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Discover Lyon, France, on your next vacation! Explore the top activities to do and sights to see in Lyon, France, to make the most of your time there. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Lyon, France, and the best places to visit in Lyon, France, below. Wondrous Drifter is an ambitious Web 3.0 travel startup with the potential to revolutionize the market.

Aquarium de Lyon

Aquarium de Lyon Lyon, France
Aquarium de Lyon Lyon, France / Jeanne Menjoulet / Flickr

Explore a spectacular underwater world in the Aquarium de Lyon!

More than 5,000 fish and 300 distinct marine species can be found at the Aquarium de Lyon.

The facility has approximately 50 tanks with more than 1,000,000 liters. Sharks and rays live in giant tanks. 

It is always a delight to see the shark pits during a trip. There will be a variety of shark species on show, including baby sharks from Australia.

Get up close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating fishes, from piranhas and catfish to leopard moray eels.

Eat a delectable snack while learning about the fish’s reproduction, geography, and other aspects of their lives in various educational displays.

Guests can purchase bilingual guides for a bit fee at the reception desk.

In addition, captive breeding initiatives are also established by the Aquarium.

Family-friendly attractions await visitors of all ages at this location.

The Aquarium de Lyon is a must-see for those who enjoy the underwater exploration!

Address: 7 Rue Stéphane Dechant, 69350 La Mulatière, France

Bouchons de Lyon

Bouchons de Lyon Lyon, France
Bouchons de Lyon Lyon, France / Jean-Marc ALBERT / Flickr

Why not treat yourself to a delicious meal at Bouchons de Lyon after a long day of sightseeing?

Lyon, the world’s gourmet capital and the home of well-known chef Paul Bocuse, has a lot to offer when it comes to food.

You will never get hungry because of the variety of options. 

Anyone looking for an authentic experience of Lyon’s culinary traditions can go to Bouchon, which specializes in local delicacies.

A typical Bouchon has an attractive environment, with hardwood tables and a welcoming family feel.

Sausage and liver are among the meat-heavy dishes served at this restaurant, which may be odd compared to other restaurants’ menus.

The owner stops by to say “Hello” to everyone who comes in and asks how everything is going. 

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Take a break from your diet and indulge in some of France’s most refined cuisine! Enjoy! 

Address: The majority of the city’s Bouchons Lyonnais may be found in the Old Town, La Croix-Rousse and la Presqu’ile 

Golden stones Beaujolais Wine Tour with Tastings from Lyon

Golden stones Beaujolais Wine Tour with Tastings from Lyon, Lyon, France
Golden stones Beaujolais Wine Tour is one of the best places to go in Lyon, France

Working from nine to wine!

The lush vineyards surrounding the city are widely considered to produce some of France’s best wines.

However, knowing where to find the best of them necessitates local expertise. 

Enjoy a day away from the city’s noise by taking this tour.

An air-conditioned minivan trip with a knowledgeable guide takes you through the famous wine valley of Southern Beaujolais. 

Find out more about the area’s attractions, including various unique golden stone villages. 

Wine tasting, a professional tourist guide, and transportation are all included in the package.

Make the most of your wine tasting experience in a lovely and scenic place. 

On top of all that, you’ll get a chance to immerse yourself in discovering more wines, gain insight into French winemaking and uncover some intriguing wine facts along the way.

Sip, Sip, Hooray! Cheers to good wine here in Southern Beaujolais! Take a tour now.

Address: A little area in France just south of Burgundy

Institut Lumière

Institut Lumière Lyon, France
Institut Lumière Lyon, France / Jean-Pierre Dalbéra / Flickr

Cinephiles should not miss a trip to the Institut Lumière.

This made-up cinema and a museum are named after Auguste and Louis Lumière.

They are the ones who invented film in Lyon. The Institute’s cinema shows a wide range of cinema worldwide in its annual Festival Lumière.

Movies from the past are featured in this collection. 

There is a museum built in a spacious villa where the Lumières lived. Films are shown daily. 

