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With the help of our travel guides, organizing a trip to Haiti is a breeze. For the best travel experience in Haiti, check out our curated list of things to do in Haiti and the best places to visit in Haiti below. Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, hopes to have a significant impact on the world.

Atis Rezistans

Atis Rezistans, Visit In Haiti
Atis Rezistans is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Eerie-yet-amazing artworks in the capital of Haiti.

Atis Rezistans, which means “artist resistance” in Creole, is a group of Haitians who turn trash into Vodou-inspired cyberpunk sculptures.

You can find this horrific sculpture museum in the heart of Haiti’s capital city. The artists create challenging contemporary artworks by combining human bones and broken pieces of metal.

Drive down Grand Rue’s main causeway until you come to an immense black metal arch with “Atis Rezistans” carved in black letters. In this spot, you will find the studio of Andre Eugene. 

Every day, Eugene can be found here, seated with his welding torch in his hand. Behind him is a wall of twisted metal, and to his left is a sea of possible parts.

All artists were raised in an environment of survivalist recycling, junkyard make-do, and artistic endeavor.

They have created striking sculptural collages using repurposed materials such as engine manifolds, Television sets, wheel hubcaps, and scrap timber.

Visit and be astonished by the surroundings of this unusual spot in Haiti!

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Barbancourt Distillery

Barbancourt Distillery, Visit In Haiti
Barbancourt Distillery is one of the best places to go in Haiti

A destination for liquor lovers!

The Barbancourt label has a business history spanning nearly two centuries, making it one of the most recognizable brands in Haiti.

Dupre Barbancourt founded Rhum Barbancourt in Haiti in 1862 after moving from Cognac, France. In the same year, he learned to produce rum and sell it. The distillery still uses Dupre Barbancourt’s original production method.

This Hispaniolan version of the Caribbean’s most renowned liqueur is now distributed worldwide, but the finest place to try it is where it was born: The Barbancourt Distillery in the neighborhood of Petionville in Port-au-Prince.

This well-known rum distillery may be found to the north of the airport, tucked away in the middle of sugarcane fields. Visitors are welcome here occasionally.

There are guided tours and tastings available and a shop selling Barbancourt’s famed 15-year-old aged rum and some great liquors from the brand. You can also stroll inside the brewing and barrel houses and learn about the process firsthand.

Taste the strong rum and take a bottle or five as you visit this famous distillery in Haiti!

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Bassin Bleu Waterfall

Bassin Bleu Waterfall, Visit In Haiti
Bassin Bleu Waterfall is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Be tempted to leap in this beautiful waterfall of Haiti

This set of four cobalt-blue pools is just 12 km west of Jacmel. It is surrounded by giant rock formations and has waterfalls that connect the pools.

Cheval, Palmiste, Yes, and Clair are the four beautiful natural basins. But Bassin Clair is without a doubt the best of the series.

Under the turquoise surface, this pool has more to offer than meets the eye. At 75 feet deep, Bassin Clair is a great place to meditate while floating.

You’re less unlikely to encounter the nymphs who, according to tradition, live inside the caves. However, divers attempting to determine the actual depth of the pool have been known to be grabbed by them.

The hike is challenging and entails rappelling and climbing over rocks that can be slippery; however, you have the option to hire a guide to help you manage the terrain.

Floating may not satisfy thrill-seekers. Join skilled and brave locals who climb to one of the diving sites and execute dives and backflips in Bassin Clair.

Make sure to save some of your energy for the hike out towards the end of the day.

Address: Jacmel, Haiti

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line

Dragon's Breath Flight Line, Visit In Haiti
Dragon’s Breath Flight Line is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Don’t miss this ultimate once-in-a-lifetime water zipline experience!

Dragon’s Breath is the longest over-water zip line in the world, and you can only go on it if you go to Labadee on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The zip line can be seen from about every point on the island, and the views are spectacular.

Indulge in a breathtaking panorama of your ship and the coast as you drop down 2600 feet at great speed from a platform just 500 feet above the beach.

