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In the process of making overseas trip arrangements? A trip to Rwanda is something you should absolutely do. For the best things to do in Rwanda and the coolest places to visit in Rwanda. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Rwanda. As a Web 3.0 travel startup, Wondrous Drifter aspires to make a huge impact on the world.

1000 Hills Distillery

1000 Hills Distillery, Rwanda
1000 Hills Distillery is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

“The Distillery” at your service!

In 2014, two men came together to form the 1000 Hills Distillery. They shared their knowledge and passion for magnificent views, fine whisky, and a powerful sense of pride in cooperating and working with locals.

Serving everyone with high-quality ingredients results from the best distilleries in the country.

This establishment prioritizes social impact. And helping other people is their top priority as they have a number of distillation processes, and making a broad partnership internationally is a must to provide training to small-scale farmers.

They produce six unique triple distilled liquors, including Single Malt Whisky, a Coffee Liqueur, London Dry Gin, Vodka, Light Spiced Rum, and Macadamia Nut Liqueur, all of which are made in Rwanda!

Other liquors are also served as an ingredient to make different delicious infused coffees.

They also serve vegetables and meat from the farmers we supply their distillers’ residues!

Products are always served at their best, so the only thing missing is your present! 

Come join the staff in experiencing a delicious cuisine with the best flavors.

Address:  KK 30 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda

Discover Rwanda Gisenyi Beach 

Discover Rwanda Gisenyi Beach
Discover Rwanda Gisenyi Beach / Dylan Walters / Flickr

Its tranquil beaches make it the ideal place to unwind and explore a piece of paradise.

Gisenyi Beach has beautifully designed dormitories or private rooms with ensuite bathrooms for everyone, making it ideal and convenient for friends, couples, travelers, and families.

This is also a Colonial-style hotel with a garden and terrace. The hotel staff is a huge help because of their positive attitude while assisting guests.

Most of the hotel rooms provide a view of the gardens or Lake Kivu. 

Rooms include bathrooms, toiletries, beds, bedding, and cupboards, with towels and lockers available for a small fee if you want them to.

If you want to grab a bite, the hotel’s restaurant is the best option; otherwise, some establishments are nearby.

Aside from relaxing at the hotel, you can engage in some water activities or bask in the sun’s rise while admiring the beautiful beach.

For a good photo shoot, wear your best swimsuit!

Address: Ave Des Fleures, Gisenyi, Rwanda 

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum, Rwanda
Ethnographic Museum is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

The evolution of the Rwandan

The most impressive ethnographic collections in all of Africa can be found in the Ethnographic Museum, which was a present from the Kings in Belgium in the late 1980s.

Fact: Because the building is among the city’s most beautiful structures, the museum receives high marks for having what is considered to be part of the most impressive collections of ethnological and archaeological artifacts in the entire region.

Visitors are given a comprehensive understanding of Rwandan culture through the presentation of artifacts from the country’s artistic, historical, ethnographic, and archaeological traditions in a variety of galleries that also include visual aids.

The displays start off with geographical artifacts, then move into items related to agriculture, followed by items related to weaving, pottery, and woodworking.

The drummers and dancers of the Intore group also put on shows at the museum.

Let the sounds greet you as you arrive.

Address: CP6W+F4G, RN1, Butare, Rwanda 

Fusion Restaurant

Fusion Restaurant, Rwanda
Fusion Restaurant is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Begin your journey through Rwanda by experiencing the cuisine as it was originally prepared.

Fusion Restaurant is a restaurant known for serving international cuisine with a unique twist. 

The fine-dining restaurant was established in 2018 and combined global culinary traditions with Rwandan ingredients. The taste is a mixture of Morocco, Italy, and Mauritius.

They work with local farmers and focus on using high-quality ingredients. They also take care of an organic garden on the property, from which they pick fresh herbs and lettuce by hand every day.

The Fusion is the most elegant spot in Kigali to explore new flavors and experience first-class hospitality, perched beside The Retreat’s glorious saltwater pool, stunning rock gardens, and native plantings.

From comfortable boutique lodging to the finest luxury accommodations in the city. 

They have some available workshops where you can learn how to make traditional banana wine and cocktails, and their cooking classes are sure to be very popular.

Let this restaurant be put on your top list!

Address: 5 KN 29 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Gishwati Forest National Park

Gishwati Forest National Park, Rwanda
Gishwati Forest National Park is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

A finding that reveals an astonishingly diverse ecosystem.

You can learn about a crucial conservation plan in operation while visiting Gishwati, as well as see parts of the Congo-Nile Divide forest as it was a long time ago.

Boasting significant numbers of flora and fauna, including nearly 60 different types of trees, thanks to years of replanting and rehabilitation.

Chimpanzees, L’Hoest’s, golden, and blue monkeys share a home in Gishwati with a group of twenty chimpanzees.