In 1895, the Lumières brothers shot their colleagues, leaving the Lumièra factory, which many cinema historians regard as the first actual film.

You can even stand in the area where they shot it. 

It is open to the public on all four floors, with exhibits detailing Lumières’ contribution to film. 

This museum is worth visiting, considering that there is so much to explore in the history of the Lumières. 

Make sure this is part of your travel itinerary.

Address: 25 Rue du 1er Film, 69008 Lyon, France

La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière Lyon, France
La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière Lyon, France / Elliott Brown / Flickr

Whether you’re a religious person, an architect, an artist, or simply someone who appreciates heritage and beauty. This breathtaking location is highly recommended!

Pierre Bossan designed the Basilica, and Sainte-Marie Perrin displays Romanesque and Byzantine architecture components. These two non-Gothic models were uncommon at the time of their construction.

It was constructed between 1872 and 1884 entirely with private funds.

The site is a historical monument consecrated to Virgin Mary. It is a witness to the city’s long history of Christian influence. 

The massive facade, detailed sculpture, and stunning and exquisite detail contributed to an unforgettable experience.

On the top of the hill, there’s a beautiful chapel worth visiting. The trek up there is strenuous, but the view of the city from up there is unbeatable. 

Indeed, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and pilgrims in the area. 

It’s a worthwhile stop on the itinerary. Don’t forget to include this while making travel arrangements! 

Address: 8 Pl. de Fourvière, 69005 Lyon, France

La Croix-Rousse

La Croix-Rousse Lyon, France
La Croix-Rousse Lyon, France / sammydavisdog / Flickr

Find a few unique items manufactured right here in Lyon.

The Croix-Rousse slopes are a great place to get a sense of Lyon’s pulsating city life. This area has a rich history that has resulted in a unique cultural legacy that has been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This district used to be a busy place, with 30,000 Canuts (silk weavers), making the city a central European textile hub.

The streets of Rue du Romarin and Montee de la Grande-Cote are brimming with independent boutiques selling vintage clothes and decor and second-hand clothing and books.

No foodies are left out when there is such a wide selection of high-quality restaurants and cheesemakers to choose from around the area.

The Canuts’ strong personality is evident in this vibrant neighborhood, and you’re sure to fall in love with it.

Take a visit to La Croix-Rousse and have a good time!

Address: 69004 Lyon, France

La Fontaine Bartholdi

La Fontaine Bartholdi Lyon, France
La Fontaine Bartholdi Lyon, France / Frank Weber / Flickr

Take Instagram-friendly photos here and get tons of likes at Fontaine Bartholdi!

The Fontaine Bartholdi is one of the most impressive fountains in Lyon, France.

It is a work of a famous 19th-century French sculptor named Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the man behind the Statue of Liberty.

Metal and water are combined to create a stunning display of dynamic movement.

The statue depicts Garonne as a strong and capable woman who drives a chariot formed by four wild horses through a symbolic waterfall. 

Spending time together at La Fontaine Bartholdi with family or friends while enjoying a casual talk and stunning architecture is the perfect way to unwind.

Visit La Fontaine Bartholdi and experience the beautiful vibe for yourself!

Address: Pl. des Terreaux, 69001 Lyon, France

La Place Bellecour

La Place Bellecour Lyon, France
La Place Bellecour Lyon, France / Elliott Brown / Flickr

Visits to La Place Bellecour will highlight any trip to Lyon!

The central historic center of Lyon, La Place Bellecour, is adorned with notable statues and sculptures and has witnessed centuries of history.

UNESCO has designated this 15-acre site as a World Heritage Site, with its characteristic reddish sand. 

The area is a large plaza surrounded by lovely and ancient structures.

Because of its central location and easy access to practically everything in Lyon, the Bellecour is a popular choice for travelers.

Giant Ferris wheels are well-adorned, especially when it is an evening when it displays vibrant colors.

In addition, the end-of-year festivities at La Place Bellecour include free concerts. 

