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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Gulfport, Mississippi. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Gulfport, Mississippi. #Top Attractions

Have an intention to visit Gulfport, Mississippi? Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Gulfport, Mississippi and the best places to visit in Gulfport, Mississippi below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travellers.

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude Trampoline Park, Gulfport, Mississippi

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If you’re looking for activities you can do with your kids, look no further!

You may take your enthusiastic children to Altitude Trampoline Gulfport!

As a team or with your children, Altitude Trampoline Gulfport is a safe place to be loud and crazy without harm.

There is a kiddie section, a foam pit zone, and free jumping zones all indoors at Altitude Trampoline Gulfport if you’re looking for a fun location to hang out while visiting Gulfport!

Beyond the main arena, which is lined with trampolines, there are many other activities and games to partake in.

Do battles with your buddies in the Battle Beam or Wipe Out, where you must escape being hit by cushioned arms on a spinning ring while trying to avoid being thrown into the foam pit.

If you’re going to visit Gulfport this weekend, be sure to include this trampoline park on your list!

Address: 9444 Highway 49, Gulfport, Mississippi

Bananas Mini-Gold and Arcade

Bananas Mini-Gold and Arcade, Gulfport, Mississippi

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A place to bond with family and friends?

Bananas Mini-Golf & Arcade is the perfect destination for a fun-filled family day.

As a fairly new facility, this recreational mini-golf course will keep the kids entertained.

While playing the 18-hole game, encourage a friendly rivalry among your friends and family.

Several mister systems and umbrellas are provided for players to use during the day to keep them cool.

The course will be illuminated and include beautiful waterfalls for those who like to play in the evenings.

The arcade has a variety of games, including air hockey and ski ball. In addition to ice cream and popsicles, Banana’s offers a variety of other delectable options.

The course offers handicap tee shots and is fully accessible to those with disabilities.

The modern playground and the rural-style small market are worth visiting while you’re there!

Be sure to visit this attraction for a fun and enjoyable day in Gulfport!

Address: 2251 East Pass Road, Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

Chandeleur Brewing Company

Chandeleur Brewing Company, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Want to taste local craft beers in Gulfport?

There’s no other place to go but the Chandeleur Island Brewing Company!

Craft beer-loving brothers founded Chandeleur Brewing Company in the 1990s.

Founded by Gulfporters, Chandeleur Island Brewing Company is named after the Chandeleur Islands off the Gulf of Mississippi.

Lovebug Passion Fruit Sour Ale and Guava Jelly Sour Ale are two of the brewery’s standout brews.

The Chandeleur Brewing Company building has been a staple of Gulfport’s downtown landscape for a long time.

It has recently been a popular destination for larger and live band lovers.

Savor the native food and music while sipping on the homemade beverages.

Regional ingredients are used to make each of the beers available on the list.

It’s worth checking out their brews, especially the craft beers.

After a long day of exploring, reward yourself with a drink at this pub and unwind.

Address: 2711 14th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501

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Crosby Arboretum

Crosby Arboretum Gulfport, Mississippi

Crosby Arboretum Gulfport, Mississippi / Jason Hollinger / Flickr

The Crosby Arboretum is one of the best things to do in  Mississippi.

Want to relax and enjoy nature?

The Crosby Arboretum has a lot to offer!

One hour beyond downtown, the Crosby Arboretum is home to more than 300 varieties of native plants, many of which are only found there.

To educate the people about their surroundings, the Crosby Arboretum has opened its doors. 

Plants endemic to the Pearl River Drainage Basin ecology are preserved, protected, and displayed as part of this objective.

A peaceful walk through a field of freshly bloomed flowers is like nothing else.

This Arboretum is among the most beautiful sites to explore in the area, thanks to its beautiful natural scenery.

The Arboretum showcases three of the most common habitats to better understand this ecosystem. 

A Woodland, Aquatic, and Savanna display are all included.

