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Making plans to travel abroad? Morocco is surely a must-visit! Look at our carefully selected list of top Morocco attractions below on the best thing to do in Morocco and places to go in Morocco. As a Web 3.0 travel startup, Wondrous Drifter has big plans to shake things up in the field.


Asilah Morocco
Asilah Morocco / Andrzej Wójtowicz / Flickr

When the sun meets the sea, you need to be there!

Asilah is the most beautiful summer destination in Morocco. It is located on the North Atlantic coast.

It features a stunning crystalline blue ocean and a fine sand beach. The coast is surrounded by colorful murals that complement the lovely beach. 

The locals often compared it to the Greek Island of Santorini because it resembles the iconic white and blue buildings surrounding it.

Nonetheless, it has its own distinctive charm that you’ll surely love. 

Spend a summer day here swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or simply tanning and enjoying the gentle surf.

Beachgoers can also explore the nearby villas to see the colorful doors and textiles they offer, as well as to get a clear view of the panoramic view of the entire coast. 

To make your stay even more interesting, catch a spectacular sunset view.

Don’t forget to bring your camera with you!

Asilah is looking forward to seeing you. Will you be there?

Address: Asilha, Morocco


Casablanca Morocco
Casablanca Morocco / Anthony Tong Lee / Flickr

A place that offers an authentic Moroccan atmosphere. 

Casablanca is the largest city in all of Morocco. It boasts a stunning coastline, mosques, ruins, gates, and dazzling skyscrapers. 

Start your journey here by visiting the Hassan II Mosque. This mosque is dedicated to the former king of Morocco, Hassan II.

This is the largest mosque in Casablanca. It has a 688-foot tall minaret, and the courtyard pillars are covered with marble tiles in lovely Islamic patterns. 

This is the most photogenic location you need to visit! 

Here you may also taste authentic Moroccan cuisine. Indulge in the delicious seafood risotto made up of fresh seafood, pickles, carrots, and other spices served with a chilled beverage of your choice. 

After the delightful experience, you may head to the old street of Medinas, where a line of local shops can be found. 

Various Moroccan clothing, jewelry, housewares, vases, and goods are available to browse. You might as well buy something as a souvenir.

The colorful Casablance is waiting for you. Now is the time to travel!

Address: Casablanca, Morocco


Chefchaouen Morocco
Chefchaouen Morocco / Anthony Tong Lee / Flickr

If you feel a bit blue, you might as well journey to this place. 

Chefchaouen is the blue town of Morocco. The buildings and houses here are all painted in blue and white. 

The cobblestone alley, structures, flower pots, and roof are all blue. That is the beauty of the town. 

The town is located in the Rif Mountains. From a distance, you might mistakenly feel that you are on the Greek Island of Santorini.

Both are wonderful, but this town has a distinct atmosphere you will love. 

Most of the alleys have stores that sell different local products, including Moroccan textiles ranging from rugs, clothes, hats, embroidery, and more. 

You may also take a break at a cafe that serves a traditional cheese salad paired with coffee. 

Chefchaouen is a picture-perfect place. It is a must to bring your camera to capture all the lovely views. 

You don’t have to feel blue anymore; just roam around this place!

Address: Chefchaouen, Morrocco

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Dragon Beach

Dragon Beach, Morocco
Dragon Beach is one of the best places to go in Morocco

Have you ever seen a desert in the middle of the sea? If not, then this is the best time to see one. 

Dragon Beach is located on the Dakha Peninsula. The beach appears to be a small valley of white sand dunes surrounded by a blue sea.

Due to its astonishing beauty, locals and visitors alike are drawn to this place. It is like a little white desert paradise. 

Dragon Beach is not only for beach goers but also for nature and sports buffs.

Here you can do bird watching, surfing, diving, and kite surfing. 

The stunning blue waters and white sand beaches are worth seeing and capturing on the camera. 

Even more stunning in the late afternoon, when sunlight reflects off the sea, creating a dazzling atmosphere.

