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In the process of making overseas trip arrangements? A trip to Grand Island, Nebraska, is something you should absolutely do. Check out our curated list of the best things to do in Grand Island, Nebraska and the best places to visit in Grand Island, Nebraska below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Conestoga Mall

Conestoga Mall, Grand Island, Nebraska
Conestoga Mall is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Visit the Conestoga Mall to have a premier and fun shopping destination that you can find in Grand Island, Nevada.

They built the Conestoga Mall back in 1978 near the King Street North of the city of Grand Island. The mall used to be owned by a Canadian estate company called Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc. 

It currently has more than 130 stores and provides other services to its customers. 

It has particular stores that you may be familiar with, like buying in the Best Buy, Imperial Palace, Anns Fabrics, and many other stores.

Every year, over 6.2 million visitors come to this mall to get a taste and experience everything this mall covers, all in one place.

Besides looking around the 130 stores this mall has to offer, the Conestoga Mall provides other things such as deals, gift cards, services, and giving hours and directions to help its customers.

Shopping at this mall is a great way to spend your time well.

Address: 3404 W 13th St, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

Eagle Scout Park

Eagle Scout Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Eagle Scout Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Come and enjoy the outdoors of Grand Island by going to Eagle Scout Park.

The Eagle Scout Park is a park with a 1.1-mile or 2,500-step route for visitors wanting to explore the park.

Eagle Scout Park is a popular area for people wanting to do outdoor activities like fishing, birding, and hiking so that you have something to do and possibly meet other people around the park. 

The loop trail at this park is over 1.8 kilometers, making it an easy route for anyone to take for about 19 minutes to finish.

The trail of this park is a beautiful sight to see every year.

Just be mindful of any motor vehicles passing by the eastern part of the trail, as part of the routes of the park consist of roadways and parking lots.

If you go near North Broadwell Avenue in the park, it has eight accessible spaces in the park’s parking lot. 

It’s time to enjoy the outdoors, so come now to Eagle Scout Park.

Address: 3050 N. Broadwell Ave. Grand Island, NE 68803

Fonner Park

Fonner Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Fonner Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Located in central Nebraska, Fonner Park is full of entertainment and where you can see epic horse racing.

The complex of Fonner Park is over 220 acres and has been a hub full of various activities taking place every year.

It is iconic for its live horse racing that lasts for 37 days on a race track of over five-eighths of a mile.

It is known for its tradition of hosting things during the springtime, like year-round events of concerts, sporting events, and more, and for its live horse racing.

Per season, the Fonner Par hosts events such as recreational shows, giveaways, family activities, and craft shows to highlight and provide something for its visitors to see.

Anyone planning to visit can go to the Heartland Events Center’s Ehiusen Arena in Fonner Park.

It showcases different entertainment tradeshows, concerts, sports, conventions, and annual athletic events.

It is a place worth a visit with lots to see.

Address: 700 E Stolley Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

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Grand Theater

Grand Theater Grand Island Nebraska
Grand Theater, Grand Island, Nebraska / Daniel Ramirez / Flickr

Are you looking for a place to watch your favorite or the latest movie at the cinema? 

Then you have to visit Grand Island’s Grand Theater to have a unique cinematic experience.

The Grand Theater is known as an absolute jewel in downtown Grand Island. 

It began as the Lydia movie house in the 300 blocks of Grand Island’s central downtown in 1920, showing silent films against stiff competition.

The theatre was soon purchased in 1930 by Harry Shiller and David Kaufman, who renamed the theater from Lydia to “The Grand.”

It had its share of struggles when the theater faced closure or rebuilding in the particular years it first started. 

But now, it is a vibrant and active theater that is even a volunteer and non-profit organization.

The theater boasts an old-style auditorium that is well-kept and has a retro feel with tasty popcorn and hardworking staff and volunteers. 

So come here to watch your favorite movie.

Address: 316 W 3rd St, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Heartland Public Shooting Park

Heartland Public Shooting Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Heartland Public Shooting Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

The Heartland Public Shooting Park is one of the best things to do in Nebraska.

Get your hands on some firearms practice at the Heartland Public Shooting Park.

Heartland Public Shooting Park is a place that provides a shooting experience for those wanting to wield an armed weapon.

The facility of this place has 400 acres along with light skeet ranges, traps, sporting clays, and five-stand ranges to accommodate anyone shooting in this shooting park.

They offer a full pistol and rifle range from a 25 to 600-yard distance place to shoot. 

Besides just holding a gun or rifle, the shooting park also provides an archery range for those wanting to try.

Many competitive and recreational activities are involved in the Heartland Public Shooting Park, like trap ranges, five-stand ranges, retriever training area, international bunker traps, and many other activities.

For anyone competitive, the shooting park has regional or national competitions for people to participate in. 

