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Springfield, Illinois, is an amazing travel destination. If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Springfield, Illinois, then look no further than Springfield, Illinois. Scroll down, and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Springfield, Illinois, for the best places to visit in Springfield, Illinois. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Abraham-Lincoln-Presidential-Library-and-Museum-Springfield-Illinois / History Faculty / Flickr

Curious about the political life of Abraham Lincoln?

Get to know him in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum!

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opened in 2005 and is the most-visited presidential library and museum in the United States.

After its debut, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum immediately became the most visited presidential facility. Despite its construction taking nearly four times as long as the American Civil War.

As expected of a presidential library, the archiving here is impeccable, with more than 1,000 objects carrying Lincoln’s autograph preserved.

In addition to his original hand-written copy of the Gettysburg Address, the gloves in his pocket when he was killed and the quill pen used to sign the Emancipation Proclamation are all exhibited.

Mary Todd’s personal belongings, such as her music box, porcelain objects, and wedding dress, will also be displayed.

Visitors may see imitation log cabins and Ford’s Theater replicas at the nearby museum that chronicles some of the most memorable episodes in President Lincoln’s life.

Address: 212 N 6th St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Air Combat Museum

Air Combat Museum, Springfield, Illinois
Air Combat Museum is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

The Air Combat Museum is one of the top attractions in Illinois.

Get up close and personal with actual aircraft from the past!

At the Air Combat Museum of Springfield, you can see more than 10 historic planes that were used in air combat. 

Here, vintage planes from the 1920s and earlier are preserved in all their glory and jaw-dropping awesomeness.

The Vought F4U-5N Corsair, the Beech AT-11 Kansan, the 1929 Stinson SM2AA Detroiter Junior, and the 1928 Stearman C3B are among the immaculate displays that visitors may look forward to seeing.

You don’t need to be an aviation expert at the Air Combat Museum to enjoy yourself.

Also on display is a selection of ground-based military vehicles.

A few WWII troop transport vehicles, such as the Saladin (FV601), a United Nations vehicle that has been on duty since World War II, are on exhibit and the M3 Half-Track.

There is no entrance fee. However, visitors are encouraged to make a donation at the entrance.

If you’re going to be in Illinois, add this museum to your itinerary!

Address: 835 S Airport Dr, Springfield, IL 62707, United States

Camp Butler National Cemetery

Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
Camp Butler National Cemetery is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

Camp Butler National Cemetery is the place you’re looking for if you want to pay respects to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War.

The cemetery was established in 1862 and is all left of a once-bustling Civil War Union training camp, infirmary, and jail for Confederate troops.

Moreover, it is the final resting place for soldiers from both sides of the Civil War and those who served in previous American battles.

One may see a Superintendent’s Lodge built in 1908 and various monuments honoring the servicemen and women who gave their lives here.

On certain days, they hold special rituals to honor fallen warriors.

Alternatively, you might come to express your respect to specific troops or to all of the people buried here.

The grounds are open to the public every day from 8 am to sunset.

If you’re going to visit Springfield, Illinois, for Veterans Day or Memorial Day, you should stop by this cemetery to pay your respects.

Address: 5063 Camp Butler Rd, Springfield, IL 62707, United States

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Cozy Dog Drive-In

Cozy Dog Drive-In, Springfield, Illinois
Cozy Dog Drive-In is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

A great-tasting snack is best after hours of touring around the state.

Cozy Dog Drive-In offers delightful hotdogs!

This is where the first “Cozy Dog,” a hot dog on a stick, first appeared.

Today, you can get it at state and county fairs all throughout the country.

The current Route 66 location opened in 1996 and is close to the original site from 1949.

It has been owned by the same family since the beginning.

Cozy Dog Drive-In uses a batter invented by Ed Waldmire Jr. during his time in the military.

Following his honorable retirement, he went on to start a company selling his “crusty curs,” as they were initially known.

Due to his wife’s displeasure with the name, he had to modify it to “Cozy Dogs.”

Cozy Dog Drive In’s distinctive product is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Make sure to get them and eat them while it’s hot!

Address: 2935 S 6th St, Springfield, IL 62703, United States

Dana-Thomas House

Dana Thomas House Springfield Illinois
Dana Thomas House, Springfield, Illinois / Jeff Hart / Flickr

Wondering what Prairie-style architecture looks like?