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this beach is. You need to see it in person. 

Travel and go now!

Address: Dragon Beach, Dakhla Peninsula, Morocco


Essaouira Morocco
Essaouira Morocco / Caroline Granycome / Flickr

If you are looking for a more cultured and laid-back city and happen to be in Morocco, Essaouira is the place to go.

Make your way to the most relaxing city in all of Morocco, Essaouira. 

It features a bohemian atmosphere from its building design, architectural structure, ruins, and lifestyle of locals. 

Essaouira is best known as the “Wind City of Africa.” This is due to the wind blowing through the entire city all year. No doubt, it is loved by windsurfers.

You will see plenty of alleys that showcase the textile culture, palm trees in the avenues, galleries, boutiques, and more. 

The journey is even more enjoyable if you go horseback riding, kitesurfing, or simply relax and enjoy the stunning views of the coast.

Note that Essaouri was once used as a film location. One is Game of Thrones season 3. Most of the scenes were shot here.

Now, there’s nothing more to hold back. When you get here, witness its astonishing beauty!

Address: Essaouira, Morocco 


Fes Morocco
Fes Morocco / cattan2011 / Flickr

When on vacation, shopping is a must!

Visit Morocco’s third-largest city, Fes. It once served as the capital of the country a hundred years ago. 

It is home to the largest Moroccan marketplace. Fes is a historic old town that offers a very Moroccan ambiance seen in its traditional houses, courtyards, streets, and alleys. 

Marveled at the colorful mosaic tiles in the narrow alley filled with local shops. 

Here you may visit the Medina, a famous Moroccan place where ceramic tiles are made. It is situated in the 18th-century Moorish palace.

A large collection of ceramic tiles, woodcarvings, copperware, vases, and local products will welcome you. This is the best time to purchase one of the ceramics! 

After the exploration, head to the Karaouiyine Mosque, the home of the oldest university in the world.

Marvel at the copper doors, stalactite domes, and marble tiles covering the floor. 

This offers a very bohemian atmosphere. Feel free to roam around and capture the endless view with your camera. 

There is more to discover. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this marvelous place. 

Visit Fes!

Address: Fes, Morocco

High Atlas

High Atlas Morocco
High Atlas Morocco / Thomas Maluck / Flickr

A journey to the real winter wonderland

In the event you are traveling in winter, hike all the way to the High Atlas. It is the highest mountain range in all of North Africa. 

The High Atlas is often referred to as the mountains of mountains. It reaches a height of over 4,167 meters (13,665 feet) above the country.

Now that’s a real adventure for you!

You can join a group to trek and hike along the mountains covered with snow together!

This is loved by trekkers because the mountain offers a breathtaking view of Morocco. 

There is a certain part of the mountain where you can enjoy snow activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and more.

Here you may endlessly marvel at the perfect white surroundings that create a real winter wonderland atmosphere. 

Before the trek, consider wearing a warm layer of clothes. This is another adventure that you need to try once in your life. 

See and go now!

Address: High Atlas, Morocco


Imlil Morocco
Imlil Morocco / Anthony Tong Lee / Flickr

If you love to hike and you are out of places to go, come over here!

Imlil is a village located in the High Atlas Mountains. Hikers are in love with this place as it provides a great view of the entire mountain glacier and the landscape. 

The Ilmil is over 1800 meters above sea level.

It is not only about the mountain, but the rich wonder you will see here. 

The trail that will lead you to Imlil has glimpses of waterfalls, lazy rivers, and some wildlife animals. 

Take the opportunity to capture this beauty with your camera. 

When you reach the village, you may book into the Toubkal Ecolodge, which offers a fascinating view of the entire mountain as well as the typical Moroccan homes.

To make the most out of it, indulge in some Moroccan dishes such as Harira, a soup made of tomatoes, chickpeas, and lamb drizzled with lemon juice. 

The Makouda is also a must-try. It is a deep-fried potato ball served with spicy sauce dipping. 