Each exhibit features both dramatic and delicate shifts in environmental formations.

Over 300 types of native blossoms, grasslands, plants, and oaks can be found at the Arboretum. 

It also has an excellent educational center where you can find out more about the local flora.

Be sure to visit the Arboretum if you’re going to town this weekend!

Address: 370 Ridge Road, Picayune, MS 39466

Gulf Islands Water Park

Gulf Islands Water Park, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Want to beat the summer heat?

Let Gulf Islands Water Park cool you down!

Gulf Island Water Park, the biggest water park on the Gulf Coast, is a must-visit for families visiting Gulfport.

Gulf Islands Water Park is a water park with a tropical motif and kilometers of waterslides. It also has celebrity meet and greets, special programs, and delicious food.

In addition to Disney Channel and Nickelodeon stars, prior events have included live music and Frisbee dog demonstrations.

You’ll have a great time at the water park’s water slides, swimming pools, and crazy rides. If you’re fortunate, you’ll also see amazing showcases with dogs and sea lions.

The Horn Island Blaster, the Gulf Coast’s sole water roller coaster, and the Camille Cutter, a large raft experience, are just two of the attractions available to visitors.

If you’re going to be in the city during the summer months, be sure to visit the park and cool down!

Address: 17200 16th Street, Gulfport, MS 39503

Gulfport Dragway

Gulfport Dragway, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Racings fans will surely have a blast in the Gulfport Dragway!

Racing, performances, and other activities take place on a 1/4 and 1/8 mile drag road at Gulfport Dragway.

The dragway is situated just north of downtown Gulfport, making it convenient for both locals and tourists.

Considerable sums of money are at stake when drivers in Gulfport gather for a night of high-octane drag racing around dusk.

When it comes to race tracks and spectacular races, Gulfport Dragway is a must-see for any fan of fast cars and fast racing.

The odds of winning cash are the same for all audiences of any age.

If you’re brave enough, you may sign up and pay to participate, or you can just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

In addition to drag racing, motorcycle races are also held in this area.

This is a popular attraction among visitors to Gulfport since it provides a unique experience.

If you become hungry while watching the races, there are food stands nearby where you may replenish your energy.

Address: 17085 Racetrack Road, Gulfport, MS 39503

Gulfport Premium Outlets

Gulfport Premium Outlets, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Is your wallet ready?

Shop all you want in Gulfport Premium Outlets!

Gulfport Premium Outlets is located between New Orleans and Mobile and features over 70 outlet retailers.

In addition to offering luxury products throughout its historic shops, family-friendly services, and eateries, Gulfport Premium Outlets is a municipal landmark for outdoor retail.

The outlet malls, which are conveniently located right off I-10, are popular spots for local shoppers. 

Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Nautica, Banana Republic, and Under Armour are all on hand at the shopping center.

Additional money may be saved by purchasing more items on sale and then refueling with whichever cuisine takes your fancy.

The on-site playgrounds are a great place to take the kids for a breather from shopping. The food court offers a variety of cuisines, such as American, Italian, and Asian.

If you want to go shopping while in Gulfport, this is the place to go!

Address: 10000 Factory Shop Boulevard, Gulfport, MS 39503

Half Shell Oyster House of Gulfport

Half Shell Oyster House of Gulfport, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Sudden cravings for New Orleans cuisine while in Gulfport?

Don’t worry!

The Half Shell Oyster House of Gulfport serves New Orleans-style cuisines.

They will also serve you fresh seafood to your liking.

Enjoy a leisurely meal in the restaurant’s classically styled decor.

If you’re having dinner with loved ones or friends, this is a great option. You can even host large gatherings here.

Fried shrimp, seafood gumbo, and crab cakes are among the menu’s classics, as are oysters and other fried seafood specialties.

Redfish Orleans, seafood-filled portabellas, and hand-cut steaks are also on the menu.

