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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Monaco. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Monaco. #Top Attractions

Have you been thinking about visiting Monaco? For the best travel experience in Monaco, check out our curated list of things to do in Monaco and the best places to visit in Monaco below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travelers.

Casino Square

Casino Square Monaco

Casino Square Monaco / bvi4092 / Flickr

You must come to this spot if you are a James Bond fan.

Casino Square is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and often visited tourist destinations.

You’ll be able to take in the stunning Belle Époque architecture of the buildings while you’re enjoying your trip.

It also has a round fountain with the world-famous Sky Mirror situated in the middle of it and offers wonderful photography options.

In addition, the Monte Carlo Casino is located on the square, but if you don’t want to spend your time gambling, it’s still worth your time to look around the area.

The opera theatre, as well as the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo and Café de Paris and Casino, are three attractions visitors should not miss.

These well-known structures regularly make cameo appearances in films produced in Hollywood, particularly James Bond films.

At Casino Square, have a great time!

Address: Pl. du Casino, 98000 Monaco

Fort Antoine

Fort Antoine Monaco

Fort Antoine Monaco / Greger Ravik / Flickr

An 18th-century fortress that is now an outdoor theater is waiting for you to explore!

Fort Antoine was constructed in the 18th century. Still, during the Second World War, in 1944, a significant portion of it was bombed and destroyed.

Afterward, it was renovated at the request of Prince Rainier III, and now it is a stunning open-air theater with seating for as many as 350 people.

The exploration of Fort Antoine is completely free, so if you have time to kill and are looking for something to do, you should consider going there.

There is a possibility that you may be able to watch a show if you plan your trip to take place during the summer.

It is a setting that brings together poetry, theater, and chamber music all in one place.

Even though the shows are performed in French, many visitors come here purely to have a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and the scenery that surrounds the area.

Plan to spend some of your summer vacations at Fort Antoine to watch some amazing plays!

Address: Av. de la Quarantaine, 98000 Monaco

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo Monaco

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo Monaco / Jorge Láscar / Flickr

Make an effort to live a more elegant lifestyle.

The most well-known hotel in Monaco is the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, which can be near the Place du Casino.

It was constructed in 1864, a year during which Monte-Carlo was only starting to take form.

To ensure that visitors have a pleasant stay at the hotel, the hotel provides them with rooms and suites that have been meticulously designed and decorated.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and video games. 

Le Louis XV: Alain Ducasse, widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world, is located within the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo.

The cuisine of the Riviera is elevated to an entirely new and exquisite level at this restaurant by using the very best ingredients and the most delicious tastes.

In addition, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo has a wine cellar that you must take advantage of because the wines are truly renowned!

Make a reservation at the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo today!

Address: Pl. du Casino, 98000 Monaco

Jardin Exotique Monaco

Jardin Exotique Monaco, Monaco

Jardin Exotique Monaco, Monaco / Bernard DUPONT / Flickr

Are you someone who can’t resist a succulent?

The Jardin Exotique de Monaco is an incredible exotic garden that has reached its full maturity and develops along the brink of a cliff that looks out over the port of Monaco.

You may discover a broad range of succulent plants in the garden, which originally opened its doors to visitors in 1933.

It’s interesting to note that back in the late 1860s, the succulent plants were carried from Mexico.

In 1895, Augustin Gastaud, who was the Chief Gardener at the time, was responsible for cultivating the succulents in the Jardin St. Martin.

Because of this, one of the most notable characteristics of this garden, which has more than a thousand different types of cacti and succulents.

In addition, there is also a cave called the Observatory Cave that you may explore. Noted that the Observatory Cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites.

In the cave, archeologists have discovered artifacts that point to the presence of human ancestors.

Enjoy the flora at Jardin Exotic de Monaco while you can!

Address: 62 Bd du Jardin Exotique, 98000 Monaco

Jardin Japonais Monaco

Jardin Japonais Monaco, Monaco

Jardin Japonais Monaco, Monaco / Andrea Einaudi / Flickr

There’s a hit of Japan in Europe. 

Even though you are still in Monaco, visitors at the Jardin Japonais Monaco feel as though they have been teleported to Japan. 

It was Princess Grace of Monaco’s dream to establish a Japanese garden in Monaco, and in 1994, that dream was finally realized. 

Yasuo Beppu, a Japanese landscape architect, was commissioned by Prince Rainier III to design the garden. The Jardin Japonais Monaco was designed in exact accordance with Zen principles.

It has an area of 7,000 square meters, the construction of which took three years,

Furthermore, it features an abundant combination of Japanese culture and Mediterranean accents.

People travel to the garden to meditate in the peaceful setting, which features a waterfall, Zen garden, pond, and tea house, among other features.

In addition, the construction of the tea house and patio area took place in Japan, and then the finished products were shipped to Monaco.