Because safety is so crucial on zip lines, you will be taken to the smaller “Little Dragon” flight line, in which you can practice the basics with much less risk. The crew will show you the basics and then let you try it out on the shorter zip line. It’s a good introduction and a chance to practice techniques.

This spot is not for the faint of heart! But it will be a mind-blowing and unforgettable experience if you get to try it!

Address: Labadee, Haiti

Fort Jacques

Fort Jacques, Visit In Haiti
Fort Jacques is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Are you tired of the bustling cities of Haiti? Fort Jaques is a sweet nature escape!

In the early morning hours, Fort Jacques is a tranquil sanctuary from the chaos of Haiti’s capital city and a convenient shortcut to the countryside.

Fort Jacques is an impressive relic of the golden age of castle construction in Haiti, despite being smaller than its much larger sibling, the monumental La Citadelle la Ferriere.

While the wilderness is still waking up, you’ll hear exotic birds chirping, many of which are only found on this island, and the rustling and talking of vendors setting up shops.

While sitting at the picnic table in the mountains, you’ll understand why a visit to Fort Jacques, one of the cheapest activities to do in Haiti, is also one of the greatest.

Be sure to put this spot in your list of things to visit in Haiti!

Address: Fort Jaques. Haiti

Furcy Forest

Furcy Forest, Haiti
Furcy Forest, Haiti / lucianf / Flickr

Do you wish to visit a place where you can bring out your adventurous side?

Adventure tourists visiting Haiti should head straight for the massive Massif de la Selle, where the famed Furcy Forest cascades over the ridges and peaks that soar more than 2,500 meters above the Caribbean Sea.

The location is known for its breathtaking views, wooded pathways, and pine woods. The best spots to hike and discover the wilderness are in these hills of Haiti.

Hiking through Parc National la Visite has to be among Haiti’s most thrilling forms of physical activity. If you’ve spent much of your time in the nation caught in Port-au-Prince traffic, the escape to the mountains is absolutely exquisite.

You’ll be able to take in the park’s beautiful views, including its fauna and flora. 

You should expect to hike and travel a few kilometers, but it will be well worth your time. It is one of Haiti’s most attractive tourist sites you can’t miss visiting.

Hike your way up and have an unforgettable adventure experience in Haiti!

Address: Furcy Forest, Haiti

Gelee Beach

Gelee Beach, Haiti
Gelee Beach, Haiti / MichelleWalz / Flickr

Want to take a refreshing dip on one of Haiti’s pristine beaches?

In the south of Haiti, near Les Cayes, you’ll find Gelée Beach, one of the country’s most popular vacation spots. Highlights include the seashore fritay vendors and the opportunity to watch cows nibbling in fields that extend nearly to the water’s edge.

The area around the beach is flat and open compared to other widely known beaches in Haiti. Even though the scenery is peaceful, the ocean is tropical, and swimming here is excellent.

The treeline is littered with the vibrant shacks of food vendors. Their variety is a sign of Gelee beach’s popularity and the quality of its seafood.

Beachside eateries are a great place to enjoy Creole barbeque and spices and lobster dishes, breadfruit plates, and tonm-tonm on the menus.

Gelée changes into a busy, well-lit waterfront restaurant when the sun goes down. Music fills the air, and people walk down the wide boulevard.

It is indeed a lovely place for the foodies and beach lovers must-visit!

Address: Gelee Beach, Haiti

Grand Rue Musee d’Art

Grand Rue Musee d’Art, Visit In Haiti
Grand Rue Musee d’Art is one of the best places to go in Haiti

For the love of art, be sure not to miss this spot!

Most of Haiti’s artists are represented at Pétionville’s galleries. Still, a team of installation artists and sculptors makes remarkable work in cinder-block dwellings on Grand Rue.

The Grand Rue Musee d’Art may be found in the middle of Port-au-urban Prince’s sprawl, tucked in between a massive car repair shop across one side and then a junkyard on the other. Both of these businesses are located on opposite sides of the street.

