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Great Falls, Montana, is an amazing travel destination. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Great Falls, Montana and the best places to visit in Great Falls, Montana, below. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Black Eagle Falls

Black Eagle Falls Great Falls, Montana
Black Eagle Falls Great Falls, Montana / amanderson2 / Flickr

From the name itself, eagles are everywhere!

It was named after the Black Eagle Falls on the Missouri River, which were named after the large number of eagles that Lewis and Clark observed in the surrounding area. 

The Roe River considered the smallest in the world, can be found at Giant Springs State Park, which is located close to Black Eagle. 

It was at Black Eagle Falls that the very first dam in the region was constructed. 

A picturesque, modest waterfall may be seen in front of Black Eagle Dam. The water cascades down several huge boulders.

Two miles away in Great Falls, there is much more to do in this suburban neighborhood with various attractions.

There are a number of museums in the neighborhood that are both instructive and enjoyable. Bring your loved ones, and make it a day to remember by expanding your knowledge! 

Consider spending some time in Black Eagle to take advantage of all the interesting things to see and experience.

Address: 336 Rainbow Dam Road, Great Falls, Montana, 59404

Children’s Museum of Montana

Children's Museum of Montana, Great Falls, Montana
Children’s Museum of Montana is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

It’s time to have some fun with the kids! The Children’s Museum of Montana is the perfect place to spend a day with your kids!

Kids of all ages have found a home at the Children’s Museum of Montana, which opened in Great Falls more than two decades ago and continues to serve the community to this day.

Everyone who walks through their doors has a chance to grow their own love of learning.

Using an actual play paradigm, each one of their displays gives a chance for imaginative play and intellectual development.

The Montana Habitat is a great spot for kids to discover creatures and their environment in great detail.

Children will have a ball exploring the Safari Habitat’s collection of exotic animals and the natural habitats in which they live.

Let your kids spend as much time as they want in the museum so they can take advantage of the many activities that are still available.

Therefore, come join them at the Children’s Museum of Montana, where having fun and gaining knowledge go together!

Address: 22 Railroad Square, Great Falls, MT 59401, US

C.M. Russell Museum

C.M. Russell Museum Great Falls, Montana
C.M. Russell Museum Great Falls, Montana / Roger W / Flickr

Great Falls, Montana’s heritage, may be explored in depth at this location.

In honor of the renowned Charles Marion Russell, an American Old West artist, the museum is known as the C.M. Russell Museum. It houses a vast collection of paintings that could fill a large building.

Charles Marion Russell is considered one of the most important American painters.

He did an excellent job of capturing the spirit and aesthetic of the American West even as it was changing in front of his eyes. 

He experienced the life he depicted in his paintings, providing a beautiful, complete history of Western civilizations, sceneries, and creatures. 

The museum has a large collection of Russell’s art and other things throughout his career.

More than 2,000 Russell artworks and relics are publicly displayed at the museum.

In addition, you’ll find the remarkable Browning gun collection and works by Western painters like O.C. Seltzer and Gary Schildt.

The organization has done an outstanding job of conserving his artistic works as well as his house in its entirety.

Address: 400 13th St N, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

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Escape The Falls

Escape The Falls, Great Falls, Montana
Escape The Falls is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

Visit Escape the Falls and take on the task of finding out exactly what fun is!

In Great Falls, Montana, you may play a better version of the adventure game Escape the Falls. 

It’s a thrilling competition against the clock that will get your pulse racing!

Find a method out of a room that is locked only within an allotted amount of time; this is the objective of the gameplay.

With your pals or squad, you’ll explore one of these themed playrooms, in which you have 60 minutes to unravel the mystery and get out.

For you to escape, it will be necessary for you to search for clues, figure out riddles, break codes, and explore all of it!

In this game, you and your colleagues must work together to solve puzzles and escape from the falls.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is—a weekend together with the squad, a birthday party—escape rooms are the ideal choice.