Take a stroll through the shops at the square, snap a few photos of an iconic statue of Louis XIV, take the metro, and catch a glimpse of the Fourviere Basilica, which towers over the city.

It may not be all that impressive during the day, but give it another go at night.

Nonetheless, this is a must-see attraction for those who plan to visit.

Ensure that this tour is part of your itinerary!

Address: Place, 69002 Lyon, France

Le Périscope

Le Périscope Lyon, France
Le Périscope Lyon, France / jean-daniel pauget / Flickr

Live music is unsurpassed in its enjoyment value. Find out more about this in Le Périscope!

Experiencing live music and getting down to the beats of the performers will stay with you forever.

It’s a different experience than just sitting at home and listening to music online.

When you listen to live music, your body releases stress-reducing chemicals naturally. It is indeed beneficial for all manner of people.

Concerts and other music-related activities allow you to experience a type of escapism that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Le Périscope, located in Lyon, France, is a place that hosts concerts featuring a wide range of genres from artists, an excellent place for gigs.

Visitors can also avail their favorite drink as they vibe with the music.

The primary objective of Le Périscope is to serve as a meeting point for various genres. It doesn’t matter if it’s classical, jazz, or improvisational music.

Looking for cutting-edge art forms, look no further than Le Périscope.

Address: 13 Rue Delandine, 69002 Lyon, France

Le Wagon Bar

Le Wagon Bar, Lyon, France
Le Wagon Bar is one of the best places to go in Lyon, France

Eat on the move! Take a journey through the city with this unique restaurant. An entirely new dining experience awaits you at Le Wagon Bar!

The WagonBar has been built into a double-decked grand touring bus.

The pantry, kitchen, toilet, and cloakroom are all located on the lower floor. 

There are 12 tables in the dining area, which is located on the upper floor.

It features an extensive glass roof and windows, so guests can take in the city lights and prominent buildings while eating a lavish dinner. 

It’s a welcome respite in a constantly changing setting.

Listen to some jazz music while enjoying the WagonBar team’s well-prepared cuisine that features fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Not only that, but they also offer a new menu each season.  

You won’t have to worry about glasses and bottles falling during the tour because everything has been meticulously organized. 

Check out Le Wagon Bar today for an unforgettable experience!

Address: 34 Pl. Bellecour, 69002 Lyon, France

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Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse

Les Halles de Lyon - Paul Bocus Lyon, France
Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse Lyon, France / Fred Romero / Flickr

Food lovers will surely appreciate this destination in Lyon, France. Discover one of the world’s best indoor markets!

Lyon’s first indoor food market, known as the “Presqu’ile,” opened in 1859 in a giant metal building on Place Cordeliers in the city’s heart.

After a century, Lyon decided to establish a new gastronomic market to show its dedication to food.

 Paul Bocuse, one of Lyon’s most acclaimed and well-known chefs, is the inspiration for the name of the Les Halles.

It’s a veritable gourmet amusement park for locals and visitors alike, thanks to the presence of more than 50 Lyon-based food and wine vendors inside. 

Locally made cheese, fresh bread, pâtisserie, charcuterie, fruits, and vegetables are just some of the regional products available at the market.

Families and couples alike can enjoy their time at Les Halles.

Make sure to arrive early and bring a phrasebook or a translation app if you plan to eat there.

Address: 102 cours la Fayette, 69003 Lyon France

Lyon Opera

Lyon Opera Lyon, France
Lyon Opera Lyon, France / Pierre Guinoiseau / Flickr

The world’s most fabulous lyrical theater is waiting for you! 

Whether you like classical opera, ballet, or jazz, you’ll find something to enjoy at Lyon Opera, located in the city’s central.

This place serves as a connection between the past and the present. 

It is a significant cultural landmark in the city. With its broad and engaging program of events, this theater will please people of all ages. 

There’s a horseshoe-shaped theater inside the Italian-style building.

The glass roof of the building quickly sets it apart from surrounding structures.

