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Having the intention to visit Kilkenny, Ireland? For the best travel experience in Kilkenny, Ireland, check out our curated list of things to do in Kilkenny, Ireland, and the best places to visit in Kilkenny, Ireland, below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that brings the best travel ideas to travelers.

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill, Kilkenny, Ireland
Brandon Hill, Kilkenny, Ireland / Loz Pycock / Flickr

A hike that will last a lifetime

Hike up to the highest mountain in Kilkenny, Brandon Hill.

Start your hiking journey at the village of Graiguenamanagh. 

You have an option to take more time to swim at some of the hidden swimming spots here.

The route will lead you to the green lush forest roadway. Here, you may wonder about the natural environment and wildlife you may encounter.

No need to be scared because a professional hiking guide will accompany you all throughout this journey.

When you get to the Ballinvarry, which is another hill, the roads begin to zigzag and skirt around it.

When you the top, you will be amazed by the panoramic view of the entire county of Kilkenny. 

Take note that you are standing at the height of 515 meters, so you can reach the sights of Kilkenny’s stunning views, including the coastline.

Make sure you wear proper hiking shoes because the trails might be slippery and rocky at times. 

Don’t also forget your camera to capture the breathtaking view of the summit!

You need to try this adventure once in your life! Hike now!

Address: Brandon Hill Loop Walk, Graiguenamanagh, Co Kilkenny, Republic of Ireland

Bridie’s Bar and General Store

Bridie's Bar and General Store, Kilkenny, Ireland
Bridie’s Bar and General Store, Kilkenny, Ireland / Mark McNestry / Flickr

A journey to a relaxing and fulfilling Kilkenny trip

The Bridie’s Bar and General Store offers outstanding coffee products and a wide variety of homemade oils, pastries, and treats.

Here, you may also shop for some local handicraft products such as chunky knits, candles, and Voya products seaweed skincare products.

When you enter this place, you will be greeted by a long walled garden, where you can sit and enjoy the outdoor surroundings with beer or coffee. 

Take note that Bridie’s garden is full of vibrant orange-yellow flower blossoms. This is a perfect location for an awesome photograph! 

Make sure to take a few snapshots of it!

A bar can be found on the second level, which also features a balcony that can be rented out for various types of events.

This spot is perfect for getting together with a group of friends. Now is the time to embark on a trip with your close buddies.

Address: 72 John Street Lower, Collegepark, Kilkenny, R95 X890, Ireland

Butterslip Lane

Butterslip Lane, Kilkenny, Ireland
Butterslip Lane, Kilkenny, Ireland / David Bergin / Flickr

A lovely street that will remind you of Harry Potter!

This is an ideal place for all the Harry Potter fans.

Located in Kilkenny’s city center, which resembles one of the scenes in the popular Harry Potter series.

Butterslip Lane is constructed in the early 17th century. It is a small street lined with butter shops, which is how it got its name.

This is the most picturesque street you need to see when visiting Kilkenny. 

The charming street has a lot to offer. Here, you can explore some of the gift shops that sell Irish products, such as beanies and Aran sweaters.

There are restaurants along the street where you may dine in. 

You may try some of Ireland’s famous truffle chocolate. The country is famous for its chocolate goods. 

Visit the Aran Bakery, located in the neighborhood, for some fresh, warm bread that was baked in a stone oven. This bread goes wonderfully with some smooth butter.

This is a combination of magical and delightful exploration!

Walk along the Butterslip lane and discover more.

Address: The Butter Slip, St Kieran’s Street, Kilkenny, Ireland

Castlecomer Discovery Park

Castlecomer Discovery Park, Kilkenny, Ireland
Castlecomer Discovery Park, Kilkenny, Ireland / David Bergin / Flickr

Fun day at the Park!

Spend a day at the Castlecomer Discovery Park, 80 acres of Park that features farmyards, gardens, and leisure grounds perfect for the family.

Fun and exhilarating activities are waiting for you! 

Challenge yourself by trying the Treetop adventure, climb to the top of 10 meters in height and cross the 140 meters long obstacles. 

Visitors might also want to ride the exciting zipline. It is the most extended zipline adventure in all of Ireland. It is 300 meters long and stands 35 meters above the ground.

This is a great opportunity to witness the stunning panoramic view of the entire Park. 

