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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Fairbanks, Alaska. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Fairbanks, Alaska. #Top Attractions

You must visit Fairbanks, Alaska, at least once in your lifetime. Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in Fairbanks, Alaska, so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the best places to visit in Fairbanks, Alaska. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travelers.

Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center

Image for illustration purposes only.

Since being built in 1977, The Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center has been called the Fairbanks’ remarkable engineering marvel.

Back in the early 1970s, this pipeline center was considered one of the great triumphs of modern engineering before the subject of drilling oil in Alaska became a hot-button political issue at that time.

It was constructed from 1974 to 1977, costing around $8 billion, and involved around 70,000 works to build this iconic tourist spot.

Its famous 4-foot sliver thread can reach up to 800 miles to reach the rivers, the nation’s thirsty refineries, crossing the mountain ranges, and many other areas that they need to cover.

The Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center provides and manages educational tours for its visitors at the Fox Visitor Centre.

There are informational exhibits provided for visitors to know how they constructed it and its operation with free admission.

Visitors can only see a portion of the pipeline outside the center.

This pipeline visitor center is a must-visit if you’re curious about Alaska’s great engineering marvels.

Address: 1671 Steese Hwy, Fairbanks, AK 99712, United States

Angel Rocks Trail

Angel Rocks Trail Fairbanks

Angel Rocks Trail Fairbanks / Brian / Flickr

Head over the trailhead to glimpse the stunning sight of Angel Rocks Trail.

Angel Rocks Trail is a series of unusual geologic formations formed by the uplift and erosion of molten rock with over a height of 1,750 feet.

Located at 397-mile Chena River State Recreation Area, it extends to the Chena Hot Springs Resort around 8.3-mile if anyone were to take one roundtrip loop.

The routes lead to various places to sightsee, such as the surrounding mountains, tundras, and many more. 

It usually takes five to eight hours for people to hike and complete exploring their desired destination around the Angel Rocks Trail.

Hikers tend to hike through a beautiful area of lush evergreen forest to the picturesque cliffs of the Angel Rocks Trails. As people go to the route leading to a particular lodge, there is breathtaking scenery of the Alaska Range, Chena Dome, and Bear Paw Butte. 

The Angel Rock Trails will give you a thrill of a lifetime as you explore the surrounding beauty of Fairbanks.

Address: 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1380, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States

Antler Arch

Antler Arch Fairbanks

Antler Arch Fairbanks / Nick Amoscato / Flickr

Self-proclaimed as the “World’s Farthest North Antler Arch,” the Antler Arch is unique for its intrinsic design full of antlers.

Located just right outside the Morris Thompson Cultural Center, this unique art piece is an ideal opportunity to take memorable pictures. 

It is an arch with more than a hundred caribou and moose antlers collected and donated throughout Interior Alaska. 

In fact, it is a famous local landmark in Fairbank with rich historical and cultural significance.

Sand Jamieson, a local artist, constructed this piece of art and brought it to life using hundreds of antlers. 

The arch embodies the hunting stories of Fairbanks’ diverse groups and their importance in having shared humanity.

It serves as a leading visitor center in Fairbanks. They hold exhibits and cultural programming regarding Fairbanks’ Native and non-Native groups. 

Filled with artistic creativity and a bit of history, Antler Arch is an intriguing gateway arch full of many antlers.

Address: 101 Dunkel St, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

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Aurora Ice Museum

Aurora Ice Museum Fairbanks

Aurora Ice Museum Fairbanks / Craig Talbert / Flickr

The iconic Aurora Ice Museum is beside the Chena Hot spring with its unique sculptures.

It is recognized and home to the world’s year-round ice environment.

In 2005, the Ice Museum was built and involved geothermal technology to keep and maintain the place at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit, despite experiencing summer. The site involved using one thousand tons of snow and ice. 

The people who made the sculptures in the Ice Museum were Heather and Stever Brice, two ice-craver champions.

It features various things made of ice, such as furniture, Christmas trees, style children’s bedrooms, and many more.

The museum has unique sculptural chandeliers with shifting colors to mimic the Northern lights in Alaska. 

