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Making travel arrangements to visit South Carolina? Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in South Carolina so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in South Carolina and the best places to visit in South Carolina. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

It’s said that South Carolina is known for its “happy people and lovely places.” You’ll want to return to South Carolina time and time again because of its natural beauty and warm Southern friendliness.

It’s a state with a long and colorful past. South Carolina has a lot to offer visitors, from the mountains of the upstate to the coast’s sandy beaches.

It was the first to separate from the Union, the eighth to ratify the Constitution, and the state with the largest history of slave trading.

From plantations and jailhouses to ruins and forts, many of the most notable landmarks in its history are still in existence today.

Many of its built-up areas, including Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, and Florence, are quite popular with tourists.

The state of South Carolina is also a popular tourism destination.

In addition to pristine beaches, the area is home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, including golf courses and museums and several historical sites.

It’s one of the smallest states in the union, yet it’s neverthel

ess jam-packed with things to see and do.

Here’s the compiled a list of the top 20 activities to do and places to visit in South Carolina to help you plan your trip.

South Carolina State Museum

South Carolina State Museum / denisbin / Flickr

If you’re having trouble deciding where to take your family to South Carolina for a memorable vacation, it’s understandable.

That being said, this one-day excursion is a great way to uncover a hidden treasure in Columbia. It doesn’t matter if you visit in the height of summer or the depths of winter because it’s mostly indoors.

The South Carolina State Museum is housed in an 1894 structure that was once home to the nation’s first all-electric cotton mill. This massive museum in Columbia, South Carolina, sits on the banks of the Congaree River and offers something for visitors of all ages.

Science, technology, art, history, mathematics, and natural history are represented in the South Carolina State Museum exhibitions and relics.

Historic significance has already been established in the structure. South Carolina is known for its cotton cultivation and cotton processing industries. This exhibit, which includes images and machinery, is really educational.

A replica of the astronaut uniform worn by South Carolina’s first astronaut is also a part of the museum’s permanent collection. Gen. Charles Duke was the tenth man to set foot on the lunar surface. Artifacts and treasures he brought with him on the mission are displayed.

A delightful surprise for visitors between the museum’s parking lot and the main entrance is the Hobbit House. When you’re brave enough to glance inside, you can!

As a matter of fact, the four-story museum has a lot to offer adventure seekers.

Definitely, the South Carolina State Museum is worth a day trip. The whole family will be thrilled with educational and engaging exhibitions for children and adults alike.

Address: 301 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201, United States

Ocean Fish Market

Ocean Fish Market is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

Looking for a place to get some fresh goodness? When you say “fresh,” you must be referring to seafood that’s just been hauled from the ocean’s depths.

If you’re in the Palmetto State, you’ll never have a problem finding a spot to buy seafood. Be sure to stop by the Ocean Fish Market in South Carolina if you ever find yourself in Conway in the Pee Dee region.

Small, unobtrusive, and nestled away behind the Kingston Presbyterian Church on 3rd Avenue, Ocean Fish Market is a come-as-you-are restaurant where the seafood is as delicious as the ambiance.

As with any fish market, the menu fluctuates depending on the season on the high seas.

Buy a dozen blue crabs, try and eat them one at a time, mouthful by bite, and enjoy your time in the place.

The Ocean Fish Market is a classic fish market where you can buy and cook your own fresh catch.

Enjoy the opportunity to get your hands dirty and eat some fresh fish right in the middle of downtown Conway. Your taste buds will thank you.

Address: Ocean Fish Market, 302 Kingston St, Conway, SC 29526, USA

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Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina / fran.trudeau / Flickr

Huntington Beach State Park is the ideal destination for those seeking outdoor activities in South Carolina that incorporate the beauty of the state’s natural environment.

In addition to its natural beauty, it is well-known for its wildlife and bird watching.

3 kilometers of land area are covered by the park, which provides a variety of ecological programs.

It is possible to witness around 300 birds at Huntington Beach State Park.

Other attractions include:

  • An alligator-hunting lake.
  • A nature center with live animals and historical information.
  • A loggerhead turtle-watching program near the alligator-hunting lake.

Check out the unique flora that grows in the area when you’re out on the trails!

Atalaya Castle, where the Huntingtons themselves lived, is a fascinating look into South Carolina’s history if you’re not interested in nature-based attractions.

The “castle” residence at the Atalaya Visitor Center is open for tours and has fascinating exhibits.

There’s nothing better than lying on the beach and unwinding!

Finally, the Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival will be held in the Atalaya Castle in September.