Tour the Dana-Thomas House and see for yourself!

Susan Lawrence Dana, a progressive Springfield, Illinois socialite, commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Dana–Thomas mansion in 1902.

The 12,000-square-foot property was Wright’s first “blank check” project.

Also, he planned to contain 35 rooms distributed across three major floors and Sixteen total stories.

Every detail of this house bears witness to his talent.

More than a hundred pieces of Lloyd-Wright wood furniture, 100 lighting, and 250 samples of art glass.

Many of which have a stunning sumac design, have been preserved thanks to the architect’s meticulous attention to detail.

This house, completed in 1904, is an early example of Wright’s Prairie-style architecture.

The famed barrel-vaulted dining area and the 60-foot pergola corridor, over the bowling lane, the walk-in vault, and a billiard room may be seen during a tour.

On most days, tours may be arranged, and while no bookings are necessary, it is suggested that you give them a call ahead of time.

Address: 301 E Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL 62703, United States

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Daughters Of Union Veterans Civil War Museum

Daughters Of Union Veterans Civil War Museum, Springfield, Illinois
Daughters Of Union Veterans Civil War Museum is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

If you want to see fragments of the Civil War, the Daughters of Union Veterans Civil War Museum is your place!

The Daughters of Union Veterans Civil War Museum was established in 1885 to preserve Civil War relics and information that might otherwise have been destroyed.

Learn about the American Civil War at this Springfield museum.

People who helped build and maintain the museum can also be honored in a memorial garden, which honors those who have fought for their nation.

Tourists to the Daughters of the Union Veterans Civil War Museum can learn about the organization’s history.

As an added bonus, a comprehensive collection of Civil War records from both the Union and Confederate armies may be found in the Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stephenson Library and Research Center, which is housed in the museum.

There is a gift store with a wide variety of Civil War-related books and other artifacts.

Make sure to stop by!

Address: 503 S Walnut St, Springfield, IL 62704, United States

Edwards Place Historic Home

Edwards Place Historic Home, Springfield, Illinois
Edwards Place Historic Home, Springfield, Illinois / Eden, Janine and Jim / Flickr

Can’t get enough of Abraham Lincoln’s backstory?

There’s more in Edwards Place!

In 1833 and rebuilt in 1857, Edwards Place tells the tale of Abraham Lincoln’s social and home life in Springfield, IL.

Benjamin S. Edwards, a renowned Springfield lawyer and politician owned this enormous Italianate mansion.

Restoration of the museum to its former Italianate home architecture, which it had when serving as Springfield’s social hub, was completed in 2015.

Throughout its history, many prominent residents and politicians, including Abraham Lincoln.

It also hosted lavish dinner parties, political rallies, and summer picnics in the park.

Lincoln made a speech from a second-story window at this mansion, which became a location for rallies and meetings.

The “courting couch” in Edwards Place, Mary Todd’s sister Elizabeth’s home, is the nicest item to see there.

Lincoln is said to be sitting next to Mary Todd on this couch, staring at her with complete adoration.

While the couple was being married, they had this piece of furniture in the background.

Visit Edwards Place and learn more about Abraham Lincoln’s life!

Address: 700 N 4th St, Springfield, IL 62702, United States

Elijah Iles House

Elijah Iles House Springfield Illinois
Elijah Iles House, Springfield, Illinois / artistmac / Flickr

Have a look at the oldest surviving house in Illinois!

The oldest surviving residence in Springfield, Illinois, was built and designed by William Vigal for Elijah Iles in 1832.

The Elijah Iles House has a major historical significance in Springfield despite its basic appearance.

As a matter of fact, the Elijah Iles House was named after Elijah Iles, the county’s first merchant.

Much of the outside of the building has remained genuine to its original design. Iles uses the same set of steps.

Since 1978, the Elijah Iles House has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has received federal funding to maintain its Greek revival design.

There are still some remnants of the old house’s components that were lost to time and weather, despite its overall preservation.

This is one of the top places to visit in Springfield, Illinois.

Make sure to stop by this intriguing house!