Fun times and new experiences are guaranteed! It’s impossible to miss this opportunity!

Address: 511 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

Giant Springs State Park

Giant Springs State Park Great Falls, Montana
Giant Springs State Park Great Falls, Montana / david / Flickr

The Giant Springs State Park is one of the best places to visit in Montana.

At Giant Springs State Park, there is something fun for everyone to enjoy. Come check it out!

In 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition discovered one of the region’s most important aquifers.

You’ll understand why so many people flock to this state park after spending some time there; the park receives more than 300,000 visitors yearly. 

When it’s freezing outside, water vapor from melting snow soaks the park’s treetops and creates stunning displays of snow-covered trees that sparkle in the sunshine.

The park’s many miles of single-lane trails and paved paths make it a great place for bikers, hikers, and bird watchers.

The park has everything whether you’re looking for a peaceful picnic under the trees, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, or bird-watching.

Take the group to Giant Springs State Park to take advantage of the various options for outdoor activity and the park’s one-of-a-kind geological attractions.

Address: 4803 Giant Springs Rd, Great Falls, MT 59405, US

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Gibson Park

Gibson Park, Great Falls, Montana
Gibson Park is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

Take images in Gibson Park that are worthy of being posted on Instagram, otherwise, the trip won’t count.

Gibson Park is frequently referred to as the “crown jewel” of Great Falls’ open recreation area by the residents of the city.

Compared to the other parks in the system, Gibson Park provides visitors with the most options for recreation and relaxation.

Everyone may find something they want to do at Gibson Park, whether attending a particular event or simply spending the day there.

With a stunning riverbank site, Gibson Park wows tourists with its wonderfully kept floral beds, amazing sculptures, and colored glass art exhibition.

All species may be seen at the park’s watering hole, making it an ideal location for a family outing.

For those searching for a romantic stroll, there are a number of beautiful flower beds to be seen in the area.

In addition to parks and a play area, Gibson Park provides children a safe and pleasant environment.

Skating on a pond in the winter may be an option for visitors to the park in Gibson.

You and your loved ones will have a blast at this location!

Address: River, s Edge Trail, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

Holiday Village Mall

Holiday Village Mall, Great Falls, Montana
Holiday Village Mall is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

A trip to Montana would not be complete without some retail therapy.

It’s rare to find a shopping center in Great Falls, so take advantage of this.

The Holiday Village Mall is a shopping mall that first opened its doors in 1959. 

It is a two-story building with more than 60 shops and a few large anchor stores.

If you want to do some retail therapy, the mall is a great place to go because many stores have frequent sales that you can check online before you go.

During the hours when the mall is accessible to the public, wireless Internet access is provided free of charge throughout the shopping center, and wheelchairs can be borrowed if necessary. 

Undoubtedly, your visit will be easy, delightful, and unforgettable if you take advantage of the various facilities and services available at Holiday Village Mall. 

This is because the mall is a wonderful destination to spend and come and play. 

Also available are short dinners in the food court if you become hungry from all the strolling.

Address: 1200 10th Ave S, Great Falls, MT 59405, US

Holy Spirit Catholic Parish

Holy Spirit Catholic Parish, Great Falls, Montana
Holy Spirit Catholic Parish is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

Visits to this parish are guaranteed to brighten the days of locals and visitors, regardless of their religious beliefs.

There are many beautiful churches in Great Falls, Montana. Still, the Holy Spirit Catholic Parish is one of the most friendly places for visitors and people who have just moved there.

The stunning inside and exterior architecture of the modern church building known as Holy Spirit causes visitors to question what the building’s designer and creator were planning when they created it.

On Sunday mornings, coffee is always offered following the morning mass, which is held every day of the week. 

Before each mass, the priest is always present to hear confessions, and attendees are invited to strike up casual conversations with one another.

The Pastoral Council has made it one of its main goals to bring the local church and school closer to each other both spiritually and physically. 