And to finish off, have a Moroccan whiskey, a mint tea drink that is served with a sugar cone. 

What are you waiting for? Head to Imlil now!

Address: Imlil, Morocco


Marrakech Morocco
Marrakech Morocco / Charlie Marchant / Flickr

Morocco is, without a doubt, a place of sunsets. Do you want to know why? Visit Marrakech. 

Marrakech is best known as the “Red City of Morocco.” It was constructed back in the 11th century.

It is a city of commerce, culture, and religion. And if you are wondering why it is called the Red City, here is the answer. 

The whole city is covered with red sandstone walls and palaces.

Due to its height, the colors reflect on the whole city, creating a very reddish atmosphere. 

Apart from these, Marrakech is a popular hot spot for commercial shoots.

It was once dubbed a “hippie mecca” because it houses beautiful ancient architecture and courtyards lined with olive and palm trees. 

Visitors are also drawn to the Magical Djemma El-Fna, a city square full of snake charmers, acrobats, magicians, and locals selling carpets, leather, and potteries. 

Marrakech is at its most beautiful state during the sunset, as the entire city is covered with a mix of red to the orange atmosphere. 

If you want to learn more about this city, travel today!

Address: Marrakech, Morocco

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Martil Beach

Martil Beach, Morocco
Martil Beach is one of the best places to go in Morocco

Sun’s up! Time for a total summer vacation!

Spend your summer holiday at Martil, one of the most beautiful coasts in Morocco. 

It is a lovely village that offers a beach with turquoise water, a promenade lined with palm trees, and a backdrop of the green mountain. 

Here you can take a relaxing swim, tan under the shade of the colorful parasols, do beach volleyball, and many more. 

The picturesque beach is surrounded by cafes and pubs where you can hang out and meet locals. 

There are terraces along the beach where you can climb to see the entire Mediterranean sea view. 

If you prefer a more laid-back activity, you may try golfing at Carbo Negro. An excellent golf course that is located near the beach. 

Martil is a small village that offers more than what you expect. There is no better time to visit than now. 

Plan your summer holiday and include this place on your list!

Address: Martil Beach, Morocco


Meknes Morocco
Meknes Morocco / Pedro / Flickr

If you are in Morocco, there’s no way you will miss this place. 

Meknes remained Morocco’s most ancient capital. It was founded in the 10th century. 

Meknes is also known as Meknassa. It boasts an impressive collection of ruins and architecture. 

This is home to a number of temples and palaces. Visitors are drawn to its mishmash of ancient and modern buildings. 

Here you may visit the Dar Jamai Museum, built in 1882. It offers a magnificent display of ceramics, textiles, jewelry, and traditional costumes that date back to the 14th century. 

Another attraction you need to visit in Meknes is the Sahrij Swani, also known as the Basin of the Norias.

It is a large lake surrounded by ten ruined walls from the early 17th century. 

Of course, the iconic Bab Mansour Gate is worth your visit. This is an excellent example of Almohad architecture covered with Arabic calligraphy.

This is, without a doubt, the most beautiful gate in all of Morocco. 

Discover more of its beauty and magic. This is the perfect moment to travel to Meknes!

Address: Meknes, Morocco


Melilla, Morocco
Melilla is one of the best places to go in Morocco

Travel to the Spanish-influenced town of Morocco.

Melilla is located in the city of Tangier. It serves as a port for ships that travel from the Spanish country of Malaga. 

Melilla is one of the few towns in Morocco that has been greatly influenced by Spanish culture. 

It is a popular tourist destination that offers a breathtaking view of the entire Mediterranean coast as well as a glimpse of Southern Spain.

Stroll through Melilla la Vieja, an old town with small Spanish museums, a tunnel, and Las Cuevas del Conventico, a cave once used by the Phoenicians in the 17th century.

Even more worthwhile when you reach the Three Forks Cape, a lighthouse surrounded by a turquoise sea beneath. 

Make sure to bring your camera with you to capture all the amazing views.

If you want to discover more of Melilla, visit now and learn more about its fascinating beauty.

