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With the help of our travel guides, organizing a trip to Door County, Wisconsin is a breeze. Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in Door County, Wisconsin, so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in Door County, Wisconsin, and the best places to visit in Door County, Wisconsin. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Door County is the perfect place to escape the monotony of everyday life and rejuvenate your spirit.

Green Bay and Lake Michigan are just a short drive away from Door County, Wisconsin’s doorstep.

With a wide variety of marine and land-based activities, the county has a lot to offer its residents. Some of the most popular attractions are the lighthouses and intriguing islands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting with friends, family, or a significant other; this county, set on the beaches of Lake Michigan, has an unlimited assortment of exciting and soothing leisure options.

Aside from scenic state parks, attractive wineries, stunning beaches, charming farms, great museums, grand theaters, and fascinating art galleries, there are countless other places to explore during your vacation.

Even while Door County is known for its stunning natural beauty, there is so much more to the area.

Culture, art, fine food, historic landmarks, and all await you throughout your stay.

For its famous fish boils, cherry orchards, dairy farms, and seaside communities, Door County is a popular tourist destination.

Keep reading if any of these destinations sound appealing to you.

Bella Sailing Cruises

Bella Sailing Cruises is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

Door County is best explored by boat, whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just learning to sail for the first time.

The 26-foot monohull sailboat Scuppers welcomes passengers of all ages. It is meticulously maintained.

Before setting sail from Eagle Harbor in charming old downtown Ephraim, visitors will board the Scuppers and see the water in all its glory.

From there, you’ll go via Peninsula State Park, Nicolet Bay, the Niagara Escarpment, and Horseshoe Island.

Pelicans, seagulls, and loons are just some of the aquatic birds you’ll likely see while you explore these beautiful locations.

Additionally, you may hear the church bells of the ancient Moravian Church, see the vintage clapboard buildings of Ephraim, and so much more.

Begin your day on the water is a great way to start your day. Another bonus of sailing early in the morning is that the winds tend to be calmer than they are later in the day.

Bella Sailing Cruises offers daily departures throughout the day, so you can schedule a cruise at any moment.

Address: 9993 N Water St, Ephraim, WI 54211, United States

Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park
Cave Point County Park, Door County, Wisconsin / Richie Diesterheft / Flickr

Did you know that there is one park in Door County that’s off the beaten path but offers stunning views?

Sure, there are plenty of hidden gems in Wisconsin, but finding a park that is almost totally isolated is a challenge. That’s a completely different story! 

Located between Sturgeon Bay and Jacksonport in Door County, Cave Point County Park is a must-see stop for nature lovers.

There are plenty of family-friendly activities in and around this picturesque location, whether you go with a tour guide or not.

Some of the activities that visitors can enjoy are swimming, diving, hiking, photography, and more at the park, which is popular with both locals and tourists.

Not into adventures? Just simply watching the waves crash at Cave Point can offer you a fascinating view. 

It’s hard to go to Door County without visiting this County park, which features secluded coves and caves, clear water, and spectacular views of Lake Michigan.

However, people tend to overlook Door County’s newest park because it isn’t one of the five gems.

You should go on your Door County vacation and check it out if you haven’t already. See for yourself!

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Cana Island Lighthouse

Cana Island Lighthouse
Cana Island Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin / Bryan Vincent / Flickr

The Cana Island Lighthouse is one of the top attractions in Wisconsin.

Lighthouses are a common sight in Wisconsin. On the other hand, the Cana Island Lighthouse stands out from the rest. There are multiple lighthouses in Door County, but the Cana Island beacon remains the most photographed. 

Visitors to the Cana Island Lighthouse can take tours, which sets it apart from many of the state’s other lighthouses. What do you think?

Door County, Wisconsin, has the nation’s highest number of lighthouses per square mile, with 300 miles of coastline and 11 lighthouses to its credit.

According to Google Maps, the Cana Island Lighthouse is the most photographed of the 11 lighthouses that dot the county.

Additionally, it’s been named one of the top six Door County lighthouses you must see.