Address: 628 S 7th St, Springfield, IL 62703, United States

Great Western Depot

Great Western Depot, Springfield, Illinois
Great Western Depot, Springfield, Illinois / Jeff Sharp / Flickr

See the place where Abraham Lincoln delivered a historical speech!

The Great Western Depot is a simple structure that has a meaningful history.

During Lincoln’s presidency, the Great Western Railroad built the one-story brick facility in 1852 and operated it largely as a passenger stop.

A noteworthy passenger passed through the Springfield, Illinois, Great Western Depot on February 11, 1861.

It was at the Great Western Depot in Springfield, Illinois, where Abraham Lincoln gave his farewell speech before he left for the White House.

Lincoln delivered a brief speech to the assembly of friends and relatives who had gathered to see him go.

His audience was touched by his few yet impactful statements.

The Great Western Depot, where trains no longer depart, yet has a historical significance.

Nowadays, those searching for the top Lincoln-related attractions in Springfield go to Great Western Depot.

Don’t forget to add this place to your list of destinations!

Address: 930 E Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Henson Robinson Zoo

Henson Robinson Zoo, Springfield, Illinois
Henson Robinson Zoo is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

If the kids are getting bored with the Lincoln-related destinations, take them to the Henson Robinson Zoo!

The zoo, which was created in 1968 and launched in 1970, has acquired a wide variety of new animals over the years.

The Henson Robinson Zoo features more than 90 types of local and exotic animals for people to learn from and see, including creatures native to Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Africa.

Even if there are no creatures native to Antarctica, you may still see penguins here!

Numerous activities for children and adults alike are offered throughout the year on various special occasions.

Children ages 2 to 17 can go on a Zooper Edventure with the zoo’s learning activities.

The zoo includes a place for children to get up and personal with the animals.

As a reminder of your time here, there are also gift and souvenir stores on site!

Make sure to get one!

Address: 1100 E Lake Shore Dr, Springfield, IL 62712, United States

Illinois Governor’s Mansion

Illinois Governors Mansion Springfield Illinois
Illinois Governors Mansion, Springfield, Illinois / artistmac / Flickr

Explore the mansion of the government officials in the Illinois Governor’s Mansion!

The Executive Mansion was its former name.

When John M. Van Osdel designed and built the Illinois Governor’s Mansion in 1856, the state’s active governors and their families lived there while they were in office.

The Illinois Governor’s Mansion was built to serve as a social hub in Springfield, and it has since played home to a slew of high-profile events.

The home has been wonderfully conserved and repaired throughout the years.

It is now a remarkable example of turn-of-the-century architecture and decor.

One of the best parts of the trip is the trip up and down the spiral staircase.

As a symbol of leadership for the Illinois State Government, the mansion was placed on the National Register in 1976 and served as a fine home museum.

Tours are only offered in the afternoons on weekdays and must be scheduled in advance.

Address: 410 E Jackson St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol Springfield Illinois
Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois / Joe Passe / Flickr

The Illinois State Capitol is one of the best places to visit in  Illinois.

A visit to the highest building in Illinois is truly a magnificent experience!

Illinois’s highest structure, the state capitol, was completed in 1888 at a total cost of almost $4 million.

As one of Springfield’s tallest structures, the Illinois State Capitol is also one of the most ornately designed.

The building’s 405-foot-high and 92.5-foot-wide dome, a combination of Italianate and French Renaissance styles, is a notable feature.

Since Illinois became a state of the United States in 1818, the building has housed the legislative and executive departments of the Illinois state government.

The dome’s interior features a frieze showing scenes from the state’s past, as well as a stained glass reproduction of the state seal in the oculus, which may be viewed by visitors.

During operational hours, tourists are invited to take a self-guided tour of the Capitol.

For guided tours, tourists may pre-book before their visit. 

Visit and admire the beautiful architectural structure of the Illinois State Capitol!

Address: 401 S 2nd St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Illinois State Museum

Illinois-State-Museum-Springfield-Illinois / Mike Linksvayer / Flickr

The Illinois State Museum is one of the best things to do in  Illinois.

The Illinois State Museum is a fun and immersive way to discover the state’s culture and history!

In 1877, the Illinois State Museum in Springfield was established as a natural history museum.

