Top 15 Movies Filmed in North Carolina by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Action! Uncover the Magic of Movie Filming Locations in North Carolina

Lights, camera, action! Are you tired of the same old routine? Feeling the need for some excitement in your life? Well, look no further! We have just the thing for you. Picture this: you, wandering through the very streets where your favorite movies were filmed. Isn’t that exciting? Welcome to North Carolina, the spectacular backdrop for some of the most epic movies ever made.

Key Takeaways:

  • North Carolina has been the breathtaking setting for numerous Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Visiting the filming locations allows you to immerse yourself in the magic of the movies.
  • Exploring these sites can be a thrilling way to discover new places and experience a bit of Hollywood glamor.
  • Some notable movies filmed in North Carolina include “Dawson’s Creek,” “The Last of the Mohicans,” “Cold Mountain,” and “The Hunger Games.”
  • Covering a range of genres, these movies will captivate any movie buff and offer a deeper perspective on the state’s rich history and landscapes.

Imagine strolling through the charming streets of Wilmington, channeling your inner Dawson Leery from the iconic TV show “Dawson’s Creek.” Who knows, you might even run into the charming Pacey Witter himself!

Or picture yourself admiring the stunning Appalachian Mountains, just like the characters from the heartwarming film “The Last of the Mohicans.” The possibilities are endless, and the adventures awaiting you in the vibrant state of North Carolina are absolutely extraordinary.

But wait, there’s more! North Carolina has also played host to gripping dramas like “Cold Mountain” and “The Hunger Games.” Can you imagine standing right where Katniss Everdeen fought for her life or where Inman and Ada’s powerful love story unfolded? It’s like being transported straight into the heart of the action. You can practically feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins!

Visiting movie filming locations is not just about reliving your favorite scenes or geeking out over famous film backdrops. It’s about exploring new places, delving into the local culture, and uncovering hidden gems that you might not have discovered otherwise. It’s an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for the magic of moviemaking.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, buckle up, and get ready for an adventure like no other. Visit the movie filming locations in North Carolina and let the magic of the silver screen come alive before your very eyes. It’s time to write your own Hollywood-worthy story in the land of endless possibilities.

Lights, camera, action! Discover the mesmerizing movie filming locations in North Carolina and embark on an unforgettable adventure today. Explore the movies filmed in this vibrant state and indulge in the magic of the silver screen. Lights, camera, action! Start your cinematic journey now!

Bull Durham – US Box Office: USD$50,888,729

Director: Ron Shelton

Main Cast: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson, Robert Wuhl, William O’Leary, David Neidorf, Danny Gans, Tom Silardi, Lloyd T. Williams, and Rick Marzan

Release Date: June 15, 1988

Filming Locations: North Carolina, USA; Asheville, North Carolina, USA; Burlington, North Carolina, USA; Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; Wilson, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: The minor league baseball season has begun. Since it is common practice, Annie Savoy selects the one player on her hometown team because baseball is her creed. She will mentor the Carolina League’s Durham Bulls in both a romantic and professional manner. Alternatively, who consistently has his best year as a player, and just for the season. She has narrowed her options to two recent purchases. Ebby Calvin LaLoosh is a wild rookie pitcher who relies solely on his wicked fastball but cannot aim. The pitch becomes increasingly erratic as he mulls it over. While he doesn’t like criticism, he lacks self-awareness and believes he knows best. Catcher Crash Davis was brought in to control and limit Ebby’s power. He has twelve years of experience in the minor leagues.

Famous quotes:

Crash Davis: “This son of a bitch is throwing a two-hit shutout. He’s shaking me off. You believe that shit? Charlie, here comes the deuce. And when you speak of me, speak well.”

Annie Savoy: “The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.”

Skip: “You guys. You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!”

Crash Davis: “Why do you get to choose? I mean, why don’t I get to choose, why doesn’t he get to choose?”