Planning for a road trip to South Carolina? Do not miss out on Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach in your travel plan. Check out the best things to do in Hilton Head and the best things to do in Myrtle Beach for your vacation!

Magnolia Gardens

Magnolia Gardens, South Carolina / Doug Kerr / Flickr

Did you know that there is a South Carolina children’s garden that has hidden fairies and fairy houses like something from a novel?

Enchanted villages, fairies, gnomes, elves, and more populate the countryside in this fantasy world. Many people don’t know about Magnolia Gardens in Charleston’s Children’s Garden and the secret fairyland it contains.

And if you’ve managed to overlook this gem, now could be a good time to give it another look.

No one can see everything in a single day at Magnolia’s 390 acres of garden after garden, so visitors must set priorities.

The Children’s Garden, on the other hand, should not be overlooked or undervalued.

As a starting, there’s an entire world of magical creatures, including fairies and other magical creatures, to be found in the little wonderland.

Spend ample time as you need to absorb all of the information. For example, you don’t want to overlook even a single residence.

It appears that fairies from worldwide have moved in and taken over since the Children’s Garden debuted in 2018. In only four years, one fairy community has grown to include several.

The Children’s Garden also has a variety of other attractions. Check it out so you don’t miss out on this stunning location.

Raven Rock Loop Trail

Raven Rock Loop Trail is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

Admire South Carolina’s natural beauty as we travel around the state, from cascading waterfalls to expansive landscapes.

In South Carolina, the Raven Rock Loop Trail offers some of the most beautiful views the state offers, from rocks to lush vegetation.

Then what? No matter what time of year you go hiking, the scenery is stunning.

The 4.2-mile Raven Rock Loop Trail near Sunset, South Carolina, winds through Keowee-Toxaway State Park and is a popular hiking trail because of its natural beauty.

All Trails gives this picturesque trail a moderate rating, in part because of the trail’s rugged terrain and steep inclines. It’s also claimed that even the most inexperienced hikers will find it manageable.

Your adventure will take you along a tree-lined route, over stone stairs, and into the woods, so don’t forget your camera!

A swaying bridge across a river. This gorgeous trail has photo opportunities at every turn.

You’ll even drive by a waterfall, a great place to take a break, take in the scenery, and take some pictures. When hiking during the summer, stop at a swimming hole to cool off.

Views of Lake Keowee are spectacular from a scenic overlook. Bring a picnic so that you can truly enjoy the scenery.

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DuPont Planetarium

DuPont Planetarium is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

At this point in the summer, parents are looking for both kid- and parent-friendly activities that will keep everyone happy. This can be a bit of a problem. Don’t be afraid! The latest kids’ movie in cinemas doesn’t have to be the one you watch repeatedly.

Located on the University of South Carolina campus in Aiken, the DuPont Planetarium is a top South Carolina tourist destination for people with a fascination for the cosmos and the stars.

The educational area takes pleasure in its mission to inspire visitors of all ages with the wonders of the sky and beyond.

The theater has a capacity of just 45 people and a diameter of 30 feet.

However, what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in knowledge and amusement.

The night sky is beautifully projected onto the wall for the benefit of the spectators.

Saturday night public shows, such as those devoted to astronomy, biology, and the weather, are a great way to spend your free time this weekend.

Like the Seven Wonders of the World, seasonal programs are also available.

The observatory, camera obscura, sundials, and even a walk-in kaleidoscope can all be found on the first floor.

The observatory’s public telescope may allow you to observe planets, star formations, and other celestial objects.

Visit this famous planetarium to keep the whole family entertained for hours. It’s long past time for everyone to see this incredible location for what it is.

Address: 427 Scholar Loop, Aiken, SC 29801, United States

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina / Rennett Stowe / Flickr

South Carolina fall wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t make the pilgrimage to a u-pick plantation field.

Located just off Long Point Road, a few hundred feet from the gate to Boone Hall Plantation, discover Mount Pleasant to run in a brand new field at Boone Hall Farms.

In order to transport your haul (and some water) home, pick up a five-gallon bucket from your local hardware shop, and let’s go!

Another South Carolina property, the Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens, may be found nearby.

In 1681, the plantation was established as a pecan and cotton-growing facility.

Since its inception over three centuries ago, it has continued to operate unabated.

The plantation has expanded its scope to include the vegetables and fruits sold at its market.

This historic plantation and its gardens were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

Suppose you’re looking for a great blend of exploration, history, and environment. In that case, this is the place to go in South Carolina.