Then take your aim and challenge yourself at the Heartland Public Shooting Park.

Address: 6788 W Husker Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803, USA

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Hornady Manufacturing Factory Tour

Hornady Manufacturing Factory Tour, Grand Island, Nebraska
Hornady Manufacturing Factory Tour is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Check out the Hornady Manufacturing Factory Tour if you want to see and learn about the manufacturing process for making armed weapons.

Hornady Manufacturing is a company known to have made some of the best ammunition and equipment available for purchase.

It emphasizes high-quality products while demonstrating Nebraska’s dedication to worker safety and hospitality in producing these products.

Hornady Manufacturing provides factory tours that include their manufacturing plant for their bullets for any visitor wanting to visit.

Among the top-notch things to see in Hornady Manufacturing, check out their bullet manufacturing and engineers, one of their most popular things to visit. 

There is even a routine of having a test firing range to give a quality control test per batch. The company tries not to allow a blemish or sub-par product to have fine quality control.

It is a unique place to visit to see how they make some of the finest weaponry.

Address: 3625 W Old Potash Hwy, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

Island Oasis Water Park

Island Oasis Water Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Island Oasis Water Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

What are your plans to do in the city of Grand Island? 

If not, you can come to have a water experience by visiting the Island Oasis Water Park during the summer.

This water park is full of family fun spots with its six-acre facility near the northwest town of the city; many residents and tourists come and have fun in the water and under the sun each year. 

The Island Oasis has many rides to enjoy. It has speed slides over 300 feet long and six stories high. 

If you want to stay lazy and cozy, you can go to the Lazy River.

If you have children along, they can enjoy the aquatic environment that is safe with otter slides and fountains for them to enjoy.

Besides relaxing and riding in the water parks, visitors can do recreational activities like playing beach volleyball, getting snacks, playing sandcastles, and other recreational activities.

So enjoy the summer at the Island Oasis Water Park.

 Address: 321 E Fonner Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Jackrabbit Run Golf Course

Jackrabbit Run Golf Course, Grand Island, Nebraska
Jackrabbit Run Golf Course is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Are you looking for a place to play some golf?

If you are, the Jackrabbit Run Golf Course is the place to play on Grand Island. 

It is a golfing destination with a golf course of 18 holes. 

The Jackrabbit Run Golf Course is in an open field with expansive greenery for people of any level to play. 

They built the Jackrabbit Run Golf Course with a 72-championship setup and golfing facility over 6,700 years. 

This 18-hole golf course in Grand Island is famous for hosting junior camps, golf outings, and leagues for anyone of any age to play.

To better accommodate its guests, the Jackrabbit Run Golf Course has additional amenities, such as offering golf lessons, club fittings, and even a new dining menu for its players to feast on, served by the friendly staff of the Jackrabbit Run. 

Among the best spot to play golf in Grand Island has to be this golfing course.

Address: 2800 N Shady Bend Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States 

L.E. Ray Dog Park

L.E. Ray Dog Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
L.E. Ray Dog Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Those who love animals may visit the L.E. Ray Dog Park to watch residents and their pets having fun in the sunshine.

This park is known to be pet-friendly and medium-sized for people to enjoy the outdoors with their pets. 

As a park on Great Island, it has free entry and parking, with a lot of parking for anyone planning to visit. 

Any dog brought to this park can go off-leash with two areas for big and small dogs.

Some of the amenities of this park involve trails, swimming areas, picnic tables, and even an agility course to bring your dog. 

There are other amenities that people can use in the park besides just the dogs, like disc golf, trails, a playground, restrooms, and areas for walking and fishing.

It is open every day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for anyone planning to visit.

So take the opportunity to either bring your dog or look around at L.E. Ray Dog Park.

Address: 3315 S Blaine St, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Moonlight Ridge Vineyard

Moonlight Ridge Vineyard, Grand Island, Nebraska
Moonlight Ridge Vineyard is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

The Moonlight Ridge Vineyard is one of the top attractions in Nebraska.

Do you want to taste some of the finest vineyards that make great wines?

Then come to the Moon Ridge Vineyard, which will immerse you in their many selections of wine.

The Moon Ridge Vineyard is known to be a family-owned business over a six-acre vineyard.

It started in 1998, owned by the Placke family, with a growing passion for loving vineyards so much that they wanted to bring it to their home in Nebraska.

They had their ups and downs until they finally bought land in an auction and eventually made it to the Moodlight Ridge it is today.

It has a tasting room for drinking wine in a cathedral ceiling with a unique design, glass tabletops, an expansive deck, hardwood floors, and a 15-foot tall stone fireplace. 

If you want to sit and relax in the Moon Ridge Vineyard, go to their outdoor pavilion, a must-see for anyone new to Nebraska and looking for a unique experience.