Annie Savoy: “Well, actually, nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other. I mean, it’s all a question of quantum physics, molecular attraction, and timing. Why, there are laws we don’t understand that bring us together and tear us apart.”

Fun Facts about Bull Durham:

  • Former minor league baseball player Ron Shelton based the narrative on his experiences.
  • During the pitcher’s mound discussion, Robert Wuhl improvised his line about getting candlesticks as a wedding present. According to him, it was based on his genuine debate with his wife.
  • The role of Crash, originally written for Kevin Costner, was originally intended for Kurt Russell. He also assisted Ron Shelton in writing the script. Russell was so moved by the movie’s production that he wrote Costner and Shelton fan letters.

Part of Me – US Box Office: USD$25,326,071

Director: Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz

Main Cast: Katy Perry, Adam Marcello, Casey Hooper, Patrick Matera, Max Hart, Joshua Moreau, Lauren Allison Ball, Tasha Layton, Leah Adler, and Lockhart Brownlie

Release Date: July 5, 2012

Filming Locations: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Hartford, Connecticut, USA; Tokyo, Japan; São Paulo, Brazil; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: This is the tale of a modest Christian singer who rose to fame as an incredible star. It follows Katy Perry’s journey as she makes her way through her successful California Dream World Tour. The movie depicts a stage where Katy’s talents are displayed as vibrant, magical, crazy, and outstanding. Since she began to think of herself as someone who loves singing, it can be traced back to her diary. She had no further plans until she got involved with the church songs. Despite the controversies and failures in her personal relationships, which impacted her outlook on life, this movie includes all the video diaries created by Katy herself. This film shows the real Katy Perry and how unique she was from other pop stars. Although she had experienced a lot of turmoil, this vivacious and eccentric singer, songwriter, and performer proved that she was a star through this film.

Famous quotes:

Katy Perry: “How was the concert, Grandma?”

Ann Hudson: “Loud!”

Katy Perry: “Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness!”

Katy Perry: “I got an ass like Nicki Minaj in this one.”

Russell Brand: “Hello, Sausage!”

Fun Facts about Part of Me:

  • Some photos of Katy and her friends feature Kesha, who was in the 2008 hit music video for “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy.
  • During the closing credits, Katy thanks her #KP3D Twitter followers. A “very special thanks” credit was awarded to 25 of her Twitter followers.
  • This movie received a PG rating, making it the studio’s first documentary and the second movie from MTV Films to do so after Napoleon Dynamite (2004).

Once Around – US Box Office: USD$14,851,083

Director: Lasse Hallström

Main Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello, Laura San Giacomo, Gena Rowlands, Roxanne Hart, Danton Stone, Tim Guinee, Greg Germann, and Griffin Dunne

Release Date: February 1, 1991

Filming Locations: Mystic Valley Parkway, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA; Public Garden – Charles and Beacon Streets, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; St. Maarten, Netherlands; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Renata Bella is working to give her life meaning. As she looks back on her career and personal decisions, which she considers to have been a huge failure. But in her quest to learn the secrets of success, she ran into Sam Sharpe at a seminar for novice real estate agents. She discovers true love in the likeness of this excellent and prosperous salesman. Even though he is older than she is, the fact that they were able to connect is an enjoyable and thrilling part of her life’s journey. Renata was taken aback by Sam’s persona as a self-assured, firm man who gets things done at the ideal pace. She was caught in the middle as she clashed with her family, although the perfect relationship was coming her way.

Famous quotes:

Renata Bella: “He says I’m not intellectual.”

Joe Bella: “Who gives a shit!”

Joe Bella: “Get rid of the beard. You look like a goddamn terrorist.”

Joe Bella: “Isn’t it funny – on the one lousy day you wanna put a gun in your mouth, everybody wants to come over to celebrate.”

Jan Bella: “For chrissakes – he puts money in women’s breasts!”

Fun Facts about Once Around:

  • Shot in North Carolina, the scenes took place in St. Martin.
  • Lasse Hallström, a Swedish filmmaker, made his debut in America.
  • The film’s screenplay was created at the American Utah Sundance Film Institute.