Attractive features such as the butterfly pavilion and rose garden make it an excellent place to take in the sights.

It’s also possible to visit the mansion itself and take a journey back.

The Palmetto State’s plantation history has been well preserved by South Carolinians. To see this breathtaking location, plan your vacation immediately!

On a road trip to South Carolina? You cannot miss out on what Charleston has to offer. Check out travel ideas in Charleston by visiting the best things to do in Charleston SC.

Greenville Zoo

Greenville Zoo, South Carolina / David Hill / Flickr

Searching for interesting and entertaining things to do in South Carolina — a state with a rich cultural heritage and natural splendor?

You’ll love the Greenville Zoo!

Located on 14 acres of land, it was established in 1960.

It was originally established to educate the public about wildlife and ecology. Still, it has now become a major tourist destination in South Carolina.

A variety of creatures can be seen in the Greenville Zoo’s many habitats.

In addition to the creatures mentioned above, you’ll also see animals from the domestic and agricultural realms.

Quarters for Conservation research also helps to fund the protection of endangered animals. This is an amazing initiative!

It’s easy to get about the Greenville Zoo by bike or foot thanks to various trails.

You may also play volleyball or tennis or eat at one of the picnic areas or concession stands at the playgrounds.

Visit the gift shop and look at the schedule of activities while you’re here!

Address: 150 Cleveland Park Dr, Greenville, SC 29601, United States

Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum

Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

Do you remember how much fun it was as a kid going to the arcade? Check out the Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum in South Carolina and feel like you’ve been transported back to the 1980s.

This retro arcade and pinball museum in Myrtle Beach has been hailed as the best arcade by numerous visitors.

Come as a group or go alone to this unique museum that houses a big collection of pinball machines from the ’70, the ’80s, and ’90s.

Take a look around the museum’s exhibits of vintage memorabilia when you’re not playing pinball.

One-hour entry to the Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum includes the unlimited play of all of the museum’s pinball machines. There will be an hour left to play if you like. Pay for extra 60 minutes.

Having a birthday celebration somewhere new and exciting is what you’ve been searching for.

Visiting a pinball arcade is one of the best ways to fill your day with excitement and enjoyment, so make plans today!

Address: 607 27th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA

Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge, South Carolina / Donald West / Flickr

Upstate South Carolina’s upstate is home to a hidden engineering marvel worth seeing and remembering. At least once, every South Carolinian should cross the Liberty Bridge, located in Falls Park on the Reedy near Greenville’s Main Street.

Two 90-foot masts support a single suspension wire that runs the entire length of the curved footbridge.

While the park’s 40-foot waterfall spans the whole width of its river, the 345-foot-long river softly arcs around it.

Crossing the Reedy River and gazing down at the waterfall are possible from the bridge. The bridge provides a unique vantage point to see the Reedy River’s 32-acre Falls Park.

The bridge’s panoramic views can be seen on social media.

Liberty Bridge, South Carolina’s most magnificent footbridge, was completed in 2004.

In addition, the park’s river walk, which stretches along both banks of the river, was recently rated one of the best in the country!

If you’re looking for a fun day trip for the whole family, make a journey to Greenville to see the Liberty Bridge.

Address: Liberty Bridge, 206 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601, USA

Blenhiem Mineral Spring

Blenhiem Mineral Spring is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

What if I told you that one of the world’s oldest springs is located in South Carolina?

South Carolina’s history is rich and diverse for a young country like America. There’s a wonderful spring in Marlboro County, New Jersey, running for a long time.

During the American Revolutionary War, a patriot called James Spears attempted to return to his house in Virginia while being pursued by the British.

After all, a shoe is a shoe, and he returned later to the area where the shoe had come off.

Spears decided to take a sip of the water for no apparent reason. People travel from all over the country to visit the spring found during the American Revolution.

The discovery of Blenheim Mineral Spring isn’t the only reason this spring is so unique.

Blenheim Ginger Ale was made by Dr. May by combining Jamaican ginger with sugar water and bottling it.

Take a look at the spring, bring your empty bottles, and make sure you bring some water back to the house.

Address: Blenhiem Mineral Spring, Blenheim, SC 29516, USA

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina / William / Flickr

Is there anything more enchanting than waking up to a view of the ocean from your campsite each morning? If you like the idea of camping in South Carolina, be sure to consider Hunting Island State Park for your next adventure. The campground at Hunting Island State Park is right on the beach, giving you a front-row seat to marvel at the waves rolling in.