There are daily tours around the museum, with a complimentary parka available to all visitors touring the museum.

To experience the ice and cold in Fairbanks, visit the Ice Museum and see its artistic sculptures.

Address: 56.5 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99711, United States

Black Spruce Dog Sledding

Image for illustration purposes only

When exploring the tundras of Alaska, It’s better to go dog sledding than on foot. 

Black Spruce Dog Sledding in Alaska is famous for its private tours. It is also considered Alaska’s best dog sledding tour experience.

The Black Spruce Dog Sledding began with two couples, Jeff and KattiJo Deeter, due to their experiences of the Iditarod race to touring people. 

It is notable for its sled dog safari tour involving a training method to maintain and handle long-distance racing dogs. It is unique to utilize tag sleds for anyone to enjoy the fun and thrill of dog mush in the icy tundras of Alaska.

Depending on the season, seasonal tours, such as the Sled Dog Safar, only happen between May and November.

There are expeditions available involving having an off-leash with the company’s canines during the months of summer.

Dog-sledding can take you beyond the horizon of Fairbanks, so give it a shot!

Address: 3850 Errol Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

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Chena Hot Springs

Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks

Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks / Brady Riemenschneider / Flickr

The Chena Hot Springs is one of the top attractions in Alaska.

In search of a warming delight in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Chena Hot Springs has an exquisite hot spring to keep you warm and cozy.

The Chena hot spring is in an outdoor rock lake with a great, tranquil vantage point to see Alaska’s northern lights.

It is considered an unincorporated community within the Fairbanks North Star Borough for its well-known hot springs in the Chena Hot Springs Resort. 

In 1905, two gold mining brothers named Robert and Thomas Swan discovered the hot springs as a means for Robert to ease his pain of rheumatism. By 1912, it became a prime spot for any visitors or residents of Fairbanks’ thriving town.

Today, it is a welcoming spot for visitors to the Chena Hot Springs Resort to enjoy its clean, attractive, and healthy natural environment.

This hot spring is the best place for you in Fairbanks to keep warm from Alaska’s cold weather.

Address: Mile 56.5 Chena Hot Springs Road Fairbanks, Alaska, 99711, United States

Chena River State Recreation Area

Chena River State Recreation Area Fairbanks

Chena River State Recreation Area Fairbanks / Mark Spangler / Flickr

To those looking for a great outdoor experience in Alaska, the Chena River State Recreation Area is a lovely spot to enjoy your day outdoors.

Just over the path of the Chena River, this tourist spot is a recreation area of over a 397-square-mile.

It is a place full of abundant wilderness and wildlife, such as moose, beavers, and grizzly bears.

This recreational area is known for its various activities and attracts more than 150,000 visitors annually.

Various winter paths are open for visitors to do winter activities like skiing, dog sledding, and snow machining. 

People can catch and release fish around the three ponds and Chena river within the Chena River State Recreation Area.

As for other activities like hiking and rock climbing, people get to go to the Granite Tors when going around the area.

To better enjoy many outdoor activities in Fairbank, it is worth trying to visit this recreational area.

Address: 3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

Image for illustration purposes only

From a dairy farm to a bird refuge, Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge is unique from transitioning to something different.

It initially started as a creamer’s dairy in 1928. The Hinckley family, who owned the site, continued operating it until it closed in 1996.

After its closure, it was soon turned into a refuge for wildlife and considered part of the list shown in the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the site is now a refuge with over more than 150 different birds and 30 mammals, including amphibians. It provides chances for wildlife observation and enjoyment. 

Visitors can also go for a stroll at night to see the elusive northern flying squirrel. 

Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge also has the Farmhouse Visitor Center.

The center serves as the leading trail for a naturalist-led walk during the summer and has historic exhibits showcased for visitors.

Moreover, the site has other nature trails to explore, like the Farm Road, the Seasonal Wetland Trail, and the Boreal Forest Trail.

With so many animals, this refuge may be fun to see your favorite animal in Alaska.

Address: 1300 College Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum Fairbanks

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum Fairbanks / Amy Meredith / Flickr

The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum offers its visitors a journey back in Alaska’s history to explore Alaska’s road to modernization.