Its headquarters are in Springfield, the state’s natural history capital. Still, the Illinois State Museum also has outposts in Lockport and Dickson Mounds.

There are fixed and rotating exhibitions at the museum’s almost 100,000 square feet of area dedicated to the study of natural history, anthropology, and art.

The state museum boasts a large collection of 13.5 million artifacts that span 500 million years of cultural and natural history.

In addition, there is a strong focus on Illinois’ Native American ancestry and traditions.

Their most popular permanent collections are “At Home in the Heartland,” a compilation of stories about Illinois inhabitants from the last few centuries, and “Peoples of the Past,” a collection of Native American artifacts from Illinois.

If you bring them, children will have a blast at the Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum. 

There are a plethora of science-based games and activities in the play area.

Visit the place and have a day full of fun and knowledge!

Address: 502 S Spring St, Springfield, IL 62706, United States

Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site

Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site, Springfield, Illinois
Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices State Historic Site, Springfield, Illinois / Teemu008 / Flickr

Nothing is more interesting than visiting the place where Abraham Lincoln practiced law!

The Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices are a contemporary replica of the historic offices where Abraham Lincoln practiced law from 1843 to 1852 and are housed in a commercial building built between 1840 and 1841.

Originally constructed as a general shop on the bottom floor by merchant Seth M. Tinsley, the upper floors were rented out to attorneys and the federal government.

When it was first built, the building’s appearance was influenced by the Greek revival style.

There is an exhibit hall and a multimedia theater on the first level of the structure.

With the addition of the second level, the federal courthouse has taken on a more historical significance for the visitors.

In keeping with descriptions of how Lincoln maintained his office, the third floor exhibits the plainness and disarray found there.

As a tourist attraction, this is a must-see since it is the sole building where Abraham Lincoln practiced law.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has done an excellent job of maintaining it.

Only 20 minutes are allotted for guided tours. Make sure to make the most out of it when you visit!

Address: Sixth & Adams Streets, Springfield, IL, United States

Oak Ridge Cemetery

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois / Adam Jones / Flickr

Curious about where Abraham Lincoln was laid to rest?

On the city’s north side, Oak Ridge Cemetery is where Abraham Lincoln is buried.

His wife and three of their children, Thomas, Edward, and William, are also buried here.

The 117-foot-tall granite monument at Lincoln’s Tomb State Historic Site was constructed so that additional members of the Lincoln family may be buried there, but they have opted not to.

A single-story platform with a railing encircles this granite monument, infused with significance.

A rotunda with 16 pillars honors Lincoln and the 15 presidents who came before him in the marble-filled interior.

A ceremonial 7-ton reddish marble cenotaph dominates the back of the monument’s tomb.

Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions because of its tributes to fallen soldiers from World War II and the Vietnam War.

Visit the striking monument if you’re around Springfield!

Address: 1441 Monument Ave, Springfield, IL 62702, United States

Old State Capitol

Old State Capitol Springfield Illinois
Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois / Katherine Johnson / Flickr

Travel back in time by visiting the Old State Capitol!

The Old State Capitol is a Greek revival-style structure built in the 1960s as a contemporary reproduction of the edifice that hosted intense political discussions between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.

Historic capital buildings like the one where Abraham Lincoln once strolled the hallways have reconstructed rotundas, libraries, and the Supreme Court.

Lincoln frequently visited the Fifth Illinois Statehouse, the inspiration for Old State Capitol, both as a lawyer and politician. He delivered his famous “House Divided” address in 1858.

There are a ton of great things to see and learn about Illinois’ political history here.

Visitors can take thirty-minute guided tours, but they are also invited to roam the rooms independently.

It is strongly advised that you make a reservation for the tour in advance.

The Capitol should be on the top of your list if you visit Springfield.

Address: 526 E Adams St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Springfield and Central Illinois African-American History Museum

Springfield and Central Illinois African-American History Museum, Springfield, Illinois
Springfield and Central Illinois African-American History Museum is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

Discover the significant history of African Americans in Illinois!

The Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum shows how African Americans shaped Illinois’ history.

It was established in 2012 by Douglas King, and is devoted to showcasing the region’s rich African-American heritage.

Moreover, The Springfield African American History Foundation provides funding for the museum.

