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Shreveport, Louisiana will surely surprise you with its many wonders! Look at our carefully selected list of top Shreveport, Louisiana attractions below on the best thing to do in Shreveport, Louisiana and places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

Agora Borealis

Agora Borealis, Shreveport, Louisiana
Agora Borealis is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

You never know what you’ll uncover if you go around this market and look at all the artwork.

Agora Borealis always helps people in the Tri-State area by selling high-quality products made by hand and sourced from nearby.

 They are the first art market in Shreveport, and they give a warm welcome for you to explore the local artisan marketplace and look for hidden discoveries there.

 An art gallery called Agora Borealis sells handcrafted goods, including clothing, furniture, jewelry, soaps, and many more, most of which are manufactured from recycled materials.

They’re also helping the people of Louisiana by sourcing their resources and business needs from them to give back to the community.

People may buy things from local artists and craftspeople at this market.

The art market is also concerned about the environment, from using energy-saving equipment and alternative power sources to providing consumers with ecologically friendly items.

 Even if you’re not interested in art or culture, the Agora Borealis is well worth a look.

Address: 421 Lake St, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States


Artspace, Shreveport, Louisiana
Artspace is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

Visit Artspace at least once if you consider yourself an artist or even if you only have a passing interest in the creative arts.

In contrast to museums and galleries, Artspace allows the general public to engage with the arts in new and creative ways.

 The expansive Artspace gallery is located in the heart of downtown Shreveport, and it features exhibits that change on a regular basis.

 The organization’s main goal is to show off the many talented artists who live in Northwest Louisiana by putting on fun, interesting, and entertaining programs.

 At the artspace, which spans over 21,000 square feet across four stories, all art forms are created and presented with an eye toward an audience of all ages in mind.

 Additionally, there is a learning component to this location, with regular lectures and the opportunity to meet the artists.

 You may watch a variety of performances at the Artspace in Shreveport throughout the year, from spoken poetry to music to dance, that you may attend.

 There is so much to see, so give yourself lots of time to explore!

Address: 708 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Asian Gardens of Shreveport

Asian Gardens of Shreveport, Loiusiana
Asian Gardens of Shreveport is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

The Asian Gardens of Shreveport is one of the top attractions in Louisiana.

This weekend, a trip to the Asian Gardens of Shreveport would be a great way to see the sights.

The ASEANA Asian Gardens’ landscaped garden beds are made to look like 15 different Asian countries.

 The Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam are just a few of the Asian nations you’ll find when exploring this site.

 Artifacts and monuments from the countries themselves are all over the public area, which is different levels.

 Trees, bushes, and ornamental plants from each country shown on the site are set up on different levels.

 In this garden, you’ll find fascinating information about the countries represented.

 The location is a calm sanctuary in the middle of Shreveport’s bustling downtown. It’s a great spot for art classes, a stroll in the park, or perhaps a moment of reflection.

 As part of their annual spring and fall celebration, these gardens come alive with various regional cuisines and traditional dances.

If you’re looking for a beautiful spot in the city, look no further than this one!

Address: 800 Texas Ave, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

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Barksdale Global Power Museum

Barkdale Global Power Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana
Barksdale Global Power Museum is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

If you want to learn about the interesting history of military aviation, a trip to the Barksdale Global Power Museum will do the trick.

Buck Rigg, founder, and first volunteer curator, worked tirelessly to have the new museum up and running in 1979.

At Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana, the United States Air Force maintains and operates the Barksdale Global Power Museum, which is an aircraft museum.

As a museum about military aviation history, it has a huge collection of military planes and other things related to military aviation. 

In particular, the museum works to keep the history and legacies of the 2nd Bomb Wing and other bomber groups alive.

Because the planes are dispersed across such a broad area, you should get ready to do a bit of walking.

There are many B52s that you can go beneath and touch and an SR-71 that never ceases to amaze visitors.

If you spend a whole day here learning about aircraft, you’ll undoubtedly come away with new information.

Address: 88 Shreveport Rd, Bossier City, LA 71112, United States

Call to Action Mural

Call to Action Mural, Shreveport, Louisiana
Call to Action Mural is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

Look stylish and strike a pose near the Call to Action Mural for your social media feed!

