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Ready to pack your bags and head to Puebla City, Mexico? Make the most of your vacation time in Puebla City, Mexico, we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Puebla City, Mexico. Explore the top attractions and activities in the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico, by scrolling down! Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Africam Safari

Africam Safari, Puebla City, Mexico
Africam Safari, Puebla City, Mexico / Julián D Gaitán / Flickr

It is a site where you can feel the thrill of an African safari without leaving the comfort of your car.

Before it was opened to the people in 1972, it had been a private animal farm that belonged to Captain Carlos Camacho Espiritu, a well-known Mexican businessman.

Over the years, the safari park has grown to include many different types of wildlife and natural habitats where the animals are free to roam.

Don’t forget to check out the Adventure Zone section, which features a butterfly park, a herpetarium, an insectarium, a botanical garden, and even kangaroo and bat exhibits that you can see from the comfort of your vehicle.

You may also wander among giraffes, lions, antelopes, zebras, Bengal tigers, deer, and a variety of other animals that will surprise you because of their size.

This is the perfect destination you can enjoy with your whole family while traveling around Puebla City!

Address: Blvd. Cap. Carlos Camacho km 16.5, Puebla, Mexico

Alley of the Toads

Alley of the Toads, Puebla City, Mexico
Alley of the Toads, Puebla City, Mexico / Gildardo Sánchez / Flickr

One of the most well-known streets you can visit in Puebla is the Callejon de Los Sapos, also known as the Alley of the Toads. 

The buildings on this street are colored in vibrant yellow, orange, and blue hues.

The name “Alley of the Toads,” or “Callejón de Los Sapos,” is thought to come from the fact that in colonial times, when the San Francisco River rose, it often flooded South 6th Street. The town’s people took advantage of this natural water source by putting in mills, but this led to a lot of toads living in the area.

The only relic of the friendly amphibians is a fountain in the center of the Plaza de Los Sapos, acting as a reminder of the past.

Not only is it amazing because of the beautiful character of its facades, which will dazzle your eyes with a wonderful rainbow of colors, but it is also amazing because there are so many antiques for sale.

Address:México 6, México 83, 72017 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Artist’s Quarter in Puebla

Artist’s Quarter in Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico
Artist’s Quarter in Puebla is one of the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico

A place in Puebla for artists’ enthusiasts

The Artist Quarter is a hip neighborhood brimming with charming cafes and studios, as well as a vibrantly-hued colonial square. The narrow, cobbled lanes are adorned with works of art at practically every turn.

The locals call this neighborhood “El Barrio del Artista” (literally, “The Neighborhood of the Artist”) because it is teeming with intimate art exhibitions and courtyards wherein artists may display their work.

One of the most interesting things about the area is the public sculpture called Genesis, which was made for the 50th anniversary of the quarter by Guadalupe Tecuapetla Romero, one of its founders.

Admire the many brightly colored colonial houses that are now used as places like lovely cafes, small art galleries, and painting studios.

When the weather in Puebla is nice, this area is a wonderful place to stroll around and relax on one of its many benches.

Address: Blvrd Héroes del 5 de Mayo, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Biblioteca Palafoxiana

Biblioteca Palafoxiana, Puebla City, Mexico
Biblioteca Palafoxiana, Puebla City, Mexico / Timothy Neesam / Flickr

It is rare for tourists to visit a library, but this one in Puebla shouldn’t be missed.

One of the most popular places for tourists to go while in Puebla is the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, which can be found in the city’s historic district.

The Biblioteca Palafoxiana was established in 1646, making it Mexico’s first public library. According to UNESCO, it is also the largest of all American libraries.

The library’s shelves are adorned with thousands of rare books, one of the oldest New World dictionaries, and the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, which features more than 2,000 engravings.

 Suppose you are interested in history or literature. In that case, you should definitely check out this luxurious library, which has more than 45,000 books in its collection.

There were some volumes and maps on display that you could view, but most of the books were off-limits to the general public.

