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Planning to travel to Hilton Head, South Carolina? Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in Hilton Head, South Carolina, so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and the best places to visit in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Audubon Newhall Preserve

Audubon Newhall Preserve Hilton Head, South Carolina
Audubon Newhall Preserve Hilton Head, South Carolina / Ken Lund / Flickr

The Preserve of Audubon Newhall on the Island of Hilton Head is among the greatest sites that should go birdwatching, even if there are plenty of other options.

One of Palmetto Bay Road’s most tranquil spots, the Preserve of Audubon Newhall, was founded in 1964.

Upon this island’s south coast, a 60-acre nature park contains a variety of walking paths through a densely wooded region, home to various bird types.

The Society of Hilton Head Audubon is responsible for managing the area so that every tourist may enjoy themselves throughout their trip.

Whereas these paths were just a mile long, be expected to stop frequently, raise the binoculars, then attempt to figure out whom the songbirds are singing to.

The structure’s lagoon is a wonderful area to see a variety of waterfowl in action, so be sure to stop by the viewing deck.

You are welcome to bring your pet along, as long as a leash restrains it.

Address: 55 Palmetto Bay Road, Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Baynard Plantation-Stoney

Baynard Plantation-Stoney, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Baynard Plantation-Stoney is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

If you’re a thrill-seeker, head down to this historic place!

Upon seeing Sea Oaks Wildlife Reserve, drive across to the Baynard Plantation-Stoney historical landmark to see the ruins from among the island’s old plantations.

Locally known as perhaps Baynard Ruins, this remarkable ancient historical monument goes back to 1780 and was devastated at the time of the American Revolutionary War.

Of course, these stories are rife with allegations of paranormal activity.

The plantation’s size may be appreciated thanks to such a plantation’s remarkable ruins, which include a piece of the two-story original mansion and traces of the Federal forces’ Revolution campsite.

Even though this home was demolished, you can still see remnants of the Federal forces’ outposts that formerly existed here during the Revolutionary War.

In addition to the overseer’s home, the slave quarters, and maybe a sight of the otherworldly, you’ll find yourself walking the roughly 7-acre property.

Address: Plantation Drive, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Beach Biking and Bike Trails

Beach Biking and Bike Trails Hilton Head, South Carolina
Beach Biking and Bike Trails Hilton Head, South Carolina / Ken Lund / Flickr

To get away from the rat race, a trip to Hilton Head Island might be a welcome change of pace.

A 12 nautical length of East Coast beaches and among the most comprehensive cycling trail infrastructures in the United States urge visitors to go out and stroll.

In addition, it’s the ideal occasion to stop and use muscle power rather than a vehicle for an entire length of a trip.

Prepare your bicycle, or use one of several bicycle rental businesses that have sprouted up in recent years.

There are bicycle routes almost anywhere you look, either bordering the roads coming onto and surrounding the area or extending through into woods or along the ocean.

It’s a great way to avoid the smog and exhaust fumes of busy streets and rather explore at your own pace.

Please look at the 22 other communities that have been recognized as Gold-level Bicycle Friendly.

Address: Hilton Head, South Carolina

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Bluffton Hilton Head, South Carolina
Bluffton Hilton Head, South Carolina / Ken Lund / Flickr

A day visit to Bluffton, which is not located on Hilton Head Island but still is close by, is a fantastic way to discover additional interesting tourist spots.

Tourists and locals everywhere regard Bluffton as a piece of Hilton Head Island, even though it isn’t on or around the island.

The Bluffton Restaurant, a wonderful fine-dining venue, a lovely town space, and stylish boutique stores abound inside the Old Towns district.

While protesting federal taxation in 1845, participants of something like the Bluffton Revolution sparked independence and the American Civil War.

The wonderful Museum of Heyward House is a great place to learn about everything. The village’s tourist center is presently housed in this 1842 structure.

Bluffton’s Cathedral of the Ascension, built in 1856, is among the city’s most interesting historical landmarks.

Furthermore, you may participate in social festivals, including the well-known Bluffton Town Fair and the Historic Bluffton Crafts & Seafood Fest.