There are also many bird species, with 232 identified at Gishwati and 163 at Mukura. These species include endemics to the Albertine Rift as well as forest specialists.

Encompassing a total area of 35 square kilometers, including a safety zone. It comprises sixty different tree species, some of which are native hardwoods, while others are bamboo.

Let your pals join you as you explore the park!

Address: Road, Rwanda

Inema Arts Center

Inema Arts Center, Rwanda
Inema Arts Center is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Allow your creative side to shine through.

Inema is a creative space where ten artists can explore their creative potential. Inema’s artists’ paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media expressions are all on display which specializes in contemporary African art. 

This center promotes creative thinking in order to promote personal, societal, and economic development. The project’s primary goal to awaken Rwanda’s dormant artistic potential was to showcase the ingenuity and productivity of locals in terms of their means of subsistence.

Their goal is to equip people with the knowledge and skills needed to realize a responsible and sustainable form of development, allowing them to take control of their own destiny, believing that hopelessness and a lack of opportunities can be transformed into prosperity.

The location is well-known for its peaceful atmosphere for yoga classes and housing displays and exhibits.

They give people the opportunity to see what it is for themselves. So show what you’ve got!

Address: KG 563 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Intare Safari Rwanda

Intare Safari Rwanda, Rwanda
Intare Safari Rwanda is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Go here and spot the gorilla!

The safari is primarily run by Rwandans. They organize tours ranging from a simple gorilla trek to a lengthy tour that allows you to discover the country’s most exotic attractions.

Tourists’ most frequently asked question on a gorilla tracking trip is how many chances they have of seeing these giants in their natural habitat.

The gorillas always roam around the forest to hunt for food, so they keep moving. Still, according to the safari, there is no situation where the tourists aren’t able to see even one gorilla.

Before a tourist begins their tour, staff are always dispatched to locate where the gorillas are. When a tracker confirms the location, that is when you can begin your journey.

You’ll need to get out of bed a little earlier to enjoy gorilla sightseeing. The guide will give a safety and etiquette briefing, after which you will proceed to the forest to begin the hike. 

You need to be in perfect shape as it is a tiring one. 

Open your eyes and look for them!

Address:  KN5 Road, Box 1698 Kigali, Kigali, Rwanda 

Kigali Center for Photography

Kigali Center for Photography, Rwanda
Kigali Center for Photography is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Develop your photographic skills by working with the incredible Jacques Nkinzingabo.

Jacques is the person responsible for establishing the organization.

The main highlight of the center is to study and promote photography from Rwanda and other parts of the world. It also wants to encourage and help Rwandan artists work together and go beyond photography as a medium.

He is a photographer who has taught himself how to take pictures and works more as a freelancer than anything else. He specializes in documentary photography, which allows him to tell his story through images.

The Kigali Center of Photography exists solely to provide free photography services to Rwandans. Workshops and exhibitions are planned, as well as residencies for visiting international photographers and scholars.

This is the right place for you to learn new capabilities, photography skills, ideas, and creativity, among other things, if you don’t have any idea on how to take great photographs and you want to learn how to do so.

This is your chance!

Address:  KG 676 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial 
Kigali Genocide Memorial / Kigali Genocide Memorial / Flickr

This transports you to the terrible event that occurred in the past.

The Tutsi Genocide of 1994 is commemorated in the largest of the Kigali Genocide Memorial’s three permanent exhibitions, all housed within the same building. A memorial for children and an exhibition about the history of genocide and other forms of violent extremism from around the world.

It serves as the resting place for over 250,000 Tutsi Genocide victims.

To get a sense of how Rwandans lived before colonization, the first part of this exhibition shows the country’s commonalities and hardships.

To honor the thousands of children and infants who perished at the hands of genocidaires, the room for children depicts how genocide robbed a generation of their hopes and dreams.

Find out more.

This memorial also teaches people about the Tutsi Genocide and gives them a chance to think about genocide in the 20th century.

In addition to the sad story, this memorial has a peaceful garden where people can think about the Tutsi Genocide.

Consider how you can help prevent discrimination and mass atrocities by visiting this exhibit.

Address: 3396+J7Q, KG 14 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda 

Kimironko Market

Kimironko Market, Rwanda
Kimironko Market is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Simply search for what you require as it is offered at a low price.

Because of the reasonable prices, this market has grown in popularity over the years among buyers and sellers in Kigali, including hotels, and continues to do so.

The bustling Kimironko Market is located within a sizable warehouse complex with four entrances that all point in the same direction.

Customers can buy the colorful kitenge fabric at the market’s right entrance, and butchers and fishermen sell meat and lake fish at the market’s left entrance.

This market is also known for its fresh fish and traditional Rwandan local food, which is generally inexpensive and attracts a wide range of buyers. 

