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Where should you go for the holidays? Try Amiens, France. For the best things to do in Amiens, France, and the coolest places to visit in Amiens, France. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Amiens, France. Wondrous Drifter is an ambitious Web 3.0 travel startup with the potential to revolutionize the market.

Battlefields of Somme and the WWI Remembrance Trail

Battlefields of Somme and the WWI Remembrance Trail, Amiens, France
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Visit a site of combat during WW1.

Amiens is a beautiful starting point for touring the Remembrance Circuit, a circuit of WWI memorial monuments.

The 25-kilometer trail connects Albert and Péronne and includes various memorials and museums.

Although the Vallée de la Somme is now calm countryside, it was the site of WWI combat. Visitors can still find shell holes and trenches throughout the country.

It is wise to start a trip to the Remembrance Circuit in Albert, 30 kilometers from Amiens.

The Musée Somme 1916 is located in Albert and is housed in a 13th-century underground tube that served as an air-raid bomb shelter during World War I.

This moving exhibit explains the historical context of WWI.

It gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of troops fighting in the trenches during the Battle of the Somme.

Furthermore, the Remembrance Circuit begins in Albert. It ends in Péronne, roughly 50 kilometers away and less than an hour’s drive from Amiens.

The Historial de la Grande Guerre (Museum of the Great War), Péronne’s most popular attraction, houses extensive artifacts in a sleek modern facility.

All in all, the museum gives visitors an overview of WWI history, records trench fighting in detail, and showcases unique WWI artifacts.

Pay a visit to the Battlefields of Somme now.

Address: ​​Somme River, north-central Somme and south-eastern Pas-de-Calais Départements, France

Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral
Amiens Cathedral / Fred Romero / Flickr

A High-Gothic architectural masterpiece.

It’s no surprise that the structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it combines so many elements to create one of the world’s great cathedrals.

The fast construction period (between 1220 and 1288) for a medieval cathedral reveals the remarkable cohesion of the design.

Amiens’ beautiful cathedral created such an impression when it was completed that it influenced plans for a comparable structure in Germany. It is now considered the most amazing of all the monuments in Cologne.

Its gothic sculptures on the western facade and southern gateway may take your breath away even before entering.

The facade of Amiens’ cathedral is noteworthy, with three ornately carved entrances inspired by the westmost face of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Moreover, the doors are adorned with 750 statues, including New and Old Testament apostles, prophets, and a depiction of Christ in a benediction posture.

Also, you’ll be able to see the Last Judgment that is shown at the tympanum.

Overall, you can attend the Amiens’ “Son et Lumière” concerts that give off colorful lights during summer evenings.

View this beautiful architectural masterpiece now.

Address: 30 Place Notre Dame, 80000 Amiens, France

Cimetière de la Madeleine

Cimetière de la Madeleine
Cimetière de la Madeleine / arnaud MAILLARD / Flickr

Visit the final resting place of the famous author, Jules Verne.

In 1776, Louis XVI issued an ordinance requiring the removal of graves outside city gates for grounds of hygiene and to prevent epidemics from spreading.

On July 13, 1817, the Madeleine cemetery was dedicated. It quickly became the burial ground for Amiens’ great families, who constructed mausoleums to commemorate their forefathers.

One of the attractions of this 19th-century cemetery on the city’s outskirts is the resting place of Jules Verne.

But it isn’t the only reason to visit; the graveyard is set in 18 hectares of hilly woods.

Also, it is marketed to the public as a peaceful and leafy spot to learn about Amiens’ wealth in the 1800s.

Visitors can find many beautiful graves and funeral statues belonging to merchants and other wealthy families, some of which have been eroded over 150 years.

Verne’s memorial, which includes the Albert Roze sculpture, has been repaired and now appears brand new, serving as a concrete embodiment of his enduring legacy.

Learn more about Amiens’ wealthy history now at Cimetière de la Madeleine.

Address: 474 Rue Saint-Maurice, 80080 Amiens, France

Cirque Jules Verne

Cirque Jules Verne
Cirque Jules Verne / Fred Romero / Flickr

When all things fail, join the circus!

Amiens has a long history of circus arts, and the Cirque Jules Verne has entertained the public since 1889.

The National Center of Circus and Street Arts is Cirque Jules Verne or also known in French as Pôle National Cirque et Arts de la Rue, which Jules Verne himself inaugurated.

Cirque Jules Verne, formerly known as Cirque municipal d’Amiens, was erected in wood and then stone and is one of Amien’s most significant art and culture sites.