Come to Bluffton with the whole family and enjoy all the fun things to do.

Address: 70 Boundary Street, Bluffton, South Carolina

Coastal Discovery Museum

Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Coastal Discovery Museum is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The Coastal Discovery Museum is one of the top attractions in South Carolina.

The Museum of Coastal Discovery, located on Hilton Head Island, is a must-see for nature enthusiasts.

It is a great half trip to this well-known instructional facility, situated on 67 acres near the seaside.

Discover natural trees like the beautiful living oak, which gets its name from the fact that it never loses its leaves, and an approximately 600-years of age southern red oak.

Many types of natural elements may also be seen in the area.

The greatest feature is that the structure’s system of really well natural paths, including four amusing marshland boardwalks anywhere along wet Jarvis Creek, allows visitors to see most of what it has to offer.

Additionally, there is a replicated shell ring built from native clam in a manner that has been used for almost four thousand years somewhere at Bird’s-Eye Viewing Theatre, an outside venue.

There is a huge yearly art display at the Coastal Discovery Museum and a famous monthly farm shop.

Drop by this wonderful museum with the whole family for a thrilling and entertaining experience!

Address: 70 Honey Horn Drive, Hilton Head, South Carolina

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Coligny Beach Park

Coligny Beach Park Hilton Head, South Carolina
Coligny Beach Park Hilton Head, South Carolina / Michael Stokes / Flickr

Understandably, the beach becomes crowded throughout the peak tourist season. Still, it is worth it just for the amazing beaches and waves.

Coligny Beach Park is right next to Hilton Head Area’s crowded beach.

Despite its proximity to Coligny Plaza, which houses a wide variety of stores and restaurants, it is elegantly done.

In either case, the beach is accessed via a nice park area with services like bathrooms, dressing facilities, and public shower rooms.

Whether you come by foot, vehicle, bicycle, or via the convenient shuttle buses, which link the closest parking lots to the ocean.

As for places to relax, there is a slew of options, such as shaded treehouses with chairs and robust swing seats. And, of course, there is also free wireless internet.

People with physical impairments may now more easily reach the beach owing to rubberized flooring spread down on the sand. Beach seats may be rented at the end of the street.

Before diving in, check with the on-duty lifeguard to ensure the water is safe to swim in.

Address: 1 Coligny Circle, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Coligny Plaza

Coligny Plaza, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Coligny Plaza is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Trying to find a location where you and your loved ones may sample a wide variety of cuisines? If that’s what you’re looking for, go down to Coligny Plaza!

One of Hilton Head’s most popular attractions is its extensive bike trails and walking paths.

Through Coligny Beach Park and the parking lot at Coligny Circle to the restaurants, entertainment, and shopping at Coligny Plaza, including some of the best walkways available.

It’s a great place to get a taste of the local culture!

The customary restaurants and gift stores aren’t the only spots worth stopping by; there are a lot of unique boutiques selling high-end apparel, accessories, and non-traditional meals.

Chocolate Carolina Muffins is a local classic among the more than 30 stores and eateries that call this place home.

However, during the busiest months, you may listen to outdoor musical performances while you savor an outdoor terrace dinner or snacks at Coligny Plaza, which also has a cinema.

Make sure to take your loved ones with you so that more excitement will come your way!

Address: 1 N Forest Beach Drive, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island Hilton Head, South Carolina
Daufuskie Island Hilton Head, South Carolina / fw_gadget / Flickr

In 1981, the National Register of Historic Places listed the area as a candidate for the best spot to visit.

You may explore Daufuskie Island, which has a demographic of 400, near the northernmost coastline upon the Georgia coast and Hilton Head Island.

The thirty-minute boat cruise somewhere along Coastal Waterways is a great deal of fun.

Daufuskie Island Transport provides daily organized transportation. However, private providers provide many choices, especially cruise liners, during the peak season.

Taking a Daufuskie Island Organized Historical Trip from Hilton Head is a fantastic way to visit all of the island’s significant attractions quickly.