Address: Av 5 Ote 5, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Calle de Los Dulces

Calle de Los Dulces, Puebla City, Mexico
Calle de Los Dulces is one of the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico

A sweet street, indeed!

The three-block stretch of roadway, known as Calle de Los Dulces, is lined on both sides with establishments that sell a broad variety of sugary desserts in pretty much any imaginable shape.

It has almost 40 establishments that specialize in creating traditional candies and other sweet treats. If sweets are not your thing, there is an abundant supply of cookies and many other baked items.

If you crave sweets, then this is the right place for you to be. Make sure you get some camotes, the traditional candy from Puebla made from sweet potatoes. 

Sweet potatoes and sugar are mixed together and shaped into sausages, then flavored with lemon juice and packaged in wax paper to make these colorful treats.

You’ll feel like a kid as you roam around this street filled with sweets!

Address: Av 6 Ote 10, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Cantona Ruins

Cantona Ruins, Puebla City, Mexico
Cantona Ruins, Puebla City, Mexico / Russ Bowling / Flickr

You should include Cantona on your list of ruins to visit in Mexico because it was one of the biggest and most urbanized cities in pre-Columbian Mexico.

The site, which is thought to have been the biggest urban center in Mesoamerica, does not get many tourists, most likely because of its isolated location and the absence of any public transit in the area.

The Mesoamerican site of Cantona, which is about 58 miles from the city of Puebla, was abandoned sometime after 1050 A.D.

All of Cantona’s structures are made of stone without using mortar. You can explore 500 cobblestone causeways, 3,000 private patios and apartments; 24 ball courts; and various temples.

The Earth Fertility Plaza is often ranked as one of the most famous sights among the ruins. If you were to look at the pyramid head-on, you would see that it resembles the opening of something like a pair of legs.

If you are looking for a place in Puebla without a flock of tourists, this is your must-visit spot!

Address: Cantona 73992 Puebla, Mexico

Capilla del Rosario

Capilla del Rosario, Puebla City, Mexico
Capilla del Rosario, Puebla City, Mexico / Larry Johnson / Flickr

You might consider this spot in Puebla City as the “eighth wonder of the world” after your visit, as the previous visitors did.

The Rosary Chapel is one of the best examples of New Spanish Baroque architecture. It is part of the Church of Santo Domingo in Puebla, about an hour outside of Mexico City.

It was built between 1650 and 1690 and is a work of art that combines conventional Catholic symbols with those of the region under a thick layer of gold leaf that makes the space glow with mystical light from the windows beneath its dome.

The chapel’s walls are decorated with Baroque paintings depicting the Nativity story, including the Visitation, Annunciation, Adoration of the Magi, Birth of Jesus, Presentation, and Christ among the Doctors. 

The Rosary Chapel stands out not only for being built in an area where gold was scarce but rather because its 23-carat gold leaf has remained glued to the embellishments for more than 300 years. Some local guides claim the glue was composed of honey, egg whites, bull blood, and aloe.

This chapel is something you MUST NOT MISS while in Pueblo City!

Address: Av. 4 Pte., Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Casa de Los Muñecos

Casa de Los Muñecos, Puebla City, Mexico
Casa de Los Muñecos is one of the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico

Architectural lovers will surely fall in love with this building in Puebla city!

A stunning Baroque-style residence and façade of native tiles and sculptural relief work may be found just off the Zocalo in Mexico City.

An amazing feature is a group of 16 mosaics that represent peculiar individuals caught in the act of moving.

All kinds of legends surround these figures, referred to as Los Muecos, which have a long history of mythology (the dolls). It is held up by a wave-like cornice adorned with gargoyles on the corbels above the mosaic.

Bernerita University presently has its main offices in the Casa de la Cultura, which also has an art gallery and museum displaying works by local artists and scientists. Art by notable painters like José Luis Rodrguez Alconedo and ancient scientific apparatus, furniture, and plasterwork adorn the galleries.

Don’t forget to take some great photos with the building’s facade. Your followers on Instagram will thank you. 