Religulous – US Box Office: USD$13,011,160

Director: Larry Charles

Main Cast: Bill Maher, Tal Bachman, Jonathan Boulden, Steven Burg, Francis Collins, George Coyne, Benjamin Creme, Jeremiah Cummings, Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda, and Fatima Elatik

Release Date: October 3, 2008 

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Red Light District, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; San Fernando, California, USA; Vatican City; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Main Plot: Bill Maher has tried persuading billions of adherents to Christianity and other religions to change their minds. Not because there have been a lot of discussions about it but because of his unwavering claims. Adhering to such principles is a form of mockery and only causes people to develop some neurotic disorders. Since he comes from a Jewish-Catholic background, he frequently draws attention to several awkward presumptions about Christianity. He gathered testimonies from people of all faiths, including atheists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, gay people, Mormons, and scientists. Then he lists contradictions in the Christian faith, such as Jesus’ virgin birth, and questioned how religious leaders could persuade him that he had been around for 18 years. Given that the beliefs inculcated in us by religions now guide how we manage everything in our lives, this movie sparks an excellent discussion reflecting how we live.

Famous quotes:

Bill Maher: “If Santa Claus can hit every house in the world in one night.”

Steve Burg: “No, I don’t believe in Santa Claus.”

Bill Maher: “Of course not. That’s ridiculous. That’s one man flying all around the world and dropping presents down a chimney. That’s ridiculous. One man hearing everybody murmur to him at the same time… that I get.”

Bill Maher: “And I see you’ve got a lot of bling.”

Jeremiah Cummings: “I like gold. The people want you to look well.”

Fun Facts about Religulous:

  • Most biblical scholars and Egyptologists do not consider the claims made in the section claiming similarities between Jesus and Horus.
  • The movie was initially slated for release during the Easter holiday in March 2008. However, post-production delays brought on by the Writers Guild strike in 2007 caused the release date to be postponed to July 11, 2008, and finally, October 3, 2008.
  • To secure interviews with spiritual authorities, the movie used the fictitious working title “A Spiritual Journey.”

Brainstorm – US Box Office: USD$10,219,460

Director: Douglas Trumbull

Main Cast: Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher, Cliff Robertson, Jordan Christopher, Donald Hotton, Alan Fudge, Joe Dorsey, Bill Morey, Jason Lively

Release Date: September 30, 1983

Filming Locations: North Carolina, USA; Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Riverside International Raceway, 22255 Eucalyptus Avenue, Moreno Valley, California, USA; Duke University Chapel – 401 Chapel Dr., Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Two brilliant researchers, Lillian Reynolds and Michael Brace have created a system for recording and replaying peoples’ actual experiences. The project applications quickly get out of hand once the ability to access higher brain functions is included. At that point, you can actually enter another person’s head and replay recordings of what that person was feeling, thinking, seeing, etc., at the time of the recording. Others abuse the system for intense sexual experiences and other logical but morally dubious purposes. At the same time, Michael Brace uses it to get back in touch with Karen Brace, his estranged wife, who also works on the project. Once the technology’s enormous military potential is realized, the government tries to terminate Michael and Lillian’s involvement in the project. It becomes immediately clear that the government is not only interested in missile guidance systems.

Famous quotes:

Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: “Take the house, take the car! I’ll go to a hotel! I can’t live like this, Karen! You’re strangling me!”

Karen Brace: “What are you talking about, you can’t live like this? Are you talking about the house? I never wanted it. It was you!”

Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: “No, no! It’s you! That’s not me you’re looking at! It’s you!”

Dr. Lillian Reynolds: “Can you describe what you were feeling?”

Dr. Michael Anthony Brace: “I don’t know. I got mad.”