In addition to oysters and cocktails, Half Shell Oyster House serves wines, bottled beer, and craft beer. 

Relax and enjoy your meal in the restaurant’s evocative French Quarter atmosphere, with gloomy decor and music.

Address: 12068 Intraplex Parkway, Gulfport, Mississippi 39503

Island View Casino

Island View Casino, Gulfport, Mississippi

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If you don’t have time to go to Vegas, you can just go to Island View Casino!

Island View Casino is a true beachfront property located on the stunning Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The site’s main draw is its extensive selection of slot machines and table games, which span over 130,000 square feet.

Island View Casino has 2,600 modern slot machines, 49 gaming tables, 2 sports desks, two luxury buildings, over 950 rooms, and pools with stunning Gulf viewpoints.

Every day, the Sports Book at Island View provides live wagering on sporting activities. An additional non-smoking facility is available on the seafront.

If you’re not the risk-taking kind, then make use of the resort’s massage, lounge, and restaurant amenities.

It’s also possible to find 24-hour cafés in the area.

Every Friday and Saturday, bands play, and famous artists perform from time to time for individuals who want to hear music.

Be sure to visit the casino for a lively night in Gulfport!

Address: 3300 W Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, MS 39501

Jones Park

Jones Park, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Looking for a place for a family picnic?

Gulfport’s Jones Park is a 60-acre seaside park located just a few blocks from the city’s harbor and center.

The park, dubbed “The Front Yard of Mississippi,” is located on the Gulf Coast and includes access to the beach.

There is an almost 1-mile jogging path for individuals who want to get in some exercise.

Jones Park has a splash pool and playgrounds, as well as green places for having a picnic. It also has huge shelters for conducting festivals and events.

There is a 70-foot-tall Ship Island Lighthouse located at the end of the area, where it joins the harbor.

Ship Island, an island near the coast of Mississippi, had a lighthouse built in 1886, and this one is a copy of that lighthouse.

The park also has a tiny Market Hall and theater space for outdoor concerts that are open to the public.

Jones Park is one of the best places to have a picnic in Gulfport!

Address: 2250 Jones Park Drive, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Taking the little kids on vacation in Gulfport?

Take them to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center!

Opening in 1998, the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center now boasts six acres of open play area and over 14,000 square feet of inside exhibit area for kids and families to enjoy.

Take a ride on the miniature train, produce a piece of art in the art gallery, climb a treehouse, strike a melody in the exterior music yard, and visit a little town.

The puppet performance and big reading nest at Bear Camp Bayou are specifically geared toward the youngest campers.

To become a Little Pet Vet, children can take the Dolan Avenue Express. Kids may assist carry fruits onto a boat using a crane, or they can go shrimp fishing in the Gulf.

At its heart is the Super Colossal Climbing Platform, which allows children to ascend to the next floor uniquely.

Visit the center and let the kids explore on their own!

Address: 246 Dolan Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39507

Mississippi Aquarium

Mississippi Aquarium, Gulfport, Mississippi

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The Mississippi Aquarium is one of the top attractions in Mississippi.

Visits to the aquarium are always enjoyable!

Visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy the Mississippi Aquarium’s stunning aquatic creatures.

Tourists will find more than just breathtaking sights to keep them entertained; they’ll learn about some of the planet’s most important habitats at this world-class attraction.

This cutting-edge facility’s layout allows guests in close proximity to the more than 250 animals that call it home.

Sea urchins, crabs, and other invertebrates can be examined up close in small touching aquariums.

Approximately 10,000 fish gently move in a circle in the captivating swirl aquarium.

People who visit the aquarium may discover a wide variety of aquatic animals, like the alligator snapping turtle and Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, through its numerous displays and regular educational programming.

In addition, visitors will be able to see alligators, birds, and even sharks in their natural habitats.

The Pelican Pointe Cafe serves a variety of appetizing foods, including chips, hamburgers, burritos, sandwiches, and grilled cheese.