It is widely considered to be a triumph of modern and traditional design. 

If you want to have some drinks, they have this Le Peristyle, which offers Al Fresco dining, and it is a great way to spend warm summer nights.

They offer alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wines, and beers.

Visitors only have to pay for a drink to enjoy the terrace and the free jazz sessions. 

Plan your trip to Lyon Opera now!

Address: 1 Pl. de la Comédie, 69001 Lyon, France

Lyon Zoo

Lyon Zoo Lyon, France
Lyon Zoo Lyon, France / Elliott Brown / Flickr

Something exhilarating but not too much? Something that is both instructive and entertaining for the kids? Rest assured, a day at Lyon Zoo with your family will provide all of this and more! 

Lyon Zoo is an 8-hectare park located in the heart of the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

It’s a public zoo with about 400 animals, over half of which are engaged in European breeding projects, making it a popular tourist attraction. 

There are lions, monkeys, giraffes, flamingos, and other creatures to see, and plants, ponds, and other water features.

The zoo includes a lovely green place where visitors can explore their leisure.

Since the park is vast, you could spend an entire day there. It’s a peaceful haven in the city’s heart, and the fact that it’s free makes it even more appealing.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to unwind, connect with nature, and cultivate.

Visit and experience Lyon Zoo now! 

Address: Parc de la Tête d’Or, All. de l’Orangerie, 69006 Lyon, France

Mini World Lyon

Mini World Lyon Lyon, France
Mini World Lyon Lyon, France / schmitt.stelle / Flickr

Looking for some downtime? Mini World Lyon, a world of tiny things, awaits your visit!

Mini World Lyon is France’s largest park dedicated to animated miniatures. A place where the tiniest details are meticulously crafted. 

Both children and adults will enjoy it.

Once you visit the park, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world filled with thousands of dynamic scenes of life full of humor, hundreds of well-crafted cars circulating on their own, vast landscapes, a blaze of lights, and an abundance of exciting things to find!

The place is air-conditioned, and there is a parking area allotted for visitors. La Place, a restaurant inside the park, is open for free during park hours.

You may also see their 3D movie theater and temporary exhibitions with a ticket, like LEGO and Disney.

This is what you can expect to see and do at Mini World Lyon; don’t miss it!

Visit here, and you’ll be taken to the heart of a typical French village.

Address: Pôle du Carré de Soie, 3 Av. de Bohlen, 69120 Vaulx-en-Velin, France

Musée des Confluences

Musée des Confluences Lyon, France
Musée des Confluences Lyon, France / Albert Aguilera / Flickr

“It’s a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself.” Brad Pitt says, so, why not visit and experience Lyon’s Musée des Confluences?

The Musée des Confluences has been open to the public since 2014 as a natural science, social science, and civilization museum.

A kind of museum that encourages learning. Furthermore, its architectural design portrays a place of wonder, exploration, and knowledge sharing that is open to all. 

Exhibits at the museum bring together zoology, anthropology, and other subjects to allow visitors to experience the wonders of both human culture and the natural world. 

All of its exhibitions include information both in French and English, making them accessible to a diverse audience.

This type of museum merits a trip out of town only to see.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? It’s a rare chance to see the origins of humanity and life itself, so don’t miss it! 

Address: 86 Quai Perrache, 69002 Lyon, France

Parc de la Tête d’Or (Park of the Golden Head)

Parc de la Tête d'Or (Park of the Golden Head) Lyon, France
Parc de la Tête d’Or (Park of the Golden Head) Lyon, France / Ana Rey / Flickr

Take a stroll around one of France’s most famous urban parks! 

Do you find your week to be dreary? Enjoy some fresh air and nature at Parc de la Tête d’or. 

France’s largest urban park, with several family-friendly attractions such as a boating lake, a miniature railway, and several picnic places, is perfect for fun outdoor activities on sunny days.

The ambiance is very calm, and filled with greenery. It is a great way to find yourself and get away from the bustles of the city. 

