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Get a glimpse of the marvels of Richmond, Virginia. Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Richmond, Virginia, to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Richmond, Virginia, and the best places to visit in Richmond, Virginia, below. We at Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, have big plans to shake things up in the travel business.

Richmond is not just the capital of Virginia; it is also the headquarters of the Confederate States of America.

Richmond is saturated with Civil War-era buildings, monuments, and landmarks.

Furthermore, tourists to this historic town will be impressed by its modern vibes.

If you let yourself be swept away into the past while remaining grounded, you’ll rediscover Richmond.

The rich history of Richmond is not the only thing that makes it a popular tourist attraction for those visiting the state of Virginia.

Tourists may take advantage of the city’s many canals and vicinity to the James River, its booming nightlife, and numerous districts.

In the gentler sections of the stream, you can go kayaking, canoeing, or swimming.

And, of course, there are a variety of must-see attractions across the city.

Overall, Richmond, Virginia, attracts tourists with a taste of both the old and the new.

Check out this guide if you’d want to learn more about the town’s most popular tourist attractions:

The Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol Richmond Virginia
The Virginia State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia / Mr.TinMD / Flickr

What’s the use of having a capital city if you don’t have a Capitol? Thank goodness there’s one in Richmond, Virginia!

The Virginia State Capitol is built on a hilltop in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.

You’d never think it had a colorful past with its gorgeous white-painted structure!

In fact, when Thomas Jefferson initially occupied the Virginia State Capitol in 1788, it was specifically constructed for him.

Jefferson also influenced the Capitol’s design, which was inspired by The Monumental Classical style.

Since its founding, the country’s General Assembly has been the world’s longest-serving legislature.

Virginia’s State Capitol remains an iconic landmark and source of excitement for the city’s residents even now.

When you step inside the Virginia State Capitol, you’ll be able to witness Virginia’s top politicians tirelessly working for the state.

Exciting things await outside the building! Capitol Square’s well-kept public grounds are home to a diverse collection of historic and newly constructed memorials commemorating notable Virginians.

You’ll also get access to the building’s facilities, including a cafe, gift store, and gallery with rotating exhibits.

To gain a whole new perspective on Virginia, the Virginia State Capitol is an absolute must-see!

Address: 1000 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23218, USA

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts Richmond Virginia
Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia / BenGrantham / Flickr

The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts is one of the top attractions in Virginia.

What facts do you have that Richmond has a rich cultural heritage? Visit this museum, and you’ll be all set.

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts offers the best art exhibition for the city of Richmond, Virginia.

Though the city went through the Great Depression, it did not stop artists from being creative and expressive! 

At this Richmond, gem is galleries displaying art from different cultures, including South Asian, African American, and Russian.

You’ll be able to see more than 50,000 works of art in its impressive world-class collection!

In addition, the museum has a permanent collection that encompasses everything, from pre-Columbian art to modern art and photography.

If you are free to stroll in the city, have a day trip to the Virginia Museum Of Fine Art. 

It’s open year-round, and the entrance is free for everyone! Some of them have won national recognition, and special exhibitions require a price to enter.

Furthermore, visiting this museum will make you feel proud since this museum is dedicated to preserving art alive and highlighting beauty in the face of tragedy.

Please visit the Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts if you are in Richmond! It will be a very insightful day for you for sure.

Address: 200 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is one of the best things to do in Virginia.

“We loved with a love that was more than love” from Annabel-Lee. This poem by Edgar Allan Poe may be familiar to you.

However, if you’re not already familiar with his writings, you can tour the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond!

Edgar Allan Poe is widely regarded as one of history’s most significant and brilliant writers.

Most of the time, Poe’s works will give you goosebumps, for it is dark and weird. But that is what made him famous!

At the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, his brilliance is celebrated and displayed throughout the museum.

Moreover, the museum houses all kinds of fantastic items from Poe’s life, including all sorts of original written works.

He’s also known for his famous works, such as The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart. Mostly, Edgar Allan Poe is recognized as the raven. 

Poe’s Museums are great examples of how many famous writers’ and artists’ works still speak to everybody today, over a century after their passing.

If you’re planning on going to Richmond, be sure to add the Edgar Allan Poe Museum to your itinerary!

Address: 1914 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23223, USA

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American Civil War Museum

American Civil War Museum, Richmond, Virginia
American Civil War Museum, Richmond, Virginia / Adam Jones / Flickr

The American Civil War Museum is one of the best places to visit in Virginia.

Visiting Richmond, you could get the impression that this city played a significant part in the Civil War. By touring this museum, you’ll discover more about it!