Address: Melilla, Tangier, Morocco


Merzouga Morocco
Merzouga Morocco / cattan2011 / Flickr

Say yes to more adventure in Morocco!

Explore Merzouga, a small town near the Sahara Desert. The secluded town has been loved by locals as it gives the same atmosphere as the desert island. 

Merzouga features a view of colossal sand dunes and valleys.

Here you may try to hike the 3000-meter Erg Chebbi sand dune, do quad biking or ride a camel. 

Yet, the popular activity here is camping. Engage in a camping activity together with a local professional guide. 

Watch the spectacular sunset and sunrise that stretch across the entire desert, creating a marvelous myriad of colors. 

During the night, stargazing is a must. Mesmerized by the dazzling stars above you. 

Before going here, consider dressing in a layer of clothes because it was hot and sandy along the way. 

These are only a few of the magical adventures you may try while in Morocco. Visit Merzouga and discover more of its alluring beauty!

Address: Merzouga, Morocco

Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls Morocco
Ouzoud Falls Morocco / just_a_cheeseburger / Flickr

Witness the majestic waterfalls of Ouzoud. 

Ouzoud Falls is located in the middle of the Grand Atlas Mountains. It is one of the natural wonders of Morocco. 

The falls have a height of over 110 meters above the cliff. Prepare to be awestruck, for this is another adventure you have yet to experience. 

Before reaching the falls, you need to hike through the mountain forest. You might stumble across monkeys along your way, so be ready.

The Ouzoud waterfall is a waterfall in one. You might be wondering why.

This is because the water is falling from different parts of the mountain. 

You may marvel at it from a distance and capture the amazing view of it.

Swimming is prohibited due to the rapid flow of the waterfalls.

In the area, there are local shops that sell souvenirs, as well as a population of monkeys with whom you may get interaction. 

This is only one of the many natural wonders of Morocco. Come on here now!

Address: Cascades D, 278J+CWF Ouzoud Ouzoud waterfalls_، Ouzoud 22572, Morocco 


Rabat Morocco
Rabat Morocco / Pedro / Flickr

A trip to the capital city of Morocco, Rabat,

Rabat is one of the top tourist attractions in Morocco. Just like the other cities, it boasts stunning ruins and architecture that embodies the rich culture of the country. 

The capital city is where the heart of Morocco is embedded. From the streets, squares, gates, and palaces to the people. 

The city has been deeply rooted in its culture, and so it is not surprising when every corner has a local shop selling a variety of crafts ranging from jewelry, clothes, textiles, rugs, and more. 

Make the most of your visit here by strolling through the Oudais Kasbah, an 11th-century fortress wall lined with Andalusian houses. It is one of the country’s top destinations!

Admire the Hassan Tower, which stands over 45 meters tall and is adorned with intricate Islamic designs.

Visitors may also drop by and unwind at Rabat’s Ville Nouvelle, a street lined with palm trees. This is a perfect place for relaxation and sightseeing. 

This is only a peek of what you will see. Discover more by traveling here!

Address: Rabat, Morocco

Rose Valley

Rose Valley Morocco
Rose Valley Morocco / James Merabi / Flickr

The pure bliss of Pink and green thorns.

Rose Valley is located in Marrakech and features lush greenery, blue waters, mountains, and a vast array of pink garden roses. 

The Pink Rose Garden offers an alluring fragrance and the sight of literally pink bed roses. 

According to the legend, the roses started to grow in the valley since the Berber merchant, Damascus, carried one of them. Hence, the name Rose Damascena was born. 

Rose Damascena has stunning pink petals and is in full bloom in April to May. The valley, however, has several wild roses growing. 

When you explore the valley, you will be amazed at how the roses seem to grow anywhere, from the stone walls to fields.

As a result, many locals used it as a major livelihood.

The roses are picked to be made into rose waters, soaps, skin creams, and perfumes.

When you are planning to travel here, the best time is during the Festival of Roses, when you may see the vibrant and lively culture of Morocco through the lovely rose flowers. 