Address: Museo de Arte BUA, 2 Norte No. 2, Centro Histórico, Puebla, Pue. Mexico

Catedral de Puebla

Catedral de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico
Catedral de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico / David Cabrera / Flickr

There is no better perspective of Puebla than from the top of La Catedral, the city’s most prominent landmark.

Baroque and Spanish colonial-style architecture, such as the ancient Puebla Cathedral, may be seen in Puebla, located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) from Mexico City.

You will be astounded to learn that the construction of this religious site, which started in 1575 and continued until 1875, took almost three centuries.

The building is decorated with goldsmithing, high-quality wood carvings, liturgical items, paintings, and stonework in the Herrerian style, transitioning between Renaissance and Baroque.

Cristóbal de Villalpando’s style is especially clear in these works. He helped decorate both the main altar and the cupola.

On the outside, the cathedral has a black stone facade with two twin towers, one of which serves as a bell tower today.

This spot is truly a must-see during your trip to Puebla City!

Address: C. 16 de Septiembre s/n, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Church of Santo Domingo

Church of Santo Domingo, Puebla City, Mexico
Church of Santo Domingo, Puebla City, Mexico / Graeme Churchard / Flickr

Every tourist in Puebla can’t miss visiting this religious attraction in the city because of the gem you can find inside.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo is a church in the city of Puebla, Mexico, that was constructed in the somber baroque style between the years 1571 and 1659 at the behest of the Dominicans. The church is located three blocks away from the city’s main square.

Locals destroyed the church as a symbol of defiance against the Spanish conquest in 1607. It was then reconstructed in the 1700s by Fray Antonio Zamora, but floods caused it to be damaged once more.

The exquisite Capilla del Rosario, also known as the Chapel of the Rosary, is in this church. It was once thought to be the world’s eighth wonder because of how well it was built with gilded stucco and onyx masonry.

Then spend an hour or two exploring this beautiful Mexican attraction!

Address:5 Avenue de Mayo, Puebla, Mexico, 72000

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Estrella de Puebla

Estrella de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico
Estrella de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico / Thank You (22.5 Millions+) views / Flickr

Are you one of those tourists who rides a Ferris wheel at every destination? If so, you can’t miss this one in Puebla City!

The large observation wheel in Puebla City rotates every 30 minutes, providing visitors with some of the city’s most spectacular views.

Featuring a diameter of 69.8 meters and a height of 80 meters, the wheel holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest portable observation wheel.

The Estrella de Puebla, once the world’s largest observation wheel, is still the tallest structure of its kind throughout Latin America.

The Estrella de Puebla is a component of a larger tourist complex in the city of Puebla, Mexico, which also includes the Jardn del Arte, Parque Lineal, Paseo del Ro Atoyac, Ecoparque Metropolitano, and the International Museum of the Baroque.

Have your exciting Mexican Ferris experience at this iconic tourist spot in Puebla City!

Address: Osa Mayor 2520, Reserva Territorial Atlixcáyotl, Centros Comerciales Desarrollo Atlixcayotl, 72190 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Fuertes de Loreto

Fuertes de Loreto, Puebla City, Mexico
Fuertes de Loreto is one of the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico

If you are curious about the Battle of May, you must visit and explore this spot in Puebla City!

Built in the 1600s as a religious shrine, it was fortified in the 1800s. It became the site of a famous Mexican battle commemorated each year in Cinco de Mayo. The venue is known for promoting Mexican pride, identity, and nationalism.

Within the walls of the Museum of Non-Intervention, guests have the opportunity to brush up on their knowledge of the infamous Battle of Puebla. The museum is located within the Guadalupe Fort, which tells the tale of the battle that took place there.

Both the museum and the fort contain artifacts from the time, including pictures, documents, weaponry, and uniforms. The letters of President Benito Juárez addressing General Zaragoza about the battle and the artwork of the generals are also notable.

Feed your mind with knowledge at this spot while you are in Puebla city!

Address: s/n De los, Calz. de los Fuertes, Residencial las Fuentes, 72270 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

International Museum of the Baroque

International Museum of the Baroque, Puebla City, Mexico
International Museum of the Baroque, Puebla City, Mexico / Salvador Medina / Flickr

You can’t leave Puebla City without visiting this museum.