The grand pavilion, which yet has the essence of a circus tent, was imagined and brought to life by architect Emile Ricquier.

The complex contains a circus auditorium and an Ecole de Cirque (Circus School) that educates hundreds of circus pupils.

In act, the circus auditorium seats 3,000 people while maintaining a warm, intimate environment.

Make sure to attend a showing at Cirque Jules Verne is high on the list of things to do in Amiens for many tourists. 

Circus activities such as juggling, acrobatics, and clowns are featured, and with musical, dance, and theater performances.

Every year, a new season of shows is released, and they are always fantastic, inspiring, and full of surprises.

Live out your circus performer fantasies now and visit Cirque Jules Verne.

Address: Place Longueville, Amiens, France

Cité Souterraine de Naours

Cité Souterraine de Naours, Amiens, France
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Learn the history of an underground city stretching back centuries.

Naours, about 20 minutes north of Amiens, is a sophisticated network of limestone tunnels where the people have sought safety for more than a millennium.

The tunnels were started in the year 800. They would be needed on and off for the rest of the country’s history because of the numerous invasions and conflicts that devastated this heavily fought-over territory.

The Picardy plateau’s limestone was dug out to create refuges.

These hideaways were known as “muches” (hiding places in the Picard language).

The ones at Naours, uncovered around the century, are the biggest: combined, all of the underground rooms can accommodate about 2,600 inhabitants as well as livestock. Around 300 rooms, squares for the public, wells, tables, chimneys, and also a chapel make up the layout.

During World War I, The British troops needed these underground chambers.

During World War II, they were used by German troops as an HQ. There are also traditional trade exhibitions.

In the park, there are games and two 18th-century windmills.

Wander around this maze full of history in its walls now.

Address: 5 Rue des Carrières, 80260 Naours, France

Christmas Market

Christmas Market
Christmas Market / XTRAICE Synthetic Ice Rinks / Flickr

Say Joyeux Noel from Amiens!

One of the things the city is known for is its Christmas Market.

Then, Amiens’ town center transforms into a winter wonderland from November to December!

Santa’s little elves are busy working in the 130 chalets that dot the central commercial districts! Some are from France, while others have traveled from Canada, India, and other far-flung locations.

There’s an extensive selection of handmade crafts, and unique Christmas presents for sale!

Come see Father Christmas, ride the merry-go-rounds, ice skate on the rinks, and eat waffles and chocolate pancakes. The little ones will indeed have a blast!

Older ‘children’ might prefer a glass of mulled wine or locally brewed mulled beer, a delightful cheese, potato tartiflette, or other delectable treats.

Tis’ the season to plan your next Christmas trip to Amiens now.

Address: 80000 Amiens, France

Les Hortillonnages

Les Hortillonnages, Amiens, France
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A spectacular oasis of canals and flowery islands in the city’s heart.

The Les Hortillonnages gardens are a definite must-visit, which can only be reached by boat, and will delight visitors.

Between the Avre and Somme rivers, Amiens has 65 kilometers of canals, and Les Hortillonnages is 300 hectars and is located in this unusual location made up of swampy islands.

The fertile marsh gardens look like they’re floating in the water because they are scattered within the canals.

These floating gardens have been tended by “hortillons” (gardeners) ever since the Middle Ages. They transported fresh vegetables and fruit to sell on unique boats (barques à cornet).

The barques à cornet are shaped like Venetian gondolas, allowing for floating without damaging the banks.

From April to October, guided boat tours of Les Hortillonnages’ canals are provided for those interested. You can also rent a boat or kayak (for a day or half a day) and go at your own leisure.

The Marché Sur l’Eau Traditionnel recreates a 19th-century aquatic market on the third Sunday in June.

The Maison de la Culture d’Amiens provides cultural activities and tours for the Festival des Hortillonnages or “Festival Art, Villes et Paysage” on weekends from the end of May (or early June) until mid-October, including events like circus acts, music concerts, and poetry plays.

Plan a trip to Les Hortillonnages for sights worth remembering.

Address: 54 Bd de Beauvillé, 80000 Amiens, France

Lucheux Castle

Lucheux Castle, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

Wander back into the Middle Ages when you visit this magnificent castle. 

A day trip to the old city of Lucheux, only 37 kilometers away (about a 45-minute drive), is worthwhile. 

Lucheux Castle, also known as Château de Lucheux, is located in France’s Somme region, in the same name.

Hugh II, Count of Saint-Pol, constructed Lucheux Castle in 1120 using methods learned during his crusades. It was one of the most important fortresses in the region, located on the boundary between Artois and Picardy. During the Middle Ages, it grew even more.