A site like this should surely be on your list of places to visit.

Address: 201 44th St S, Great Falls, MT 59405, US

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Great Falls, Montana
Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is one of the best things to do in Montana.

Take a trip to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and learn about the city’s history.

The displays and interpretive activities at the center embody the tenacious spirit of discovery. 

The center is built into a picturesque cliff that provides outstanding vistas of the Missouri River.

You may begin your indoor voyage by seeing one of the child-friendly videos in the theater that has 158 seats and is functional for those using wheelchairs. Open captioning is also available.

The USDA Forest Service has maintained the center since 1998 and offers a variety of educational programs and displays.

Experience the strain of rowing a boat against the peaks and troughs of the river!

Your experience will be greatly enhanced by listening to one of the various language versions of the thirty-minute audio tour. 

The Interpretive Center is the best place to learn about the region’s importance in the Lewis and Clark story. It also has a Junior Explorer program and a Lewis’ Lookout scavenger hunt for visitors.

Spend some time in the presence of nature with a guide or hike the trails.

Address: 4201 Giant Springs Rd, Great Falls, MT 59405, United States

Montana Veterans Memorial

Montana Veterans Memorial, Great Falls, Montana
Montana Veterans Memorial is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

When traveling to Great Falls, Montana, you should not forget to include a stop at the Montana Veterans Memorial on your schedule.

Great Falls’ northern end is home to the magnificent Montana Veterans Memorial, a fitting tribute to those who have fought for their nation in the military forces.

More than 7,400 stones have been dedicated to Montana’s war heroes, alive and dead, at the Montana Veterans Memorial, which debuted in 2006. 

In a community with a strong history of military service, it is a stunning manicured landmark and Montana’s biggest veterans’ monument.

It has become an annual tradition to commemorate over a thousand military personnel.

In one of its most memorable events, the Blackfeet warriors were honored by the placement of 200 tiles on the monument in 2016.

After a long day seeing Great Falls, visiting the monument is the perfect way to wind down.

Address: 1025 25th St N, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, Montana
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

This museum in Paris Gibson Square has some of the world’s greatest works of art, making it a wonderful destination to take a trip back in time.

The gallery has the largest collection of nearly 800 works of art, including works of modern art from the American Indian and Northwest regional artwork. 

The stunning sandstone building was demolished after serving as an elementary school from 1896 to 1975.

The building was fixed up and reopened in 1977 as one of the best places to see modern art in the world.

Art programs and seminars for all ability levels are offered every quarter by Square’s education section.

As part of the growing love for the Arts project, children of all ages, as well as seniors and young people of all ages, will have the opportunity to participate in leisure activities and free art classes.

Whether you’re looking for food-safe pottery, canvas pictures, or handcrafted clothing, they have everything.

Also, their beautifully designed gardens and sculpture park are great places to take a break and enjoy the sights.

If you are interested in art, you should visit this museum.

Address: 1400 1st Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401, US

River’s Edge Trail

River's Edge Trail, Great Falls, Montana
River’s Edge Trail is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

Get in touch with nature by pedaling along the River’s Edge Trail.

With the River’s Edge Trail’s wide variety of activities, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your lifestyle.

The River’s Edge Trail Foundation aims to create and maintain paths that allow people to take advantage of Great Falls’ many outdoor attractions while enhancing the city’s general well-being.

The River’s Edge Trail connects the residents and tourists of Great Falls to the outdoors and the natural splendor surrounding them.

More than 60 miles of paths, some of which are paved, may be found along the River’s Edge Trail, which runs along the huge Missouri River.

When you look through the telescope that is installed close to the Warden Park Gazebo, you’ll be able to see the city and the mountains that encircle it.

The best way to take in the scenery of the five waterfalls along the Missouri River is to take a walk along the River’s Edge Trail.