If you choose a more tranquil pastime, paddling on the lake surrounded by woodland and tall trees is an option.

Witness the amazing backdrop of the 17th-century stone bridge while canoeing.

Trekking, rafting, camping, ax throwing, and many other activities are also available.

Your one-day stay is not enough! Make it longer and more exciting!

Right now is the best time to start planning a family trip in this area.

Address: The Estate Yard, Drumgoole, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, R95 HY7X, Ireland

Dunmore Caves

Dunmore Caves, Kilkenny, Ireland
Dunmore Caves, Kilkenny, Ireland / Stephen Hanafin / Flickr

Are you looking for a spooky adventure in Kilkenny? Say no more! You’ve come to the right place!

Explore the Dunmore Caves, believed to exist back in the 9th century. 

Dunmore Caves will give you an overview of the history and geology of Kilkenny. 

The cave’s audio and visual presentation of geology and 350 million-year evolution history is fascinating.

Here you can also admire the museum, home to some of the treasures discovered in the cave and the series of a chamber that features stunning calcite formed over a million years.

A tour guide will accompany you on the cave trip.

Moreover, this cave is known for a lot of spooky stories. 

According to a legend, Many women and children are said to have been massacred in the cave by a band of Vikings.

As a result, there are spooky stories that the victims’ souls are still roaming around in the cave today.

A very thrilling story indeed!

There is no reason to be afraid. Explore the cave and discover more of its hidden stories!

Address: Castlecomer Rd, Inchabride, Kilkenny, Ireland


Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny, Ireland
Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny, Ireland / Underway In Ireland / Flickr

You don’t need to read the name of this place, just simply go!

Explore the beautiful village of Graiguenamanagh. 

Graiguenamanagh is home to the Duiske Abbey, a national monument that was built in the 13th century. 

Wander at the stunning interior composed of ancient stone, tall windows, medieval floor tiles, and the stunning churchyard.

This is a wonderful spot for some quiet reflection and relaxation!

And if you want your trip to be more travel-worthy, bike along the river walkway of Barrow. 

Be there to see the magnificent Irish buildings reflected in the beautiful river creating a picturesque view that is worth capturing with your camera. 

If you still have the energy, you may trek the hidden trails that will lead you to some of the Heritage sites in the village.

End your wonderful trip by dropping by at the Duiske Glass Gift Shops, where you may buy local handicraft items for a perfect souvenir.

Words are not enough to describe the beautiful town of Kilkenny. Visit it and witness the beauty right in front of your eyes!

Address: Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny, Ireland

Jenkinstown Wood

Jenkinstown Wood, Kilkenny, Ireland
Jenkinstown Wood, Kilkenny, Ireland / David Bergin / Flickr

A lovely street that will remind you of Harry Potter!

A lovely walk to the lush green scenery is needed when visiting Kilkenny.

Jenkinstown Wood is an ideal place for forest exploration. 

Explore the remnants of the old house dating from the 1870s in the park’s center.

There is a small garden that you may explore. It is a garden that is dedicated to the notable Poet Thomas Moore.

He was best known for his book Utopia in 1516 and was one of the critics of King Henry VII, the king, and head of England Church.

Moore’s works become a symbol of the beautiful country, Ireland. 

The poet was inspired by the red rose plant in the National Botanic Garden in Dublin. 

Due to this, the whole garden in Jenkinstwon Wood Park is dedicated to him. 

Additionally, the park is home to a broad range of plant and animal life, including squirrels, deer, stoats, and a variety of birds.

Picnics, bird watching, forest walks, deer park sightseeing, and exploring some of Kilkenny’s oldest churches are all popular pastimes in this area.

Visit and discover more of it!

Address: Jenkinstown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Jerpoint Park

Jerpoint Park, Kilkenny, Ireland
Jerpoint Park, Kilkenny, Ireland / Fabian Walden / Flickr

Discover the Undiscovered in Kilkenny

Wander at the “lost town of Newpoint Jerpoint,” the Jerpoint Park. 

Opposite to its tagline, this is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kilkenny. 

Jerpoint Park was built in the 12th century. 

One of the main attractions here is the tomb of St. Nicholas, the famous saint of Western and Eastern Europe. 

St Nicholas is also known as Bishop of Myra and was associated with Christmas festive. 

The church of St. Nicholas is free to explore, and it boasts medieval architecture constructed in the 12th to 13th centuries. 