Address: 8150 US-281, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

Nebraska State Fair

Nebraska State Fair Grand Island Nebraska
Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island, Nebraska / Grand Island Tourism / Flickr

If you want to have a fun-thrill time in the city of Grand Island, you had better come to the Nebraska State Fair for the many things it offers.

This state fair is usually an eleven-day event held once a year during months like August to September when Labor Day ends. 

Nebraska State Fair is near Fonner Park, where people can witness Nebraska’s unique culture.

If you are wondering what this state fair has to offer, visitors can go around seeing the exhibits, livestock contests, farming equipment trade shows, live shows, and food stand filled with a good atmosphere as many people go and visit.

Based on 152 years of tradition, they built this site to show Nebraska’s uniqueness of the people, talent, products, and many talents to showcase in this city.

Come and have fun at the Nebraska State Fair, where everything is filled with entertainment and venus to see.

Address: 501 E Fonner Park Rd #200, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Prairie Pride Brewing Company

Prairie Pride Brewing Company, Grand Island, Nebraska
Prairie Pride Brewing Company is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Visit the Prairie Pride Brewing Company if you’re interested in sipping some high-quality beer while on vacation.

The Prairie Pride Brewing Company is known for its great beer. 

They offer and make fresh beer differently. At the Prairie Pride Brewing Company, they craft each beer boldly using hand-selected malt and hops with unique styles to make their beer.

You can try famous beers like the Barn Burn Amber Ale, the Mckinney’s Pub Ale, the Islander Porter, the Out West Session Ipa, the Lip Kick Imperial Brown Ale, and many more.

It is known for serving its drinks in the taproom for people to come together and talk while picking what local craft beer to choose from.

Besides just the beer, it has a 1,000-square-foot venue for private events, offers food to eat, and even a growler for customers to not be left empty-handed.

So stop by here to toast and drink exquisite beer.

Address: 115 E South Front St #1, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Railroad Town, Nebr.

Railroad Town, Nebr., Grand Island, Nebraska
Railroad Town, Nebr. is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Would you want a sense of what the city of Grand Island used to look like in its earlier days?

Then, you can get a better glimpse by going to Railroad Town. 

This place shows the local art displays, history, and live educational demonstrations near the Stuhr Museum-Praire Museum.

For any visitor planning to go here, this place may bring you back in time to learn the history and how things in this city worked during the 1800s. 

It is a place like no other as you see businesses, homes, trade, and even the historians dress up during the 1800s when being given a tour around the railroad town.

Those who explore the railroad town will find buildings nearby to see, like hat shops, saloons, hardware stores, and tin shops.

It is a living, historic pioneer town with many buildings and shops to showcase how things were in the past.

So come on over to Railroad Town and relive the past.

Address: College St, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Raising Nebraska

Raising Nebraska, Grand Island, Nebraska
Raising Nebraska is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Are you seeking a unique and immersive experience?

If so, go to Grand Island by visiting Raising Nebraska for a fun and interactive experience.

Raising Nebraska is a place known to showcase displays of agricultural products and how food distribution goes from the farm to the fork. 

Even though agriculture is associated with food production, Raising Nebraska looks at how Nebraska’s water and soil can play a role in the world.

As a place to look around, it was designed as museum-quality, showcasing many displays such as a 1-acre educational garden, a touchscreen dining table, a full-size pivot section, and a walkable map for people to see.

The exhibit was built in 25,000 square feet and was open all year.

For any exhibits visitors want to see, the Raising Nebraskas has areas such as looking at old displays. It has also a presentation kitchen with training, workshops, and lectures for people wanting to learn.

Learn more about agriculture in Raising Nebraska.

Address: 501 East Fonner Park Road, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Showplex Cinemas Mall Stadium 7

Showplex Cinemas Mall Stadium 7, Grand Island, Nebraska
Showplex Cinemas Mall Stadium 7 is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

Once known as the Dickinson Nall Stadium 7, it is now called the Showplex Cinemas Mall Stadium 7, or often called the AMC Classica Grand Island 7, as a place to watch your favorite movie.

This cinema is known for featuring a calibrated sound system and updated projections for guests to have a unique cinematic experience. 

As a new digital approach, this cinema establishment even counts as it provides its guests with a ReadD 3D for them to enjoy.

Suppose you want to pass by to buy some snacks and refreshments. In that case, the movie theater offers a small concession stand complete with all the things guests watching a movie would need, and it is very affordable.

As you go inside to watch the cinemas, its helpful and friendly staff maintains it to be well-kept and clean.

The Showplex Cinemas Mall Stadium 7 is where to go if you want a comfortable environment to see a movie.

Address: 3404 W 13th St, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island Nebraska
St. Mary’s Cathedral, Grand Island, Nebraska / Will / Flickr

The St. Mary’s Cathedral is one of the best places to visit in Nebraska.