Hunting Island is a beautiful 5,000-acre barrier island off the coast of South Carolina.

For a fun family activity, climb the 167 stairs to the top of the Hunting Island Lighthouse.

The firmly packed sand along the shoreline is ideal for a smooth bike ride on the beach.

Explore one of the many hiking trails on the island. The Nature Center offers trail maps and an up-close look at baby alligators!

If you are in the area for a few days, consider visiting the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, just over an hour from Hunting Island in Hardeeville.

Mars Bluff Crater

Mars Bluff Crater is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

When looking for new and interesting things to do in South Carolina, the Mars Bluff Crater is a great place to start.

During the Cold War, the military had trouble keeping nuclear weapons in the air, and some of them were completely lost.

However, the bombs were dropped on American soil twice — and Walter Gregg’s home in Horry County, South Carolina, was hit by one of these bombs.

As a result, the bomb did not go off, and the area in which it dropped was not overly populated.

But it fell in the first place due to a thoughtless press of an emergency release pin.

While Gregg and his family were uninjured when the 8,500-pound warhead fell 15,000 feet and formed the Mars Bluff Crater, it destroyed their house and many others around.

As a result, Gregg was paid $54,000 to quietly re-enter the workforce and re-establish his reputation.

Even after he moved away, he maintained pen pal relationships with several of the crew members who were responsible for the accident.

The almost averted disaster is now visible in the partially hidden crater.

Plan your visit now! Because it’s a free activity, of course!

Riley Moore Falls

Riley Moore Falls is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

The best way to beat the heat on a hot summer’s day is to discover a swimming hole with cool mountain water. We were fortunate enough to have many waterfall swimming holes in South Carolina that provided a welcome respite from the heat.

Located about 11 miles northwest of Westminster, South Carolina, the stunning emerald lagoon is a must-see for anybody looking for a quick and simple hike.

Riley Moore Falls is a great spot to visit any time of year. Still, it’s especially nice on a hot day when you’ll be sharing the enormous plunge pool and lagoon with other hikers and their bathing suits.

You’ll have to first hike a mile through the woods to reach here. But don’t worry, the 1.9-mile round-trip trail is rated as easy and isn’t too strenuous.

To make the most of a day in the sun (and shade!), pack a picnic lunch, and bring some beach blankets.

At the end of this lagoon, there’s even an ocean beach. It’s the perfect spot for a break from the pool.

There are several large flat rocks along with the Chauga River’s outflow that you can claim as your own for those who don’t have an inflatable float.

In addition to watching the action, the beach is a terrific place to take in the surroundings.

Plan a visit today if you’re looking for a cool way to spend your vacation.

The Button Museum

The Button Museum is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

Take advantage of the unique features of a new location to learn more about it. The Button Museum in South Carolina is a great alternative to the overloaded tourist attractions. Yes, there is a museum dedicated solely to the button collection. For completeness, it is necessary to see this particular tourist attraction.

Buttons abound in this location, as the name suggests.

The Button Museum in Bishopville, South Carolina, just 40 minutes from Florence, is a must-see for button lovers.

The Dalton Stevens Button Museum is a tribute to the Button King. Investigate the initiatives he worked on to combat his sleeplessness. With more things to do, he became the self-proclaimed “Button King”. He began attaching buttons on the most bizarre and exotic items he could discover.

His denim jacket had buttons sewn on in 1983.

Take a close look at the fine details as you move through.

Dalton embellished a donated hearse with buttons on both the inside and outside.

A bathtub, toilet, and a coffin were all adorned to his specifications by the artist.

Take a 20-minute tour of this modest museum in South Carolina to learn about the Button King’s legacy.

Address: 53 Joe Dority Rd, Bishopville, SC 29010, United States

Old Charleston Jail

Old Charleston Jail, South Carolina / Torrey Wiley / Flickr

Who would have thought an eerie jail could be the center of attraction for tourists?

Charleston, South Carolina’s Holy City, is crammed with hundreds of years worth of recent history. Charleston, South Carolina’s most haunted city, has seen bloody conflicts in both the American Civil War and the American Revolution and countless illnesses, murders, and other calamities.

The Old Charleston Jail on Magazine Street tucked away in the historic district not far from lovely Broad Street, is one of the city’s most haunted attractions.

Petty criminals accounted for most of the jail’s residents, while the worst offenders were executed in the yard.

A woman widely recognized as the country’s first female serial killer was also imprisoned and awaits execution in her cell.

This is not for the faint of heart, so if you are one of the people who like this place, don’t forget to pay a visit!