The castle’s heyday was in the 17th century, as the Counts of Saint-Pol rose to prominence within the court during the reign of Saint-Louis.

Counts’ hospitality and hunting delights have drawn many kings to Lucheux.

The city is rich in history, with three notable medieval monuments: a 12th to 13th-century château fortified with magnificent towers and ramparts, a Romanesque cathedral with superb 12th-century capitals, and a UNESCO-listed 13th-century belfry.

Plan a trip to this beautiful castle now on your next trip to Amiens.

Address: 80600 Lucheux, France

Maison de Jules Verne

Maison de Jules Verne / Claudia Schillinger / Flickr
Maison de Jules Verne / Claudia Schillinger / Flickr

Take a peek into the splendid home of Jules Verne.

In 1882, Mr. and Mrs. Verne moved into the famed Maison de la Tour.

This mansion represented social prosperity in the new Henriville suburb, a bourgeois district south of Amiens that had just recently been created. 

Then, the old city walls had been replaced by the railway, and Amiens was experiencing an unprecedented wave of modernity.

Because the author’s house was located next door, Jules Verne could see the railway lines from his window, which was said to remind him of his youth in Paris.

When you enter through the door, you’ll be transported to the nineteenth century, a time of palpable romanticism.

The magnificent glass and iron canopy, encircled by lovely mosaics, provides a view of the winter garden, which was “in style.”

Up until 1900, Jules and Honorine lived in this massive house for 18 years. Every room is now dedicated to the writer’s life.

You can see objects and documents belonging to Jules Verne, his family, and friends as you move from room to room.

Experience walking through the halls of the place Mr. Verne called home.

Address: 2 Rue Charles Dubois, 80000 Amiens, France


Marie-sans-Chemise / Fred Romero / Flickr

Imagine a statue causing a scandal.

In 1888, the mayor of Amiens, Louis Dewailly, decided to build a clock in the railway station area. The rococo-style iron column was constructed. 

A bronze statue of a woman was added a few years later by artist Albert Roze (the goddess of spring). She was completely naked. Amiens’ (shocked) citizens baptized her as “Marie Sans Chemise,” which became a place where lovers could meet up.

Jules Verne’s tomb at Amiens, France, has a sculpture by Roze as well that you should definitely see.

There is an exquisite clock that is inspired by the Rococo art at Marie-sans-Chemise that architect Émile Ricquier designed. 

Moreover, the gorgeous clock was lost during WWII, but a replica was installed in 2000.

The world-famous and beautiful Cathedral of Amiens, France’s largest gothic cathedral, may be seen in the backdrop of the famous clock.

Don’t forget to check out this “scandalous” statue on your next visit to Amiens. 

Address: 9-11 Rue des Sergents, 80000 Amiens, France

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Musée de Picardie

Musée de Picardie
Musée de Picardie / William Marnoch / Flickr

Check out one of the best provincial museums in France!

The museum was created in 1802 as the musée Napoléon (the year of the Treaty of Amiens).

However, between 1855 and 1867, the museum building was purpose-built as a regional museum (one of France’s first such facilities).

Henri Parent and Arthur-Stanislas Diet designed the building in the Second Empire style.

It was established thanks to the Société des Antiquaires de Picardie’s efforts to provide the city with a home for the society’s decades-long collections.

Some displays educate you more about Picardy’s prehistoric past and the customary rich collection of paintings from the 1400s to the 1900s.

Paleolithic handaxes, pottery from the Neolithic era, and Bronze Age weapons have all been discovered nearby.

Moreover, the art collection is as amazing as you’d expect, with works by Camille Corot, El Greco, Jacob Jordaens, Courbet, and Anthony van Dyck to name a few.

What are you waiting for? See the beautiful art on display at the Musée de Picardie now.

Address: 2 Rue Puvis de Chavannes, 80000 Amiens, France

Musée Lombart

Musée Lombart, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

Take a trip to this museum housed in a majestic building.

Stop in Doullens, a few steps from Naours, for this fascinating museum constructed by Jules François Lombart, which is a chocolate confectioner from the 19th century.

On June 28, 1908, the Lombart Museum opened its doors to the public.

Also, in the year 1908, the Minister of Agriculture, as well as other Parisian authorities, attended the opening of the attractions, which included a purpose-built stadium.

Jean Siméon Chardin, Charles-François Daubigny, and Camille Corot’s paintings were on display and they are renowed French Class artists.