You’re almost certain to see dolphins regardless of whatever route you choose.

Don’t forget to reserve ahead of time for a vehicle if you’re not bringing your own.

Travel businesses like Travel Daufuskie provide scheduled trips. For those who prefer to tour on their own, the tour operator will provide vehicles and a tour guide to show you around the main attractions.

Address: Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

Driessen Beach Park

Driessen Beach Park Hilton Head, South Carolina
Driessen Beach Park Hilton Head, South Carolina / Town of Hilton Head Island / Flickr

The Driessen Beach Park is one of the best things to do in South Carolina.

A low budget won’t stop you from visiting Hilton Head. Also, that shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing time! The good news is that your budget won’t be an issue here.

If you’d rather avoid the crowds at Coligny Beach Park, travel to the Beach Park of Driessen instead. It’s a beautiful substitute for Coligny Beach Park.

At least as far as your eyes can see in the island’s northern part, it has a vast and friendly shoreline.

Driessen Beach Park is great for taking photos because of its secluded location and panoramic views.

Even though some visitors do visit, this is something that many people in the area are unaware of.

Driessen Beach Park is so large that whenever it’s full, you can simply roam about to find a place to relax.

There are bathrooms, shower rooms, a gazebo for picnics, and playgrounds for the kids, as well as a lifeguard station, grills for cooking, and bike racks.

As a result, visitors to Hilton Head, South Carolina’s beaches, will find it to be a top attraction, yet no expenses are needed. So what are you waiting for? Come visit!

Address: 64 Bradley Beach Rd, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Go on a Dolphin Tour

Go on a Dolphin Tour, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Dolphin Tour is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The Dolphin Viewing Wildlife Tour at Hilton Head Island is among the greatest ways to see dolphins while on vacation.

An abundance of aquatic life surrounds Hilton Head Island.

It sets sail at Harbour Point Boat Lagoon in Ninety minutes.

Also, It is indeed a great place to see some of the island’s plentiful birds, as well.

As you approach monuments such as the Haig Bay Tower and Bull Island, you’ll hear narration about the area’s history.

A trip with dolphins at dusk is a great way to end the evening with a bang!

Moreover, It leaves off Harbour Town, a nice area to dine or take a walk.

Furthermore, as before, this 1-hour excursion has dolphins. However, this moment with a stunning sunset is an additional visual element.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try something new!

Address: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Harbour Town

Harbour Town Hilton Head, South Carolina
Harbour Town Hilton Head, South Carolina / Dan Perry / Flickr

Make a trip to the Town of Harbour if you’re seeking a spot where you can do whatever you desire.

There is a lot to see and do in Harbour Town.

At Sea Oaks Hotel’s commercial center, The Shop at Sea Oaks is a fantastic area for shopping.

It’s possible to find anything from trendy apparel and household décor to unique souvenirs and accessories at the area’s many boutiques.

Harbour Town Café & Bakery, which provides sandwiches, baked products, lattes, cappuccino coffees, and everything is done al fresco, is another fantastic option for a quick bite.

In addition, Harbour Town is indeed a major sports center. The harbor is where a great deal of excitement takes place.

You’ll find everything from dolphin viewing cruises to famed racing boat sailing excursions to Jet Ski rentals here.

Moreover, there are family-friendly adventures like sailing onboard the Black Dagger’s Viking vessel.

The famed Harbour Town Golf Course, noted for its famed eighteenth hole, is also a great place to play golf.

There is plenty of stuff to do here for everyone, no matter what they desire to do!

Address: 149 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Harbour Town Lighthouse

Harbour Town Lighthouse Hilton Head
Harbour Town Lighthouse Hilton Head / Michael Stokes / Flickr

The Harbour Town Lighthouse is one of the best places to visit in South Carolina.

The Harbour Town Lighthouse, Hilton Head’s greatest famous structure, is a must-see.

Sea Oaks Hotel, on the southern southernmost point, is just a short drive from the center to Harbour Town and all its amenities.