It aims to be an integral part of Springfield’s cultural life by collaborating with other groups with similar objectives and tactics.

Its displays demonstrate the importance of Black Americans in Illinois and the rest of the United States.

Famous people like President Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have displays dedicated to them.

However, some are honoring lesser-known characters, such as the Walkers.

This was a pioneering Black family in the heartland of the state of Illinois.

Springfield, Illinois, has a lot of free things to do, and this is one of them!

If you’re feeling charitable, you may donate to the museum!

Volunteering options are available at the museum if you want to become involved.

Address: 1440 Monument Ave, Springfield, IL 62702, United States

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site Springfield Illinois
The Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield, Illinois / Katherine Johnson / Flickr

Become familiar with Abraham Lincoln’s personal life in Lincoln Home National Historic Site!

Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln’s future wife, met him when he went to Springfield from New Salem in 1837 to begin his legal career. 

The couple married in 1844 and bought a house together shortly after marriage.

In the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, you may see the house where Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd, and their four boys lived.

The National Park Service manages the historic property, which has been restored to its 1860 look.

By visiting this site, you may get a better idea of Lincoln’s life before he became one of the most important individuals in American history.

To explore the interior of this 12-room Greek Revival mansion, which is a famous tourist destination in the United States, you must take a ranger-led tour.

Guided excursions are free and run regularly each day. 

Tickets are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to come early!

Address: 413 S 8th St, Springfield, IL 62701, United States

Vachel Lindsay Home

Vachel Lindsay Home Springfield Illinois
Vachel Lindsay Home, Springfield, Illinois / Teemu008 / Flickr

Visit the home of a famous poet!

You can have a great time at the Vachel Lindsay House!

The Vachel Lindsay Residence, a two-story house erected before the Civil War, is the birthplace and permanent home of the famed poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay.

Anyone interested in learning about the life of a notable author should take a tour of the house.

Lindsey is most known for his eccentric poems, accompanying art, and theatrical performances in the early twentieth century.

The Congo, released in 1914, and Collected Poems, released in 1938, are two of his most well-known works.

It’s as if Lindsay is still alive and working today since so many other artists look up to him as an inspiration.

On the occasion that you’re looking for attractions based on notable people, the Vachel Lindsay House is an excellent option.

To learn more about the intriguing history of the Vachel Lindsay House.

Address: 603 S 5th St, Springfield, IL 62703, United States

Washington Park Botanical Garden

Washington Park Botanical Garden, Springfield, Illinois
Washington Park Botanical Garden is one of the best places to go in Springfield, Illinois

Calling out all nature lovers!

Washington Park Botanical Garden is a sight to behold!

It is one of Central Illinois’ most popular horticultural attractions, and visitors may enjoy it year-round.

On a total of 20 acres, there are over 1,800 different plant species to be discovered.

A visit to Washington Park Botanical Garden will offer you much to take in, thanks to its 9,000 square feet of space.

The conservatory and greenhouses are both places where you may observe plants.

Many of the spectacular displays in the gardens are on display at different periods of the year.

There is a rose garden, a variety of permanent and annual flowers, and a wide variety of natural evergreen trees.

The garden attracts a broad variety of birds during the summer because of its abundance of brightly colored plants.

For parties of 10 or more, the botanical garden offers free guided excursions as well as instructional activities and programs.

Don’t forget to visit the gardens if you really love nature!

Address: 1740 W Fayette Ave, Springfield, IL 62704, United States

Volunteer At Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters in Springfield, Illinois
Animal Shelters in Springfield, Illinois

Are you interested in helping at an animal shelter? This is one of the most meaningful things to do. The purpose of animal shelters is to provide temporary care and refuge for abandoned or unwanted animals.

Volunteering to aid animals allows individuals to have a positive and animal-friendly effect on their communities. It will enable them to see firsthand the great impact they can have on their community and animals in need.

Most people who want to help animals immediately think of adoption or monetary contributions. However, there is a more straightforward approach you might take to lend a hand. The easiest thing to do is to provide your time and effort at a local animal shelter. You can lend a hand in various ways, from physical labor like cleaning and grooming to more cerebral pursuits like activism, public relations, and even photography.

Help out in your community by visiting one of animal shelters in Springfield, Illinois.

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