The latest mural in Shreveport, Louisiana, was revealed. This is Shreveport-first Bossier’s major mural in 12 years, and it can be found at 629 Spring Street.

Artist Ali Bahler created the mural titled “A Call to Action,” which measures 75′ x 20′ and is painted entirely in acrylic. 

The exhibit is a tribute to the city’s rich cultural history, which includes many festivals, places to see live music, and places to play games.

The mural features neon accents and motion-activated lights, making it a work of art that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night.

Additionally, the mural incorporates lights to promote forthcoming events and visual representations of the area’s diverse array of food and entertainment options.

 There were various meanings and secret imagery throughout the mural, such as a dog with children in fountains, a dove on the horse and a racer, and a needle mending a wounded heart.  

You may look worldwide, but you won’t find a mural with greater color than this one.

Address: 629 Spring St, Shreveport, LA. 

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Fatty Arbuckles

Fatty Arbuckles, Shreveport, Louisiana
Fatty Arbuckles is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

Join your closest friends at Fatty Arbuckles for a night of live music and handmade drinks while catching up on the latest gossip.

The bar is in Downtown Shreveport’s Red River District. It is thought to be one of the city’s oldest lounges that have been open for a long time.

 Since it first opened its doors in 2003, Fatty Arbuckles has become a popular gathering place for close friends and family.

 This bar has a large variety of alcoholic drinks and tasty food, all of which can be enjoyed while listening to live music.

 A wide variety of whiskeys are available at Fatty Arbuckles, including Bourbon, Irish and Scotch.

They also provide a rotating selection of artisan cocktails that are based on classic cocktail recipes, as well as ones that are created by their bartenders in-house.

 Additionally, Fatty’s is known for its annual St. Fatty’s Day (St. Patrick’s Day), Summer Concert Series, and Block Party.

 You’ll have an enjoyable time visiting Fatty Arbuckles for some of Shreveport’s most popular nightlife activities.

Address: 450 Clyde Fant Pkwy, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States


GATORS AND FRIENDS ADVENTURE PARK, SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA / Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Flickr

The Gators and Friends Adventure Park is one of the best things to do in Louisiana.

See ya later, alligator! During your time in Shreveport, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to check out the Gators and Friends Adventure Park.

A primary purpose of the Gators and Friends team is to educate and engage their visitors.

Gators & Friends was created to enlighten the general public about the proper treatment of animals and provide them with a better knowledge of their lives and interests.

Gators & Friends is the biggest fun park in Northwest Louisiana. It has about 150 alligators and other animals.

Many animals, including llamas and kangaroos, may be seen in this area!

Get to know exotic creatures from across the world while enjoying a day in the great outdoors.

There is also a zipline, pony rides, and even creatures for visitors to interact with.

You can be sure that this experience will leave you with memories that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Address: 11441 US-80, Greenwood, LA 71033, United States

Jubilee Zoo

Jubilee Zoo. Shreveport, Louisiana
Jubilee Zoo is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

For animal lovers and families on vacation, the Jubilee Zoo is an absolute must-see.

The Jubilee Zoo first opened its doors in 2009 and has since been a well-liked destination for visitors and families on vacation.

There are several opportunities for visitors to engage with animals at this zoo.

Spend some time at the Jubilee Zoo feeding and caring for the adorable creatures. You can even milk the goats if you’d like.

Your children will have a good time at the zoo, especially if you take them on a hay ride through the more than 20-acre property and let them ride the carousel ponies.

As a bonus, the barn’s play area will be a big hit with the younger crowd!

The zoo has a picnic area where you and your family may enjoy a picnic meal together.

Children and adults alike will have a wonderful day at the Jubilee Zoo, where they may play with friends while surrounded by lovely creatures.

Address: 6402 LA-1, Shreveport, LA 71107, United States

Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana
Louisiana State Exhibit Museum is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

This museum is an excellent choice if you’re interested in Louisiana’s past and are planning a trip to the state.

The Louisiana State Exhibit Museum opened in 1939. It displays many things, including the history and culture of the area.