There are sheepdog events held in this location because of the grassy environment, which has become popular because it showcases the dogs’ talents and cleverness.

You may also enjoy fishing at the nearby river bank of Nore. This river offers a scenic and tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxing fishing activities.

Discover the undiscovered Jerpoint Park right away!

Address: Jerpoint, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Kells Priory

Kells Priory, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kells Priory, Kilkenny, Ireland / TechnoHippyBiker / Flickr

A ruin that is compacted with beauty

Discover one of the outstanding stone ruins in the entire country of Ireland, the Kells Priory.

Kells Priori is situated along the King’s river. The priory was constructed in 1993.

It was dedicated to Virgin Mary, and the canon that surrounds the area was dedicated to St. Kieran. 

The Kell Priory was burned down three times during the 1st century of its existence. 

Today, Kell Priory is one of the most impressive monastery ruins combining religious and late medieval architecture. 

The remains of the monastery attract a number of locals and visitors due to its stunning and seemingly great structure. 

The setting is exceptionally calm and tranquil, and the presence of sheep in the neighborhood will give you the impression that you are in the countryside of Ireland.

This is a wonderful spot to unwind in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the past of Kilkenny.

Visit the place now!

Address: Kellsborough, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kilfane Glen and Waterfall, Kilkenny, Ireland / Wendy Cutler / Flickr

What’s more peaceful than visiting a fairytale-like garden? If you don’t have the right answer, then you might want to visit this place.

Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is an enchanting garden that boasts a natural and serene environment. 

It is situated in Kilfane Co. and was dubbed as the best illustration of a fairytale-like garden in Kilkenny.

It was built in the 1790s. This is a true haven for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Witness the majestic waterfall that runs along the woodland and the cottages orne.

You might want to take a dip if you want to!

There are tiny bridges along the area that is surrounded by tall ancient trees and ferns. This green lush was said to be planted during the 18th century.

All of what you see here holds historical significance!

Due to its fascinating beauty and great history, Kilfane Glen and Waterfall is listed as an Irish Heritage garden. 

The cottage and the entire garden are beautifully preserved. It offers a seemingly endless view of the ancient garden.

Bring your camera and capture all of it! 

Time is running! Make a travel plan now!

Address: Stoneen, Kilfane, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

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Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland
Kilkenny Castle, Ireland / bgwashburn / Flickr

You can’t claim to be in Ireland if you don’t feel majestic. This location will give you a sense of it!

Make your way to one of Kilkenny’s most popular attractions, The Kilkenny Castle.

The majestic castle is located in College Park. 

Kilkenny Castle is a medieval castle built in the 12th century. It was used to house dukes, butlers, and other prominent royalties.

In 1969, the castle was renovated when the Irish state occupied the place.

Today, you are free to roam around and witness the impressive library, rooms full of paintings, and bedrooms that were all decorated in the 1830s. 

Here you may come across the Picture Gallery that dates back to the 19th century. 

You will fall in love with this castle more when you see its stunning stone halls, the scenic garden that features vibrant roses in full bloom, and the peaceful parkland.

Feel free to do picnics while enjoying the majestic view of the castle in the backdrop.

There are a lot of exciting things that await you here. Make the most of your time in Ireland by appreciating what the country offers!

Address: The Parade, Collegepark, Kilkenny, R95 YRK1, Ireland


Kilkenny Design Craft Centre

Kilkenny Design Craft Centre, Ireland
Kilkenny Design Craft Centre, Ireland / Warren LeMay / Flickr

On every journey, you must have a piece of memories to take home!

Visit the Kilkenny Design Centre located in the heart of Kilkenny.

This is a boutique shop that offers outstanding Irish handcrafted gifts. 

Kilkenny Design Craft Centre remained to be the most prominent source of exceptional local products such as pottery, blankets made from sturdy wools, Aran sweaters, beanies, soaps, and more.

There are wonderful collection displays available here that you can buy as mementos to take home as souvenirs. 

Kilkenny Design Craft Centre was established in 2000. It gained massive recognition as the most popular center for its exhibits of works from very talented and exceptional artisans and designers.

In addition, the center is an architectural masterpiece in its own right, taking the form of a castle.

From unique products to picturesque places, this place has it all!

Remember to visit here for all of your shopping needs while you’re in Kilkenny!