Its grand name might make you think it’s something royal and old, but that’s not the case. In reality, Grand Rue is a grouping of sculptures, mechanical figures, carvings, and artwork made from found objects.

You can also find figures of humans that have been sculpted out of the twisted remnants of automotive motors.

Take a walk around the streets of this spot, and you’ll come across a fascinating collection of local Haitian art.

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Jacmel, Visit In Haiti
Jacmel is one of the best places to go in Haiti

After tentatively being recognized as a candidate for a World Heritage Site, Jacmel’s fortunes changed when the 2010 earthquake devastated the city and much of Haiti as a whole.

Despite the heartbreaking devastation, this city managed to rise and continue its heritage and preserve its history.

The elegant design of “gingerbread” townhouses is just one example of the city’s artistic history. Jacmel is known worldwide for its lively arts and crafts scene. It is home to nearly 200 paper-maché artists, a painting school, and a film and music school among the best in Haiti.

You may buy multi-colored fruit bowls carved from coconut wood, scary Voodoo figurines, and reggae-flavored headgear from the numerous boutique galleries and local souvenir emporiums that line the narrow alleys.

But shopping isn’t the only activity you can do in Jacmel. Not when the municipality provides such a lovely public beach and boardwalk lined with coconut trees and filled with alluring seafood grills that smell of spices!

Enjoy a walking tour and have a great shopping experience on the streets of Jacmel!

Address: Jacmel, Haiti

Jubilee Voodoo Monument

Jubilee Voodoo Monument, Visit In Haiti
Jubilee Voodoo Monument is one of the best places to go in Haiti

A monument worshiped by voodoo believers.

There are many different stories about how this famous voodoo pilgrimage site originated. It is generally agreed upon that the Catholic church erected a cross somewhere two hundred years ago.

A bolt of lightning struck the cross after roughly a century, causing a piece of it to topple down the cliff’s edge. People began to assume that “ancient gods” were regaining the hill from Catholics, and the hill has been known by this name ever since.

Today, pilgrimages to the summit are performed daily to pray and make sacrifices. The vast amount of burned rock is noticeable as you travel the hill towards the top. People frequently bring candles to light and pray around.

The locals will tell you to treat the area as a place of worship. The climb up the hill is also tricky, so make sure to wear proper shoes and clothes.

This monument might be an unusual place to visit, but it is worth trying to witness a piece of Haiti’s culture.

Address: Anse a Foleur, Haiti

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Kokoye Beach

Kokoye Beach, Visit In Haiti
Kokoye Beach is one of the best places to go in Haiti

If you wish to experience glamping in Haiti, you should check out and consider this spot!

The picturesque beach of Kokoye is approximately an hour’s boat trip from Petit-Goave on Haiti’s south coast.

With its fine white sand, gorgeous blue seas, and lush palm trees swinging in the breeze, Kokoye beach is the famous Caribbean paradise depicted in travel brochures you can see worldwide.

Kokoye Beach is among the few tourist-friendly beaches in Haiti, featuring regular all-inclusive boat rides. It’s a budget-friendly way to enjoy Haiti’s pristine beaches and beautiful lagoons.

If you are looking to avoid crowds of tourists, you should head to the beach, which can only be accessed by boats or by hiking.

Relax in a cove worthy of a Pirates of the Caribbean scene, eat local seafood, and drink rum punch in a tent provided by the local host while you forget about your worries.

Grab your backpacks and get your dose of vitamin sea in Haiti!

Address: Ravline Paques, Petit Goave, Haiti

La Citadelle la Ferriere

La Citadelle la Ferriere, Haiti
La Citadelle la Ferriere, Haiti / Stefan Krasowski / Flickr

Want to see an unusual attraction that sits on top of a stone?

This enormous citadel, which clings like a massive stone limpet to the slopes of Bonnet, a L’Eveque mountain just a drive away south of Cap-Haitien, seldom fails to draw an enthusiastic reaction from visitors.

This massive fortress was built in the early 19th century by Haitian slave rebels as a visible defense against French invasion after the country gained its independence.

