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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Augusta, Maine. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Augusta, Maine. #Top Attractions

Arranging a trip to Augusta, Maine? If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Augusta, Maine, then look no further than Augusta, Maine. Scroll down, and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Augusta, Maine, for the best places to visit in Augusta, Maine. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Augusta Civic Center

Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine

Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine / John Brandt /Flickr

The Augusta Community Center seems to be the place to go if you want to meet more people, play ball games, or attend events.

Typically hosts various events, including firearms, concerts, handmade exhibits, dance competitions, and athletic competitions.

It’s a large tower with a ground area of 49,000 square feet.

Moreover, this structure has almost every fun activity you can think of in one place.

The Richmond Civic Center has hosted performances by Elvis Presley and Bruce Springsteen.

It spans a total area of 49,000 sq ft and contains 26 guest rooms.

The primary space is 32,000 square feet in size.

Also, the establishment has a primary auditorium, two ballrooms, 23 conference rooms, and complete catering services.

Exhibitions, sporting events, and trade shows of various sizes are all included.

If you want somewhere to go and have fun, the Augusta City Centre is an absolute that you must check out.

Address: 76 Community Dr, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Brook Bond Recreation Area

Brook Bond Recreation Area, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

There are several unique locations where essence collaborates to entice the reader to explore Augusta, Maine.

Brook Bond Recreation Center could pique your interest because of its beautiful nature and everything it offers.

In this recreational area, the 270 acres of property are open for you to stroll, bike, or Nordic ski.

Also, Bond Brook State Park has a massive network of walkways on the edge of a mountain below the airport and near the same University of Ottawa, Augusta.

Debenture Brook State Park in Augusta, near the University of Ottawa, is located just on the side of a cliff far below the airbase and has a massive network of foot trails.

Overall, the area is excellent for outdoor pursuits such as walking, skating, and even horse racing on a number of different fields.

Numerous intriguing natural sites like Brook Bond will entice tourists to visit Augusta, Maine.

Address: 21-25 Bond Brook Rd, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Children’s Discovery Museum

Children's Discovery Museum, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

There are a lot of interactive activities available for young kids that are meant to be educational.

Any family visiting Augusta should consider this museum.

A museum with different displays that kids and their parents can play with and learn from.

When children are having fun, they might lose track of time and play for hours straight.

They may interact with the aquatic life in the touch tank, climb into the treehouse, create art, perform music, or pretend to work.

Banking, construction, operating a grocery store, and working in a restaurant are all options for work.

It’s a great place for kids to try out jobs in the fields that interest them.

Moreover, the craft section is quite popular, but you know the dangers of young children with paint, so be prepared.

In fact, the Children’s Discovery Museum is the most well-known attraction.

With that, visitors may enjoy painting and make and utilize their creativity to create their own art pieces.

Bring your friends with you and have fun participating in a variety of activities.

Address: Augusta, Maine, 04330 265 Water Street

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Colburn House State Historic Site

Colburn House State Historic Site, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Colburn House State Historic Site is one of the top attractions in Maine.

Historic places abound in Augusta, Maine, and the Colburn House State Historic Site might be your next stop.

In 1765, Major General Rubén Colburn erected this mansion and resided there with his entire family.

The Colburn House gained a lot of involvement in the war for independence, which is why it is a tourist attraction.

The property is situated on 6 acres of land and has Federal architecture.

On July 28, 2004, this was added to the National Register.

Importantly, it is a museum that houses chronological exhibits and relics from 1765 to 1818.

In 2004, the property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Despite its financial difficulties, the Grade has served as the Osbourne family’s house for over a millennium.

This Colburn House State Historic Site is stunning and an excellent example of architecture that you must see.

Address: Pittston, Maine 04345, United States

Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Cushnoc Brewing Co, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Cushnoc Brewing Co. is well-known for serving delicious Woodside sarnies at reasonable prices!

The restaurant provides a variety of freshly procured toppings that improve the flavor of their pizzas.

The Cushnoc Brewing Co. is a brewery and a wood-fired pizza restaurant in Augusta’s historic district.

Augusta, Maine, was founded in 1629 as a trade center on the Kennebec River by English immigrants from the Plymouth Colony.

The village’s Indian name was Cushnoc, which means “head of the tide.”

Fort New world, a blockhouse on the river’s east bank, was completed in 1754.

The Cushnoc Brewing Co. company specializes in microbrews that pair well with our freshly made wood-fired pizzas.

Moreover, the place specializes in microbrews that pair well with our wood-fired pizzas.

In its tasting area, the establishment also offers delectable beers.

All in all, this company makes all of these drinks specifically for their special consumers.