The Museo Internacional del Barroco is in Angelopolis, Puebla’s southern trend zone. It combines the importance of one of the most important artistic movements of the 17th and 18th centuries with the beauty of modern architecture.

Toyo Ito, who won the Pritzker Prize for architecture, got ideas for the museum’s design from Baroque ideas of movement, the difference between light and shadow, and the interaction between nature and people.

The museum’s seven halls are all about the Baroque era when some of the most interesting buildings in colonial Mexico were built.

The site also features a Baroque restaurant, the food of which is influenced by the life of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. The restaurant is helmed by Mexican chefs Martha Ortz Chapa and Alex Cuatepotzo, and it serves as a perfect ending to the tour.

This tourist attraction has been a must-visit spot for many tourists in Puebla City. Make sure to spend a few hours appreciating the displays!

Address: Atlixcáyotl 2501, Reserva Territorial Atlixcáyotl, 72830 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

La Pasita

La Pasita, Puebla City, Mexico
La Pasita is one of the best places to go in Puebla City, Mexico

According to a local saying, if you haven’t been to La Pasita, you don’t really know Puebla.

In Puebla’s central Los Sapos area, La Pasita is one of the city’s oldest and most popular restaurants. El Gallo del Oro used to be a grocery store, but a few months after it opened, the owner decided to change it into a bar.

The little pub with no chairs and tables became a favorite meeting place for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons was a competition in which customers were encouraged to drink one hundred cups of pasita. One further thing that contributed to the bar’s rise to fame was the distinctive manner in which it served the pasita.

According to legend, bartenders would serve a certain amount of pasita based on how many blocks a customer could walk before passing out after drinking it. Customers who were regulars and knew exactly how much food they needed would say something like, “Pasita for three blocks, please.”

If you have a deep love for the nightlife and you can’t leave Puebla without having a fun one, you must spend a night in this spot!

Address: Av 5 Ote 602, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Museo Amparo

Museo Amparo, Puebla City, Mexico
Museo Amparo, Puebla City, Mexico / Alejandro / Flickr

Have your fill of Mexican history in one of the country’s top historical museums.

One of Mexico’s most famous historical museums is the Museo Amparo. The museum is housed in two colonial buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The museum has a great collection of old things from many Mesoamerican cultures, such as the Maya, Zapotecs, Aztecs, Olmecs, and others.

In this museum, you may learn about Mexico’s fascinating past through ancient paintings and ceramics, as well as works from the contemporary and colonial periods.

Artifacts from Mesoamerica include things like Mayan stelae, different kinds of furniture from the old world, and retablos that are over a hundred years old.

The exhibits provide additional context by highlighting what was going on in the world while all these civilizations were flourishing.

If you love history or you are just curious about the culture and history of Mexico, you will surely enjoy wandering around this exquisite museum.

Address: Av 2 Sur 708, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

Parian Market

Parian Market, Puebla City, Mexico
Parian Market, Puebla City, Mexico / Russ Bowling / Flickr

There can be no “traditional” city without its own unique artisans, and even less so without a place to purchase them.

The San Roque square, which is located to the northeast of the Zócalo and dates back to 1805, was transformed into a permanent arts and crafts market in 1961.

Known locally as the Antigua Plaza de San Roque, Puebla’s El Parian de Puebla is a haven for local artisanship. A large number of tourists visit this city solely to view and acquire the artistic products that have helped to make it so well-known.

Since 1961, the Parian facilities have been operating in their current setup, which includes 112 sites, a wide diversity of artifacts, and a rainbow of colors and shapes.

Because Puebla is one of only five places in all of Mexico where Talavera pottery can be made in an authentic way, dozens of stands sell it.

Buying some pieces in this market is like taking a piece of this Mexican city with you. 

Address: 6 Norte entre 2 y 4 Oriente, Centro, Puebla, Pue.. 72000.