The lighthouse, which was built in 1869, is both historic and beautiful. It is now a part of the Door County Maritime Museum and is open to the public for visitors to view.

The 97-step spiral staircase leading to the gallery deck of the lighthouse can be climbed as part of the tour.

The view of Lake Michigan from the gallery deck is well worth the effort it takes to get there.

What about now? Are you ready to organize a trip to one of Wisconsin’s best-known points of interest?

Address: 8800 E Cana Island Rd, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202, USA

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Choice Orchards

Choice Orchards is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

There is no better way to spend time with friends and family than at this well-known tourist destination.

Visit Choice Orchards in Door County, Wisconsin, if you’re looking for something to do.

Revered by residents and travelers alike, Choice Orchards is a premiere cherry orchard where you may shop and harvest your very own cherries.

Choice Orchards, for example, supplies sweet and tart cherries, both of which are delectable on their own and ideal for a wide range of sweet recipes.

You may buy fresh cherries, frozen cherries, dried cherries, and gift baskets at Choice Orchards. They also sell frozen cherries, dried cherries, and gift baskets.

If you prefer to select your own cherries, which may be done every year in mid-July, you’re welcome.

Moreover, you can select McIntosh, Cortland, and Honeycrisp apples in the late summer and early fall.

Consider visiting the orchards’ website for a variety of delicious cherry dishes.

Visit Choice Orchards the next time you’re in Door County for a great day activity.

Address: 4594 Co Rd HH, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, United States

Door County Creamery

Door County Creamery is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

The Door County Creamery is one of the best things to do in Wisconsin.

Getting fresh dairy goodies is always an excellent idea, no matter the season. There’s no doubt that Door County Creamery is the best place in Wisconsin to have a scoop of this goodness.

Since 2013, this quaint cafe has been dishing up a variety of dairy treats.

With its family-owned and operated business comes the opportunity to visit the farm, learn about the day-to-day activities, and meet some of the lovely fluffy dairy goats who call the farm home.

A sampling of handcrafted cheeses and gelato awaits you on your tour.

This is the best it gets!

A light snack and some souvenir buying are available after the trip, but the tour adds a unique dimension to your experience at the Door County Creamery.

After the informative and entertaining farm tour, stop for a quick bite and some shopping.

The farm-raised, homemade cheeses, soaps, gelato, and even exquisite catering platters are all available for purchase.

Additionally, you’ll find a variety of t-shirts, trucker hats, and tote bags for sale at the creamery.

If you’re a sucker for dairy products that aren’t found anywhere else, then here is your place. Grab a spoon and visit them!

Address: 10653 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234, United States

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Door County Adventure Rafting 

Door County Adventure Rafting 
Door County Adventure Rafting, Door County, Wisconsin / Deb Nystrom / Flickr

Wisconsin has so much to offer that it can be difficult to fit it all in. In Door County, though, a rafting excursion is the ideal half or full-day diversion. Get out there and experience the real rafting wilderness for yourself!

Door County Adventure Rafting will take you to some spectacular locations.

They specialize in small group trips around the shores of Lake Michigan and Green Bay, two of Wisconsin’s most famous waterways.

A rafting excursion in Door County, Wisconsin, lets you see awe-inspiring sights such as shipwrecks, lighthouses, islands, caves, and cliffs.

An adrenaline-pumping, quick-speed rafting excursion will take you from Fish Creek through Ephraim to Peninsula State Park, Bailey’s Harbor to cana island Plum Island, and Pilot Island.

While the rigid inflatable tour boats are renowned for their safety, you won’t feel it as you zoom over wakes and slam into the waves.

When viewed from the sea, Wisconsin takes on a completely different appearance.

A Door County Adventure Rafting tour is a great option if you’re searching for a combination of adventure and sightseeing.

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Door County Trolley

Door County Trolley
Door County Trolley, Door County, Wisconsin / Richie Diesterheft / Flickr

If you’re on to your next adventure to see the area, then Door County Trolley excursions are just what they sound like.

