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Making travel arrangements to visit Orange County, California? Make the most of your vacation time in Orange County, California, we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Orange County, California. Explore the top attractions and activities in the best places to go in Orange County, California, by scrolling down! As a Web 3.0 travel startup, Wondrous Drifter aspires to make a huge impact on the world.

Bowers Museum

Bowers Museum, Orange County, California
Bowers Museum is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

A museum trip? Or maybe a place to celebrate? The Bowers Museum is just the place!

The Bowers Museum in Orange County is one of the most spectacular museums in the area, and it’s a great location to learn about the culture.

The Orange County Register has named the Bowers Museum as The Best Museum in Orange County sixteen times since it was established in 1992.

You’ll understand why they like this place after spending a day here.

Throughout the Bowers Museum, there is great regard for the art that people across the world have created.

Art from Native America, Ancient China, and Pacific Islands is now on display.

Visiting this museum is a great way to learn what causes each culture to be unique and lovely.

In Orange County, this is the spot to have a spectacular event.

An event held at the Bowers Museum is sure to be memorable.

Address: 2002 N Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706, USA

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park, Orange, City, California
Crystal Cove State Park, Orange, City, California / Mitch Barrie / Flickr

Summon your adventurous nature and visit Crystal Cove State Park!

As one of the only surviving natural seafronts in Orange County, Crystal Cove State Park is worth a visit.

Crystal Cove State Park offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Southern California. 

The park’s 15 miles of routes vary from simple to rigorous.

Crystal Cove State Park offers a wide range of exciting activities both above and below the water’s surface.

Crystal Cove State Park’s extensive trails will keep hikers, cyclists, and even equestrians entertained for hours, while the park’s beaches and offshore deepwater region will delight water lovers.

Kayaking, surfing, and scuba diving are all options.

The park features a nationally classified historic district for those more interested in the past.

An ancient coastal community from the mid-20th century will also be displayed for guests.

Adventures here will definitely be unforgettable.

Address: 8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

Discovery Cube Orange County

Discovery Cube Orange County, California
Discovery Cube Orange County is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

You may show your kids exactly how much potential they have by taking them to the Discovery Cube Orange County!

Discovery Cube’s three main objectives are to educate, entertain, and enthrall children of all ages through exhibits, presentations, museums, research facilities, and other fun activities.

Parents are urged to step back and let their children discover their ideas, curiosities, and perceptions in a more free-form way.

One of Orange County’s top family attractions, Discovery Cube, celebrated 20 years of excitement and innovation.

Space, water efficiency, and healthy eating are just a few of the topics covered by the many attractions.

They’ve been thoughtfully created so that your children may have fun while learning at the same time.

Birthday celebrations, field trips, and letting youngsters explore new and fascinating things are all great uses for this attraction.

It’s an oasis of happiness and wonder. 

The best part is that it’s a great location to study.

Address: 2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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Disneyland, Orange, City, California
Disneyland, Orange, City, California / Barry Mulling / Flickr

The Disneyland is one of the top attractions in California.

Curious about what is the most enchanting place on Earth has to offer?

The most enchanting location on Earth, Disneyland will come alive with rollercoasters, cartoon characters, gourmet cuisine, and interactive play areas for kids of all ages.

It is an enjoyable trip for all ages, with old favorites and brand-new attractions.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for a luxurious hotel suite, Disneyland has something for everyone. From inexpensive hotel accommodations to iconic theme park meals, Disneyland has it all.

Taking a trip with your family this summer will be an experience you won’t forget.

Splash Mountain, Star Tours, and Space Mountain are just a few of the fantastic rides in Disneyland.

Some of your favorite cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse, can also be encountered.

It’s a location that will leave you feeling impressed.

Try renting a room at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels to make your trip more convenient.

Address: 1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA

Doheny State Beach

Doheny State Beach, Orange County, California
Doheny State Beach is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

If you live near a beach, you may imagine that the waves breaking on the sand or seeing the sunset over the ocean would become boring. 

However, this isn’t the case.

Orange County’s beaches are a whole other, breathtaking beach.

Doheny State Beach offers a unique opportunity for hands-on learning. This Orange County beach is a great place to learn about natural wildlife.

This is specifically about the native animals, which may be seen flying through the skies or submerged in the sea.

Dolphins, sea bream, and starfish may all be found underwater. The Egyptian geese and pelicans may be seen as well.

Even if you’ve never heard of Doheny State Park, it’s a great place to learn about conservation value.

We must treat animals with care if we hope to retain our lands and oceans brimming with life.

This a great place to spend the vacation with your family.