This remarkable structure has become a symbol of Haiti’s strength and independence, appearing on local currency, stamps, and postcards.

Locals refer to the Citadelle as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. This vast stone structure is America’s largest fortress.

Despite the Citadelle’s military role and the still-present aura of conflict and danger, its windows provide a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding landscapes.

There are great views of rolling green mountains on three sides, and to the north, you can see Cap-Haitien, where the streets are full of colorful shops, watchmakers, and old men playing dice.

Witness with your own eyes the spectacular views of this famous Haitian destination! 

Address: Vaseux, Haiti


Labadee, Haiti
Labadee, Haiti / Thank You (22 Millions+) views / Flickr

Out for a spectacular cruising experience? This spot exclusively welcomes cruisers!

Labadee, a haven of sun, sea, and sands owned by Royal Caribbean International, is a popular stop for cruise ships and beachcombers alike.

This destination feels tranquil due to its location on a peaceful stretch of Haiti’s northern shore.

You may schedule a shore excursion here, which includes boating and kayaking tours, snorkeling adventures, personal watercraft experiences, parasailing, and tours to small, secluded beaches.

You can visit Artisan’s Market, a shop selling Haitian items and hosting local entertainers who dance and sing for visitors and give them a flavor of the local culture at this location.

Also, be sure to ride the Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster. You can see the ocean and the ship as you ride this actual roller coaster through the Labadee rain forest.

It would be an indeed unique experience if you visited this exclusive spot in Haiti!

Address: Labadee, Haiti

Marche en Fer

Marche en Fer, Visit In Haiti
Marche en Fer is one of the best places to go in Haiti

A tour of Haiti will never be complete without a shopping experience at the Iron Market.

Haiti’s best and oldest iron market is in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital city.

A railway station timepiece hints at the roots of the building housing the market from the Victorian era that towers over the entryway to the market.

This colossal bazaar was built in the 1890s and has become a national symbol. If you look closely, you can see that the tower was initially designed for Cairo, Egypt. Since then, several of the best food and craft stands on the island have been there.

Vendors might hound you constantly and aggressively if you visit as a tourist here. Intense for some, but the Iron Market is a fascinating look at local culture and trade for those who aren’t afraid of being deceived.

Try to visit this spot and have a bizarre and unusual market experience here in Haiti!

Address: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Musee du Pantheon National Haitien

Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, Haiti
Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, Haiti / Roosevelt Skerrit/ Flickr

Do not think you are not in the right place when you visit this spot because you can’t see an entrance to the museum.

With a permanent exhibition tracing Haiti’s history from slavery and the Tanos through independence and the present age, this cutting-edge history museum is tucked away underneath a lush green space.

In 1983, it was established as the primary institution in Haiti to preserve, maintain, and promote the country’s historical and cultural heritage and bring visitors as near to the people as possible.

This huge concrete structure in Port-au-Prince is covered in white cones with mosaic patterns, and it houses the country’s most in-depth collections relevant to the country’s national heritage.

It would be a great experience to learn about the culture and history of Haiti as you travel around the country.

If you are looking for one museum to add to your Haitian itinerary, this is the perfect choice to include.

Address: Av. de la République, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

National History Park

National History Park, Visit In Haiti
National History Park is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Visiting this attraction is like hitting three birds with one stone.

The Palace of Sans Souci, the Ramiers structures, and the Citadel, in particular, serve as worldwide symbols of liberation in this park. They were the first monuments built by the formerly enslaved Black people.

The National History Park is in the middle of a mountain range in northern Haiti that goes to the Dominican Republic. It is known to be the largest fortress in the whole Western Hemisphere. 

The decision to build the Citadel on the tops of the mountains was part of a plan to protect the interior, which was different from the coastal defense plan of French colonization.

It is an excellent spot to witness and learn firsthand about Haiti’s history of independence. Aside from its great importance in preserving the country’s history, it is also designated as one of Haiti’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Don’t forget to visit this spot during your trip to Haiti!