Address: The Castle Yard, The Parade, Gardens, Kilkenny, R95 CAA6, Ireland

Kyteler’s Inn

Kyteler's Inn, Kilkenny, Ireland
Kyteler’s Inn, Kilkenny, Ireland / Antonio Campoy / Flickr

A fun nightlife at one of the oldest pubs in Ireland

Spend your fun and dazzling night at Kyteler’s Inn. 

This isn’t just a regular bar but a tourist destination in its own right.

Kyteler’s Inn offers entertainment and a good set of food. 

The founder of this pub is none other than Alice de Kyteler, born in 1280 and was recorded as the first woman who practiced witchcraft.

Here comes the spooky story!

Alice was married four times, and all of her husbands died. On the death of her last husband, Alice was accused to used poison and sorcery by her own children.

Therefore, the bishop investigates and finds out that Alice and her followers neglect the Christian faith.

There are witchcraft pieces that are found in the area, and the rest is history.

Wow, mind-blowing!

Opposite the dark history of the place, the pubs today offer a fun place for food and drinks.

Try the famous Banger, a sausage made from pork served with local beer.

There is a live band during dinner that will make your night even more special!

What are you waiting for? Visit now!

Address: St Kieran’s St, Gardens, Kilkenny, Ireland

Medieval Mile Museum

Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny, Ireland
Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny, Ireland / Warren LeMay / Flickr

Kilkenny vacation is not complete without visiting this Museum!

Medieval Mile Museum is located in the heart of Kilkenny. 

This Museum houses the medieval history of Kilkenny and the country of Ireland.

The stunning Kilkenny castle and the Saint Francis abbey will greet you along your way to Medieval Mile Museum. 

It is the newly constructed Museum in 2017 under the fascinating 13th-century building of Saint Mary’s church. 

Explore the glimpse of preserved tombs of some of the royal families that once reigned in Kilkenny. 

Letters, books, and other records dating back to 1200 can be found in this Museum. 

There are skeletons of inhabitants in displays that tell the story of the place.

Relics, statues, and other monuments are also on display. Each of them has detailed information you will learn while touring.

If you want to learn more, the tour guide is available to accompany you.

Now is the time! Visit the Museum now!

Address: Gardens, Kilkenny, R95 K276, Ireland

Rothe House & Garden

Rothe House & Garden, Kilkenny, Ireland
Rothe House & Garden, Kilkenny, Ireland / John Lord / Flickr

If your visitation is in the Medieval Mile Museum, you might want to stop by and explore this place too.

It is located nearby the Museum. Rothe House & Garden is constructed between 1564 and 1610. 

It is formerly home to the wealthy politician John Rothe Fitzpiers and his family. 

Rothe Family was one of the powerful families that controlled the city trade and the government from the middle ages until the 17th century. 

Today, the Rothe House and Garden are transformed into a museum that houses 2,500 historical artifacts dating from 1947.

The artifacts all hold great significance in Kilkenny’s rich heritage. 

Visitors can explore the beautiful garden that was first opened in 2008. It is one of the best illustrations of a 17th-century urban garden.

The garden is surrounded by vibrant orchards, vegetables, different medicinal plants, and a glimpse of the summer house in the distance. 

Make your way out here and witness the impressive cobbled stone courtyards and the stunning garden!

Pack your bag now!

Address: 16 Parliament St, Gardens, Kilkenny, R95 P89C, Ireland4

St. Canice Cathedral

St. Canice Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ireland
St. Canice Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ireland / William Murphy / Flickr

Kilkenny vacation is not complete without visiting this Museum!

Kilkenny is rich in medieval buildings as well as historic cathedrals. One of these is the Cathedral of Saint Canice!

Before it was turned into a Cathedral, St. Canice existed since the 6th century as a Christian pilgrimage.

It was built between 1202 to 1285. St. Canice Cathedral gained recognition as the second-longest Cathedral in all of Ireland. 

Today, when you explore the place, you will witness the amazing stained glass windows, the choir stall with impressive carvings, and the marble floor in different colors.

Near the St. Canice Cathedral is the round tower, it dates back to the 9th century, and it was used as a watchtower during the pre-Norman period. 

The round tower is 10 feet tall that can be climbed. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of Kilkenny and its surroundings. 

Make sure you bring your camera to capture this picturesque Cathedral!