Address: 25300 Dana Point Harbor Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629, USA

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El Moro Canyon Loop Trail

El Moro Canyon Loop Trail, Orange County, California
El Moro Canyon Loop Trail is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

You’ll need a lot of energy drinks and sunscreen on El Moro Canyon Loop Trail!

An avid hiker should definitely check out El Moro Canyon Loop Trail.

El Moro is located near Laguna Beach, making it simple to navigate the area.

It’s not too tough to go around because it’s only five miles long.

You may either ride a horse or walk down this route.

Be sure you are prepared for the elements by wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, such as sturdy hiking shoes.

Bring a bottle of water and some sunblock. On the route, temperatures may rise, and there’s little to no cover.

Also, be on the lookout for rattlesnakes and mountain lions known to inhabit the region.

Beautiful views of the beach and wildflowers await you as you make your way through this scenic stroll.

Be sure to include this trail in your itinerary. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this spot.

Address: 8471 N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

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Fullerton Arboretum

Fullerton Arboretum, Orange County, California
Fullerton Arboretum is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Surround yourself with nature.

Fullerton Arboretum is a great spot to see trees and other plants in their natural habitat.

It is a 26-acre botanical park in Fullerton, California, and features various plant species from across the world.

In addition to being Orange County’s biggest botanical garden, the Arboretum is dedicated to conserving rare and endangered species.

You’ll be stumbling over every kind of plant you see.

In terms of endangered species, animals may be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, a wide variety of plants are in danger of disappearing from our world.

The Fullerton Arboretum provides a habitat for some of these species, which makes it significant.

The vast collection is divided into four separate areas: Cultivated, Woodlands, Mediterranean, and Desert, allowing visitors to explore at their leisure.

This is a great site to take a field trip if you’re into plants. There’s a rare fruit grove here and cycad and conifer collections.

People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to attend.

Address: 1900 Associated Rd, Fullerton, CA 92831, USA

Huntington City Beach

Huntington City Beach, Orange City, California
Huntington City Beach, Orange City, California / troy_williams / Flickr

Take your time off and catch some waves!

Huntington City Beach will surely be unforgettable if you are fond of surfing!

Among the most remarkable areas of attraction in Orange County, Huntington Beach is known as “Surf City USA,” and it is considered the most excellent beach.

A trip to Huntington City Beach is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

With fun activities, there is no limit, especially in the sun and waves. If you’re a surfer, you’ll be able to ride some incredible waves.

Beach volleyball is a popular activity here as well.

Visiting Huntington City Beach at night may be the best moment when the sun is about to set.

The Huntington Beach Pier may be found within this area. You’ll never forget the colors of the California sunset you saw from this vantage point.

A visit to this beach will surely be worth it, especially with your family.

Address: 315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Main Street & Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-5161, USA

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Knott’s Berry Farm

Visiting this place is much more than just a location to gather fruit.

Originally a tiny family farm, it has now grown into a central theme park, a Wild West ghost town, and a variety of interesting attractions.

Getting on attractions like the Timber Mountain Log Ride or the different thrill rides like Silver Bullet and Xcelerator are just a few of the exciting things to do at Knott’s Berry Farm.

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy, even if you aren’t a fan of rides.

You may visit a re-creation of a ghost town.

At Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, you’ll certainly find great food.

As soon as the gates open, you may be enjoying Knott’s Berry Farm until the sun sets.

That’s mainly due to the incredible variety and quality of the area’s attractions.

Knott’s Berry Farm is undoubtedly a destination you’ll want to visit California next time you visit.

Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

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Knott’s Soak City

Knott’s Soak City, Orange County, California
Knott’s Soak City is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

The Knott’s Soak City is one of the best things to do in California.

Prepare to get soaked! 

Knott’s Soak City will surely cool you down!

As a more relaxed alternative to Knott’s Berry Farm, Knott’s Soak City is a great place to visit when the weather is warm and you want to cool down in the water.

With the name “Knott’s Soak City,” images of water slides and other fun in the sun instantly come to mind.

They perform entirely on this front, providing you with some incredible water-based excitement.

Knott’s Soak City is one of the top things to do in Orange County.

Whether you choose to ride a water slide, dip in a wave pool, or relax in a cabana, Knott’s Soak City has something for everyone.

It’s uncommon to find a place where cooling off is as enjoyable as this.

Knott’s Soak City has more than ten different water slides that will thrill visitors of all ages.

There are semi-private cabanas available for rent if you prefer to relax by the pool.

Up to eight people can be accommodated in each cabana, which also has additional facilities.

Knott’s Berry Farm is right across the street from Soak City, so you can easily enjoy both attractions on the same day.

Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

Marine Room Tavern

Marine Room Tavern, Orange County, California
Marine Room Tavern is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Make sure the kids are asleep, tiptoe your way out the door, and grab a drink in Marine Room Tavern!