Moreover, the museum has a few unusual collections, from samurai armor and ancient weapons to Egyptian mummies from the 18th Dynasty, which are incredibly entertaining.

Visitors can view a superb collection of paintings from the French school from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, completely renovated in 2007.

Year-round, the cathedral is full of exciting exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, including displays of ethnographic and archaeological artifacts.

When you come to Amiens, don’t forget to visit the Musée Lombart.

Address: 7 Rue du Musée, 80600 Doullens, France

Noye Valley

Noye Valley, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

Have the chance to cycle through this picturesque valley.

Because the river valley is a natural pathway for trade and invading armies, its central city is a commercial hub and has seen numerous crucial fights. Since the Middle Ages, it has also been a center of the textile weaving industry. Amiens, the ancient capital of Picardy, is currently the French department of Somme’s capital.

If you have your own bike or want to rent one, the tourist office in Amiens can help you plan some fun day trips.

A 31-kilometer marked trail in the idyllic settings of the Noye River, southeast of Amiens, is one example.

You’ll pass through villages like La Faloirse and Sourdon, which have classic houses and sites steeped in local legend.

In the summer, pedalos and crazy golf are available on the lake in Berny-sur-Noye, which has a UNESCO-listed church.

Meanwhile, there are the ghostly remnants of an old fortress.

See beautiful sights as you cycle through this beautiful place now.

Address: Noye Valley, France 

Parc de Samara

Parc de Samara, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

This massive Prehistoric park spans 600,000 years of human existence.

This educational site situated westward of the city offers a once-in-a-lifetime anthropological adventure.

You’ll learn about our distant ancestors’ lives and the progress of human technology, starting with Cro-Magnon Man and continuing through Roman times.

It’s also a very hands-on site, with workshops in huts where eager employees show ancient and prehistoric crafts.

These include smithing, pottery, wood carving, basket weaving, and even the fundamental ability to start a fire.

The park is 100 hectares in size and features a hedge maze influenced by the one seen at Amiens cathedral, as well as a greenhouse with Scandinavian reindeer.

Archaeology comes alive in Samara. Forget all you think you may know and have a great time learning about new fun things.

Children and elderly alike can assist the blacksmith and the potter, toss a javelin, learn how to produce fire, and cut flints, among other activities.

Visit this park now to learn more about the history of human existence.

Address: Rue d’Amiens, 80310 La Chaussée-Tirancourt, France

Parc Saint-Pierre

Parc Saint-Pierre, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

A lovely area in the middle of the city.

Everyone who lives in Amiens is familiar with this park! It’s a place to visit for locals and visitors alike.

Landscape architect Jacqueline Osty created a contemporary landscaped park that highlights the water and plant life in the valley.

There are walks, games, recreational activities, and pedalo rentals in the high season.

Come for a stroll, picnic, a pause, or just enjoy its green setting and walk around the towpath.

However, you can visit the hortillonnages from this 22-hectare park located between St Leu and St Pierre districts close to the town center, with views of the cathedral and Perret tower.

For younger children, it’s ideal for a family picnic, football game, biking, and swinging.

There’s plenty of room for walks, as well as many lakes with ducks and swans that would provide hours of entertainment to those who visit. 

Stroll through this beautiful park now, and there’s undoubtedly something to do for everyone. 

Address: 80000 Amiens, France


Saint-Leu / madras91 / Flickr

Not only Italy and the Netherlands have a beautiful canal cities.

In Amiens, everything happens in Saint-Leu. The neighborhood runs alongside the Quai Bélu.

It is lined with colorful boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and bars, echoing other canal cities such as Venice and Amsterdam.

The streets are lined with canals from the River Somme just a few steps from the cathedral.

You may spend a relaxing afternoon strolling along the canals, past painted historic buildings with waterwheels attached in the Middle Ages.

The streets of Rue du Don, Rue d’Engoulevent, and Rue du Pont Moinet are charming. However, the entire region is worth exploring.

This Amiens neighborhood was run-down for a long time, but thanks to the numerous students, there are now cafes, restaurants, stylish pubs, and a vibrant, youthful vibe.

Hortillons punt their way along the Somme in their “barques à cornet” (The Water Market) on the third Sunday in June to sell their flowers and vegetables from the dock in Saint-Leu.

Walk through this beautiful neighborhood now.

Address: Saint-Leu, France

Somme River Trips

Somme River Trips, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

All aboard!!!!

During the summer, guided canoe trips are available on the Somme.

A popular trip is in the river to go down from Ailly-sur-Somme to Picquigny for two hours, which is only a couple of minutes by vehicle from Amiens.