If you’re tagging your kids along in Gulfport, this is the place for them!

Address: 2100 E. Beach Boulevard, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum

Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum, Gulfport, Mississippi

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If you are an aviation enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum!

With its location immediately adjacent to the airport, a museum dedicated to the state’s achievements in the quest for space travel is open to the public.

The museum, which honors several of Mississippi’s most celebrated aviators, is devoted to the legacy of The Brown Condor, John C. Robinson, a revolutionary African American pilot.

On display is Robinson’s participation in the Ethiopian struggle against Nazism and in creating the framework for the Tuskegee Institute’s aviation department, which he founded.

Additionally, the museum is full of immersive displays for the youngsters, including interactive tables that educate aircraft, an aircraft simulator, and a theater resembling an airplane’s cabin.

Several of the aircraft on the exhibit have cockpits where people can sit.

If you’re going to be in town this weekend, be sure to visit the museum and experience fun exhibits!

Address: 429 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 39507

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, Gulfport, Mississippi

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If your kids love trains, they will surely love it here.

Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum visitors may experience over two centuries of railroad history.

It is run by a team of people who are dedicated to preserving Gulfport’s rich history of railroads and genuine lines.

Among the attractions at this well-liked museum are the state’s biggest LEGO railway exhibit, scale replica train designs, kid-friendly immersive setups, exterior garden exhibits, and real trains you can ride!

You’ll notice a lot of interesting stuff if you just take a good look around.

Jurassic Park, Futurama, and trains are on display at this educational and entertaining institution.

Trains of all sizes are available for children of all ages to ride on. There is now an additional facility in the museum complex to accommodate the growing exhibit.

This is one of the top tourist attractions in Gulfport!

If you’re in town, be sure to visit!

Address: 522 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 39507

Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach

Shaggy's Gulfport Beach, Gulfport, Mississippi

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There is no better spot to enjoy a night out with friends than Shaggy’s!

Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch, or supper, Shaggy’s is the place to go. 

Drinking a cocktail while watching the sunset is a guaranteed way to have a great time.

A laid-back island vibe and some of the best meals in the area await you, no matter if you’re there with friends or family.

As a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike, Shaggy’s serves up a few of the greatest seafood, cocktails, and sights of the Gulf Coast in the area.

They provide a wide variety of options on their menu, including wraps, hamburgers, sliders, burritos, seafood platters, tortillas, shellfish, and more.

This restaurant is known for its delicacies, such as its American Wagyu sirloin and its yellowfin tuna bowl. 

All week long, Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach is open for business.

Whether you visit during the weekdays or weekends, make sure to visit Shaggy’s!

Address: 1724 E. Beach Blvd, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501

Ship Island Excursions

Ship Island Excursions, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Up for a water exploration? 

The Ship Island Excursions got your back!

Ship Island Excursions, operated by the Skrmetta family for over a century, transports tourists to the islands of the Mississippi.

The West Ship Island, among the Mississippi’s 5 coastal islands and home to some of the state’s nicest beaches, is situated eleven miles from the south of Gulfport, as per Ship Island Excursions.

There is a historic masonry stronghold on West Ship Island dating back to the eighteenth century, as well as crystal-clear seas and powder-soft sand.

There is a handy ferry connection provided by Ship Island Excursions that enables guests to go there and experience the island’s peaceful scenic beauty.

The trip lasts almost one hour, and passengers are frequently treated to sightings of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins playing on the Gulf coast.

Overall, Ship Island Excursion offers large parties with various private rental options for a more extravagant vacation.

Be sure to try the excursions for a memorable visit to Gulfport!

Address: 1040 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501

Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center Gulfport, Mississippi

Stennis Space Center Gulfport, Mississippi / Marek Cyzio / Flickr

The Stennis Space Center is one of the best places to visit in  Mississippi.

A NASA rocket testing site is within a one-hour drive from Gulfport, Mississippi!