Fun Facts about Brainstorm:

  • When Natalie Wood agreed to star in the film, she hadn’t worked in two years and had put on about 25 pounds. Before filming, she went on a crash diet to lose weight, but she soon began gaining it back due to alcohol use.
  • Natalie Wood passed away during production, so scenes from earlier scenes had to be combined to create the ending. The movie was made in her honor.
  • The movie was scheduled for release in July 1982.

The Handmaid’s Tale – US Box Office: USD$4,960,385

Director: Volker Schlöndorff

Main Cast: Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway, Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth McGovern, Victoria Tennant, Robert Duvall, and Blanche Baker

Release Date: March 9, 1990

Filming Locations: Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA; James Adams Buchanan House, 1810 Cedar St, Durham, North Carolina, USA; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: The narrative centers on Kate, a handmaid, in a dystopian future society that was once the United States of America. Kate attempted to run away, which was a crime for which the punishment was to become a Handmaid. The sole purpose of handmaids is to bear the offspring of powerful men whose wives, like most women, have been rendered infertile by pollution. Kate is appointed as the Commander’s handmaid following arduous group training in proper behavior by “Aunt” Lydia (train and discipline handmaids). Nick, the Commander’s chauffeur, appeals to Kate. A resistance movement starts to oppose the government at the same time.

Famous quotes:

Moira: “I gotta get outta here, Kate. I gotta do something. I’m gonna fake like I’m sick.”

Kate: “Really bright. Then what?”

Moira: “Then there’ll be two guys in the ambulance. They must be starved for it. I’ll suck their fucking cocks till they’re blue in the face. They’ll do whatever I say.”

Moira: “Don’t you dare fucking move around or I’ll stick this thing so far up your fucking ass you won’t even know what hit you. You’ll go all the way to the moon. Yes, you little goody two-shoes.”

Commander: “So, what do you think? Why didn’t you say something?”

Sequel: The Handmaid’s Tale: One Burning Question

Fun Facts about The Handmaid’s Tale:

  • Robert Duvall’s fascination with evangelism during the movie production led him to write The Apostle (1997).
  • Jodie Foster and Sigourney Weaver were both considered for the lead role of Kate/Offred. Still, the latter had to withdraw due to her pregnancy.
  • Author Margaret Atwood sold the film’s source book’s movie rights to director Daniel Wilson in 1986.

But Deliver Us from Evil – US Box Office: USD$285,169

Director: Joshua Coates

Main Cast: Eric Roberts, Grant Harvey, Thorsten Kaye, Pooch Hall, Torrei Hart, Cynthia Rodriguez, and Isaac Keys

Release Date: April 27, 2017

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Paramus, New Jersey, USA; 5 Great Oak Court, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Lilith appears in Atlanta, where a well-known church leader resides. He is different from other leaders, but his bloodline carries a special talent. He can use a gift he is unaware of to defeat a demon like Lilith. This device is used by Lilith, also known as the succubus, to trap her male victims. Lilith tempts men with their own sexual desires. However, to ensure her complete and total dominance, she must eliminate any potential opposition. That opposition happens to be that prominent church leader named Pastor Robert J. Knight. Her wrath is gradually revealed through numerous murders of men throughout the city. The Pastor eventually becomes a victim of Lilith’s intrusion, giving in to his temptation. Before being caught off guard by the Pastor’s long-lost biological son. Who is now traveling to the city to attend college, Lilith thinks she has cleared her path to victory.

Famous quotes:

Santino: “It was me. It was me who made her jump.”

Butler: “You know, when your radar goes off, you usually wind up with stitches?”

Sarchie: “You’re an adrenaline junkie, and without my radar, you don’t get your fix. Okay?”

Sarchie: ”I think the Addams family lives here. [about zoo lions] You know, uh, the last time we took somebody else’s job, you almost got eaten.”

Butler: “Yeah, if something eats me here, feel free to say I told you so.”

Sequel: But Deliver Us from Evil 2020

Fun Facts about But Deliver Us from Evil:

  • This film falls into the thriller and horror categories.
  • This movie cost around $250,000.