You can find The American Civil War Museum situated on the James River shoreline at Historic Tredegar, which is also a National Historic Landmark.

Ruined sections of the central furnace of Tredegar Ironworks can also be seen through a window in the museum’s front.

Moreover, there are three different parts of the American Civil War Museum.

Tourists can tour The White House of the Confederacy, which was the home of Jefferson Davis, the Museum of the Confederacy, and the President of the Confederacy.

On the chance that you decide to take a tour, you’ll be ready to see an award-winning regional exhibition that explores narratives as to how America’s Civil War impacted people of all backgrounds.

In addition, The American Civil War Museum houses the Richmond National Battlefield Park Visitor Center.

Overall, the museum is a must-see for anybody interested in learning more about the conflict.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond is a must-see for everyone visiting the city. To get the most out of your vacation, plan your agenda around the city’s rich history!

Address: 500 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

Wilton House Museum

Wilton House Museum is one of the best places to go in Richmond, Virginia.

Looking for interesting and family-friendly places to visit in Richmond? The Wilton House Museum is worth the visit.

Wilton House Museum is one of many amazing museums that is just within the city.

When you first see the home, you’ll get a distinct impression that it’s centuries old.

In fact, the Wilton House Museum was built in the 18th century at Wilton. The structure instantly became Richmond’s own Georgian plantation manor house.

When you visit Wilton House Museum, you can feel like you’re near some of the most inspiring figures who also made their way to this Virginia property.

Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson stayed here. Today, it celebrates several aspects of Virginia’s history.

In addition, Wilton House Museum houses a large collection of 18th and early 19th century paintings, pottery, silver, furniture, and tapestries from the era.

Take a moment and immerse yourself in its beautiful architecture. As you go deeper in your tour, you’ll be amazed at how perfectly preserved it was established many years ago.

Additionally, adults, students, and youth group tours are also available. 

Step inside one of the most magnificent structures in Richmond and be amazed by its beauty and history!

Address: 215 S Wilton Rd, Richmond, VA 23226, USA

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Virginia Museum Of History And Culture

Virginia Museum Of History And Culture Richmond Virginia
Virginia Museum Of History And Culture, Richmond, Virginia / Eli Christman / Flickr

One of the largest buildings in Richmond offers a lot of fun things to discover for tourists.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is an educational institution, a research library, and a history museum all in one.

This museum is the work of the Virginia Historical Society, which dates back to the 19th century.

Moreover, The Virginia Museum of History and Culture functions as a depository for priceless artifacts and papers.

All of the exhibits in the museum are significant in their own way, from the civil rights struggle to the importance of silver in Virginia’s history.

Likewise, you’d be amazed by its large collection of 8 million manuscripts, 150,000 volumes, 1,200 newspaper articles and 300 serials, and even more than 5,000 charts.

It’s not just pictures and artifacts that make up the vast majority of the collection: there are also more than 200,000 photographs and museum objects, including silver, furniture, weaponry, textiles, and more.

In Richmond, Virginia, there’s just one place to go to learn about the city’s history, and that destination is the Virginia Museum of History and Culture.

Address: 428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Richmond Virginia
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia / Ron Cogswell / Flickr

If you are looking for a magnificent location in Richmond that is ideal for strolling, walking, and date nights, then Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is the place for you!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is located just a few miles from the heart of Richmond, and it features over 50 acres of lovely gardens.

It was founded in 1984 as a community-oriented, non-profit garden. 

Grace Arents, a Richmond philanthropist, left money to build a botanical garden in her will. Grace’s wish was to commemorate her uncle Lewis Ginter, so she included the garden’s name in her legacy.

As you walk through the vicinity, you’ll be amazed by a dozen themed gardens such as Asian Valley, Children’s Garden, and Rose Garden.

Additionally, Flowers After Five is a regular event that visitors can attend. It features live music plus wine and beer, and the garden opens up to furry friends at Fidos After Five. 

Around the holidays, the Gardenfest of Lights is a beloved local tradition with thousands of lights and festive attractions.

If you bring your kids with you, they’ll surely love the Children’s Garden, and you will catch some top-notch food at the Garden Cafe and the Robins Tea House.

You can shop for souvenirs at the garden’s gift shop.

Surround yourself with nature and recharge from the city noise!

Address: 1800 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, VA 23228, USA

Maymont Children’s Barn And Nature Center

Maymont Children’s Barn And Nature Center is one of the best places to go in Richmond, Virginia.

Have you been planning to have a great vacation with your kids? Plan to visit Richmond then!

Richmond’s Maymont Children’s Barn and Nature Center is the ideal place for families to spend time together.