Spend the day wandering around the Japanese Garden in Europe!

Address: 5 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco

Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach Monaco

Larvotto Beach Monaco / Kurayba / Flickr

It’s time to get in the water with the jellyfish!

Just kidding, they won’t bother you with their stingers.

At Larvotto Beach, swimsuits don’t have to worry about getting stung by jellyfish because the beach is completely encircled by nets.

This beach is great for families since the water is calm and shallow, making it safe for youngsters to swim, and it has facilities that are well maintained.

Larvotto Beach is Monte Carlo’s most glitzy beach and a famous tourist destination.

To avoid the crowds at Larvotto Beach, you should plan and arrive early in the morning so that you may tan in peace.

Water activities like jet skiing, sea kayaking, and paddleboarding, all of which are available for rental, are quite popular in this area.

Behind the beach, there is a promenade lined with a variety of restaurants and cafés where you may stop for a bite to eat if you are hungry.

Visit Larvotto Beach with your loved ones and have some fun today!

Address: Plage du Larvotto, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Le Grill

Le Grill, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

Enjoy a delicious meal in a Mediterranean restaurant while visiting Monaco!

The seasonal Mediterranean food at Le Grill can be found on the eighth level of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. 

It is interesting to note that Le Grill delivers bistronomy-inspired cozy food for lunch, while for supper, it specializes in gourmet Mediterranean cuisine.

On days when the weather is pleasant, the entire roof may be opened up, allowing guests to have lunch in the sunshine and evening beneath the stars.

In addition to that, the restaurant has a breathtaking vista that looks out over the Mediterranean.

As a result of this, guests dining in Le Grill in Monaco will enjoy an experience they won’t soon forget.

If you are stumped about what to have to eat at the restaurant, here are some of the standout dishes.

You place your order from among these mouthwatering cruise options, which include a rack of lamb seasoned with savory, slabs of local turbot, and chicken seasoned with Herbs de Provence.

Make sure to reserve a table for tonight at the Le Grill!

Address: Pl. du Casino, 98000 Monaco

Les Jardins Saint-Martin

Les Jardins Saint-Martin, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

Walking around Monaco’s most beautiful garden is an enjoyable activity on a sunny day.

Les Jardins Saint-Martin was Monaco’s first public garden and was opened in 1816 in a location that had previously been abandoned.

It is possible to spot flowers native to the Mediterranean region, in addition to other exotic species.

And it’s all because of the warm, Mediterranean environment, which makes Les Jardins Saint-Martin an ideal place for plant growth.

Visitors have the opportunity to take a stroll around the gardens, during which they may see the charming fountains, delicate ponds, and breathtaking views over the blue waters.

The ruins of medieval walls and archaeological remains dating back to the Holocene era may be found here, giving visitors a peek into history.

The bronze statue of Prince Albert I, shown here as a sailor, may be seen at the very center of the park, looking out over the vast sea.

Plan a wonderful trip in the Les Jardins Saint-Martin today!

Address: Avenue Saint-Martin 98000 Monaco Monaco

Monaco Cathedral

Monaco Cathedral Monaco

Monaco Cathedral Monaco / Niels Mickers / Flickr

The Monaco Cathedral, which was built in 1875, is a significant symbol of both the nation’s religious heritage and its rich history.

As a result of its dedication to Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of Monaco has been known by several titles, including Cathedral of Our Lady Immaculate and Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

Inside the church, there is an altarpiece of Saint Nicholas from the 16th century that has survived and may still be seen by tourists.

In addition, the church has a magnificent organ, and its main throne is crafted from white marble. Both of these features are worth bringing out as points of interest.

Weddings provide an opportunity for visitors to indulge in an old-fashioned practice known as “rice-throwing,” which involves tossing rice at newly wedded couples. 

Make a note in your calendar that key religious holidays, such as the Feast of Saint Devotion on January 27th and the National Holiday on November 19th, will have pontifical ceremonies.

To pay your respects, you can visit the Monaco Cathedral today.

Address: 4 Rue Colonel Bellando de Castro, 98000 Monaco

Monaco Harbor

Monaco Harbor Monaco

Monaco Harbor Monaco / Ruben Holthuijsen / Flickr

Take a stroll along Monaco Harbor and look out at the magnificent yachts that are docked there.

The construction of the Monaco Harbor, also known as Port Hercule, took place between the years 1901 and 1926.

You may strike up conversations with friendly yachties who are more than happy to fill you in on the specifics of their boats.

Tourists may also go on a boat tour of Monaco and marvel at all of the stunning vessels that are docked in the harbor while they are there.

There are eateries and coffee shops in the vicinity of Monte Carlo Harbor where you can enjoy your meal while sitting outside and taking in the scenery of the harbor and the water.

