the keys?”

Eric: “Come on Joe, you played d and d. Live action roleplay is the next level.”

Joe: “D and d was a long time ago.”

Eric: “Yeah, and you were a legend. These people here, they sing songs about the time that you gave Ronnie Kwok’s paladin demonic syphilis.”

Ronnie Kwok: “That looks terrible. My three-year-old nephew could make a better map. And he’s got learning disabilities. It’ll have to do. You, my friend, are on dragon duty. Take these and make sure that we are good to go. And dragon rider… just don’t fuck with my stereo.”

Fun Fact about At Knights of Badassdom:

  • Playing sessions with Peter Dinklage was deemed the most successful of them.
  • Five of the actors have appeared in critically acclaimed HBO shows. Game of Thrones (2011) starred Peter Dinklage, and Tom Hopper, True Blood (2008) starred Ryan Kwanten, and Westworld (2016) starred Jimmi Simpson. Earl Brown plays the title character in Deadwood. The film The White Lotus stars Steve Zahn (2021).

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers – US Box Office: USD$76,806

Director: Wayne Wang

Main Cast: Henry O, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Feihong Yu, and Vida Ghahremani

Release Date: April 10, 2008

Filming Locations: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA; Gonzaga University – 502 E. Boone Avenue, Spokane, Washington, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: Mr. Shi, an elderly widower from Beijing, is the movie’s focus. He decides to see his only daughter, Yilan. She works as a librarian and lives in Spokane, Washington, when she gets divorced to support her. Yilan, meanwhile, is not enthusiastic. She tries to detach herself emotionally, but when that fails, she avoids her father physically. He confronts her about having an affair with a married Russian man. She responds by spilling all the rumors she had heard as a small child about his purported liaison with a Chinese woman colleague. Despite their lack of common language, he ignites with an Iranian woman.

Famous quotes:

Mr. Shi: “[tries to explain] Communist no bad.

[sentence in Chinese]”
Mr. Shi: “Communist in bad hand”

Fun Fact about A Thousand Years of Good Prayers:

  • It is often referred to as “Mil Years of Prayer.”

At Middleton – US Box Office: USD$53,837

Director: Adam Rodgers

Main Cast: George Hartman,Vera Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga,Spencer Rocco Lofranco, Nicholas Braun, Tom Skerritt, Peter Riegert, and Mirjana Jokovic

Release Date: September 5, 2013

Filming Locations: Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA; Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA; Pullman, Washington, USA; Spokane, Washington, USA

Main Plot: This typical romantic comedy is set during a gorgeous college campus tour. Focuses on a couple of adults at a crossroads in their lives rather than two entitled teenagers debating which prospective school of higher education to attend. Parents fall in love over a single day while missing out on their kids’ college visits. Both parents travel with their lone child to decide their academic futures, including Farmiga’s Edith, a children’s furniture retailer, and Garcia’s heart surgeon George. And there are no more parallels. George, a bow tie fanatic, is a rigid square who avoids taking chances. Edith is a mouthy risk-taker who loves to break the rules. She is unconventional. Of course, his upbeat son Conrad (Spencer LoFranco) is careless with their objective. At the same time, Audrey (Farmiga’s teen sister Taissa), his daughter, is a humorless fanatic who takes nothing for granted. Edith admits I should have called her Benito after explaining that Audrey Hepburn was the inspiration for her kid’s name.

Famous quotes:

George Hartman: “Feckless? Let me guess, you’re a high school English teacher.”

Edith Martin: “Wrong. How ’bout you? Wait, let me guess, let me guess. Are you a Brooks Brothers model?”

George Hartman: “I’m a cardiac surgeon. I was speaking with a patient.”

Edith Martin: “Hmm, so you can fix a heart over the phone?”

George Hartman: “Depends on the data plan.”

Fun Fact about At Middleton:

  • Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga are sisters in real life, even though they portray a mother and a daughter on screen.
  • The band “Snatches of Pink,” mentioned in the library scene, is a well-known local band in the city where the movie was shot.
  • In Edith’s words, “she’s just trying to reduce her suffering to 40 characters so that she can tweet her sadness to 140 characters is the maximum allowed on Twitter. ” While they make up stories about strangers they see.

Home of the Brave – US Box Office: USD$51,708

Director: Irwin Winkler

Main Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent, Jessica Biel, and Brian Presley

Release Date: January 5, 2007

Filming Locations: Spokane, Washington, USA; Morocco

Main Plot: A physician who saw too much and a single mother teacher who lost a hand in the ambush. They were among a group of Spokane soldiers ambushed in an Iraqi city the day after they heard they would return home in two weeks. The four persons we follow when we get home include an infantryman. Whose best friend has killed that day and a soldier who keeps rehearsing the moment he killed a civilian woman. Each person returned home altered and feeling out of place. Group counseling, V.A. Regular flashbacks, memorial services, and hesitant gestures from relatives and coworkers keep the war fresh in their memories. They are volatile, irritable, and angry. Can a soldier find tranquility at home?

Famous quotes:

Police Sergeant: “Been in there for about an hour. Keep asking for you.”

Penelope Marsh: “Will, what happened over there?”

Will Marsh: “I don’t really remember. You know. It’s like a dream. Hazy dream.”

Penelope Marsh: “Then tell me. I wanna know.”

Will Marsh: “Do you? Wanna know what a blast wound looks like? What does an OR in the desert smell like? What really happens to them? How do they die? You really wanna know? You want us to come back like nothing ever happened. You don’t want to get your hands dirty with the details.”

Fun Fact about Home of the Brave:

  • The ship captain is seen running the welding rod very quickly down the hinge while he appears to be “welding” on the Humvee door to add a panel. He didn’t strike the bead, make a puddle, or run the bead. Simply for the show, he was creating sparks.
  • Black Snake Moan starred Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci (2006).
  • Sam Jones III, Chad Michael Murray, and Jessica Biel all had roles on WB network programs. On “7th Heaven,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Smallville,” respectively, Biel, Murray, and Jones all played the lead roles.

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