It is the chance for your kids to be able to interact with friendly animals and know more about them.

Maymont Children’s Barn And Nature Center is one of the best educational activities in all of Richmond.

You can buy treats for the farm animals from their feed machines on-site.

At the neighboring river, you may see otters lazing around. 

Besides cuddly farm animals, you’ll be able to see its lush greenery that includes plenty of flowers and a mansion.

Moreover, there are many options for relaxing in Virginia if you’re looking for an opportunity to unwind.

At this farm attraction, families and other tourists can celebrate the glory of nature, from the animals to the plants.

Enjoy spending quality time with the ones you love in the open fields around the barn and grasslands!

Address: 1000 Spottswood Rd, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Maggie L Walker National Historic Site

Maggie L Walker National Historic Site, Richmond, Virginia
Maggie L Walker National Historic Site, Richmond, Virginia / National Park Service Northeast Region / Flickr

One of Richmond’s most recognized historical sites is inspired by a strong woman.

Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site is a historic home of Maggie Walker. It’s also a museum dedicated to her contributions to the struggle for civil rights and the empowerment of African Americans.

The Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site has a rich history and culture that you may not be aware of.

Restored in the 1930s, Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site’s original appearance remains intact, including Walker family pieces.

Every area of Walker’s Richmond home is a reminder of how courageous she was.

Maggie L. Walker was an African American woman who was a civil rights fighter, a fraternity leader, and a successful entrepreneur.

After overcoming a number of obstacles, she became the first woman in the United States to create and manage her own bank.

In recent years, tourists have flocked to the site to know and explore places and personalities with their stories and how it relates to Walker’s life.

Furthermore, there are also artifacts, photographs, and documents inside Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site.

Address: 600 N 2nd St, Richmond, VA 23219, United States

Virginia House

Virginia House, Richmond, Virginia
Virginia House, Richmond, Virginia / Boston Public Library / Flickr

One of Richmond’s most well-known landmarks is the Virginia House.

Visits to the Virginia House are an experience not to be missed by those who stop by. 

This home, which used to be an English estate of a wealthy lord, is on a hilltop overlooking the famous James River in Richmond, Virginia.

Designed by Alexander and Virginia Weddell, the Virginia Home is a sixteenth-century English manor house that was methodically demolished and rebuilt using elements from that period.

The Weddells’ design also combined three classic English Tudor styles with a modern home, replete with seven full baths, a modern kitchen, and spacious closets.

The Virginia Historical Society, the parent organization of the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, currently owns and manages the mansion.

When you visit Virginia House, you can look forward to viewing some of the most interesting treasures from Asia and Spain that you’ve ever seen.

Spending your vacation in Richmond will encourage you to explore the city’s many stunning estates. It will immerse you in the city’s rich history and its aesthetic and architectural splendor.

Address: 3256, 4301 Sulgrave Rd, Richmond, VA 23221, United States

Richmond National Battlefield Park

Richmond National Battlefield Park, Richmond, Virginia
Richmond National Battlefield Park, Richmond, Virginia / Mobilus In Mobili / Flickr

Have you ever wondered what it is like if you are on the battlefield? For ordinary citizens of a country, it is unimaginable.

Richmond National Battlefield Park offers tourists the experience the sense of what life was like during the Civil War.

Richmond National Battlefield Park will take you back to when cannons and Gatling guns are used in the war.

There were many battles between Union and Confederate forces in and around Richmond, from 1861 to 1865.

However, in spite of that, Richmond stood its ground and rose above it all.

While you are in Richmond, it will be a nice thing to visit the park, where you can witness about 13 distinct battle areas.

Moreover, you can also see how wounded soldiers were treated by touring the biggest hospital in the Confederacy.

For history buffs, the Richmond National Battlefield Park is a must-see stop when in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you’re looking forward to spending your day wandering in the city, you might as well visit this historical site!

Whether you are a fan of history or not, Richmond National Battlefield Park is still one of the most known places in Richmond that you must visit!

Address: 470 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

Agecroft Hall

Agecroft Hall Richmond Virginia
Agecroft Hall, Richmond, Virginia / phoebe reid / Flickr

You will see that Richmond has a lot of absolutely stunning old houses. On the other hand, this magnificent home is a definite must-see on your list of Richmond attractions!

Agecroft Hall is a lovely Tudor mansion that is beautiful inside and out.

The story of Agecroft Hall starts long ago, across the pond.

Before it stands as a well-known tourist spot today, it underwent a process of dismantling and relocating; then, it was taken apart, sent overseas, and rebuilt in Richmond, Virginia.

The finished Agecroft Hall is one of the best places to visit in all of Virginia.

