Top 5 Movies Filmed in Sparks, Nevada by US Box Office

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Lights, Camera, Sparks, Nevada: Get Ready for a Movie Adventure!

Lights, camera, action! Welcome to Sparks, Nevada, the city that has seen its fair share of Hollywood magic. If you’re a movie buff or just looking for an exciting adventure, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect destination.

Get ready to explore the filming locations of some of your favorite movies in this vibrant city. Grab your popcorn and let’s dive into the glitz and glam of Sparks, Nevada!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sparks, Nevada has served as the backdrop for various iconic movies, making it a must-visit for film enthusiasts.
  • Visiting movie filming locations adds a unique twist to your travel experience and allows you to immerse yourself in the magic of the big screen.
  • Exploring Sparks, Nevada’s film history can be an exciting and entertaining way to spend your time, getting a taste of the movie-making world firsthand.

Imagine walking on the same streets where beloved characters once roamed, and seeing the actual places where unforgettable scenes were brought to life. It’s like stepping into the screen and becoming a part of the movie magic yourself. From gritty dramas to heartwarming comedies, Sparks, Nevada has been the backdrop for a wide range of films that have left their mark on the silver screen.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why should I visit movie filming locations? Aren’t they just ordinary places?” Oh, my friend, think again! These seemingly ordinary places have transformed into extraordinary landscapes, telling stories that have captivated audiences worldwide. From bustling city streets to charming small towns, each location has its own hidden secrets and anecdotes that only those who venture there get to uncover.

Picture this: you stroll down the streets, a grin on your face as you recognize spots from your favorite movies. You might imagine yourself playing the lead role, delivering a witty one-liner to an imaginary audience. Or perhaps, you try your hand at reenacting a memorable scene, much to the amusement of fellow movie buffs around you. The options are endless and the adventure unparalleled.

As you visit these movie filming locations, keep an eye out for unique tidbits of information that can make your experience even more engaging. Talk to locals and discover behind-the-scenes stories that breathe life into the places you’re exploring. Who knows, you might stumble upon a hidden gem or a legendary spot that only movie insiders are aware of.

So, pack your bags, movie lover! Sparks, Nevada awaits your arrival. Prepare to walk in the footsteps of your favorite actors, breathe in the same air they once did, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Hollywood’s scenic playground. Lights, camera, adventure!

Ready to embark on this cinematic journey? Check out the listicle below featuring the top movies filmed in Sparks, Nevada. Lights, camera, action! It’s time to step into the movies and explore the magic woven into the very fabric of this incredible city. Lights, camera, let’s go!

Pink Cadillac – US Box Office: USD 12.14 million

Director: Buddy Van Horn

Main Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, Timothy Carhart, Tiffany Gail Robinson, Angela Louise Robinson, John Dennis Johnston, Michael Des Barres, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Bill Moseley, Michael Champion, William Hickey, Geoffrey Lewis, Gary Howard Klar, Dirk Blocker, Leonard R. Garner Jr., Robert L. Feist, Gary Leffew, Robert Harvey

Release Date: 26 May 1989

Filming Locations: Nugget Casino Resort – 1100 Nugget Avenue, Sparks, Nevada, USA; Quincy, California, USA; Sacramento, California, USA;  Carson City, Nevada, USA; Greenville, California, USA

Main Plot: Pink Cadillac is a movie about a woman, Lou Ann, who marries a man, Roy, who counterfeits money and gets her arrested because of living the money in their mobile home. Lou Ann skipped and is now chased by the skip tracer, Tommy Nowak. Tommy is tracking Lou Ann for being a bail jumper. Tommy is chasing Lou Ann, her husband Roy, and his friends for taking their counterfeit money. Tommy traced Lou’s whereabouts and captured her in Reno, Nevada. Lou asks to see her baby at her sister’s house, and Tommy agrees. There, she finds her husband with his friends. The struggle begins, and Roy takes the baby away from Lou. Now the work for Tommy begins. To get the baby back.

Famous quotes:

Tommy Nowak: I have strong feelings about gun control. If there is a gun around, I want to be controlling it.

Tommy Nowak: You just have to play that little-girl-lost routine, don’t you.

Lou Ann McGuinn: I’m still feminine. I’m a Cosmo fighter.

Tommy Nowak: Obviously a hardened criminal. I can tell by your kewpie-doll lips.

[Lou Ann borrows a tight-fitting dress]

Tommy Nowak: Sweetheart, if there’s any justice on this planet, they’ll never make you give back that red dress.

Flasher: Whadda think?

Lou Ann McGuinn: Looks like a penis to me – only smaller.