In addition, the month of September is the ideal time to go to the port since that is when the Monaco Yacht Show is held, which features the latest in boating technology.

Check out Monaco Harbor now if you’re a boating enthusiast!

Address: Monaco Harbor, Monaco

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Monaco Naval Museum

Monaco Naval Museum, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

A museum was created with a single person’s passion.

Professor Claude Pallanca had dreams of being a sailor and created model ships with great attention to detail from a very young age.

He collected and crafted an impressive collection of model ships throughout his lifetime, which resulted in the establishment of the Naval Museum.

The Naval Museum in Monaco first opened its doors in 1993 and now has an impressive collection.

More than two hundred and fifty paintings, model ships, and other marine artifacts from ancient to the present day are on show there.

It is interesting to note that the complete collection of the museum includes over 1,200 scale models in addition to hundreds of items linked to the navy.

You might even be familiar with some of the models that are on exhibits, such as a replica of the famous Titanic ship, Viking longboats, Spanish pirate ships, and many other types of ships.

Boat lovers really must make the trip today to see the Monaco Naval Museum.

Address: Terrasses de Fontvieille, niveau 2, Av. Albert II, 98000 Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino Monaco / Brian Scott / Flickr

Gambling is something you enjoy, right?

One of the most well-known casinos in the world is situated in Monaco, and its name is Casino de Monte Carlo.

In 1893, an architect named Charles Garnier gave it a flamboyant appearance by building it in the Beaux-Arts style.

The gaming space, which is about 108,000 square feet, is separated into seven distinct salons, each of which is dedicated to a particular category of game.

When the gaming area opens in the afternoon, new and regular players have the opportunity to test their skills at the table games.

If you are not interested in participating in the game, you can still take a tour of the place.

At the Casino de Monte Carlo, one may find excitement, unique experiences, and unexpected twists and turns. 

Try to win your way inside the Casino de Monte Carlo today!

Address: Pl. du Casino, 98000 Monaco

Musee de la Chapelle de la Visitation

Musee de la Chapelle de la Visitation Monaco

Musee de la Chapelle de la Visitation Monaco / Conor Laker / Flickr

Are you an art enthusiast? 

To see such a work of art, visit the Chapel of the Visitation in Monaco.

The Chapel of the Visitation in Monaco also known as the Chapel of the Visitation is a Baroque chapel that was built in the 17th century and has since been converted into a museum.

On the commands of Princess Charlotte de Gramont, it was first constructed to serve as a place of learning for young women hailing from the Monegasque society.

In its latest form as a museum, the building is home to an impressive art collection of holy scriptures and works of art.

To view the magnificent Barbara Piasecka Johnson collection, all that is required of you is to wander around the various artworks and historical documents that are on display.

In addition, there are works by artists such as Zurbaran, Rubens, and Ribera, as well as other masterpieces of the Italian Baroque.

The Chapel of the Visitation tour takes around thirty minutes to complete.

Visit the Musée de la Chapelle de la Visitation today to discover all of its remarkable collections of artworks.

Address: Pl. de la Visitation, 98000 Monaco

Musée Océanographique de Monaco

Musée Océanographique de Monaco

Musée Océanographique de Monaco / NovoaR / Flickr

It’s time to immerse yourself in the underwater world!

When you go to the Musée Océanographique in Monaco, you’ll be able to view more than 6,000 specimens that are located on the side of a cliff that rises 85 meters above the sea.

It has about 100 pools with tens of thousands of marine animals from the Mediterranean and tropical oceans.

You may witness a wide variety of marine life, such as sharks, seahorses, jellyfish, crabs the size of small cars, sea turtles, corals, and many others.

This makes it the ideal destination for a day trip with the family in Monaco. 

Aquariums offer educational lectures and particular activities for children, such as a 15-species touch pool.

For kids, there is a unique pool where they may pet a baby shark, brush a starfish, and even feed fish there.

There are also two massive halls presenting exhibits highlighting Prince Albert’s contributions to oceanographic and marine biology through photographs, actual specimens, and vintage equipment.

When in Monaco, don’t miss the opportunity to view the Musée Océanographique.

Address: Av. Saint-Martin, 98000 Monaco

Collection Privée des Voitures de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco

Collection Privée des Voitures de S.A.S. le Prince de Monaco, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

Did you know that Monaco’s Prince Rainier III had a lifelong interest in automobiles?

It’s true, his extensive collection is now on display to the general public!

In 1993, Prince Rainier III made the courageous decision to make his priceless collection accessible to the general world.

Even in current times, those who are passionate about automobiles have gone to see this remarkable collection. 

It has around one hundred vehicles, ranging from carriages to modern automobiles.

The visitors learn about the vehicle’s history as they move through time at the museum, recognizing the numerous achievements in engineering and design along the way.