Renting a bike is a fun way to explore the area.

However, if you’re not satisfied with that kind of stroll, why not rent a boat on the lake? Isn’t that great?

Visitors can enjoy the park, including the botanical garden and zoological park. It is open all year round, seven days a week.

So, grab a picnic and go to the park for the afternoon!

Address: 69006 Lyon, France

St. George’s District

St. George's District, Lyon, France
St. George’s District is one of the best places to go in Lyon, France

Find one of the best photo spots in Lyon!

With photography, you can freeze a specific moment in time. You can relive the memories by looking back at old photographs. 

The joy of seeing a place you haven’t been to in a long time through a picture is indescribable. 

Consider the best photo spot, St. George District, which is brimming with stunning scenery.

It is a perfect spot to show off your day’s outfit and take memorable photographs.

Saône-named for its location on the west bank of this river.

When taking pictures, the Fourvière Basilica will provide a stunning backdrop.

If you’re on a pedestrian bridge, walkway, or in front of a famous building, you can still find interesting perspectives.

The place gives an aesthetic vibe that everyone will love, indeed an Instagram-worthy spot.

Get ready to say cheese as you visit St. George’s District!

Address: 69005, Lyon, France

Take a French cooking class.

Take a French cooking class Lyon, France
Quenelle de brochet Lyon, France / Jean-Marc ALBERT / Flickr

Learn how to cook a French meal like a pro and impress your friends! – Consider enrolling in a cooking class in France

In the minds of many, French cuisine is reserved for the most affluent diners and the most exclusive chefs.

Taking French culinary classes is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your culinary abilities and learn and appreciate the art of food and drinks.

Lyon City Center is a 10-minute drive from Délicieusement Vôtre cookery school.

It’s equipped with air-conditioning and can hold up to 20 people.

This hands-on cooking session will prepare a delicious meal from scratch, from an appetizer to the main course to dessert.

Aside from Délicieusement Vôtre, Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen offers seasonal market lessons and classic French cuisine.

At the same time, L’Atelier Gourmand de Lyon is considered an excellent choice for anyone interested in cooking.

There are many options for culinary workshops in Lyon, France.

Enroll now and have fun while you’re at it!

Address: Lyon, France

Vieux Lyon 

Vieux Lyon, France
Vieux Lyon, France / Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

Go on a game of hiding and seek around Lyon’s historic passageways!

Vieux Lyon is a mysterious district between Fourvière hill and the Saône river.

Thanks to secret hallways, people could move from one street to the next without ever leaving the premises.

Despite their simple exteriors, visitors are stunned when they open the doors and peek inside.

The historic traboules (secret passageways), numerous restaurants, and the beautiful Renaissance architecture in Vieux Lyon are just a few reasons why visitors should spend some time there. 

A beautiful place to stroll and take pictures. Feel the nostalgic vibes here in Vieux Lyon!

Address: Lyon, France

Villa Maïa

Villa Maïa, Lyon, France
Villa Maïa is one of the best places to go in Lyon, France

In search of a luxurious and comfortable place to stay? No worries! Villa Maïa, a member of the world’s leading hotels, has you covered!

The hotel caters to those who want to unwind while on vacation by providing shelter, food, and refreshment.

It is located on the outskirts of Lyon and offers breathtaking views of the city. 

It is easily accessible to anyone since it is located near the city center and its major monuments.

The hotel is a high-end facility that caters to everyone’s needs!

The hotel’s many services are a heated indoor pool, a steam room, a spa bath, a fitness facility, parking, complimentary refreshments upon arrival, a Michelin-starred restaurant, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, and 24-hour room service.

They also offer pet-friendly amenities, which inspire their brand loyalty. 

Enjoy your much-needed break, make new memories at Lyon, France and book your stay at Villa Maïa!

You haven’t made up your mind to go to Lyon, France, yet, have you? Visit reasons to visit Lyon, France, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 8 Rue Pierre Marion, 69005 Lyon, France

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