If you have a passion for good cuisine, you really must pay a visit to Cushnoc Brewing Co.

Address: 243 Water St, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

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Fort Western


Fort Western in Maine may be of intrigue to those who live near this same Kennebec River, which runs through the state.

Even during the French and Indian War, this fort was located in 1754.

This citadel has been designated as one of the most important national historical monuments in Augusta.

The entire fort is constructed of wood.

It has been standing for over 250 years and is America’s oldest made of wooden fort.

Fort Western allows you to experience what it was like to live in Augusta before it was entirely inhabited.

Explore the past with public tours of the fort, shop, and residence led by historical interpreters dressed in historical attire.

Hands-on educational activities for kids of all ages are provided to immerse them in 18th-century living by engaging all of their senses.

There are tours for groups and individuals, as well as engaging hands-on activities and one-of-a-kind interactive In the late seventeenth, 18th, and 19th centuries, people started learning about Kennebec Valley as well as Northeast antiquity.

If you are searching for a location to have fun, you might consider coming to this destination and invite your friends!

Address: 16 Cony St, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Greenway Trail

Greenway Trail, Augusta, Maine

Greenway Trail, Augusta, Maine / Terry Ross / Flickr

The Greenway Trail is an excellent place for hiking and jogging!

The driver could’ve been followed from Old Fort’s west side to its mouth.

Along the way, there seem to be countless historical sites to visit.

There are 381 miles of the Appalachian Trail to select from, so you may stop whenever you choose.

There are various granite benches along this path for relaxing and admiring the Kennebec River.

The Augusta Greenbelt Trek meanders through the city, passing beneath the Memorial Bridge as well as the winter plop on both edges of the Lower east side Ship Trying to Territory Park.

The path continues south, following a relatively straight – and – level road partially obscured by box elders as well as other hardwood trees.

With only just a few other people around, it’s a perfect setting for hiking, riding, or running.

Still, dogs are permitted, but they must be kept under control.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to walk along with one of the most historical paths in Maine, which can be found here.

Address: Augusta, Maine 04330, United States

Governor Hill Mansion

Governor Hill Mansion, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Governor Hill Mansion is a wonderful spot for tourists to take photos to cherish their time in the area.

The building has been wonderfully conserved and offers daily tours of its gorgeous and creative chambers.

The house is also utilized for official functions, and some of its rooms are hired for this purpose.

It must have been owned by the same family instead of the state until shortly after WWII.

It is immaculately maintained, and routine tours of its rooms are available. Still, some areas were used as offices.

Some areas are being used as offices.

The Parlor can accommodate 54 people, while Columbus Hall can accommodate 250.

The other rooms are the reception room, which can accommodate up to ten people, and the Gold Room, which can accommodate up to fifteen people.

All in all, Governor Hill Mansion is a majestic structure that you’ll surely adore!

Pay a visit to this one-of-a-kind mansion, and if you can, bring some buddies along with you.

Address: 136 State Street, Augusta, ME 04330, USA

Holocaust Human Rights Center

Holocaust Human Rights Center, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Constitution was brought to light via the construction of this infrastructure by the University of Maine.

Its layout is very 21st century, and despite its small size, it is incredibly eye-catching.

The architect received an international design prize for the structure.

The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine is a statewide nonprofit that provides free educational outreach, captivating programs, and rotating exhibits related to its objective.

Through outreach and education, the Horrors and the Civil Rights Institution of Maine advocate for global human and civil rights.

Founded in 1985, the Maine Holocaust and Human Rights Center uses lessons from the Holocaust and other genocides to fight prejudice in Maine and worldwide.

It has been working hard to plan August’s Career Advancement Summer Seminars.

Moreover, the Maine Holocaust and Civil Liberties Center is housed in the Michael Klahr Center at the University of Maine at Augusta.

This destination is a must-visit since it emphasizes unity, love, and having a great time.

Address: 46 University Dr, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Kennebec River Brew Fest

Kennebec River Brew Fest, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Kennebec River Brew Fest is one of the best things to do in  Maine.

The Kennebec River Brew Fest is a well-known festival in which visitors may sample beers made from locally sourced ingredients while listening to music concerts.

Kid’s Day was previously held in Capitol Park by the Kennebec Valley Business Association.

However, the Capitol Building Campground’s Kid’s Day was renamed Kennebec Creek Day last year.

In capitol Park by the Kennebec Valley Business association is held by kids day.

Held at Mill Park beside the majestic river, it brings the tradition back to the Kennebec River.

This festival is more related to the city of Augusta since all the ciders and cocktails are acquired from producers in the area and brewers who employ ingredients obtained from the neighboring town to create these delectable mixtures.