More than 50 years after its inception in the early 1960s, the John C. Stennis Space Center has fulfilled humanity’s loftiest space exploration aspirations.

NASA’s largest rocket engine testing station, the Stennis Space Center, opened for business in 2012.

During the historic Apollo space program, the John C. Stennis Space Center was created to assist the main division by serving as a testing ground for various rocket systems.

Here, NASA certifies flights and rocket engine systems, and a substantial section of the facility has been set aside, especially for the enjoyment of curious visitors.

Moreover, INFINITY Science Center has immersive displays and a guided tour that allows visitors to see the majority of the complex.

If you want to learn about space exploration, the Stennis Space Center is a must-visit!

Address: One Discovery Circle, Pearlington, MS 39572

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Gulfport, Mississippi

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Gulfport, Mississippi / John Perry / Flickr

Touch your favorite sea animal in the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies!

Since its inception in 1984, the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has been devoted only to the study of marine mammals.

Fun, immersive displays, events, and engaging presentations are offered by the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is also a great place to learn about marine preservation and animal behavior in the wild.

This is a great opportunity to see dolphins, rays, birds, and sea lions in action!

IMMS’s Ocean Expo complex has two swimming pools worth 15 million. They are positioned in the building’s front part.

In the first pool, there is a 3,850 square-foot display space for dolphins and sea lions, as well as separate storage rooms for each species.

The second pool is 1,550 square feet and is utilized for manta rays.

It is a well-liked venue for family outings, summer camps, and school outings alike. Be sure to stop by!

Address: 10801 Dolphin Lane, Gulfport, MS 39503

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards

Wut Sup Standup Paddleboards, Gulfport, Mississippi

Image for illustration purposes only

Did you know that paddleboarding is one of the most popular attractions in Gulfport?

Make sure to try it out in The Wut Sup Paddle Boards!

The Wut Sup Paddle Boards company was founded in 2011 by friends and family members who had discovered the sport and fallen in love with it.

The Gulf Coast has a plethora of water-based activities to choose from.

The shop’s goal is to make paddle boarding accessible to as many people as possible by providing them with a surfboard, rope, bags, flippers, and paddles.

The business is positioned close to the Gulf of Mexico and Gulfport Lake, allowing paddleboarders to choose from various thrilling locations.

Wut Sup Paddle Boards is the sole gear leasing store with access to the beach. They also provide kayaks, paddle boards, rafts, speedboats, and bicycles.

Complimentary lessons are included with every rental of a Wut Sup Paddle Board!

If you’re in town and like water activities, you shouldn’t miss out on this attraction!

Address: 13247 Seaway Road, Unit E, Gulfport, MS 39503

Zip’N Fun Adventure Park

Zip'N Fun Adventure Park, Gulfport, Mississippi

Image for illustration purposes only

Have you never tried zip lining?

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience it in Zip’N Fun Adventure Park!

Zip’n Fun is the only Gulf Coast adventure park with rope courses, challenges, and ziplines, and it’s right off I-10 in Gulfport.

When it comes to adrenaline-pumping activities in Gulfport, there’s Zip’N Fun Adventure Park. 

The obstacle course where you jump from one tree to another provides a stunning perspective of nature. 

Visitors at Zip’N Fun Adventure Park may have an exhilarating adventure through a variety of self-paced, supervised obstacle challenges.

The park’s unique approach to ensuring that its guests have an unforgettable time is one of its most appealing features.

Zip’N Fun Adventure Park’s obstacles are found in the woods. You’ll have to swing, crawl, and climb your way through tight wires, hanging planks, precarious rope ladders, zip lines, and other components.

Everyone is strapped into a harness to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

There are two courses, more than 50 activities, obstacles, and eight zip lines to keep you entertained for hours!

This is a must-visit for thrill-seekers in Gulfport! Make sure to add the park to your itinerary!

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Address: 17200 16th Street, Gulfport, MS 39503