Note that you are free to pick roses and put them in your notebook or book. 

Plan your trip now!

Address: Rose Valley, Marrakech, Morocco

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert Morocco
Sahara Desert Morocco / cattan2011 / Flickr

A magical exploration of the third largest desert in the world, the Sahara Desert. 

The Sahara Desert is the most popular destination in Morocco. It covers 9,200,000 square kilometers, comparable to China and America. 

Note that it is only the third-largest desert in the world. Amazing indeed!

More than that, it offers spectacular trekking activities through the rocky plateau, sand flats, dunes, mountains, and valleys. 

It also has 20 lakes, and the most popular is Lake Chad, the only freshwater lake among all. 

The Sahara journey might be the most sandy, hot, and yet most worthwhile trip you will ever experience. 

The activities here are guided by a skilled local guide and their camels.

When you reach the peak, you will be amazed at the breathtaking view of the entire desert and the shape of the dunes. 

Even more breathtaking is when you see the sunset stretching across the entire desert sky. 

What are you waiting for? The best time to go is now!

Address: Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni Morocco
Sidi Ifni Morocco / mhobl / Flickr

Discover the gem of South Morocco, Sidi Ifni.

Sidi Ifni is a town that offers stunning beaches, surfing spots, and giant rock formations. 

This was once colonized by the Spaniards and was the only town that was returned in 1969. 

The town has greatly preserved Spanish culture from its buildings, ruins, and fortifications. 

All of the buildings are designed in European architecture and lined with traditional Moroccan houses.

Apart from these, Sidi Ifni has become the most popular destination for surfers as it has a very warm climate and good surfing waves. 

Surfing, swimming, and kiteboarding are all popular activities here. Witness the sight of huge rock formations along the coast as well. 

You may explore a wide variety of pubs, restaurants, and places to hang out as well. 

Browse the market that sells malhafas, a traditional women’s garment of Moroccan women, as well as fabric products you will only see in Morocco. 

If you want to explore more, head to Legzira, the largest beach in town.

It boasts natural sandstone arches and green space that is perfect for picnics. 

Take note of all of these attractions and go to Sidi Ifni right away!

Address: Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Takerkoust Lake

Takerkoust Lake, Morocco
Takerkoust Lake is one of the best places to go in Morocco

If you want to level up your experience in Morocco, head to this lake!

Takerkoust Lake is situated in the Agafay Desert. In contrast to being located in a desert, the lake features a glacier mountain in the backdrop. 

The lake was built in 1920, and it was once used by the French as a water reservoir. 

It is no longer functioning, but it has turned into a popular tourist destination. 

Picnics, fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing are all options. You may also ride a horse or engage in spa massages near the area. 

The Takerkourst Lake is a favorite spot for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Not to mention the overall appearance is jaw-dropping. The lake, desert, mountain glaciers, and tall trees all complement each other. 

This lake will surely bring your experience of Morocco to another level of relaxation and fun. 

The choice is yours. Visit the place now!

Address: Takerkoust Lake, Morocco


Tangier Morocco
Tangier Morocco / Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr

A little European trip in the middle of the African continent.

Tangier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. It features a very European-like city. 

European culture and influence can be seen in its buildings, homes, and business districts. 

Explore Tangier’s old city, home to the most beautiful narrow lanes in town. It is a very picturesque scene that needs to be captured by your camera. 

Walk your way up until you reach the top, where you will marvel at the view of the entire Mediterranean sea.

If you want a more relaxed journey, go to Ville Nouvelle, a park that showcases stunning late-19th to early-20th century building architecture. 

Take a rest on one of the benches while admiring the classic fountain in the middle.

It is even more lovely when you come across the local street musician playing jazz music. 

You may also visit the Terrase de Paresseux, where you can see the coast and the view of Southern Spain from a distance. 

There is more for you to discover, visit the place, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you still on the fence about visiting Morocco? Visit why visit Morocco at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Tangier, Morocco

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