In 1934, the Marine Room Tavern originally opened its doors to Ocean Avenue’s residents and visitors.

The pub has been a neighborhood hangout for 84 years. It holds the second-oldest liquor license in Orange County, as well as one of only four Class 48 (Alcohol Only) permits in Laguna.

The Marine Room Tavern in Orange County is among the greatest spots to have a beer.

In addition to a terrific bar menu, the venue hosts a wide range of interesting activities.

You should be able to feel at home here thanks to the inviting lighting and beautiful furniture.

Take a sip of one of your preferred beverages and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Watching a live band perform in a small venue has a certain charm all its own.

The Marine Room Tavern’s specialty is live music.

Every night, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear something truly amazing.

Address: 214 Ocean Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

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Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California
Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

The Mission San Juan Capistrano is one of the best places to visit in California.

Visit Mission San Juan Capistrano to express your spirituality or simply your appreciation of its architectural beauty!

On October 30, 1775, Father Lasuen founded the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California. Since then, it has been a destination of culture, history, and religious significance.

To that end, the mission has been an important source of inspiration and learning for the people of California for more than a century.

Art displays and conservation, cinematography and photography, and high-profile events and gatherings have taken place at the mission recently.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or not; the Mission San Juan Capistrano offers something for everyone.

There are guided and self-guided tours available.

In addition, there is some artwork on display.

Hosting them at this mission is an excellent option to make your important occasions even more memorable.

It’s nice to just stand there and take in the historical architecture and the clear blue sky surrounding this Orange County mission.

Address: 26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

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OC Brewery Tours

OC Brewery Tours, Orange County, California
OC Brewery Tours is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Try to stay sober during the tour in OC Brewery Tours!

There are several luxury excursions offered by Pacific Entertainment Network, including OC Brewery Tours.

OC Brewery Tours makes it easier to visit breweries in a variety of Orange County areas by providing simple bundles and services.

When you arrange a tour with OC Brewery Tours, you’ll receive round-trip transit from your home or office and back at the end of the trip.

Customers may choose from a variety of tour options, ranging from basic to all-inclusive, to meet their specific demands.

With OC Brewery Tours, you don’t have to choose between breweries at all.

Two to three breweries can be visited on a single trip.

Beachwood Brewing, Lost Winds, and All American Ale Works are among the stops on these trips.

A weekend trip is the best time to sample the region’s brews as well as its history and traditions.

Address: Costa Mesa, California

Old Courthouse Museum

Old Courthouse Museum, Orange County, California
Old Courthouse Museum is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Catch a glimpse of Orange County’s history and discover how it came to be!

The Old Courthouse Museum will let you do just that.

At California’s most historic courthouse, you’ll be able to explore exhibits that highlight exactly how much has transpired in Orange County and across the state.

Old Orange County Courthouse is Southern California’s oldest courtroom and has witnessed most of those events that have helped form Orange County today.

Since its construction in 1901, this granite and sandstone structure has served as the county’s administrative headquarters.

In the early 1900s, the 30,000 square-foot structure looked a lot like it does now, restored to its original appearance.

There are government buildings and the Orange County History Center (including the Old Courthouse Museum and the Orange County Archives).

The structure has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a California Historical Landmark by the State of California.

This is definitely a must-visit if you’re around Orange County!

Address: 211 W Santa Ana Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA

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Orange County Great Park

Orange County Great Park, Orange County, California
Orange County Great Park is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Got kids?

The Orange County Great Park is the place you’re looking for!

It is a 1,300-acre park located in Irvine, California, that serves as a hub for the arts, activities, and entertainment.

Orange County Great Park is unquestionably among the best as one of California’s most beautiful parks.

There are so many things to do here that you may question whether there is a place back home that even comes close.

Farmer’s market, an amusement park, and a sports and fitness complex are just a few of the numerous things to do in the area.

For those who want to view the world differently, the Great Park Balloon attraction provides a 400-foot-high balloon ride.

Orange County Great Park has something for everyone with various events and activities.

The park’s basic parts are open every day, but certain of the park’s particular amenities are only available for a limited amount of time each day.

Address: 8000 Great Park Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

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Orange County Zoo

Orange County Zoo, Orange City California
Orange County Zoo, Orange City, California / Rian Castillo / Flickr

If you love animals, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Orange County Zoo!

The Orange County Zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals, plants, and other wildlife that can only be found in the American southwest.

Many of the animals in their care were rescued from situations in which they had been neglected or severely harmed.

Their new home at the Orange County Zoo shows them that people out there care for them.

Visitors may see bald eagles, mountain lions, ocelots, and porcupines in the zoo.

With the help of an expert guide, visitors may learn about the park’s various animals and the region’s local species while touring the zoo.