The museum has one of the most important collections of ancient and modern Native American items from Louisiana.

A cypress dugout that is believed to have been used by Caddo Indians and that has a date of 1065 A.D. is one of the most valuable relics in the museum.

This location houses several dioramas created by H.B. Wright and portrays scenes of daily life and local trade in the area.

The Louisiana State Exhibit Museum is a beautiful building that looks like the most modern building of its time.

There is no question that this is one of the most remarkable structures the state offers.

The circular building is one of the most expensive in the world. It has a well-kept courtyard and is made of hand-cut limestone on the inside and outside.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the state at this exhibit!

Address: 3015 Greenwood Rd, Shreveport, LA

Noble Savage Tavern

Noble Savage Tavern, Shreveport, Louisiana
Noble Savage Tavern is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

The Noble Savage Tavern is your best option if you are looking for a place to go out for a drink while you are in Shreveport.

The Noble Savage Tavern first opened its doors in 1996 and has since become a popular gathering place for both residents of the area and tourists.

 You and your pals should go to the Noble Savage Tavern and get a couple of rounds of drinks ordered for the table. 

There are over 30 different single-malt scotches and beers on tap for you to pick from.

The bartenders are well-versed in their craft and have a wide selection of beverages to choose from.

This restaurant bar has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from, all of which go well with the meals.

You may order pizza or the restaurant’s signature dish, gumbo, to sample their delectable cuisine.

 In addition to the food and beverages, you can expect to have a fantastic time listening to live performances.

In the Louisiana city of Shreveport, having a meal at this restaurant bar is among the top things to do there.

Address: 417 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101-3521

Orlandeaux’s Café

Orlandeaux’s Café, Shreveport, Louisiana
Orlandeaux’s Café is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

The Foodie is a must-have companion for any vacation! While you’re in town, stop into Orlandeaux’s Café.

For a while in 1921, the café was known as Freeman & Harris Café before becoming Orlandeaux’s. 

The café was a national treasure. It was the country’s first and longest-running African-American eatery.

It’s the perfect place to go when the weather is bad and you’re looking for something indoors to keep you entertained.

As soon as you walk into this restaurant, you can tell that everyone knows it’s the best of the best.

This restaurant serves a wide selection of Louisiana Creole specialties, such as pork chops, chicken fried steak, and a lot more!

If you’re traveling with young children who are picky about what they eat, you won’t have to worry since they have a special menu.

You should try the Harris Special, Peter’s Special, and Freeman’s Special at this restaurant if you’re looking for an excellent Cajun dish.

In addition to the pleasant service and many menu options, you’ll like the overall quality of the experience.

Eat here when you’re in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is something your taste buds will appreciate!

Address: 5301 S Lakeshore Dr, Shreveport, LA 71109, United States

R W Norton Art Gallery Shreveport Louisiana
R W Norton Art Gallery, Shreveport, Louisiana / Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Flickr

The R.W. Norton Art Gallery is a great place to go on a date with your significant other.

Since it first opened its doors in 1966, the museum has been particularly well-known around the country for the magnificent collections of works it has collected by the likes of Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and other pioneers in the field of western art.

In addition to more than 400 paintings and over 100 sculptures, the R.W. Norton Art Gallery has a wide-ranging collection of works by over a hundred artists.

The Norton also houses the museum’s historic and antique book collection, as well as a sizable research library with around 10,000 books.

After that, go to the botanical garden of the museum. There, you’ll find a beautiful display of flowers and plants and a beautiful bridge from which you can take some great photos.

Art, sculptures, and rotating exhibitions fill the museum, making it a wonderful place to visit. Don’t miss out on this amazing find!

Address: 4747 Creswell Ave, Shreveport, LA 71106, United States

Red Herring Escape Rooms

Red Herring Escape Rooms, Shreveport, Louisiana
Red Herring Escape Rooms is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

As a group activity, escape rooms are a favorite pastime for many.

The Edwards family is the proud owners of Red Herring Escape Rooms. They all have a passion for games and puzzles, and they all strive to be the best at what they do.

