Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina

Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina

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Embrace Your Soul’s Purpose: Volunteer at Charleston’s Animal Shelters

Welcome to a heartwarming journey filled with love, compassion, and the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of our furry friends.

Charleston, South Carolina, with its captivating blend of southern charm and vibrant energy, offers a haven for animal enthusiasts seeking a fulfilling experience.

Explore our web page, “Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina,” and discover how volunteering at these shelters can not only bring joy to the lives of the animals but also nurture your soul.

When we extend our love and care to animals in need, something truly magical happens within our souls. By becoming a volunteer at Charleston’s animal shelters, you embark on a transformative spiritual journey.

The unconditional love and unwavering gratitude shared by these innocent creatures awaken the dormant compassion within us. Nurturing their vulnerable lives provides an opportunity to cultivate empathy, patience, and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings.

Engaging in selfless service ignites a powerful sense of purpose, allowing us to experience profound joy, gratitude, and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

Key Takeaways – Benefits of Volunteering at Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina:

  1. Unconditional Love: Embrace the opportunity to become an essential part of an animal’s journey, offering them unconditional love and care that will forever change their lives.
  2. Lifelong Connections: Forge meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers who share the same passion, building a support system that will enrich your life both inside and outside the shelter.
  3. Personal Growth: Volunteering allows for self-reflection, personal growth, and the development of valuable skills such as empathy, patience, and resilience – qualities that extend far beyond the shelter walls.

Pet Helpers Adoption Center and Spay/Neuter Clinic

At Pet Helpers, volunteering is fun and gratifying! Visit Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

As a volunteer, you help Pet Helpers succeed by facilitating adoptions, fundraising efforts, and increasing public knowledge of Pet Helpers. 

Its ultimate objective is for you to fully acclimate to Pet Helpers’ services and activities and join the family!

Pet Helpers’ successful operation depends on the dedication and zeal of its extraordinarily gifted volunteers. Volunteers support many of the duties performed by the Pet Helpers personnel. 

These duties range widely and include kennel cleaning, cat socializing, dog enrichment and walking, laundry, office work, adoption counselling, event support, and more.

They will introduce the shelter, provide a tour, and provide details about their various programs and forthcoming activities. They will try to connect you with this position if one is available in your field of interest!

Address: 1447 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412, United States

Telephone number:+1 843-795-1110


Facebook page: 

Eunoia Rescue

Eunoia is defined as “beautiful thinking,” They believe that by finding these creatures safe, loving, and forever homes, they may make their wonderful ideas a reality. Visit Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Eunoia Rescue is constantly trying to grow its staff. Do you want to foster? Call them now! Maybe you have a flexible schedule because you work from home. Take the dogs to their doctor’s visits! 

Want to participate but are unable to due to your personal situation? For Pampered Pup Day, watch over a dog! They are always searching for more help because it takes a community to execute a rescue operation! 

Please complete the contact form and select an option from the drop-down menus on their website to learn more about how you may become involved if you are interested.

Address: SC, United States

Email: [email protected] 


Facebook page: 

Volunteer | Foster | Adopt - Help Animal Shelters
Volunteer | Foster | Adopt – Help Animal Shelters

​Charleston Animal Society

Saving every healthy animal that can be treated is the goal of CAS. This vision calls for the respect and kindness of all people and animals. Furthermore, it imagines a world without cruelty. 

At Charleston Animal Society, your donations enable them to perform their life-saving work. Thousand of animals in need are helped annually by the Charleston Animal Society. 

Every animal in their care receives love, care, food, and medical attention thanks to volunteers. 

A volunteer orientation can be attended before scheduling and completing role-specific training for several volunteer positions.

Have the desire to foster? For further details, please visit their Foster page. Visit Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Address: 2455 Remount Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406, United States

Telephone number:+1 843-747-4849


Facebook page: 

Almost Home Feline Refuge, LLC

As a service to the community, the non-profit organization Almost Home Feline Refuge’s goal is to rescue and shelter feral, stray, and abandoned cats in the county of Charleston, South Carolina. 

The truth is that feeding and caring for each cat costs hundreds of dollars annually. 

They are appealing for people to “Sponsor” these lovely creatures by making donations in their honour to help defray these costs. All donations will be used entirely towards their upkeep. They will send you images and news on the cat of your choosing.

At Almost Home Feline Refuge, they appreciate everything you have done to improve the cats’ lives.

Help save lives today!

Address: Charleston, SC, United States

Email:[email protected] 


Facebook page:https: 

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary

The chance to show each of our animals the unique love, care, and attention they require will be available to Hallie Hill Volunteers.

The sanctuary is maintained directly by volunteers. The volunteers handle various tasks, including brushing and bathing animals, picking up used toys, and washing water bowls. 

Additionally, they assist by sweeping the porches of the doghouses, cleaning the barn, and shovelling soil over the holes left by their furry friends.

There is an endless range of volunteer duties, and they guarantee each participant will have a rewarding experience. 

They are incredibly grateful to the volunteers. The animals at Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary animals are never reluctant to express their affection, either!

Address: 5604 New Rd, Hollywood, SC 29449, United States

Telephone number:+1 843-889-3713


Facebook page: 

Carolina Coonhound Rescue

A little 501c3 non-profit organization called Carolina Coonhound Rescue was founded in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2010. Its mission is to save as many abused and neglected hounds as possible. 

Until their forever families adopt them, they give these dogs medical attention, training, compassion, and love.

As an all-volunteer organization, they rely on donations and foster families to support their work. 

Every year, they work hard to save more dogs while maintaining the moral character of the organization. 

They wish to impart knowledge to people who have never experienced hound affection and whimsy, which makes them their favourite breed.

Holding onto a dog’s leash while standing near their adoption booth helps them more than you can possibly realize! Visit Animal Shelters in Charleston, South Carolina. Find out ways to contribute to the cause.

Address: 1286-1203 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

Email: [email protected] 


Feral Cat Helpers

Located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, they are a non-profit cat rescue group. 

They offer daily feedings to numerous cat colonies and outdoor shelters to keep the cats in the Mt. Pleasant region out of the elements. By controlling these cat colonies, the neighbourhood cats have healthier and longer lives.

Its ultimate objective is to establish a CAT SANCTUARY so that the neighbourhood’s wild and abandoned cats have a secure environment to reside and receive care.

A donation of land or the use of land in the East Cooper region is required by FCH to make this happen.

Click on the categories on their website to learn how you can contribute: Volunteer, Adopt, and Donate!

Address: 1113 Market Center Blvd Unit D, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, United States

Telephone number:+1 843-388-3044


Facebook page: 

Dorchester Paws

Dorchester Paws takes in thousands of abandoned, mistreated, and homeless animals annually. Every animal that enters its gates is given the respect they are due, the care they need, and all the love it can muster.

However, without the assistance of the volunteers and locals, its mission would be impossible. 

You get to rescue animals’ lives every day when you choose to become a foster hero. 

Heroes give the animals the love and attention they require and free up room at the shelter so they can take in additional animals. 

They are constantly in need of fresh foster heroes! Join them today!

Address: 136 4 Paws Ln, Summerville, SC 29483, United States

Telephone number:+1 843-871-3820


Facebook page: 

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