The Harbour Town Dock and the Atlantic Waterways benefit from this distinctive white and red patterned lighthouse, which functions as both navigational assistance and a museum.

The 90-foot-tall tower was built in 1971.

Also on exhibit are images and relics from the island’s 10-decade heritage, a unique exhibition, and the Coastal Guard’s responsibility to protect the nation’s coastline.

As you make your way to the observation deck via the various floors, you’ll come across a variety of intriguing displays.

With a little effort, you can reach the top of the Harbour Town Lighthouse in Daufuskie but also enjoy stunning views over the island as far as Georgia!

Address: 149 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head, South Carolina 

Hilton Head Distillery

Hilton Head Distillery, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Hilton Head Distillery is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Trying to find a place where you can acquire the best booze while you’re on tour? You’ll fit right in at this location!

The first company to open throughout this part of South Carolina was the Distillery of Hilton Head, which specializes in rum and whiskey mixes from the Western Indies and the Carolinas.

Local rum and vodka are available for purchase somewhere at the door to warm you up in the colder months.

You can blend aged liquor with flavorful liquors and other ingredients to make your customized concoctions.

Other notable varieties include Mountain Top brewed Rum, Aermoor Gin, Redlock Flavoured Rum, and Three Traditions Rum.

You may also take a visit to understand so much regarding the plant and the distillation procedure.

Why don’t you stop by and say hello? The Hilton Head Distillery has a lot to offer, but the taproom is the main attraction.

Address: 14 Cardinal Rd, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Enjoy leisure at Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park when you want to discover more about Hilton Head’s rich history.

The Gullah Culture Trail’s Mitchelville Freedom Historic Park was established in 2004 as a lovely recreational area.

Regarding preserving the history of Mitchelville, Freedom Park is a great option.

When imprisoned persons in South Carolina managed to flee before the Civil War, they established the earliest independent community there.

Throughout the present day, the area serves as a focal point for the African American population, highlighting a specific period of time.

Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park is a lesser-known treasure on Hilton Head’s small islands.

It is a secluded beachside area where you may unwind and catch sight of blue crabs and dolphins.

Taking a stroll in the grassy area or eating a meal under a shaded pavilion are other options for stepping away out from the heat.

Remember to visit the Praise House, where numerous religious events were held in the past.

Address: 226 Beach City Rd, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Java Burrito Company

Java Burrito Company, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Java Burrito Company is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Seeking an establishment where you may interact while still enjoying a delectable snack? Fortunately, your quest has ended here at last.

The Java Burrito Company is a stylish and pleasant burrito plus a coffee cafe with a warm and pleasant ambiance.

The business is operated and managed by one family, and it offers dishes throughout the morning, lunchtime, and supper.

One amongst Hilton Head, South Carolina’s most famous tourist attractions, these cafes are a great location to relax with a nice book or netbook.

Fresh ingredients without preservatives and a good deal are important for The Java Burrito Company. They believe in understanding each detail of every native item they use.

As a bonus, there’s a station from which you may construct your taco and salad, quesadilla, and burrito.

Bring over with friends or family because this is the perfect location to unwind after a long day of work or school.

Address: 1000 William Hilton Pkwy Suite J6, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Jazz Corner

Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Jazz Corner is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Want to plan a wonderful night out with your significant other but don’t know what to do? In addition to being one of the best places to go, The Jazz Corner provides everything you need.

At first glance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the eatery’s vitality and style evocative of high-class jazz clubs throughout Nyc.

Among the western hemisphere’s greatest prominent jazz venues is Indeed the Jazz Corner, which concentrates mainly on jazz and blues.

In addition to somber, dim lights and a refined and beautiful ambiance, the walls are adorned with original artwork.

The Jazz Corner’s platform draws several of Hilton Head’s best current jazz performers into the limelight for you to enjoy.

Also, the cuisine at The Jazz Corner is really tasty!

The buttery flavor and Oilerie wine vinegar adorn their giant sea mussels, which are then covered with prosciutto as well as served.

The Blue cheese Sc risotto comes with peach jam plus pear, crunchy greens, and a dish of paella from the region.