Teams that go to Red Herring Escape Rooms must work together and use their brains and creativity to solve the puzzles in the rooms and get out of the room they chose.

After a 30-minute briefing that includes a beverage, beer, or wine, as well as warm-up problems, you and your team will be trapped in a room with 50 minutes to finish the game. 

A fifty-minute countdown is all you have to discover the final exit and escape.

All of your team members will receive a detailed report at the end of the game, summarizing your performance. 

Be prepared to be pushed to your limits and supported by others. Expect to be irritated, but most importantly, expect to have fun.

A lot of care and attention has been placed into each area, and it’s a lot of fun.

Address: 3616 Youree Dr, Shreveport, LA 71105, United States

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport

Sam's Town Hotel and Casino, Shreveport, Louisiana
Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

After a long day of gambling, Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport’s luxurious rooms are a great place to relax.

The Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino Shreveport is a great place to rest and relax for visitors and people in the area.

The hotel and casino were once known as Harrah’s Shreveport; however, in 2004, Boyd Gaming bought the property from Harrah’s Entertainment.

 This 23-story hotel is sure to please. It has 514 rooms, a bar, a spa, and a fitness center, as well as an outdoor pool for the whole family.

 Views of the Red River may be seen from the 22nd level of the building.

 A lot of adult tourists and adults who live in Shreveport go to the Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino because it looks like the Old West and has high-quality slot machines and gaming tables.

 There is no question that you will have a good time during your stay at this establishment thanks to its 1100 slot machines and 29 table games, which include Blackjack, Roulette, and Three Card Poker.

 After a long day of exploring the city, it’s time to kick back and unwind in the comfort of your hotel.

Address: 315 Clyde Fant Pkwy, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Sci-Port Discovery Center

Sci-Port Discovery Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
Sci-Port Discovery Center is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

For those who enjoy science, a visit to the Sci-Port Discovery Center is an excellent option.

An interactive, hands-on learning experience for individuals of all ages is provided by the Sci-Port Discovery Center. 

With the help of Sci-Port, people may learn about their surroundings and use scientific discoveries in their daily lives, and they can also cultivate a lifelong interest in science.

The Sci-Port Discovery Facility is an interactive scientific and entertainment center that spans 92,000 square feet and has a variety of events, displays, and performances.

At the Space and Science Center of Louisiana, people can choose from more than 200 hands-on exhibits, educational events, and live demonstrations.

In addition, there are a number of interactive displays, as well as an IMAX cinema, at the Discovery Center.

This is a terrific site for kids. There are a lot of games and presentations that the kids will surely enjoy.

With so many diverse areas to explore, one hour isn’t enough time.

Address: 820 Clyde Fant Pkwy, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Shreveport Aquarium

Shreveport Aquarium Shreveport Louisiana
Shreveport Aquarium, Shreveport, Louisiana / Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Flickr

The Shreveport Aquarium is one of the best places to visit in  Louisiana.

Whether you’re a kid or simply a kid at heart, the Shreveport Aquarium is guaranteed to be a hit with you!

When seeking affordable and interesting things to do in your area, the Shreveport Aquarium is an excellent choice.

 The Shreveport Aquarium, a 21,000-square-foot facility housing more than 1,000 marine animals, opened in 2017 and is home to sharks, stingrays, and other deep creatures.

 You’ll be able to get up close and personal with various aquatic life and vibrant coral reefs, which serve as a haven for local fish. 

This establishment is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting places to visit in Shreveport.

If you’re looking for a little more engagement with marine life, you may also feed them.

 Additionally, there is a mining section where you may purchase a bag of gems and sort them using the water flow.

 Aside from the regular public hours, the Shreveport Aquarium is also available for special functions, including birthday parties and summer camps.

 There are seven days each week that the aquarium is available for visitors to enjoy, so make plans soon!

Address: 601 Clyde Fant Pkwy, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium Shreveport Louisiana
Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana / Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau / Flickr

Make plans to attend your favorite show at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium and enjoy yourself!

The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, built in 1920, is thought by many to be the best example of Art Deco architecture in Louisiana.

With a rich history dating back to the Louisiana Hayride, which launched the careers of many famous musicians, including Elvis Presley, Shreveport Municipal Auditorium has a remarkable past.