There is a variety of automobiles, ranging from race cars to antiques, that are on exhibit for your observation.

It’s interesting to note that one of them is the wedding car that Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly used on their wedding day.

The Museum of Antique Automobiles in Monaco is a must-see for automobile fans and non-car enthusiasts alike.

Address: Terrasses de Fontvieille, 98000, Monaco

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco

Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

Check out the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco’s collection of items from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Exhibitions are held at the museum’s two villas and focus on Monaco’s history as well as modern art.

These two villas which host the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco are Villa Paloma and Villa Sauber.

The Villa Paloma is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful patrician homes in Monaco. 

Although the year of construction and the identity of its architect remain a mystery.

As for the Villa Sauber, it is one of the few Belle Epoque homes that still stands in the region. 

It was previously owned by the Blanc family, who is also credited with developing the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

The paintings, theater costumes, photography, sculptures, and other types of artwork are on display at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

The museum also supports artists in their efforts to raise awareness about the significance of Monaco’s natural and cultural resources all over the globe.

Explore the exhibitions of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco today!

Address: Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Monaco

Opera de Monte Carlo

Opera de Monte Carlo Monaco

Opera de Monte Carlo Monaco / Charles JACQUES / Flickr

Do you love going to the theater, as well as concerts and operas?

Then you should pay a visit to the Opera de Monte-Carlo and see how talented the people of Monaco are!

The Opéra de Monte-Carlo, usually referred to as the Salle Garnier, is an opera house that can be found in Monaco, Europe.

During the 1800s, it was designed by the architect Charles Garnier and constructed in the Belle Epoque style.

At the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, you may see world-renowned artists such as vocalists, ballet dancers, and worldwide superstars perform. 

Any tourist who comes here will be impressed immediately by the building’s exterior as well as the environment itself, which is reason enough to pay a visit.

This opera house is connected to the Monte Carlo Casino and is every bit as beautiful as the casino itself.

Even if you did not go inside the opera, it is well worth your time to have a look at the surroundings.

The Opera de Monte-Carlo is a worthwhile investment of time.

Address: Pl. du Casino, 98000 Monaco

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco

Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Monaco / Niels Mickers / Flickr

Is the Prince at home, or is he somewhere else?

When you are in Monaco, you should stop by the Prince’s Palace, which is located in the heart of the Principality.

A visit to the Palace is like taking a trip through the ages, from the Renaissance up to the Napoleonic period.

Once you enter the palace, you will learn the history of the Grimaldi family as well as the families who came before them.

The palace also has a changing of the guard ceremony that takes place every day at 11:55 a.m. and brings joy to hundreds of viewers.

Keep in mind that you are free to visit the palace whenever the Prince is not currently residing there; the flag that is waved from the main tower is an easy method to know whether this is the case.

If it is raised, it indicates that the Prince is currently in the vicinity of his residence.

So, keep an eye out for the flag at Monaco’s Prince’s Palace today!

Address: Place du Palais 98015 Monaco

Princess Grace Rose Garden

Princess Grace Rose Garden Monaco

Princess Grace Rose Garden Monaco / Laura Blanchard / Flickr

Garden and rose enthusiasts are in for a real treat with this one!

The Rose Garden was created by Prince Rainier III in honor of his late wife, Princess Grace.

It is laid out in the style of an English garden, but it also features olive trees that are over a century old for a touch of the Mediterranean.

The garden is highlighted by the bronze statue of Princess Grace that was sculpted by Kees Verkade in 1983. 

More than 315 different types of rosebushes may be found throughout the Rose Garden, which has many 6,000 rosebushes that have been arranged into seven distinct categories.

As you continue through the Rose Garden, you will come across the herb gardens as well as several more wonderful streams and beautiful trees.

At the site’s entry, you may scan each rosebush on the map’s QR code and learn interesting facts about each.

Spend your time admiring the roses at the Princess Grace Rose Garden today!

Address: Av. des Papalins, 98000 Monaco

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Image for illustration purposes only

If you want a day of relaxation or a spa treatment, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo provides a wide range of options that may meet or even exceed your expectations.

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, often known as The Sea Baths of Monte-Carlo, is widely regarded as one of the best places for spa vacations in all of Europe.

It provides 7,000 square meters devoted to beauty treatments and well-being and combines cutting-edge technology with the luxury establishment.

All of the treatments, including those for anti-aging, recovery, slimming, and other purposes, are designed according to the requirements and interests of individuals.

The heated indoor pool and the outdoor Jacuzzi with a view of the bay are two activities recommended for visitors to take advantage of during their stay.

The Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo also features restaurants, spas, and fitness centers that are situated across its four floors.

Make your reservation at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo as soon as possible.

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Address: 2, Av. de Monte-Carlo, 98000 Monaco