The trolleys have been a popular tourist attraction in Wisconsin since 2000, when they were first kept at a local winery.

However, in 2015, a new 2,500-square-foot trolley station was built for the trolley fleet.

You can purchase tickets for scenic or wine excursions at a trolley station just outside of Egg Harbor.

However, there are a total of 16 tour options to pick from.

In addition, there are family excursions, adult drinking tours, nighttime tours, and more to choose from.

After you tour the county, don’t forget to stop by the on-site retail shop to stock up on unique trolley souvenirs.

Before and after your trip, you may also relax at the trolley station with a drink from the full bar.

For visitors to Wisconsin, Door County Trolley is a wonderful opportunity to see the legendary county in a new and exciting way.

Address: 8030 WI-42, Egg Harbor, WI 54209, United States

Door County Maritime Museum

Door County Maritime Museum
Door County Maritime Museum, Door County, Wisconsin / BobbbyLight / Flickr

Looking to learn more about the Wisconsin coast’s hidden history? Then be sure to visit this fascinating maritime museum in Door County.

Wisconsin’s Door County Maritime Museum preserves the maritime heritage of the Great Lakes.

The museum’s major concentration is on Door County but also offers educational and interpretive programming on a variety of marine issues.

The museum’s focus is on the area’s rich maritime heritage.

Pictures and stories of fishermen, captains, and previous lighthouse keepers fill the museum’s galleries as well.

Additional special events, such as shipyard tours and seasonal festivals, are offered by the museum.

Make sure to visit the museum’s gift store at the end of your visit for gifts, museum attire, and nautical remembrances.

This museum is one of the top locations to visit in Door County, Wisconsin, so be sure to stop by!

Address: 120 N Madison Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, United States

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Door County, Wisconsin / Richie Diesterheft / Flickr

We all have a comfort zone and a list of go-to spots for when we want to stretch our legs or take a break from our regular routine. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is a great site to visit if you’re looking for fresh and fascinating places to see and activities to do in Wisconsin.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, located in Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin, is one of the top sights to view while visiting the state.

Cream City brick was used in its construction in 1868.

This historical site is positioned 76 feet above Green Bay’s shimmering tides.

From 1868 through 1926, the lighthouse was continuously manned. A lamp was maintained as a beacon for seafarers on dark and stormy nights.

Visitors can now take part in guided tours led by professional tour guides who retell the experiences of former lighthouse keepers.

The lighthouse is a historic landmark and one of many amazing sites to visit in Wisconsin, with original furnishings and period antiques.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse essentially chronicles the tale of Door County’s maritime history and the lighthouse keepers and their families.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is an enjoyable sight to see for visitors of all ages and is open daily for a little admission cost.

Address: 10249 Shore Rd, Fish Creek, WI 54212, United States

Farm at Sturgeon Bay

Farm at Sturgeon Bay is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

The Farm at Sturgeon Bay, a living museum in rural Door County, was established in 1965.

If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your family, the farm is a great place to start.

Tourists are welcome to interact with live farm animals.

Bottle-feeding lovely baby goats, lambs, and piglets is also an option at the Farm at Sturgeon Bay.

A goat can be milked, and a chick can be watched as it hatches.

The Farm at Sturgeon Bay is one of the best stops in Door County for a glimpse into rural life.

In addition to interacting with all of the farm animals, you may also build log structures, use farm tools, and engage in working the gardens and harvesting crops in the farmyard.

You’re also welcome to explore the several hiking paths that surround the farm.

At The Agricultural at Sturgeon Bay, you can immerse yourself in rural farm life as a form of entertainment.

The Farm at Sturgeon Bay’s gift shop is a nice place to end your stay.

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Horseshoe Bay Cave

Horseshoe Bay Cave
Horseshoe Bay Cave, Door County, Wisconsin / Jim Bauer / Flickr

You may find cherry and apple orchards, hills, small villages, and beautiful beach views in Door County. Almost no one notices an amazing natural feature hidden beneath this gorgeous landscape.