On the Come Up – US Box Office: USD$236,153

Director: Sanaa Lathan

Main Cast: Jamila Gray, Noa Dior Rucker, Sanaa Lathan, Michael Cooper Jr., Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Method Man, Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Release Date: September 23, 2022

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Georgia, USA; North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Bri has enormous shoes to fill because she is the descendant of an underground hip-hop legend. She passed away just before he became famous. But it’s difficult because her mother lost her job and got called a hoodlum at school, and she also has money problems. Bri, therefore, channels her frustration and rage into her debut song, which becomes wildly popular for all the wrong reasons. With an eviction notice looming over her family, Bri quickly finds herself at the center of a media-driven controversy. Bri, however, feels that she must survive above all else even if it resembles exactly how she has been portrayed in the media.

Fun Facts about On the Come Up:

  • This movie has a universal theme that applies to all races, so it’s not just about individuals of color.
  • Drama, comedy, and music are the genres.

Bandwagon – US Box Office: USD$44,544

Director: John Schultz

Main Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Steve Parlavecchio, Lee Holmes, Matthew Hennessey, Doug MacMillan, Doug McCallie, and Stephen Kelly

Release Date: September 12, 1997 

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; The Brewery Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; State Capitol Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Tony is dismissed from his position. His lack of sadness stems from his preference for songwriting and guitar playing. Tony meets Charlie, a drummer, and the two decide to form a band despite Tony’s aversion to performing in front of others. Even in Charlie’s presence, he is unable to perform. They come across Wynn, another guitarist who likes to go fishing when not playing the guitar. Eric, the bassist, and last remaining band member, are known for his unpredictable behavior. They want to become well-known and wealthy, naming their band Circus Monkey. However, after a few lucrative performances, they start understanding big music and show business.

Famous quotes:

Lei Jun: “Things get much easier if one jumps on the bandwagon of existing trends.”

James Goldsmith: “If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.”

Brett Favre: “I’ve seen a lot of people jump on and off my bandwagon.” 

 Scott Weiland: “I was on the pro-Nirvana, anti-Pearl Jam bandwagon.”

Tyra Banks: “It’s not like I want to hop on a bandwagon, because I said it 15 years ago – bringing a child into your life who is not genetically yours is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But I’m also interested in having my own baby, too.”

Sequel: Bandwagon 2004; The Band Wagon

Fun Fact about Bandwagon:

  • On May 5, 2014, in New Jersey, actor Steve Parlavecchio (also known as bassist Eric Ellwood) died at 43.

What Is Democracy? – US Box Office: USD$44,536

Director: Astra Taylor

Main Cast: Astra Taylor, Silvia Federici, Eleni Perdikouri, Harrison Preddy, Hannah Niles, Cornel West, and Mickey Michaux

Release Date: January 16, 2019

Filming Locations: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Morganton, North Carolina, USA; Italy; Miami, Florida, USA

Main Plot: Given that democratic societies are currently being attacked, the idea of democracy is presented. Academics and historians debate the idea’s Greek roots, which in the broadest sense translates to “for the people, by the people.” Politicians, academics, and members of the general public from all walks of life discuss the idea from their own points of view. People in the first two categories frequently blame social inequalities—where those in positions of authority or who control the flow of money, like banks, have more power—for the issues with modern democracies. At the same time, those without such privileges may be susceptible to demagogues who distort the idea for their own political self-interests. Additionally, they claim that anyone can use the concept for personal gain rather than democracy being perceived as somewhat inherent to a greater good.

Famous quotes:

Plato: “The penalty for failing to rule ourselves is to be ruled by those even less qualified.”

Fun Facts about What Is Democracy?:

  • This movie explores the fundamental idea of democracy: the people’s rule. Still, it also explores how democracy fails us at this pivotal time in history.
  • Even though some of the artistic passages could have been cut, they add value to the composition.