Address: Great Falls, Montana, USA

Roadhouse Diner

Roadhouse Diner, Great Falls, Montana
Roadhouse Diner is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

The greatest hamburger in town? Have you been craving it? Your beloved Roadhouse Diner is here to save the day.

The Roadhouse Diner is home to some of the most delicious burgers in the area.

The Roadhouse Diner was launched by Tara and Jason Beam on June 1, 2015, and they continue to run it to this day.

To give back to the local economy, they buy most of their food from local vendors and companies that employ locals.

If you’re looking for a place to get a unique meal that’s packed with high-quality, locally-sourced foods, this is the place to go.

And to put the cherry on top, Great Harvest Bread, located right here in Great Falls, will provide them with a bun that has been freshly prepared each and every day just for them. 

As a result of their belief in keeping high-quality levels for their consumers, they shop every day to guarantee that their products are the freshest items available.

Address: 613 15th St N, Great Falls, MT 59401, US

Sip’ N Dip Lounge

Sip' N Dip Lounge, Great Falls, Montana
Sip’ N Dip Lounge is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

The Sip’ N Dip Lounge is one of the top attractions in Montana.

The answer to the question, “Do mermaids actually exist?” If you go to Sip’ N Dip, you’ll be able to see one.

Once you sit in the Sip ‘n Dip Lounge and observe the mermaids swim, you will create memorable moments.

Mermaids don’t merely float in the water; they swim amongst it. They truly move around like fish in an aquarium when they are submerged. 

It is guaranteed that your experience here will be one to remember!

The Sip ‘n Dip has been around since 1962. It is part of the old O’Haire Motor Inn, and it could be the best bar in the United States that you don’t know about.

You can also stay at the O’Haire Inn, which is home to the Sip ‘n Dip Lounge. 

After you’ve had a drink there, you can stroll back to your accommodation without having to worry about having to drive somewhere else.

Just a friendly reminder, if you are driving a long way, you should call ahead to ensure the mermaid will be there.

Address: 17 7th St S, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

Sluice Boxes State Park

Sluice Boxes State Park Great Falls, Montana
Sluice Boxes State Park Great Falls, Montana / David J Laporte / Flickr

Have a craving for more time spent in nature? Spend some time outside in the great outdoors at Sluice Boxes State Park!

You can easily get to Belt Creek near Sluice Boxes, where you may admire the spectacular limestone canyon, mine ruins, and old cottages.

Visitors must now cross the stream without using the railroad bridges, which can be challenging in times of high water.

Due to the presence of these bridges, trekking in the sluice boxes may only occur during the low tide season, which typically runs from the middle of July to the end of September.

The water from the springs is always cold, and the Little Belts weather is known to be very unpredictable.

An adventurous trip to Belt Creek will reward the traveler with excellent trout fishing, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of animals.

Nothing beats the refreshing taste of a great cold beer when you’re out in the woods with your loved ones and friends.

This amusement park has enough to offer visitors of all skill levels.

Address: 38 Evans Riceville Rd, Belt, MT 59412, US

St. Ann Cathedral

St. Ann Cathedral, Great Falls, Montana
St. Ann Cathedral is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

Visiting this historic site will provide much-needed peace and quiet regardless of religious beliefs.

The Diocese of Great Falls was founded by Saint Pius X on May 18, 1904, and St. Ann’s Church was selected to serve as the cathedral for the new bishop.

Building a new cathedral was among the first things the newly appointed Bishop Mathias Clement Lenihan had to do to meet the expanding community’s needs.

On the outside, you’ll see gothic-style arched arches and an octagonal tower.

The cathedral is stunning and serves as a magnificent venue for faith; in many ways, it is reminiscent of a church you might find in Europe.

Regarding the construction of this Catholic church in terms of quality and price, the early 20th-century engineers used rocks from the local quarry.

The St. Ann Cathedral is Great Falls’ most prominent and expansive religious structure.

You should go to St. Ann’s Cathedral if you’re a religious person or if you want to learn about its history.