Address: 21 Magazine St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Old Sheldon Church Ruins, South Carolina / William / Flickr

Even when in ruins, certain structures retain their aesthetic value. Here, you won’t find any delicate stained glass or ornately carved pews; instead, you’ll find an unnervingly gorgeous structure that has stood the test of time and the elements. 

These South Carolina church ruins are as fascinating as they are gorgeous. Here’s everything you should know about them:

Located about 50 miles northeast of Savannah, the church ruins are situated in the center of the Lowcountry region near the unincorporated settlement of Sheldon, South Carolina.

For many years, a church has stood at this location. Originally known as Prince William’s Parish Church, this building was constructed between 1745 and 1753 in the English Georgian style.

From this point on, things get a little foggy. Long people believed that General Sherman’s Union Army had set fire to the church for many years.

There is some evidence to show that the church’s interior was used to repair dwellings that had been destroyed during the conflict.

The three-and-a-half-foot-thick brick walls are built to last. Massive oak trees coated with Spanish moss protect them.

Some of the occupants of the building have no intention of leaving. This cemetery contains several hundred-year-old gravestones, including that of William Bull, a surveyor who worked in Savannah as early as 1733.

Every day of the year, you can go to this unique location and see them whenever you want.

Address: Old Sheldon Church Rd, Yemassee, SC 29945, United States

Poe’s Tavern

Poe’s Tavern is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

From 1827 to 1828, Edgar Allen Poe served in the United States Army as Edgar A. Perry on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.

Sullivan’sAccording to several inhabitants in Charleston, Island may have been the inspiration for his 1843 novella, The Gold Bug.

Later, writers would recount Poe’s supposed southern roots, even going so far as to claim that the author’s specter still roams the state’s beaches.

It’s even been suggested that Annabel Lee is based on a real-life woman Poe met in the neighborhood!

Much of Edgar Allan Poe’s relationship with South Carolina has indeed been reduced to myth.

However, this does not negate that Poe’s Tavern is a must-see along the Atlantic coast!

Elsewhere in the restaurant and bar is a collection of Poe quotations and photos of the author, who died in 1903.

Enjoy a snack and meet some locals while learning about Edgar Allan Poe’s illustrious legacy!

Address: 2210 Middle St, Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482, United States

UFO Welcome Center 

UFO Welcome Center, South Carolina / Omri Westmark / Flickr

Something you won’t come across every day, or anyplace else in the world, is here. The world’s only official UFO Welcome Center is located just a few miles from Interstate 26 on a rural country road in South Carolina. Don’t be silly, aliens are real.

Because of this, Jody Pendarvis, the welcome center’s creator, intends to provide a safe haven for all extraterrestrials that arrive on Earth after a lengthy voyage.

Don’t make a fuss about it. The generosity of South Carolinians has long been a point of pride for the state. Although the UFO Welcome Center may be missing the worldwide sign of hospitality, the pineapple.

As far back as 1994, Pendarvis began construction on the UFO Welcome Center in his own yard, just a few feet from the highway.

A UFO Welcome Center in South Carolina only makes sense because the National UFO Reporting Center website claims South Carolina is a hub of regular UFO sightings. According to data collected from the public, more than 70 UFO sightings have been reported in the Palmetto State in 2018 alone.

The UFO Welcome Center is open whenever you desire. If you really want to meet any extraterrestrial life, we can’t promise it will happen.

Interested in seeing this for yourself? It’s a breeze to find!

Address: 4004 Homestead Rd, Bowman, SC 29018, United States

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is one of the best places to go in South Carolina

A high-flying good time on an adventure course strung far above the earth may be had at the Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park on James Island in South Carolina, so don’t walk, run!

In any of the courses, utilize your brain to solve problems as your body encounters physical challenges throughout the entire course.

Wild Blue Ropes is marketed as the best team-building activity, but it’s also a blast to do on your own.

In addition, the Explorers Gateway is a great place for the younger members of the family to take a spin through the sky on their own mini-adventure course.

Thanks to the company’s extensive safety precautions, the ropes course is completely risk-free for everyone who participates.

Run, don’t walk when you’re ready to take a risk on one of Wild Blue Ropes’ high ropes courses, run, don’t walk. Your journey will begin much more quickly if you arrive soon!

So get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What’s more, who can say? There is a chance that you will make it look easy!

Still undecided on visiting South Carolina? Visit why visit South Carolina at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 1595 Highland Ave, Charleston, SC 29412, USA

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