Did you know that a lush and lovely cave has an underground river running through it? Door County’s Horseshoe Bay Cave can be found here.

Just south of Egg Harbor, the town of Egg Harbor is a deep, dark cavern. In 1937, the Murphys gave 11 acres to the county, which was used to build the first park.

There are just around a half-dozen half-mile-long cave systems in Wisconsin. Al Capone and Chief Tecumseh are reported to have used it as a hideaway.

Not exactly a dry cavern. The cave has sections that resemble underground rivers. People who dare to venture into this cave are likely to get filthy and damp.

Curious to see what beauty lies beneath this cave? Plan your visit now!

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Johnson’s Park 

Johnson’s Park is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

Wasn’t Amusement Park the best place to spend a day with the family in Wisconsin?

Johnson’s park, a tiny amusement park in Door County, Wisconsin, has a wide range of fun things to do.

Visitors of all ages should pay a visit to Johnson’s Park in Door County.

Start your day by visiting Johnson’s Park in Door County, a hidden gem.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the whole family, look no further than the 18-hole putt-putt course.

Thrill-seekers of any age can take advantage of the go-kart and miniature tracks at Johnson’s Park.

Batting cages are also available at Johnson’s Park, where you can show off your skills to the bunch of sports fanatics in your life.

Finally, the park has an arcade where guests of all ages can spend their time playing games of their choice.

Johnsons’ park is one of the most popular amusement parks in the county.

Address: 10611 N Highland Rd, Sister Bay, WI 54234, United States

Northern Sky Theatre

Northern Sky Theatre is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

The epidemic may have put an end to traditional movie theaters. But you don’t have to give up the complete moviegoing experience. There is a great loophole in social distancing guidelines when it comes to drive-in theaters. Fortunately, there’s one in Door County!

This Door County professional theatre produces plays and musicals that strive to broaden the public’s knowledge of American history and culture.

You can count on Northern Sky Theatre to put on a great show because they are consummate professionals who highly emphasize artistic quality.

With shows for all ages, the theatre invites families together to discover the history of the United States.

The theatre, which was founded by a University of Wisconsin professor in the summer of 1970, has been running ever since.

For more than just the enlightening material, the theater’s location in the forests of Peninsula State Park makes it a magical place to visit.

An opening in the woods is what this theater looks like, lined with pine trees.

It was only in 2020 that a new indoor theater was built adjacent to the outdoor amphitheater.

Together, the two theaters in Wisconsin’s Badger State draw large people from near and far; you should definitely pay them a visit on your next vacation.

Address: 10351 Bella Vista Ln, Ephraim, WI 54211, United States

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park
Peninsula State Park, Door County, Wisconsin / TravelingOtter / Flickr

This roughly 4,000-acre park serves as a magnificent background for a variety of outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for something to do in Door County, look no further.

With its eight miles of Green Bay shoreline, Peninsula State Park attracts almost a million tourists each year.

It is Wisconsin’s “most comprehensive park” and a beautiful area to camp for families and friends.

You can enjoy the kind of camping that speaks to your sensibilities with 460 campsites, some for tents and others for RVs, some with electric connections and some without.

Peninsula State Park offers a variety of fascinating activities in addition to camping.

A golf course, an outdoor theatre, a lighthouse, picnic sites, a nature center, and concessions are all located inside the park.

Hike, swim, watch nature, fish, boat, bike, hunt, and more are all available to guests.

Peninsula State Park is a popular tourist destination since it offers so much to do in one location.

Address: 9462 Shore Rd, Fish Creek, WI 54212, United States

Renard’s Cheese Shop

Renard’s Cheese Shop is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

Given how well-known Wisconsin cheese is, it’d be a shame if this list didn’t include something related to cheese.

It’s a Door County tradition, Renard’s Cheese Shop, which sells artisanal cheeses and is run by a family of four.

Founded in 1961, Renard’s Cheese Shop has been maintained by Chris Renard, a master cheesemaker, since 2014, when he started making cheese in the way of his grandpa.