A Long Way Off – US Box Office: USD$30,104

Director: Michael Davis and John Errington

Main Cast: Robert Davi, Edie McClurg, John Diehl, Robert Amaya, Jason Burkey, Lynne Smith, Sean Hannity

Release Date: June 6, 2014

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Young Jacob is fed up with working on the family farm and adhering to Mr. Abraham’s rules in this updated version of the classic parable of the Prodigal Son. He demands an early inheritance from his father one day, and to the young boy’s surprise, the father agrees to give it to him. He, therefore, travels to the big city and does things impulsively. For a while, he does well—surprisingly well. Despite leading an outrageously flamboyant lifestyle that draws the wrong women. Including seductive Laura, whose wealthy boyfriend Frank is frequently dangerously close by. He takes huge business risks. He grows his small fortune into a big wealth. Jake had it all: money, women, and status, but he lost it all, and just when he thought he had reached rock bottom, it fell even lower. Eventually, he ate out of dumpsters and lived in a real-life pig pen. After regaining his composure, he returns home and works for his father in an entry-level position. His father again surprises him by approaching him, but is it to kill or kiss him?

Fun Facts about A Long Way Off:

  • The debut of Melissa Eastwood.
  • This film falls under the drama, family, and romance categories.
  • The barista girl displayed genuine girl-next-door emotion, and the party girl played worn out. Still, sassy well, and the main character had charisma and gravitas.

Spices of Liberty – US Box Office: USD$13,463

Director: Gowri Goli, Pothuganti Chandra Aditya, and Supriya Goli

Main Cast: Ajay Kumar, Suhasini, Prakash Patil, Scott Bailey, Robert Angelo, Tj Cawley, Mia Hunter

Release Date: October 21, 2016 

Filming Locations: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA; Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA; Morrisville, North Carolina, USA; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA; Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: The movie Spices of Liberty depicts the love story of a young American-born couple of Indian descent and the difficulties they encounter in their long-distance relationship. Will they manage to establish a genuine connection? Because romantic relationships and the struggles of time, distance, and jealousy are universal issues, you will get to know and care about these characters. Will our characters be able to marry and have a happy marriage? The film was shot in North Carolina, showcasing the state’s stunning scenery and friendly locals. The US, India, and North Carolina are being honored.

Fun Facts about Spices of Liberty:

  • Our film’s post-production director, PC Aditya, has won numerous accolades for his contributions to the film industry, including Experimental Movie Maker, Limca Book of Records Holder, Ambassador for Human Rights, Viswaguru in Film Making, Telugu Tejam National Award, and Ambassador for Human Rights.
  • Our movie’s music director, MS Chandra, has contributed to over 2000 films.
  • Suhasini has played the lead role in several TV series and more than 25 films. She is the lead actor and producer of the most recent TV series, Eddaru Ammmailu.

Of a Grateful Nation

Director: Adam J. Reeb

Main Cast: Don Daro, Loran Bolding, David Schifter, Tracey de Leon, Todd Laufenburger, Jordyn Ballentine, and Sarah Kotlarek

Release Date: 2017

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Wilmington, North Carolina, USA; Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA; Sanford, North Carolina, USA; Carolina Beach, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: The public frequently ignores the agony and despair of death and the downward spiral of PTSD because it is a path taken alone. There is no one around to see the internal conflict. When it occurs, nobody is present. There are no witnesses to beg someone to stop. From a Grateful Country… brings to the forefront of the American mind the reality of veteran suicides and the effects of PTSD. In the tale Of a Grateful Nation, a once-hero who is now hopelessly depressed is on the verge of losing control. Unable to handle a period of peace, a young man who has just returned from a world of war self-medicates with alcohol and prescription drugs. There is no one to stop him. He feels abandoned and truly cut off from the people and the country he served. According to Of A Grateful Nation, this is the daily reality that 22 veterans encounter on average. It makes the world aware.

Fun Facts about Of a Grateful Nation:

  • Adam J. Reeb’s first film as a director.
  • Pearl Scott and Greg Radcliff received their first on-screen credits.
  • On the farm of the director’s parents in southern West Virginia, he is being photographed inside a camper.
  • It was filmed over four weekends because everyone involved had full-time jobs.
  • The majority of the supporting cast also contributed to the movie’s crew.