Explore this place and marvel at its beauty!

Address: Coach Rd, Gardens, Kilkenny, Ireland

St. Francis Abbey Brewery

St. Francis Abbey Brewery, Kilkenny, Ireland
St. Francis Abbey Brewery, Kilkenny, Ireland / John Lord / Flickr

Time for a bit of drinking sesh in Kilkenny!

Stop by at the Saint Francis Abbey Brewery, a popular beer hub in Kilkenny built-in 1710.

The beer history of Kilkenny started in the 13th century, and this place is responsible for that!

John Smithwick is the founder of the Saint Francis Abbey Brewery. He decided to use the ruins of the 13th-century abbey as a beer brewery instead of destroying it.

After many attempts and failures, he successfully made an outstanding beer recipe that eventually became the talk of the town.

Due to its popularity, the Smithwick brewery was able to produce thousands of gallons of high-quality beer, serving people worldwide.

Today, you will enjoy the taste of this magnificent beer by visiting it in person. 

Get a chance to witness the brewing process and the impressive preservation of the Smithwick recipe.

Apart from that, you will also have the opportunity to see the stunning architectural design of the ruins of the abbey located in the center of the industrial street of Kilkenny.

Everyone is welcome to have fun! Make sure to include this place when visiting Kilkenny.

Address: Parliament St, Gardens, Kilkenny, Ireland

The Black Abbey

The Black Abbey, Kilkenny, Ireland
The Black Abbey, Kilkenny, Ireland / William Murphy / Flickr

Another medieval place that awaits you in Kilkenny

Wander Abbey Street, where you will find the church, The Black Abbey.

The Black Abbey was built in 1225. It was used as a worship place for Black Friars, where the church got its name. 

It played a great role in the civil and religious life of locals in Kilkenny, not until 1543 when King Henry VII converted it into a courthouse. 

Due to it, the church became ruins and was eventually restored in the middle of the 19th century. 

Today, visitors can explore the church’s stone carvings and sculptures, including the figure of the Blessed Trinity. 

You might also get the opportunity to view the breathtaking rosary window, which depicts the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Around the church is a garden that has vibrant flower blossoms, which gives a nice compliment to the church surroundings.

 Benches are available outside the church for visitors who want to take a minute of rest.

Stroll here now!

Address: Abbey Street, Kilkenny


Tholsel, Kilkenny, Ireland
Tholsel, Kilkenny, Ireland / Antonio Campoy / Flickr

Kilkenny is packed with many historic places, so you should visit at least one of them. 

May your way at Tholsel. It is situated in the heart of Kilkenny.

In the latter half of the 18th century, construction began on Tholsel. It had formerly served as the city’s office for collecting taxes and tolls.

The interior of this building is off-limits to both residents and guests of the area. Nonetheless, just taking in the surroundings will satisfy your need for historical immersion.

The facade of Tholsel features both the traditional frontage of pillars and an impressive arcade.

A sight of an impressive clock tower that stands at the back of the building is worth seeing too.

 When you cross the street of Kilkenny, you will easily recognize this building right away due to its architectural structure.

Take pictures of this amazing structure from whatever viewpoint you like!

Check this place when you are in Kilkenny!

Address: Tholsel, Kilkenny, Ireland

Tullaherin Folk Museum

Tullaherin Folk Museum, Kilkenny, Ireland
Tullaherin Folk Museum, Kilkenny, Ireland / INDIGO WOLFSBANE / Flickr

If you ever find yourself looking for an awesome gem in Kilkenny, this is the best place to go! 

Get lost at one of the hidden gems in Kilkenny, the Tullaherin Folk Museum. 

The Tullaherin Folk Museum is located in the ruins of a monastery that was built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

The circular tower that can be seen in this area dates back to the 9th century. Its height is around 70 feet, and it was originally the tallest tower in the area. However, the roof was destroyed as a result of a Viking attack.

Today, when you visit the place, you can look through the museum, where some of the artifacts people used in their homes back then are kept.

This is a great opportunity to explore Killkenny if you are interested in learning more about it.

Take some pictures of the ruins to take home with you as a memorable memento.

Don’t miss this place. This is truly a gem!

Are you still on the fence about visiting Kilkenny, Ireland? Check out reasons to visit Kilkenny, Ireland, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Tullaherin, Bennetsbridge, Co. Kilkenny

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