Locals from all over the city come here to buy fruit, vegetables, fabric, clothing, accessories, shoes, and other household necessities from vendors from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Keep in mind that the prices of everything in the market are open to negotiation. If you want to get the best deals, you need to be patient and steady while you are bargaining.

Address: KG 161 Street, Kinyinya, Rwanda.

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Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi, Rwanda
Lake Muhazi is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Majestic Lake

Lake Muhazi has a length of 60 kilometers and a width of 5 kilometers. It extends across five provinces in Rwanda: the Eastern Province, the Rwamagana district, Kigali, the Northern Province, Kayonza, and the Gatsibo district in the north. 

Also, the water from this lake flows into the Nyabugogo River, which is south of Kigali and joins up with the Nyabarongo River.

In 1999, a concrete dam was constructed on the westernmost portion of this lake to replace the earthen dam that had been there previously.

In addition to scarlet chested storks, pied kings, black lured storks, yellow-billed storks, and black-lured storks are just some of the other bird species that can be observed in the lake.

An ideal spot to take in some oxygen-rich air first thing in the morning.

Because the lake is in such good shape, residents are able to enjoy the view.

Address:  Kigali, Rwanda 

Librarie Ikirezi Bookshop

Librarie Ikirezi Bookshop, Rwanda
Librarie Ikirezi Bookshop is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

A great selection of books for you to enjoy.

Another bookshop in Rwanda, known as the Librairie Ikirezi is home to several collections of books written in a variety of tongues, including French, English, and Kinyarwanda, amongst others.

In addition to books, it has a growing selection of jigsaw puzzles, relaxing board games, and items that help children grow.

Most of the collections for children were rounded out by activities, coloring, puzzles, and set books of all ages.

A massive range of books about Africa-related topics, as well as adult and children’s literature, are available. 

The Ikirezi Librairie has a wide range of high-quality school and office supplies, as well as materials for hobbies, relaxation, creative expression, and learning.

Look around and read different books until you find the one that speaks to you the most. Although some of them might be outdated, the vast majority of the books are inexpensive.

This one is perfect for you if you enjoy looking through books.

Address: 13 KG 5 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda 

Niyo Arts Gallery

Niyo Art Gallery Rwanda
Niyo Art Gallery Rwanda / Dan Dickinson / Flickr

The children were left with impressive expressions.

This art gallery showcases the work of Rwandan painters. It provides an opportunity for visitors to speak with and ask questions of the artists.

Musician Niyonsenga Pacifique founded Niyo Art Gallery in order to aid Kigali’s underprivileged street children. 

Pacifique was a poor child growing up in the city until he was taken in by a Canadian benefactor named Bruno. Bruno provided Pacifique with the resources he needed to get an education and lead a more successful life.

Pacifique has dedicated his life to using song, art, music, and dance to help children in similar situations. Donations to the gallery are distributed to the children, who use them to help pay for education, medicine, food, and other necessities.

It is simple to become caught up in the communicable laughter and happiness of the children as they dance joyfully, putting their concerns out of their minds for the time being.

Let the children be open to what opportunity comes their way, and help the street kids enjoy what they do.

Address: KG 572 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial

Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial Rwanda
Nyamata Church Genocide Memorial Rwanda / Dave Proffer / Flickr

The mystery from the back of the church

Nyamata Church is a memorial to the genocide where about 50,000 people died.

Behind the church are mass graves with the bodies of 45,308 people who died during the genocide.

The skulls, bones, and pieces of clothing of the many people who died are on display. 

Nyamata is in an area where there are a lot of Tutsis. This was partly because after the first genocidal events in 1959 and the early 1960s when Rwanda became independent and the Hutu majority took over the Tutsis,

It belongs to the most intense places a dark tourist can visit in Rwanda.

There are bullet holes, grenade shrapnel scars, and blood stains on the brick walls inside the church. Additionally, there are scars from grenade shrapnel. 

There is a basement downward the church that appears like a morgue. You can get there by descending a flight of stairs. In contrast to the cluttered appearance of the church room above, the interior is completely covered in white tiles. It appears to have been very thoroughly cleaned.

Address: V32V+9FF, Nyamata, Rwanda

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda
Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda / Rwanda Government / Flickr

All nature lovers are invited on a great trip.

Nyungwe is an important African conservation area because it is home to various animals, making it another most popular Rwanda tour destination.

The western portion of the Great Kit Valley is home to Nyungwe National Park, which reaches all the way from Lake Albert to Lake Tanganyika.

There are approximately 1,068 plant species in Nyungwe Forest, with over 200 species of trees and 248 species of cichlids, and new species are discovered each year.

It is dominated by a dense, mist-drenched montane forest that seems to stretch on forever, covering 393 square miles. 

In 2005, it was established to conserve the most ancient forest ecosystems on the African continent.