All of the food at Jazz Corner is of the highest quality! If you’re a drinker, don’t miss out on excellent cocktails.

Address: 1000 William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head, South Carolina

National Wildlife Refuge

National Wildlife Refuge Hilton Head, South Carolina
National Wildlife Refuge Hilton Head, South Carolina / Ken Lund / Flickr

It’s worth visiting Pinckney Island National Animals Refuge whether you are interested in wildlife.

Since 1974, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge has grown to encompass over 3,000 hectares.

As a result, it utilizes the exact roads and highways as the bigger land areas that link Hilton Head Island with the mainland.

For two centuries, it was home to a plantation owned and operated by members of the Pinckney family, who erected their estate in the mid-eighteenth century.

More than 114 ancient structures, some dating back well over thousands of years, make it a significant historical area in South Carolina.

Wildlife enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of seabirds and fowl, such as egrets, herons, white ibises, and also bald eagles that may be observed here.

Also, keep an eye out for armadillos and deer, among other creatures.

Around ten kilometers, such good trekking and bicycling paths may be found in the area.

Visit this location if you’re a kid or an adult; you’ll have a great time!

Address: Pinckney Wildlife Refuge Rd, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Sandbox Children’s Museum

Sandbox Children's Museum, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Sandbox Children’s Museum is one of the best places to go in Hilton Head, South Carolina

If the kids ever get tired of playing on the beach, or even if they don’t, consider taking them for a visit to the Sandbox Children’s Museum.

Spanning 2,500 square feet, it is designed to cater to young children between newborns and eight.

Handily located near Coligny Beach Park, the museum has been around since 2005 and provides plenty of fun, hands-on activities that encourage children to learn and explore the world around them.

The focus is very much on playing while they learn, with interactive exhibits covering everything from nature to big machines. 

Highlights include kid-sized banks and stores, an aircraft flight deck, as well as a regular program of events and activities guaranteed to entertain and challenge.

The concept behind the Sandbox Children’s Museum is simple: children learn well when they enjoy playing simultaneously.

There is also Charlie’s Perfect Playplace, which is perfect for unwinding and personal play!

Address: 80 Nassau Street, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Sea Kayaking Tour

Sea Kayaking Tour Hilton Head, South Carolina
Sea Kayaking Tour Hilton Head, South Carolina / Lee Coursey / Flickr

It’s impossible to express “I’ve traveled all over Hilton Head Beach” better than taking a photo in a kayak.

Boat trips and kayaking are among the most popular things to do in Hilton Head, yet it’s easy to see why.

If you’re new to kayaking or have some experience under your belt but don’t have access to your watercraft, attending a supervised kayaking environmental trip in Hilton Head is a wonderful option.

A trained naturalist can also accompany you throughout these 2-hour excursions through all Broad Creek Species Reserve marshlands, a natural sanctuary rich in nature.

In regard to a wide variety of local and migratory bird types, you may also see dolphins.

There’s also a caution discussion and life vests for older kids on this excursion.

Definitely take a kayak trip to Hilton Head Island! While providing a chance to explore local streams and creatures in their natural habitats.

Address: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

This is one of Hilton Head Island’s most popular travel destinations and is a must-see for anybody who appreciates nature.

Sea Pines Forest Preserve is well worth visiting for natural fanatics.

Despite its proximity to Coligny Beach Park, yet appears like a whole different planet!

The Sea Pines Resort region, where it is situated, is a great place to wander by walking or biking.

A series of marshland pedestrian overpasses plus walking routes, a historic, unique shell circle, and a plethora of species are just some of the features of this forest reserve, which was founded in 1971.

Horse riding, chariot trips, fishing, as well as escorted boat cruises are just a few of the various activities available.

Also, it’s an ideal location for a camping trip, so invite everyone along!

You may take a boat trip, a chariot trip, a hike all along elevated pathways, picnics, a fishing trip, or maybe even a horseback ride around the park to take inside the South Carolina scenery!

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Location: Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head, South Carolina

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