Address: Northern Massif in Haiti

Pic la Selle

Pic la Selle, Visit In Haiti
Pic la Selle is one of the best places to go in Haiti

If hiking is your thing, experience it at Haiti’s highest peak!

La Selle is in the southeast of Haiti’s West department. You can get there from Croix-des-Bouquets or the small town of Marigot, both of which are less than an hour’s drive from Jacmel.

Pic La Selle is Haiti’s highest mountain peak and the third highest in the Caribbean. It is part of the La Selle mountain range, which continues into the Dominican Republic.

This La Selle range must be on your attention if you’re an adventurer. A single-day hike provides stunning views of the Caribbean and the island of Hispaniola.

Before reaching the peak, the most popular path begins in Mare Rouge. It winds its way through diminishing pine trees and via a sequence of rustic tiny farming hamlets.

The journey offers breathtaking panoramas of the southern hills, not to add the refreshing winds of the Haitian mountains all along the way!

Witness beautiful Haiti from a high perspective and have a tremendous Haitian hiking experience!

Address: Haiti

Sans Souci Palace

Sans Souci Palace, Haiti
Sans Souci Palace, Haiti / Stefan Krasowski / Flickr

With its Baroque staircase and classical terraces, Sans Souci Palace is a beautiful reminder of a once-beautiful palace.

The palace grounds are known for their vast gardens, which remind people of the terraced gardens in Vienna and Potsdam.

Sans Souci was the most elaborate home or palace that Haiti’s first king, Henri Christophe, built. It is in Milot, which is near the city of Cap-Haitien.

The luxurious palace, finished in 1813 and seen as a symbol of “Black Power,” was based on European designs and was the site of fancy balls attended by influential people from other countries.

Fences have been put up around this national treasure, but people can still walk around the ruins. Villagers are often willing to lead walking tours and tell the area’s history in their own words. The small town of Milot, which is all around this peaceful building, shows how the area has changed over time.

Visit and be mesmerized by the picturesque views of this beautiful palace!

Address: Milot, Haiti


Saut-d’Eau, Haiti
Saut-d’Eau, Haiti / Hispaniola News / Flickr

The Saut-d’Eau, which crashes in two massive streams through the tropical vegetation of central Haiti, is known not only for its breathtaking natural beauty but also for its religious significance.

Thousands of devotees and intrigued tourists flock to this one-of-a-kind Vodou pilgrimage every year.

The falls form the focus of a mass pilgrimage every July when the festivities for Our Lady of Carmel take place, and Voodoo practitioners flock to bathe in the cleaning streams. The falls are held in high regard by Catholics and Voodooists in the local community.

Vodou practitioners go to the holy waterfall of Saut d’Eau to perform a purification ritual to gain the favor of the Miraculous Virgin.

Regardless of the month, the location is breathtaking to see and provides an excellent opportunity to swim and relax after adventuring in the forest.

Address: Haut Saut d’Eau, Haiti


Saut-Mathurine, Visit In Haiti
Saut-Mathurine is one of the best places to go in Haiti

Fall in love with this stunning Haitian waterfall!

In Haiti’s southwestern department of Sud, Les Cayes Arrondissement is home to the stunning Saut-Mathurine Waterfall, which is nestled in the Commune Camp-Perrin.

This magnificent waterfall’s height is about 100 feet and has a depth of about approximately 90 feet. Interestingly, this spot is also used to generate electricity in the area.

In the midst of a lush green forest with towering trees and unique flora, the Saut-Mathurine Waterfall is deemed the country’s most spectacular and biggest waterfall.

The waterfall’s stream comes from the Rivière de Cavaillon, and its turquoise waters are great for swimming and paddling. The water is always refreshing, and the surrounding landscape is a magnificent garden of greenery.

You can take a dip in the pool or even test your skills at waterfall leaping while you’re here. It is also an excellent spot for a fun picnic day with your family!

Strike a pose for Instagram or simply recharge your batteries in this beautiful natural attraction in Haiti!

Is there anything else holding you back from making Haiti your next vacation destination? Hop over to why visit Haiti at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Camp-Perrin, Haiti

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