Tommy Nowak: Didn’t think anyone could run so fast in heels

Lou Ann McGuinn: Tina Turner taught me

Fun Fact about Pink Cadillac

  • This movie was an attempt at returning Clint Eastwood to the action-comedy genre, which had produced box-office successes with Every Which Way but Loose (1978) and Any Which Way You Can (1980).

Hard Eight – US Box Office: USD 0.22 million

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Main Cast: Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, F. William Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Nathanael Cooper, Wynn White, Robert Ridgely, Kathleen Campbell, Michael J. Rowe, Peter D’Allesandro, Steve Blane, Xaleese, Melora Walters, Jean Langer, Andy Breen, Renee Breen

Release Date: 28 February 1997

Filming Locations: Jack’s Cafe – 2200 Victorian Avenue, Sparks, Nevada, USA (Jack’s Coffee Shop); Sparks, Nevada, USA; Nugget Casino Resort – 1100 Nugget Avenue, Sparks, Nevada, USA; Peppermill Resort Spa Casino – 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada, USA; El Dorado Hotel Casino – 345 North Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada, USA

Main Plot: Hard Eight is a crime drama-related movie about the life of a professional gambler Sydney who meets John and teaches him how to gamble without losing much money. It all started when John lost all his money in a game, and Sydney happened to be there and helped him. He buys him coffee, then takes him to Reno and shows him some tricks to get a room without losing so much money. John easily gets the tricks and becomes a successful small-time gambler with the help of his father figure, Sydney. Not all is going well until he meets Clementine, a young girl working at the casino as a waitress. John didn’t mind the fact that Clementine was also a hooker. John and Clementine got married, and the latter continued her job. They quarrel with a man who refuses to pay after making love with Clementine. Sydney does the job. Let the newlyweds go and head to Niagara Falls. The struggle doesn’t stop there—Jimmy, the one they also meet at the casino, blackmails Sydney. Jimmy, unfortunately, said that John’s father was killed by Sydney and scared him that he’ll tell John about it. Seems like Sydney and John’s meeting is not a coincidence after all.

Famous quotes:

Sydney: You know the first thing they should’ve taught you at hooker school? You get the money up front!

Sydney: Never ignore a man’s courtesy.

Jimmy: What I mean – what I believe… is that you killed his father… like the stories I heard go. Now, if somebody killed my father… I would feel the need to do something. The stories I heard – you know, stories get around – is that you used to be a hard-ass. You were a hard-ass and you took his dad out, Sydney. So you think – what? You can just walk through this life… without being punished for it? Shit, man. I know all those guys you know. Floyd Gondolli, Jimmy Gator, Mumbles O’Malley. They like to sit around in Clifton’s and talk, talk, talk. They love to tell stories. You can sit there and look at me sideways all you want. You probably think I’m some kind of asshole or something… but I’m not a killer… like you. You walk around like you’re Mr. Cool, Mr. Wisdom… but you’re not. You’re just some old hood. The other night in the bar, you asking me a question… like do I do parking lot security? Well, the answer is no! I’m trusted security inside the casino. I’m trusted with security, and I don’t fuck it up.

Sydney: Good that you have such a sturdy sense of responsibility.

Jimmy: Don’t! Don’t! Don’t fuckin’ do that! You understand? I can see right through that shit! You look at me as some idiot, huh? I know you do. I know you. You old guys, you old hoods… you think you’re so fuckin’ above it… so high and mighty. What am I to you? Some loser? Not with a gun in my hand. Not with the facts I know. Bottom line, Sydney. No matter how hard you try… you’re not his father.

Sydney: [John has called Sydney to his hotel room asking for help. Sydney knocks, John answers from behind the closed door] John?

Sydney: ...Sid?

Sydney: Yeah. Open up.

John Finnegan: …everything cool?

Sydney: What? Yeah, everything’s cool. Are you alright?

John Finnegan: I’m fine.

Sydney: You gonna open the door?

John Finnegan: I said on the phone, you know… it’s kinda screwed up.

Sydney: Yeah, so? Open the door, let’s see what’s going on.

John Finnegan: …you promise you’ll help me?

Sydney: [growing exasperated] John, it’s cold out here, open the door.

John Finnegan: …is everything cool?

Sydney: John, open the goddamn door, will ya?

Sydney: [John finally unlocks and opens the door; Sydney enters] Now what’s going on, John?

John Finnegan: Just – shut the door.

[the door is closed]

Sydney: Why are the lights out?

John Finnegan: Okay, Sid?

Sydney: Okay I’m not gonna…

John Finnegan: -let’s just leave them off for a second…

Sydney: -I’m not gonna stand here with the lights out.

[Sydney flips the light on]

John Finnegan: Okay now, you promised you’d help me.

Sydney: …what is this, John?

John Finnegan: I’m sorry, Sid.

Sydney: John, what is this? Who is this man?