The chimpanzees are the focus of this attraction, and visitors have the opportunity to get intimately acquainted with them in their natural environment through guided tracking excursions.

Bring your cameras so you can capture beautiful moments!

Address: KN6, Rusizi, Rwanda 

Presidential Palace Museum

Presidential Palace Museum, Rwanda
Presidential Palace Museum is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Visit the Presidential Palace for a pleasant stroll.

Showing the President’s opulence and paranoia protection in his palatial bungalow palace.

During a turbulent period in Rwanda’s history, it was used to house a python weighing approximately 300 pounds and was employed to ward off evil spirits and psychologically terrify those who opposed the President.

The plane crashed into President Habyarimana’s compound, and the wreckage can still be seen there; however, the enormous python managed to escape from the pool in some unexplained manner after the crash.

This backyard estate was home to a large number of beautiful crested cranes.

The gardens are kept in excellent condition and feature lovely trees and flowers, as well as stone walkways that help to keep the gardens in good condition.

There are secret passageways throughout the house that lead to the room where he tortured disobedient people and another room where, among other things, he practiced witchcraft. 

Take time to visit as they have secrets to share with you.

Address: KK 106 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Primate Safaris

Primate Safaris, Rwanda
Primate Safaris is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Develop a strong connection with the local wildlife, and then treat yourself to an exciting excursion.

Primate Safari provides tours to Rwanda, the Congo, and Uganda that includes the tracking of gorillas, chimpanzees, and golden, among other activities.

Patiently awaiting the opportunity to view the magnificent primates that make the volcanic mountains and the dense forest their home.

Seeing the world’s largest living primate while on a safari in Rwanda, which is the place where the country’s namesake animal, can be, without a doubt, a part of the most memorable and exciting experiences you’ll ever have.

Everything from the animals’ communication and interactions to their intelligence and mobility can be easily observed.

Walking and moving around with their companion animal makes the sight presented to you much more incredible.

Making a remarkable experience of a time when the nation’s natural wonders, cultural traditions, and vibrant colors were all on full display.

Address: 09 AV, Nyarutarama, KG 270 St, Kigali, Rwanda 

Saray Spa

Saray Spa, Rwanda
Saray Spa is one of the best places to go in Rwanda

Are you tired of your work and have decided to go on a vacation?

A long and exhausting day definitely calls for some relaxation time!

Give it to yourself and your friends to take advantage of the top spas in Kigali, which happens to be located within a hotel.

Saray Spa offers you a lot where your physical and mental health will be in good fit again. Enjoy their fitness center, outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, and daily group and private classes for professionals.

They have facilities to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.

A calm and soothing time is guaranteed to be had at the Saray Spa. A spa visit can re-energize you in a number of ways.

A facial, grooming, massages, scrubs, and other pampering world-class amenities are just a few of the spa services that will enliven you.

Rejuvenate yourself with the help of their knowledgeable and friendly staff to receive quality treatments.

Address: KN 3 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 

Sorwathe Tea Plantation

Sorwathe Tea Plantation Rwanda
Sorwathe Tea Plantation Rwanda / Jeremy Weate / Flickr

Enjoy a cup of tea and some relaxation time as you take in the breathtaking views.

Sorwathe is a tea factory in Rwanda. It opened in 1975 and has won a lot of awards since then.

This is a tree plantation factory located halfway between Kigali and Musanze. It provides insight into tea cultivation and production in Rwanda.

When people go to the Sorwathe Tea Plantation, they can watch tea plucking as an art form and see how tea leaves slowly change into processed tea at each step.

The company purchases teas from the majority of the world’s tea-producing countries and sells them to major blenders and tea packers.

Visitors can pay an additional fee to partake in activities such as a factory tour, tea tasting session, and traditional meals.

The factory’s tea is grown on a 284-hectare plantation owned by Sorwathe, as well as another 930-hectare plantation owned by Assopthe, a Rwandan cooperative representing over 3,500 small farmers. 

Have a wonderful exploration of famous tea producers!

Address: 8XGH+GR9, Kinihira, Rwanda 

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park Rwanda / John Cooke / Flickr

Allow this park to serve as your guide as you make your way through the mountains.

Volcanoes National Park keeps protecting the slopes of a beautiful mountain range. These slopes are home to the mountain gorilla, which are endangered as well as a mosaic of different ecosystems in the mountains, such as a swamp, a leafy and a bamboo forest.

The pursuit of mountain gorillas, a species that is in danger of extinction, is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be had in the region. The rainforest, which is home to more than two hundred different species of colorful birds and the chattering of a rare and unique golden monkey, provides a backdrop for the adventure.

The fact that you will be able to explore things like volcanoes, wildlife, and vegetation while you are here will make you seem even more impressive.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get very close to the gorillas!

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Address: Ruhengeri, Rwanda 

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