Check it out for a brief river excursion through lush scenery.

You can learn how to operate these boats in just a few minutes and then be the skipper for an hour, three hours, or the entire day!

The tranquility of the countryside will strike you as you travel. If you’re silent enough, the river’s creatures will appear.

Moreover, the banks are home to herons, deer, kingfishers, dragonflies, small grebes, and various amphibians.

Visit the Picardy coast to see the long, straight ship channel and one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

You can again escape the frenetic pace of life by choosing a much slower, gentler pace!

When you’re back on land in Picquigny, visit the medieval settlement: hike up to the ruins of the castle, which overlook the town and the lush valley surrounding it.

See the beautiful city of Amines from a different point of view through the water.

Address: Amiens, France 

The Théâtre de Marionnettes Chés Cabotans d’Amiens

The Théâtre de Marionnettes Chés Cabotans d'Amiens, Amiens, France
Image for illustration purposes only

“eat well, drink well and do nothing.”

Do you know who “Cabotan Lafleur” is? He’s a big grumbler and a bit of a dreamer! He is Amiens’ greatest hero! He defends the residents of Saint-Leu from the “chés Cadoreux” (the police).

They must keep an eye out! And it’s his famous line that’s stated above. 

Come see France’s favorite puppet and his best companion, “Tchot Blaise,” on their escapades. 

The Cabotans d’Amiens theatre is within a short distance of Notre Dame Cathedral.

In Amiens, you will find A rod and string puppet (‘cabotans’) theatre with miniature wooden and fabric actors, descendants of a two-century-old Amiens tradition, and a municipal collection of 204 puppets.

There will be performances for both young and old! Visit the exhibition. Ch’Lafleur, a dreamer and real moaner, and his buddy Tchiot Blaise, two figures from Amiens’ tradition.

In fact, they are staged in an authentic puppet theatre in the Saint-Leu neighborhood.

Additionally, a year-round play for all ages (from 5 years old) and a free exhibition to learn about the collection.

Experience seeing this centuries-old tradition when you visit Amiens now.

Address: 31 Rue Edouard David, 80000 Amiens, France

Tour Perret

Tour Perret
Tour Perret / Fred Romero / Flickr

It’s said to be France’s first skyscraper.

The Tower or Tour Perret at the gare or train station, which was entirely damaged by the 1944 bombings, symbolizes Amiens’ post-World War II reconstruction. 

The tower was completed in 1952 and bears the name of Auguste Perret.

The architect who designed it, a pioneer of modern design, was tasked with rebuilding Le Havre’s whole downtown area.

It is 110 meters tall and was formerly the highest skyscraper in Europe, visible from many kilometers away.

Also, the tower is initially vacant; nevertheless, contrary to Auguste Perret’s wishes, it is decided to create homes there, but it is not well received by the locals.

The Perret Tower was officially opened on July 24, 1960, after the interior furnishings were completed. The first residents arrived in 1962.

His work there has subsequently been recognized by UNESCO, and the tower in Amiens, despite being closed to the public for many years, warrants a closer inspection.

If the concrete building appears sparse during the day, it comes alive at night thanks to an LCD lighting system installed in 2005.

Visit this historic tower now on your next visit to Amiens.

Address: 13 Pl. Alphonse Fiquet, 80000 Amiens, France

Zoo d’Amiens

Zoo d'Amiens
Zoo d’Amiens / Olivier Duquesne / Flickr

A biodiversity-rich island.

In the Hauts-de-France region, the Amiens Zoo is a major tourist and cultural attraction.

It is home to almost 700 creatures, including the Sumatran tiger, which is one of the world’s most endangered species.

Every day, women and men rally in support of endangered ecosystem conservation, scientific research advancement, and public discovery of often surprise species.

Allow yourself to be amazed by this oasis of greenery and streams, where you will enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the five continents.

Since 2001, the zoo has been a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA), and it actively participates in the EAZA’s ex-situ initiatives (EEP).

Moreover, these projects aim to preserve a species’ genetic heritage in a sustainable and diversified manner.

If necessary, some of the animals produced by these operations can be released into the wild to help strengthen wild populations.

As a result, in the summer of 2020, the Amiens Zoo team assisted in reintroducing the Ural owl (Strix uralensis) into a Bavarian woodland by releasing youngsters born in the park.

When in Amiens, don’t forget to check out the Zoo d’Amiens.

Are you still on the fence about visiting Amiens, France? Hop over to why visit Amiens, France, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: All. du Zoo, 80000 Amiens, France

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