John Finnegan: He’s uh… he’s a hostage.

John Finnegan: I will fuck you up if you fuck with me, ok? I know three kinds of Karate: Jujitsu, Aikido, and regular Karate.

Fun Fact about Hard Eight

  • Paul Thomas Anderson’s original title for this film was “Sydney.” Since it was his first film, and he had basically no control over it (much less the final cut, like he’s had on his other features since), Rysher Entertainment re-cut the film and retitled it “Hard Eight.” This enraged Anderson, and through many talks and deals, he convinced the studio to let him release his cut, but with the new title “Hard Eight.” Anderson later said this experience taught him that doing your best to make the best possible movie was only “half the job” when being a director. The other half was dealing with all of the egos involved.

This Is Martin Bonner – US Box Office: USD 0.01 million

Director: Chad Hartigan

Main Cast: Paul Eenhoorn, Demetrius Grosse, Tom Plunkett, Christy Lighthouse, Jef Derderian, Kristin Slaysman, Andrew Scott Duncan, Jeff Pilliod, Connie Pilliod, Richmond Arquette, Melanie Payne, Robert Longstreet, Tom Baughman, Jan Haley, Moira Price, Felix Danger, Allie Braun, Morgan Keese

Release Date: 20 January 2013

Filming Locations:  Carson City, Nevada, USA; Reno, Nevada, USA; Sparks, Nevada, USA

Main Plot: This is Martin Bonner is a movie that talks about the life of a father, Martin Bonner, who moved to Nevada from the East Coast, leaving his two adult children and a life he spent for more than two decades. Martin left and found himself on the job of volunteering in a non-profit organization that helps prisoner change from prison life to be ready when they get released. It’s his first work after two years and after declaring bankruptcy. He meets Travis Holloway, a prisoner in the program who was fired after spending 12 years in prison. They got an unseparated connection not until Travis betrayed Martin to reunite with his daughter, with whom he had lost touch a long time.

Fun Fact about This Is Martin Bonner

  • During the speed-dating scene, Martin mentions that he was once in a rock band called Kopyrite (“with a K”). Actor Paul Eenhoorn was in fact, in a band called Kopyrite; their song “Genevieve,” which Eeehoorn wrote, is featured on the soundtrack.

One Against the House

Director: Michael Fredianelli

Main Cast: Derek Crowe, Erik Jorn Sundquist, Michael Nosé, Michael Fredianelli, Leslie Hasvold, John H. Berriochoa, Gabriella Goldstein, Christina Steach, Preston Crowe, Kleada Cane, Mike Dinsmore, Dick Raley, Noel Rosa

Release Date: 13 March 2019

Filming Locations: San Jose, California, USA; Lake Tahoe, California, USA; Reno, Nevada, USA; Sparks, Nevada, USA; Santa Rosa, California, USA

Main Plot: One against the house is a gambling genre of story that talks about how Bruce saves Oswald and his family against the mob. It all happens when Bruce follows his friend Oswald to the horse races and can win. And it’s a success for him and being able to feel like a professional gambler. With him being a newbie, he also tries the poker game and loses more than he needs to when Oswald loses a bunch and is unable to recover. When Oswald’s family is held hostage, Bruce is forced to pay his friend’s debt by robbing the payroll at the Reno casino office. Complications arise during the heist, and Bruce needs hostages to make himself safe during the last resort for Oswald’s family. 

My Classic Car

Director: Jim Astrausky

Main Cast: Dennis Gage, Jay Leno, Rick Schmidt, Jorgen Moller, Mike Phillips, Nick Rutter, Danny Agosta, Jim Hespenheide, Ryan McDonald, Sherwood Bailey, Becky Hanrahan, Ron Domin, Jeff Lane, Leonard Knight, Dan McMichael, Richard Petty, John Cote, Zach McAllister

Release Date: 4 January 1997

Main Plot: My Classic Car is all about Dennis Gage, a car lover who travels around North America just to visit car shows and meet with car collectors with all sorts of nice vehicles. This movie also documents and captures Dennis’s obsession with cars. Dennis’s life about his car obsession was entertaining for his viewers. He manages to drive while entertaining people and talking about automobiles. Since its premiere on TNN in January 1997, this show has become an icon in the collector car world and has something for everyone who watches it. It covers everything from daily drivers to Duesenbergs, from local cruises to the fanciest car shows. 

Fun Fact about My Classic Car :

  • The pilot episode aired on The Nashville Network (TNN) on 3 January 1996. After viewers went wild about the show, TNN agreed to fund 13 attacks, and the first season premiered in January 1997. It moved to Speedvision in 2000, continuing with 13 episodes per year/season. For season 9 in 2005, it was expanded to 26 episodes per season and has continued that way every year to the present through a couple more network moves.

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