If you are looking for a place to pray, see St. Mary’s Cathedral, a unique church with its old architectural design.

This cathedral is otherwise called the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Also, it serves the city of Nebraska as a western Catholic diocese.

Presently, this church is the culmination of its many multiple construction periods, such as during the late 1860s when it was first built when Catholics migrated to move to this county. 

Due to a windstorm, the old church it was before got destroyed, and it took several years until 1928 when they finished construction.

It is now among the finest examples in the state with Gothic Revival and an iconic landmark.

If you go inside the interior side of the cathedral, it can accommodate over 9,000 people.

It has a unique Gothic-detailed architecture using pieces such as white Italian marble, Baldacchino over 31 feet tall, and lots more.

So come and take a loke around at this iconic cathedral.

Address: 112 S Cedar St, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Stolley Park

Stolley Park, Grand Island, Nebraska
Stolley Park is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

With over 33 acres of land, Stolley Park is a large park to enjoy the outdoors on Grand Island with your family and friends.

This park is on the southwest corner of Park Dr. and Strolley Park Rd, and it is a place full of fun for the entire family.

Every year, Stolley park is said to be open. It is most stunning during the summer when seeing the colorful and blooming plants around this park.

There are even beautiful spots around this scenic park to take memorable photos.

If you want to look around Strolley Park, walk through the Stolley Garden to admire and marvel at the plants. 

It has several playgrounds most suitable for children, such as its Kid’s Kingdom. 

The Kid’s Kindergarten is among this park’s most impressive playground areas. It is a multi-level structure-built playground area done by volunteers from the community.

So come and bring your kids to Stolley Park.

Address: 2103 W Stolley Park Rd, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer

Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Grand Island, Nebraska
Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Grand Island, Nebraska / Grand Island Tourism / Flickr

Are you looking for a museum with unique aesthetics and displays?

The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer is among the cornerstone places in the city of Grand Islands to visit. 

This museum has displayed and preserved things from the 1890s by the pioneer town builders in the Grand Islands. 

They built the museum with over 200-aces and one hundred structures on display to make this museum among the most iconic and engaging places in the Midwest.

The museum showcases many collections like automobiles, antique tractors, and farm implements that have been preserved and collected.

Visitors wanting to visit can see the historical exhibits, historical attractions, educational activities, and cultural programming for people to enjoy around the Stuhr Museum.

It has many highlights for its visitors to see. Among them is the 1890s Railroad Town with businesses, interpreters, and historic homes to engage with here in the museum.

Then come to learn a lot of history at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer.

Address: 3133 US-34, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

UNDRground Contemporary Arts

UNDRground Contemporary Arts, Grand Island, Nebraska
UNDRground Contemporary Arts is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

The UNDRground Contemporary Arts is a place to visit that will offer you an exhibition that will showcase and fascinate you with works of art.

This art gallery started with Maro Garcia, an old high school student, around 16 years old, who pursued the dream of establishing the UNDRground Contemporary Arts.

He didn’t like that Grand Island didn’t have any art exhibition venues, so he made his own. He did so by getting his own space as a venue to show sophisticated and innovative works of art by different artists.

Today, the UNDRground Contemporary Arts that he started has turned into a gallery where artists in Grand Island can show their work and make a name for themselves by bringing unique art to this art gallery.

The museum has had past exhibits to show its visitors artworks like the Urban Flux, the Inaugural Show, the Daydreaming, KEARNUCOPIA, the Children’s Crusade, and so many other works of art to see. 

To come and see the wonderful art Grand Island has to offer.

Address: 100-198 W 3rd St, Grand Island, NE 68801, United States

Westside Bowling Lanes

Westside Bowling Lanes, Grand Island, Nebraska
Westside Bowling Lanes is one of the best places to go in Grand Island, Nebraska

If you’re looking for a fun indoor pastime for the whole family, head to Westside Bowling Lanes.

They built the Westside Bowling Lanes in 1976 and now have a staff of over 22 people. 

This business industry is sports clubs for people to play and enjoy.

This bowling alley has been a good spot for people with a family-friendly video to try and get a bowling strike and show off their bowling skills.

Every weekend, it has a state-of-the-art restaurant, a bowling alley, and even a bar. 

Besides being a place to bowl, it has a toddler area with blocks, toys, and climbing. 

They ensure that the equipment and lanes are well maintained when playing bowling here at Westside Bowling Lanes.

They have even used their scoring machines to make it easy for anyone wanting to place. 

If you want snacks, they also improve, making the snacks better and more affordable.

So stop by and start bowling at Westside Bowling Lanes.

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Address: 112 Kaufman Ave, Grand Island, NE 68803, United States

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