You may be sure that the cheeses you just tasted and bought from this business are of the highest quality and handcrafted.

Aside from its wide selection of cheese kinds, Renard’s Cheese Shop is known for its wide variety of flavor-infused specialty cheeses such as Cheddars and Colbys as well as Brick, Marble, Mozzarella String, Smoked Strings, and Monterey Jack.

You can not only browse their fantastic cheese options, but you can also take part in educational and entertaining factory-guided tours and private tastings.

After your tour, don’t forget to browse the gift store or stop by the deli for a bite to eat.

Address: 2189 County Rd DK, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, United States

Ridges Sanctuary

Ridges Sanctuary
Ridges Sanctuary, Door County, Wisconsin / Amy Bayer / Flickr

The Ridges Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Wisconsin.

If you want to get away from everyday life and enjoy the full serenity of nature, you won’t have to travel far. In fact, you can find it right here at Door County.

Ridges Sanctuary, one of the most beautiful sites in the United States, is only one of Door County’s many stunning attractions.

Located in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, this 1,600-acre natural park has been designated a National Natural Landmark.

Ridges Sanctuary, which was established in 1937, has been designated an Important Bird Area and a Wisconsin State Natural Area, among other distinctions.

These prestigious accolades serve as further proof of the property’s splendor and should persuade you to pay a visit while you’re in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s most ecologically varied ecosystem, this sanctuary serves as a stunning setting for a variety of outdoor leisure activities.

In addition, it is also awe-inspiring due to the obvious 30 hills and waterways created by the natural flow of Lake Michigan.

These include a beachfront observatory and vintage range lights as well as frequent educational events.

Ridges Sanctuary attracts visitors and locals alike every year because of its abundance of activities and stunning scenery. 

Plan your visit and be one of the people who are amazed by this stunning location!

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Rock Island

Rock Island
Rock Island, Door County, Wisconsin / Joshua Mayer / Flickr

There’s no ignoring the fact that cars play an important role in our daily lives. Rarely do we come upon a location devoid of any automobiles.

Time seems to have stood still on an idyllic island just off the coast of Door County… Moreover, no automobiles can be seen in the area.

To get to Rock Island, you have to take a ferry from Washington Island.

Rock Island’s 912-acre coastlines can be reached after a short yet beautiful ride.

The people of this tiny island have a long and interesting history.

Before European explorers came, it had been inhabited for thousands of years by Native Americans. The first permanent settlement of European settlers on the Door Peninsula was established here.

Later, the inhabitants moved to Washington Island, a short distance away, and this solitary outpost stood uninhabited for many years.

That doesn’t mean that modern humans haven’t had a hand in Rock Island.

Don’t worry if you can’t tolerate the idea of returning to civilization straight away. Camping is permitted.

The island is a complete escape from civilization aside from a few structures and the ferry pier.

Rock Island, Wisconsin, maybe the quietest place in the state because of its lack of traffic, settlements, and permanent population.

You may easily walk the entire island, savoring the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature as you go.

Address: Door County, Wisconsin, United States

Shipwrecked Brew Pub

Shipwrecked Brew Pub is one of the best places to go in Door County, Wisconsin.

In the Wisconsin town of Egg Harbor, a former 19th-century inn has been converted into a trendy brewery.

Shipwrecked Brew Pub is one of the best locations to visit in the area because of its old-world charm and delicious beer and food options.

The Brewery, which was started in 1997 by its original owners, has a variety of all-year and special beers on tap.

Shipwrecked Brew Pub is located on lovely waterfront property.

It features both an outdoor patio and a dining area with a stunning view of the harbor.

They have a wide variety of options for lunch, supper, appetizers, and desserts.

A terrific kids’ menu is also available at this family-oriented restaurant.

Shipwrecked Brewery’s food and beer are sure to please, whether you choose to dine in or take out.

Be sure to include this as a stop on your itinerary if you’re planning a trip this weekend or any day of the week.

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Address: 7791 WI-42, Egg Harbor, WI 54209, United States


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