The museum has various historical artifacts, relics, vintage fashion, and many other collections.

There are seven one-of-a-kind automobiles among its various collections that are not found anywhere else except in the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum and were during the industry’s evolution in pre-World War II. Their automobile collections vary from touring cars, hot-rods, racers, and roadsters.

The museum also has over a thousand articles of accessories and clothes but displays some of them only at a particular given time.

During the arrival of cars in the 49th state, there were other collections like antique bikes and other artifacts.

Moreover, they use large historical videos and images to bring emerging Alaska to life during the early twentieth century.

With so many collections in one location, a visit to this iconic museum should be in order.

Address: 212 Wedgewood Dr, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Georgeson Botanical Garden

Georgeson Botanical Garden Fairbanks

Georgeson Botanical Garden Fairbanks / Amy Meredith / Flickr

Built as a stunning botanical garden full of nature, Georgeson Botanical Garden is a must-go place to see Alaska’s beautiful sub-arctic plants.

Within the University of Fairbanks lies a five-acre public garden, a lovely sanctuary of various plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables.

Georgeson Botanical Garden was initially an agricultural experiment station in the 20th century.

Crops were grown and tested to see the growth capacity within the Alaskan wilderness.

Between May and September, the garden is open to the public from sunrise until sunset.

The site features a hedge maze and a children’s garden for people to tour around.

Additionally, Georgeson Botanical Garden educates the subarctic horticulture of plants to visitors visiting its site.

Considered part of the Agricultural and Forestry Experimentation Station, the garden conducts research on the exportation and domestication of various plants.

If you love to sightsee around gardens, this garden is one top spot that is a must-go-to-see.

Address: Parks Hwy, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK, United States

HooDoo Brewing Company

HooDoo Brewing Company Fairbanks

HooDoo Brewing Company Fairbanks / Bernt Rostad / Flickr

To those craving a delicious craft beer, the HooDoo Brewing Company has some tasty Alaskan beers to delight your taste buds.

In 2011, it opened its doors to the public as a brewery focused on selling and making classing American and European brewing styles. 

They named all their beers based on a particular style and involved using the highest quality of ingredients possible.

In addition, HooDoo Brewing Company has various popular beer styles, such as their brewery American IPA, Citra Pale Ale, Belgian Saison, and German Kölsh.

Tourists who love to drink a seasonal beer can take their one-off brews and seasonal releases alternating.

They also have a terrific spot to get a fresh beer from the source indoors in the Taproom. To those wanting to enjoy an outdoor drink, the Biergarten is an outdoor area featured by HooDoo Brewing Company for people to eat local food and drink beer. 

Be delighted by going to HooDoo Brewing Company and having a beer drink.

Address: 1951 Fox Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Large Animal Research Station

Large Animal Research Station Fairbanks

Large Animal Research Station Fairbanks / Dallas Krentzel / Flickr

Home to the world’s only captive herd of muskoxen, the Large Animal Research Station has some unique animals to see in Fairbanks.

The station is a 130-acre facility on the border of a university campus in a former Yankovich homestead. 

This station takes care of animals for scientific research and educational purposes involving animals like cattle and reindeer.

The herd animals are valuable for conducting any research regarding biomedical sciences, evaluating and better utilizing them in Alaskan agriculture, and many more.

Guided tours are provided from May to September around the facility for visitors to see some herd animals inspected and within the Large Animal Research Station. 

Visitors can further enjoy themselves with behind-the-scenes tours, special events, and field trips scheduled and coordinated by the station directly.

There is a gift shop with various locally-themed items and handcrafted goods for any visitor.

It is a one-of-a-kind station to visit and gives you a vast knowledge of animals.

Address: 2220 Yankovich Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

McKinley Explorer

McKinley Explorer Fairbanks

McKinley Explorer Fairbanks / Adam Skowronski / Flickr

To better glimpse the surrounding beauty of Alaska, you have to take a ride in the McKinley Explorer.

It is a train going from Denali to Anchorage. It is now part of Alaska’s largest railcar fleet, operated by the Holland American Line and Princess C]uises.