Hands-on activities for toddlers and young children are also available, along with bird-related educational events and storytimes under the oak trees.

Families may participate in the zoo’s barnyard, where they can feed the animals.

This zoo is a wonderful place to spend time with your family.

Address: 1 Irvine Park Rd, Orange, CA 92869, USA

Pageant of the Masters

Pageant of the Masters, Orange County, California
Pageant of the Masters is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

Don’t even think about blinking! 

In the Pageant of Masters, every moment is stunning!

John Hinchman, a local artist, organized the first Laguna Festival of the Arts, running from August 13-20, 1932.

It wasn’t until 1933 that the Pageant made its debut in front of an audience. As a result, the two events have been held every summer since.

The Festival took place in El Paseo, next to the Hotel Laguna. The festival was hosted in many different places for the next seven years.

Art is celebrated in one of the most spectacular ways possible at OC’s Pageant of the Masters.

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you witness these artworks come alive.

The models’ poses are so precise that it’s hard to tell if they’re real or not.

You’ll be delighted when you see it, not only because of the content but also because of the melody and narrative that accompany it.

Address: 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

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Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum, Orange County, California
Pretend City Children’s Museum is one of the best places to go in Orange County, California

See the future career of your kids at Pretend City Children’s Museum!

Kids may participate in informative and interactive exercises at Pretend City Children’s Museum!

In this way, children will learn how the world operates by immersing and improving their abilities in reading, math, collaboration & problem-solving.

There are a variety of imaginary play circumstances for children to engage in.

Your kiddies can play pretend cafés, banks, grocery shops, and job explorations such as architecture, medical professions, and agriculture.

Activities such as floating and sinking objects in the marina will teach youngsters about science in an educational and entertaining way.

Guests holding a membership pass can enter Pretend City for free daily.

This is one of the most excellent places to visit if you have kids.

It is one of the greatest destinations in the entire county to inspire your children.

A visit to the Pretend City Children’s Museum might highlight your vacation.

Address: 29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618, USA

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Salt Creek Beach Park

Salt Creek Beach Park, Orange city, California
Salt Creek Beach Park, Orange City, California / OCParks_CA / Flickr

Vibe with the tides in Salt Creek Beach Park!

Situated on the Pacific Coast Highway, Salt Creek Beach Park attracts many surfers each year.

A tiny offshore reef generates exceptional waves for surfing and other water sports.

Visitors to Salt Creek may swim, body surf, enjoy the tidepools, or relax on the beach’s sandy shoreline while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Catching waves here is a must if you’re in the area.

These waves off the coast of Orange County, California, may be the biggest you’ve ever seen.

Activities like swimming and boogie-boarding are enjoyable activities for those who aren’t interested in surfing.

You can get some sunshine if you’re not in the water.

You may also enjoy a picnic or play Frisbee with your friends.

Salt Creek Beach Park is a wonderful area to enjoy a day on the lake or in the sand.

A food stand is available in the summer months selling food, refreshments, and essential beach products like sunblock and blankets.

Address: 33333 Pacific Coast Hwy, Dana Point, CA 92629, USA

The Ranch

The Ranch, Orange City, California
The Ranch, Orange City, California / Bonnie Moreland / Flickr

Suit up, fix your tie, and dine in at The Ranch!

As part of the Extron Electronics headquarters in South Anaheim, The Ranch serves up exquisite food and country music at The Ranch Saloon, located directly across the street.

One of the best restaurants in Orange County, The Ranch offers more than simply a terrific place to dine.

To get an authentic experience of Western America, this is a good place. 

Sophisticated dark woods, leather banquettes, and a granite bar top adorn the dining room’s central area.

On the sixth story of the Ranch, there is a luxurious private dining area and an event facility.

They are famous for their top-notch steaks, seafood, poultry, and fresh veggies, all of which come from their own organic farm.

There are 14,000 bottles of world-class wine in their amazing wine vault!

The dining experience here will surely satisfy you!

Address: 1025 E Ball Rd #101A, Anaheim, CA 92805, USA

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Orange County, California
Animal Shelters in Orange County, California

Help the local community by volunteering at animal shelters. Animal shelters are essential to our communities because they work tirelessly to reconnect lost pets with their owners, provide protection to those in need, and find new homes for homeless and abandoned animals.

Contributing to the fight against pet overpopulation, neglect, and abuse through volunteer work is a great way to make a difference.

The holidays are an amazing time of year to stop and think of those less fortunate than us. Animals are often forgotten, but assisting can greatly impact your community. When you get into the giving spirit this year, consider including local animal welfare organizations on your list! Happy howl-idays!

Check out the list of animal shelters in Orange County, California, where you can help animals in need. Lend a helping hand today!

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