Food trucks, musical performances, and lawn games complement the festival atmosphere, trying to make for a fun p.m. in the sun.

Local Maine breweries can be found beneath the venue in Mill Park.

The Kennebec River Brewfest, which occurs within the heart of Kennebec River Day at Mill Park, will be surrounded by food vendors, live music, lawn games, and more.

At the Kennebec River Brew Fest, you can sample Maine-crafted artisan beer, cider, spirits, and wine!

Address: Western Avenue, 269

Old Post office

Old Post office, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

Pay a visit to the city’s most impressive piece of architecture!

The Romanesque Revival style structure was finished in 1890.

It is created of local granite and has two-and-half levels and middle and lateral towers.

It served as a post office and courtroom until the 1960s when it was sold to a private owner.

This post office is also a courthouse located in the city’s downtown district.

It has three buildings and two and a half floors.

On the second floor, you’ll discover an ornate two-story building with large windows and the characteristic rocky color of the 19th century.

The Old Post Office is magnificent and a must-see, and it’s worth a trip even if you’re only passing through.

Several goods inside the museum depict how the old post office operated and are available for viewing.

Visit this one of Maine’s greatest preserved Romanesque Revival structures.

Address: Water Street, 295

Ottos On The River

Ottos On The River, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

Ottos On The River is a great eating establishment in Augusta that you must visit.

It’s a waterfront restaurant with stunning views of the Kennebec River from the outside terrace and select inside areas.

This tiny, intimate restaurant has a beautiful atmosphere, design, and service.

The food was delicious, as well as the rooms were large.

The atmosphere is brilliant; it is a tranquil setting to splurge your dinner with anyone and everyone you arrive at.

The Brie with marmalade on fresh brioche was delicious.

Outstanding drinks, premium ingredients in every dish, and attentive service in a luxurious, innovative setting

Every welcoming staff reflects the style and spirit of this establishment.

Fabulous service is something that all guests agree on.

Many individuals point out that the costs are reasonable for what you get.

If you want to have a good time, go to Ottos On The River now!

Address: 287 Water St, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Regal Augusta 10

Regal Augusta 10, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

The Regal Augusta 10 has been renovated into a magnificent facility, and it is very valuable that you check it out.

Augusta’s Marketplace Drive has a movie theatre.

Regal Augusta 10 is near Michaels and Barnes and Noble.

This cutting-edge movie theatre has upscale formats such as Dolby digital sound and RealD 3D.

It also offers a variety of unique conveniences.

Regal Crown Rewards is an incredibly generous program that offers free movie tickets and food.

The chairs are comfy and reclining, making the admission price reasonable.

Additionally, there are a couple of decent locations for dining and shopping nearby, lots of parking, and easy access to and from the turnpike.

Also, the theatre has reclining chairs so you can relax while watching the movie.

Likewise, you can pick up your snacks at their snack store.

All in all, their technology is cutting-edge, including RealID 3D and digital projection.

In Augusta, this is a great venue to watch your favorite movie.

Address: 23 Marketplace Dr, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith, Augusta, Maine

Samantha Smith, Augusta, Maine / Terry Ross / Flickr

The Samantha Smith monument is a site where you may feel a sense of bravery and pride

welling up inside you.

Samantha Smith, a ten-year-old girl, rose to fame as a Cold War peace activist.

She also addressed several messages to the Soviet President begging for serenity between the two countries.

She died in an airplane crash with her dad when she was 13 years old before beginning her acting career.

Outside the National Museum, a memorial sculpture and monument may be placed.

A small plaque on the statue gives some context about her life.

She advocated for global peace until she and her father were killed in a commuter jet tragedy.

The Soviet Union published a stamp in her ceremony, and Maine constructed this memorial in her honor.

In fact, the Maine schoolgirl rose to fame after writing to the Soviet Union to plead for peace.

At this monument to Samantha Smith, you have the capacity to pay your respects to an honorable young citizen.

Address: Augusta, Maine 04330, United States

Senator Inn spa

Senator Inn spa, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

Seeing all the sites as visitors might be fun, but it can also be tiresome. It’s good to relax and unwind now and then.

The Senator Inn Spa offers every type of body therapy possible.

The location is ideal for spending some alone time if you are in Augusta.

Each type of methods focus is offered at the Senator Inn Spa.

Thai massage, consultations, manicures, nails, body treatments, and other treatments are available to help you rejuvenate your face and hair.

Also, the spa offers a variety of programs to suit your needs.

For nearly two decades, the Senate Inn & Resort, located in the heart of Augusta, has been recognized as one of the best Augusta Maine hotels.

The Classical greek indoor pool is bathed in natural daylight, which is particularly appealing in the winter.