McKinley Explorer can carry 88 passengers aboard in the train’s upper dome section, for travelers to have a 360 spectacular outdoor view of the surrounding terrains of Fairbanks.

It has a restaurant and bar service available for anyone at the upper level to eat and enjoy themselves on board the train.

It also includes having comfortable assigned seats with tray tables and footrests, a first-level outdoor viewing platform, a large dome window, and onboard commentary with a trustworthy host.

As anyone gets to ride this iconic train, there are natural wonders, such as the towns like Talkeetna and Willow, the Susitna and Knit rivers, and the Board Pass and Hurricane Gulch as travelers ride along.

Riding to McKinley Explorer is worth getting the best view around Fairbanks, Alaska.

Address: 900 Arctic Blvd, Suite 304, Anchorage AK 99503, United States

Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center

Image for illustration purposes only

The Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center is one of the best places to visit in Alaska.

To a place that opens all year with free admission, Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center is worth visiting.

It has both beautiful aesthetic looks and is an informative place.

Located in downtown Fairbanks, it serves as a regional visitor facility with over a 9,000-square-foot exhibit. 

It has accessible means to please its visitors, such as providing maps, free Wifi, brochures, phone service, daily lodging availability, and local walking and driving excursions. 

People can get a visit and see the stunning interior dioramas and displays regarding the people, landscape, wildlife, and seasons of Alaska. 

There are also free programs and films to watch anything regarding Alaska’s cultural and natural history. 

In the center of Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, there are places for visitors to look around, such as cultural activities, Alaska Geographic store, an artisan’s workshop, and a planning area for any outdoor excursions.

If you’re looking for something beautiful yet informative, the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center is the best place to go.

Address: 101 Dunkel St, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park Fairbanks

Pioneer Park Fairbanks / Explore Dallas History / Flickr

Known as a historical-theme park in Fairbank, Pioneer Park is a must-go-to-buy and shop around.

It is at the heart of Fairbanks, Alaska, between the bike path of Chena River and Airport Way.

Also, it has many places and attractions to tour upon worth bringing your family and friends along. 

They initially constructed Pioneer Park to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the state’s purchase from Russia.

Pioneer Park has over 15 educational and community attractions that are family-friendly for anyone.

Additionally, the park has four unique museums, including the Pioneer Air Museum, Pioneer Hall, the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, and the Tanana Valley Railroad Museum. 

If you’re looking for a fine dining and performance experience, it has lovely places like the Alaska Salmon Bake, Palace Theater, and Gazebo Nights concert worth going around the park.

Likewise, it has many places to tour, including a mock gold-rush town with pioneer log cabins, mining equipment, museums, a dry-docked sternwheeler for tours, and much more.

Pioneer Park has a lot to offer and is worth the visit.

Address: 2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States


Riverboat Discovery Cruise

Riverboat Discovery Cruise Fairbanks

Riverboat Discovery Cruise Fairbanks / denisbin / Flickr

The Riverboat Discovery Cruise is one of the most intriguing onboarding Alaskan rides to experience.

It is an authentic sternwheeler that will give a three-hour tour to cruise the Last Frontier’s amazing rivers. 

Climbing on board will bring you to the heart of Alaska and introduce the living history of a family that has lived on Alaska’s rivers for five generations.

Besides learning Alaskan history, it will transport you to view and glimpse the Alaskan wilderness and wildlife as you climb on board.

One unforgettable experience to witness would be when making a stop at the Chena Indian Culture.

Travelers get to meet the locals and experience the native culture of those living there.

One iconic spot not to miss in the Riverboat Discovery Cruise would be a fantastic site known as what Alaskans call the “wedding of the water.” This is where the Tanana and Chena rivers meet and intersect.

The Riverboat Discovery Cruise is a must-ride to the surrounding beauty of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Address: 1975 Discovery Dr, Fairbanks, AK 99709, United States

Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service

Image for illustration purposes only

If you’re looking for one of Alaskan’s best guiding services, Rod’s Alaskan Guide Service can help you enjoy your outdoor Alaskan experience.