The theater was filled with talented singers, many of whom became big-name artists after their performances there.

Aside from living performances, the Auditorium is an ideal location for a wide range of other events, including debutante balls, graduations, and birthday celebrations. 

 More than 3,000 people may be accommodated in the building’s Auditorium.

An arena that is 6,300 square feet in size and has a balcony arch that is 54 feet tall can be found here. 

From the exterior, this structure is stunning, but the interior is much more so.

You should go to the Shreveport Auditorium if you want your day to have more rhythm and enjoyment.

Address: 705 Grand Ave, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Southern University Museum of Art

Southern University Museum, Shreveport, Louisiana
Southern University Museum of Art is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

The Southern University Museum of Art is a great place to visit if you’re interested in history.

This may be found on the campus of Southern University, and it has a significant collection of African-American art and relics.

As an educational resource for students and the general public, SUMAS hopes to offer diverse educational opportunities.

 Also, it serves as a resource for many different communities by finding new ways to use the museum and the things it holds.

 More than 300 historical and cultural objects of African and African-American descent may be found at this museum.

 On the first level, you will find exhibitions of local and regional art, and some of these shows are changed regularly.

 There is a regular exhibition of African art on the second level, including works from Nigeria, the Congo, West Africa, and Cameroon.

 You may also check out African treasures, including sculptures, kitchenware, ceremonial masks, cloth, etc.!

 While gaining more knowledge about the African-American culture, you will most certainly have a wonderful time.

Address: 610 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101, United States

Splash Kingdom Waterpark

Splash Kingdom Waterpark, Shreveport, Louisiana
Splash Kingdom Waterpark is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

Do not pass up the opportunity to visit the Splash Kingdom Waterpark if you find yourself in Shreveport during the summer months.

The Waterpark Splash Kingdom caters to all age groups and has a wave pool, a lagoon, and kiddie pools to keep everyone happy.

 Water slides like Bonzai and Cannonball, a lazy river, a wave pool, and more make Splash Kingdom Waterpark a favorite summer destination for residents and tourists alike.

 You’ll have a blast sliding down the slides at this waterpark.

 If you are looking for an exciting experience, you should absolutely ride the Bonzai and take the steep drop into the water that is 9 feet deep.

 Splash Kingdom Waterpark has a full schedule of upcoming activities, so be sure to check it out!

 To satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you coming back for more, Mini Melts is the place to go after a day of swimming. Serving ice-cold beverages and treats like cotton candy and popcorn.

 You may have a birthday celebration for your children if they want anything special.

 Shreveport is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a good time.

Address: 7670 W 70th St, Shreveport, LA 71129, United States

Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park

Walter B Jacob's Memorial Nature Park, Shreveport, Louisiana
Walter B Jacobs Memorial Nature Park is one of the best places to go in Shreveport, Louisiana

This nature park is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park preserves a pine-oak-hickory forest for educational and recreational purposes to enable the residents of Northwest Louisiana to better understand and appreciate their relationship with the natural world.

Residents and visitors may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park, which covers an area of 160 acres.

The park’s staff can put together educational programs for people of any age.

Hiking and picnics are among the activities that you may enjoy.

You can hike in this natural area, so make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring the right gear.

However, don’t forget to bring your insect repellent!

A picnic basket and lunch may be enjoyed in the park under the shade of the pavilion.

Address: 8012 Par Rd 4, Shreveport, LA 71107, United States

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Would you be interested in helping at an animal shelter? This is one of the most meaningful things to do. The purpose of animal shelters is to provide temporary care and refuge for abandoned or unwanted animals.

People can positively affect their communities and the treatment of animals when they volunteer their time to aid animals. It allows them to see the great impact they can have on the people in their neighborhood and the animals in need of help.

Volunteer opportunities include: dog walking at shelters, fostering cats for rescue groups, office work for a good cause, fundraising and event planning for local animal charities, and participating in community events to raise awareness about animal care.

One of the most meaningful things is volunteering at an animal shelter locally and giving back to the community. Check out the list of animal shelters in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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