The incredibly pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of the spa makes it well worth the money that you spend to visit it.

Address: 284 Western Ave, Augusta, ME 04330, United States

Sonny’s Museum and Rock shop

Sonny’s Museum and Rock shop, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

Sonny’s Gallery and Rock Shop, as the name implies, is a famous shopping destination in Augusta.

This site is well-known for its colorful and handcrafted rocks and diamonds that are great for furniture decorating and gifting.

The business still sells the previously sold rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry, books, crystals, and other spiritual and metaphysical things.

Moreover, the location also contains an extensive collection of rock artifacts simply shown and not sold.

People appear to like working with the firm.

Stop by even though you don’t intend to buy something. You can still admire its unique and beautiful interiors.

Additionally, you can buy souvenirs and unique items here.

A visit here may become a pleasant approach to relax and have fun for you who enjoy shopping as a leisure activity.

Address: 226 Water Street, Augusta, ME 04330, USA

Stained Glass Experience

Stained Glass Experience, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

A shopping center called The Fused Glass Experience can be found just a short distance from Augusta.

Colored Glass Xpress is a business that began as part of Shields & Characterized by constant Glass in July 1988.

The business was situated at 10 Railroad Square in Waterville, Maine, in 1988.

The Waterville location was closed in November 2014, and the company moved to another area.

966 Western Avenue in Manchester, Maine, to obtain additional room and operate on only one level.

A retail store selling mosaic tiles, materials, and glass presents make up the company.

Moreover, the place contains The Glass Academy at Stained Glass Express, which has two large classrooms for classes and events.

The shop sells stained glass and the materials required to make the crafts and other needlework items.

In addition to that, it teaches visitors how to make stained glass products via its glass art classes.

You can’t miss out on the incredible and one-of-a-kind adventure that awaits you at this Stained Glass Experience.

Address: 966 Western Avenue, Manchester, ME 04351, USA

State House

State House, Augusta, Maine

State House, Augusta, Maine / David Wilson / Flickr

The State House is one of the best places to visit in  Maine.

You can get a free postcard and a Maine stamp at the tour kiosk. Bring your camera because there was a lot to see at the Governor’s Mansion!

The mansion, completed in 1832, was built from local granite.

Visitors are welcome to see representatives at work daily.

The Maine State House, designed by Charles Bulfinch, who also designed the United States Capitol, opened in January 1832.

The statehouse welcomes visitors to see historical portraiture, a revolving exhibition of visual artists, and special events in the House of Flags.

Its architecture is based on the Massachusetts State Capitol, built with local granite.

Furthermore, the epicenter of Maine legislation and visitors may observe members daily at work.

The upstairs patio offers lovely views in addition to monitoring government inaction.

Additionally, you can view their butterfly collection on exhibit within the State House.

Plenty of things to view, so don’t forget your camera if you visit the State House!

Address: Augusta, Maine 04330, United States

State Museum

State Museum, Augusta, Maine

State Museum, Augusta, Maine / Larry Miller /Flickr

Visit this excellent museum, which includes several attractions such as representations of sewing rooms, antique businesses, blacksmith shops, a running mill, and a locomotive.

The Marine State History Museum includes approximately 500,000 objects in its collection, including the only visible collection of Civil War flags in the United States.

The museum reopened in 1971 after being shuttered for restoration after being rebuilt in 1836.

Moreover, Maryland State Museum aims to recruit new art pieces, as to if biological or geomorphologic, that inhabitants will be engaged in with its reopening.

Additionally, the museum houses a collection of Civil War flags and the most incredible collection of archaeological artifacts and natural history specimens dating back to the early 1800s.

The conflicts between Native Americans, the French, and the British are well-represented, and the original scientific exhibits from 1836 are still on show.

This is a good site for finding out more information about Augusta and the state of Maine.

Address: 230 State Street, Augusta, ME 04330, USA

Sweet Chilli Thai Restaurant

Sweet Chilli Thai Restaurant, Augusta, Maine

Image for illustration purposes only

When you’re tired of the local food and want to try something new, this Sweet Chilli Thai Restaurant is well worth visiting.

Augusta’s Chilli Sauce Thai restaurant delivers international cuisine!

The restaurant serves vegan options when it comes to Thai food.

Augusta will teach you the importance of supporting and being pleased with your local culture and commodities.

Moreover, this Thai restaurant offers gardens, museums, many art galleries, restaurants, parks, and other soothing locations that will help you feel fantastic.

Overall, you’ll feel that you can relax and have a great time in their restaurant.

This is the spot to come to if you’re looking for some uniqueness in your life.

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Address: 75 Airport Rd, Augusta, Maine 04330, USA