It is a family-owned outdoor recreation guiding service that operates outdoors yearly. 

Rodney Pangborn, a registered guide, was the first to start this guiding service when he fell in love with the wilderness of Alaska after having military service in the United States Air Force.

To experience the best nature excursion in Alaska, they provide various activity touring services from hunting, year-round fishing, and snowmobiling tours to allow visitors to have a thrilling experience.

This guiding service guides people during the winters of Alaska to do dog sledding, ice fishing adventures, snowmobile, aurora viewing, and many more.

They also provide moose camps and hunting expeditions that can manage for at least three days and travel to superb hunting locations on custom-designed hunting rafts, with tents and food provided.

Additionally, visitors can choose to have grizzly bear hunting trips with a one-to-one hunter-guide ratio during the spring and fall.

To better enjoy the Alaskan experience in Fairbanks, it’s best to have a guiding service.

Address: 3355 Repp Rd, North Pole, AK 99705, United States

The Aurora Chasers

Image for illustration purposes only

The Aurora Chaser is one of the best things to do in Alaska.

Known for its unique and charming light, The Aurora Chaser will help you glimpse this phenomenon. 

It all started in 2012, as two couples named Ronn and Marketa found a passion for chasing the northern lights.

Aurora Chaser is a workshop tour dedicated to helping people travel to remote locations to see and take pictures of the Northern Lights. 

They serve as a tour guide team, providing personalized photography instructions and the opportunity to help people get a glimpse of the dazzling Northern lights.

The other benefits for any visitors or tourists joining the Aurora Chasers include transportation, hot beverages, a photography workshop, aurora portraits, and making IG reels or 60-second Tiktok videos for people to cherish a memorable moment chasing the polar lights in Fairbanks, Alaska.

It is a must-visit to help anyone have a jump-pack experience viewing the Northern Lights.

To enjoy the premium experience of seeing the northern lights, go to Aurora Chaser to enjoy every moment.

Address: 3875 Geist Rd STE E, PMB210, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709, United States

The Palace Theater

Image for illustration purposes only

To grasp an authentic Alaskan experience, the Palace Theater has it to keep you thrilled and entertained.

It is recognized as a top tourist attraction in Fairbank by the Alaska Visitor’s Association.

Located in Gold Rush Town in the historic Pioneer Park, it is one of the top attractions that involves the nightly performance of the Golden Heart Revue.

The ones who wrote the Golden Hear Revue were Fairbanks’ composers and book writers like Jim Bell, Willian Arnold, and many more.

It is a place to hear hilarious musical comedy to laugh your heart out.

Based on the city’s nickname “The Golden Heart City,” this musical revue explored making stories and songs from Fairbanks’ historical highlights regarding its social and cultural history.

The owners of Alaska Salmon Bake operate the theater handling theater.

Likewise, Alaska Salmon Bake is the oldest family-owned all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, with Alaskan recipes passed down through a local family for generations. 

The Palace Theater has a delightful and humourous show worth watching.

Address: Pioneer Pk, Fairbanks, AK 99701, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States

University of Alaska Museum of the North

University of Alaska Museum of the North Fairbanks

University of Alaska Museum of the North Fairbanks / Bernt Rostad / Flickr

Discover the Native cultures, history, and wonders of Alaska through the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

It is a museum with a variety of research collections and exhibit galleries. 

It opened its doors to the public in 2005 and eventually became a must-see architectural icon for visitors to visit. 

Ranging from the wildlife to the contemporary Native Art of Alaska, it has many things to showcase that you may find interesting within Alaska. 

Check out the Gallery of Alaska, which presents major cultural and ecological regions of Alaska.

Its most unusual exhibit is called “The Place Where You Go to Listen.” This exhibit involves a sound and light environment that is ever-changing based on the real-time positions of the sun and more or during aurora activities and earthquakes.

Be sure to stop and buy at the museum store for your Alaskan souvenir. They sell Native art, jewelry, books, and many more.

Go and discover the history and wonders of Alaska in this museum.

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Address: 1962 Yukon Dr, Fairbanks, AK 99775, United States