Address: 715 3rd Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

The History Museum

The History Museum, Great Falls, Montana
The History Museum is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

For those of you who are interested in history, you have come to the right spot!

The History Museum presents thought-provoking exhibits, both permanent and temporary, that illustrate the diverse cultural history of Cascade County and the nearby areas. 

This museum is highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand more about their community’s history.

There are a lot of intriguing stories, as well as displays, that have been put together quite effectively.

In order to preserve the antiques in the museum for use in future shows, they have been moved to a location where they are protected from sunlight, dirt, and touching. 

In addition, the History Museum also presents a range of cultural activities, including a tribute to the famous Ozark Club and a lecture series with historical discussions and literary presentations, among others.

Whether you are just passing through Great Falls or you live there permanently, you should make it a point to check out this museum.

Address: 422 2nd St S, Great Falls, MT 59405, US

The Mighty Mo Brewing Company

The Mighty Mo Brewing Company, Great Falls, Montana
The Mighty Mo Brewing Company is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

In times of uncertainty, nothing beats a cold, refreshing beer!

Owners Casey Kingsland and Seth Swingley, both of whom grew up in Great Falls and were friends throughout their youth, established the Mighty Mo Brewing Company. 

They entered the Montana craft beer sector in 2013 after conducting studies and becoming ready for several years.

In recent years, the old building that houses Mighty Mo has been fixed up, giving it a “wow effect” as soon as you walk in the door.

This will prepare your taste buds for the delicious beers that will be served to you.

The mission of the company’s founders is to create a beer that is the most flavorful and has the finest taste in the state of Montana.

Mighty Mo has a large variety of specialty beers and also serves food, like different kinds of burgers, chicken, and pizzas.

Mighty Mo’s Brew Pub conducts “Raise a Pint Night” as a neighborhood gathering place on Mondays.

Address: 412 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

Tracy’s Family Restaurant

Tracy's Family Restaurant, Great Falls, Montana
Tracy’s Family Restaurant is one of the best places to go in Great Falls, Montana

While you’re in town, why don’t you pull over at Tracy’s Family Restaurant for a bite to eat?

Breakfast is served around the clock at Tracy’s, a packed restaurant with an extensive menu that offers table service.

Several photos from the movie “Holy Matrimony,” directed by Leonard Nimoy and shot at Tracy’s home, are on display.

Since it was first established in 1952, Tracy’s is currently run by the 2nd generation of the family!

Tracy’s is the only true diner in the state that still serves cuisine in a home-style environment.

Travelers can’t miss the restaurant’s 50-year-old neon sign on its corner lot, a popular nighttime gathering area. 

The diner-like atmosphere of the eatery brings back memories of the 1970s.

Attractive, Tracy’s Family Restaurant can hold up to ninety diners.

Tracy’s Family Restaurant has something for everyone’s taste buds for brunch, meals, or supper. 

An evening at Tracy’s is perfect after a long day of travel!

Address: 127 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT 59401, USA

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal shelters in Great Falls, Montana
Animal shelters in Great Falls, Montana

Animal shelters need your help! There are between 4,000 and 6,000 shelters all over the United States. Every year, 8–10 million dogs and cats end up in shelters. These shelters are in charge of taking care of them temporarily. These animals come to the shelter when they are found wandering around or when their owners no longer want them. About 4 to 6 million are put down every year because there aren’t enough homes or people willing to adopt them.

People can positively affect their communities and the treatment of animals when they volunteer their time to aid animals. It allows them to see the great impact they can have on the people in their neighborhood and the animals in need of help.

Volunteering opportunities include: walking dogs at a local shelter, working with a rescue group to foster kittens, doing clerical work such as stuffing envelopes for an organization with a good cause, assisting with fundraising or organizing events benefiting local animal charities, and participating in local events aimed at raising awareness about animal welfare.

Check out the list of animal shelters in Great Falls, Montana, where you can help animals in need. Lend a helping hand today!

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