Moreover, witness how the mansion mixes the richness of both the 15th and 20th centuries into something entirely unique and undeniably stunning!

If you’d like to get the feel of life in the 16th century, then Agecroft Hal is the best place to visit.

In fact, there’s an annual Richmond Shakespeare Festival that tourists are encouraged to see during summertime!

To sum up Virginia’s attractiveness, Agecroft Hall is hard to match with its grounds and vintage paintings.

Address: 4305 Sulgrave Rd, Richmond, VA 23221, USA

Riverfront Canal Walk

Riverfront Canal Walk Richmond Virginia
Riverfront Canal Walk, Richmond, Virginia / Ben Schumin / Flickr

For decades, tourists and locals have recognized that the path walk is part of the vibrant history of Richmond, Virginia.

The Riverbank Front Canal Walk is accessible to anyone because it is situated on the riverfront in the town center.

The path walk stretches 1.25 miles along the James River and Kanawha and Haxall Canals.

In addition, the Riverfront Front Canal Walk provides entry points on practically every block between 5th and 17th Streets, making it easy to go about the area.

Seeking something more than just aimless strolling? Take deep breaths because you’ll need it!

On the Riverfront Front Canal Walk, you may learn about how the city of Richmond, Virginia, came to be for 400 years.

While wandering along the James River, you could admire the Kanawha and Haxall Canals and the American Civil War Center.

If you encounter these statutes, you should pay attention to them to appreciate their significance.

Apart from its beauty, Riverfront Canal Walk is a history that keeps on evolving for generations to come.

Walk around Riverfront Canal Walk, and you will see many things, locals, and residents that warmly greet you!

Address: 139 Virginia St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

Science Museum Of Virginia

Science Museum Of Virginia Richmond Virginia
Science Museum Of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia / Eli Christman / Flickr

If you agree that science is for everyone, then visiting The Science Museum of Virginia is the ideal place for you to spend the day in Richmond!

The Science Museum of Virginia offers one of the best experiences for tourists!

Also, this facility is child-friendly! This means you can take your kids with you and guarantee they’ll have as much fun as adults do!

In fact, there are various topics such as chemistry, physics, biology, and more.

Give yourself around 2 hours to fully explore and enjoy the two-floored museum.

However, you can spend the whole day in the museum while exploring and minding your pace!

One of the nicest activities to try is going inside The Dome. It hosts movies and lives astronomy presentations!

Moreover, The Dome is one of the world’s most technologically advanced digital planetarium theaters.

If your kid is passionate about music, you can bring them to the Science Museum of Virginia.

Overall, to further broaden their brains, take them on a tour of numerous exhibitions and interactive displays in the museum.

If you want you and your kids to have fun, come by The Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond!

Address: 2500 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

RVA Trolley

RVA Trolley is one of the best places to go in Richmond, Virginia.

During your tour around Richmond, what kind of transportation do you use? Bike, train, car, or take a bus?

If you want to see the city in style, hop aboard one of the RVA Historic Trolley Tour’s trolleys!

This tour takes you through 400 years of American history in one of the country’s most extraordinary and historic towns.

With its first-ever trolley system, Richmond is an innovation leader in public transit in the US, making it a highly innovative city.

If you’re interested in a unique way to explore Richmond and its sights, buildings, and riverfront, don’t miss out on this trolley express!

In addition, RVA Historic Trolley Tour provides trips onboard their historic trolleys, which include sophisticated seat frames, padded seating, and more friendly seating than regular bus seating.

Likewise, there are special tours like Hollywood Cemetery Tour and Hop-On, Stand Up Comedy Brewery Tour, but the classic and most popular is the RVA Historic Trolley Tour.

You’re not simply being shuttled about on the trolley; it allows you to view all there is to see in Richmond!

What are you waiting for? Try something new at least once in your life!

Address: 1301 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

Metro Richmond Zoo

Metro Richmond Zoo, Richmond, Virginia
Metro Richmond Zoo, Richmond, Virginia / Eli Christman / Flickr

If you are visiting Virginia to give time for your kiddos, Metro Richmond Zoo will help you entertain them!

The Metro Richmond Zoo is home to nearly 200 unique animal species!

Anyone interested in animals or educating their children about the planet’s creatures should check out this zoo!

Monkeys, pythons, lions, and some endangered animals can also be increased by selective breeding.

As part of the Metro Richmond Zoo, tourists may enjoy both educational and recreational experiences.

Time spent with family and friends while watching the animals go around their daily routines is something to always remember.

You could take your children to feed giraffes and birds, get up close and personal with lions, and so much more!