Templo de Santa María Tonantzintla

Templo de Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla City, Mexico
Templo de Santa María Tonantzintla, Puebla City, Mexico / Russ Bowling / Flickr

Words can’t justify the beauty you will see in the interiors of this religious attraction in Puebla City.

A beautiful mosaic of religious scenes and symbols welcomes people to the church of Santa Maria Tonantzintla.

It is believed that the development of the Church of Santa Maria Tonantzintla began somewhere in the latter half of the 17th century. Most historians agree that the church was built as a native version of the nearby Capilla del Rosario, which has a similar elaborate interior but is much smaller than Santa Maria Tonantzintla.

The inside walls and ceilings of the chapel are covered with ornate plaster moldings painted in vivid, colorful hues, generating an appearance best described as’ horror vacui, ‘which means a fear of space.

The inside of Santa Maria Tonantzintla is filled with a huge number of faces, flowers, figures, fruits, masks, and birds.

Make some time to appreciate the beauty of this Mexican attraction!

Address: Avenida M. Hidalgo o, San Diego, Sta María Tonanzintla, 72828 San Andrés Cholula, Pue., Mexico

Volcan el Cuexcomate

Volcan el Cuexcomate, Puebla City, Mexico
Volcan el Cuexcomate, Puebla City, Mexico / Jesús Dehesa / Flickr

Witness the world’s smallest “volcano” in Puebla City!

It is said that the Popocatépetl, often known as “Popo,” which is the most well-known volcano in Mexico, was the parent volcano that gave birth to this small mountain.

It’s actually an inactive geyser featuring an interior that can be accessed through a metal staircase, and it’s located in the Libertad area. 

The geyser was once used to dispose of the city’s garbage as well as the bodies of those who had died by suicide and were not thought worthy of a proper burial. 

This tiny volcano is known as one of the most adorable and one of the most impressive sites in the historic city of Puebla.

Locals and visitors alike have taken to using this hole to call upon the blessings of mother nature in their wishes.

It is such a unique and unusual spot that you can’t miss it in Puebla city!

Address: Libertad, 72130 Puebla, Mexico


Xanenetla, Puebla City, Mexico
Xanenetla, Puebla City, Mexico / Timothy Neesam / Flickr

Mural and art lovers will surely enjoy a stroll in this lovely neighborhood in Puebla City.

Xanenetla, which is considered to be the youngest district in Puebla, is also one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city. If you are more fascinated by street art than colonial architecture, Xanenetla will give you lots of wonderful cultural experiences.

This historic district of Puebla was known throughout Puebla City as the place where the city’s workshops for making pottery and bricks were located.

Cobbled streets and approximately 55 colorful paintings that cover the entire wall can be found in this particular part of the city.

Walking around and looking at the artwork is an excellent way to learn more about the city, as the artwork addresses a variety of topics, including the city’s history, its notable residents, and also people’s dreams and fears.

Visit this spot and witness Puebla’s richness in culture and the arts!

Address: Barrio de Xanenetla, Puebla, Mexico

Zócalo de Puebla

Zócalo de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico
Zócalo de Puebla, Puebla City, Mexico / Festival Ambulante / Flickr

Take a stroll in Puebla City’s most famous central square.

Zócalo Square is the heart of Puebla’s culture and serves as the city’s major public meeting place and commercial hub.

From 1566 to 1722, bullfights were held in the square, which was Puebla’s primary market until the late 18th century.

You’ll discover cafes, restaurants, and some of the city’s most popular attractions in the area around this beautiful plaza.

There are several interesting monuments and sculptures to see in the square, including Jan Hendrix and Monumento al Sitio de Puebla, and the area is frequently used for cultural and political activities.

On the square, among the palm trees, cypress trees, and formal gardens, there are people selling balloons and shining shoes. In the middle of the center, you will find a Baroque fountain that was built in 1777.

You will surely love walking through the beautiful streets of this famous plaza in Puebla City!

Still undecided on visiting Puebla City, Mexico? Visit why visit Puebla City, Mexico, at least once in your lifetime here?

Address: Av. Don Juan de Palafox y. Mendoza, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

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