Director: John David Ware

Main Cast: Eric Roberts, T.C. Stallings, Téa Mckay, Dey Young, Jenn Gotzon, David Topp, and Rachel Hendrix

Release Date: January 18, 2019

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Apex, North Carolina, USA; Wendell, North Carolina, USA; North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: UNBRIDLED is a powerful tale of redemption and triumph with a message of unconditional love, featuring teenage girls overcoming formidable obstacles and leading fulfilling lives despite challenging circumstances. It is based on real-life experiences at Equine Assisted Therapy facilities, such as Corral Riding Center in North Carolina. In UNBRIDLED, a story that explores the depths of the human psyche, the goodness and selflessness of real people who see life as bigger than themselves are highlighted. The movie UNBRIDLED is uplifting, heartwarming, captivating, uplifted, wholesome, enjoyable, encouraging, touching, delightful, and memorable. The true-life tale UNBRIDLED exposes the horrors of abuse, neglect, and trauma and the healing and redemption that girls and horses who have endured the same types of abuse have experienced.

Famous quotes:

Mike Quigley: “We can’t allow ourselves to descend down the rabbit hole of unbridled partisanship for partisan sake. “

Yehuda Berg: “As children, our imaginations are vibrant, and our hearts are open. We believe that the bad guy always loses and that the tooth fairy sneaks into our rooms at night to put money under our pillow. “

Mortimer Adler: “It is love rather than sexual lust or unbridled sexuality if, in addition to the need or want involved, there is also some impulse to give pleasure to the persons thus loved and not merely to use them for our own selfish pleasure. “

Jodi Benson: “The thing that I enjoy about animation is the fact that it is unbridled, and there are no boundaries; when you are in the room, you don’t have to focus on your clothing, make-up, hair, your choreography or your blocking; you really do have total freedom.”

Stanislav Grof: “At a time when unbridled greed, malignant aggression, and the existence of weapons of mass destruction threaten the survival of humanity, we should seriously consider any avenue that offers some hope. Stanislav Grof.”

Sequel: Unbridled 2018; Unbridled 2021

Fun Facts about Unbridled:

  • The ministry of Corral Riding Academy, which takes in about 20 troubled teens annually and has 500 volunteers and staff mentoring the “herd” girls for healing and redemption, served as the main inspiration for the Unbridled film.
  • During the first week of Unbridled’s filming in Raleigh, North Carolina, an ice storm caused some of the cast and crew to drive two hours instead of the usual ten minutes.

Son of Clowns

Director: Evan Kidd

Main Cast: Adam Lee Ferguson, Anne-Marie Kennedy, Eric Hartley, Paul Kilpatrick, April Vickery, Darryl Postley Jr., and Rob Kellum

Release Date: April 3, 2016

Filming Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; Carrboro, North Carolina, USA; Wilmington, North Carolina, USA; Greenville, North Carolina, USA; Durham, North Carolina, USA

Main Plot: Evan Kidd, a native of Raleigh, is the author and director of the low-budget movie Son of Clowns. The film centers on Hudson Cash, a television actor. He left Los Angeles for North Carolina after his program was canceled. He is attempting to reunite with his family and determine how to advance his career, but his family has its own issues. Clowns who run a backyard circus on the verge of bankruptcy are Hudson’s parents. Hudson forms a friendship with Ellie, a worker at the neighborhood balloon shop, as he learns to deal with the peculiarities of his family. But Hudson’s issues go far beyond a canceled show, and how he handles them will determine whether he ever progresses in his personal and professional life. Son of Clowns tells the tale of a man returning home and struggling to fit in there. It was filmed in North Carolina, and its soundtrack is composed entirely of North Carolina performers.

Fun Facts about Son of Clowns:

  • The majority of this film was shot in 10 days.
  • The debut of Anne-Marie Kennedy.

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