Additionally, you can also try their Safari Train Ride, Jungle Carousel, Penguin Falls Drop Tower, and Safari Sky Lift.

There is, of course, a playground for children to keep them occupied!

Visiting The Metro Richmond Zoo is a fun activity to spend a day with family and friends while seeing some adorable animals!

Address: 8300 Beaver Bridge Rd, Moseley, VA 23120, USA

Chickahominy Bluff

Chickahominy Bluff is one of the best places to go in Richmond, Virginia.

One of many notable spots in and near Richmond, including Chickahominy Bluff!

Chickahominy Bluff was a significant battleground in the American Civil War that is worth the visit.

In 1862, hundreds of Confederate soldiers crossed the Chickahominy River at Chickahominy Bluff.

The most fierce battle in history, The Seven Days Battle, took place in Chickahominy Bluff.

Even though the chaotic days were long gone, Chickahominy Bluff nevertheless stands and has become a notable landmark for the city of Richmond.

In addition, you’ll be able to see the remnants of the pavement and understand the conflict as you go around the area.

It’s guaranteed to make you shiver! It is, however, a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Atop the observation tower, an audio installation will provide tourists an insight into the battle. 

Admission is free, and everyone can view the area as they wish.

Looking for more information about the Civil War? Come and make Chickahominy Bluff your destination for a day!

Address: 2302 Springdale Rd, Richmond, VA 23222, USA

John Marshall House

John Marshall House Richmond Virginia
John Marshall House, Richmond, Virginia / Taber Andrew Bain / Flickr

Besides other famous houses like Virginia House and Wilton House Museum, this estate is equally magnificent and historical.

Touring the John Marshall House in Richmond, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the life of John Marshall and understand how he became respected across the country.

John Marshall called this house a home for about half of his whole life there.

With Marshall at the forefront, the Supreme Court became one of the world’s most esteemed institutions.

Because of his significant contributions to the development of the contemporary Supreme Court, John Marshall earned the prestigious title of the Great Chief Justice.

The house was well-maintained, and most of the original items existed.

It’s also a great museum, allowing the viewer to get a sense of life hundreds of years ago through artifacts.

If you’re fighting for justice, it’s a good idea to visit the Supreme Court and see where it all began.

Guided tours of the John Marshall House, which has the world’s largest collection of authentic Marshall family artifacts, are available.

Stop by the John Marshall House in Richmond if you’re curious to learn about the history of American law, justice, and the Supreme Court!

Address: 818 E Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia
Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia / Mike Fonseca / Flickr

One fascinating thing to do in Richmond is to go among the graveyards of renowned people.

In the Hollywood Cemetery, you’ll find the resting places of famous people, including past presidents such as John Tyler and James Monroe and military leaders.

As early as 1847, Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery was founded as a full-fledged burial ground.

The cemetery is located on the banks of the James River and includes 135 acres of valleys, hills, and magnificent trees.

In addition, it’ll be a wonderful opportunity to marvel at the cemetery’s modern and historic architectural magnificence.

As it turned out, Hollywood Cemetery was recognized as a registered arboretum.

In the cemetery, you might feel a little anxious since there are so many bodies lying there.

For those searching for a fun ghost hunt, try it if you are not scared!

Visiting the graves of famous people can make you feel fulfilled!

Do not pass up the opportunity to pay your respects to many notable Americans in Hollywood Cemetery!

Address: 412 S Cherry St, Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Deep Bottom Park

Deep Bottom Park is one of the best places to go in Richmond, Virginia.

Who’s up for some enjoyable water activities? Get it all here at Deep Bottom Park.

You’ll be able to locate Deep Bottom Park adjacent to the James River.

It is, as the name implies, a particularly deep portion of the river.

Deep Bottom Park offers visitors activities to try, like fishing, swimming, or simply just lounging on its shore.

Regardless of what you want to do in this majestic Deep Bottom Park, it will surely be unforgettable!

Furthermore, you can use their picnic shelters, boat landing, canoe launch, and fishing opportunities in Deep Bottom Park.

Likewise, its boat ramps are available twenty-four hours a day to launch and retrieve boats. 

When you visit Deep Bottom Park, you’ll likely see why the James River is known for its spectacular waters.

Aerial views of towering trees and the birds that inhabit them will be available to you once you reach the area. 

Do you know that not many people get the chance to see an osprey in the wild!

In addition to everything else, visitors could enjoy the park’s grounds from sunup to sundown.

Deep Bottom Park is a must-see for Richmond tourists looking to cool down or relax in the water.

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Address: 9525 Deep Bottom Rd, Henrico, VA 23231, USA

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Richmond, Virginia
Animal Shelters in Richmond, Virginia

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