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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Senegal. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Senegal. #Top Attractions

Planning a trip to Senegal? For the best travel experience in Senegal, check out our curated list of things to do in Senegal and the best places to visit in Senegal below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.


Casamance, Senegal

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In the sunny and humid country of Senegal, a trip to paradise is what you will need.

Explore and discover the story. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Senegal that offers a total paradise atmosphere with its beaches, river towns, and fishing villages. 

Start your journey by visiting the Casamance River banks. Enjoy a peaceful kayak or boat trip to the lush green of the town. Witness the rich flora and fauna it has to offer. 

You may also have the choice to spend your day at the white beach of Cap Skirring, tanning or having a calm swim… 

If you are interested in learning about culture, head to Abene. A town in Casamance where you will see traditional ceremonies, handicraft products, and meet locals. 

Abene is one of the towns that promote the preservation and promotion of both natural resources and culture throughout Senegal. 

Witness the locals playing drums and dancing to the fun sound. You might want to join them in order to enhance your total vacation experience. 

List this place on your Senegal itinerary and discover more of its hidden beauty!

Address: Casamance, Senegal


Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal / Jeff Attaway / Flickr

If you are in Senegal, it is impossible for you not to be drawn to this place. 

Wander around Dakar, Senegal’s capital city. It boasts a stunning and classic African city. 

Dakar is the main port in the country. It is also recognized as being the home to a wide variety of fish markets. 

Here you may witness the tiny island of Goree. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it was once the largest slaving trading center on the African coast during the 15th to 19th centuries.

When you explore Goree, you will be greeted by impressive architectural houses and buildings. 

The history of the island is the most terrifying and dark in all of Africa. 

Nevertheless, today the island is one of the thriving towns in Dakar. You can go fishing or explore the beautiful pastel houses and cobblestoned streets.

After the island exploration, you may also visit the Museum of African Arts, which houses a wide variety of artworks that can only be found in Africa. 

If you find yourself in Senegal, make time to visit Dakar!

Address: Dakar, Senegal

Djoudj National Bird Park

Djoudj National Bird Park, Senegal

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Say yes to more fun and exciting adventures in Senegal!

The Djoudj National Bird Park is located in Debi. It covers over 16 000 hectares, home to a large number of bird species.

Over 3 million migratory birds of 350 species fly over the sanctuary every year. 

As a result, Djoudj National Bird Park is the third bird sanctuary in the world and a really ideal place for bird watchers. 

Various bird species such as cranes, flamingos, pelicans, herons, ducks, and more are here to entertain you. 

Watch out for some wildlife in the lagoon, including crocodiles, jackals, gazelles, monkeys, and alligators. 

The rich fauna of the National Park is why it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Discover the habitat of these birds and learn their history. It is a must to join the bird tour, where you will be guided by a professional tour guide. 

Don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars for a better view. 

Come over here and check this place out!

Address: 9QX5+PRF, Debi, Senegal

Foret de Bandia

Foret de Bandia, Senegal

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Your fun safari adventure will start here in Foret de Bandia. 

Foret de Bandia is located in Sindia. It is a 3,500-hectare reserve home to a wide variety of wildlife, including giraffes, ostriches, rhinoceros, hippos, turtles, lions, and more.

This is the ideal place for you if you love to have close-up interactions with these fascinating animals. 

The Foret de Bandia is one of the few reserves that protects and promotes the extinction of some wildlife in all of Africa. 

The reserve is built to resemble each animal’s natural habitat, surrounded by massive baobab trees, scrubs, and palm trees.

You may also encounter some native plants and various bright flowers along the way. 

The safari adventure is accompanied by a skilled tour guide. Book your ticket in advance. 

In addition, Foret de Bandia is one of the best places to see the fascinating sunset in Senegal. 

If you plan on visiting Foret de Bandia, make sure to dress appropriately because it is relatively hot and sunny.

If this excites you, go ahead and book your ticket now!

Address: J367+7MJ, Sindia, Senegal


Joal-Fadiouth, Senegal

Joal-Fadiouth, Senegal / Alessandro Clerici / Flickr

For a more laid-back vacation in Senegal, visit the Joal Fadiouth.

Joal-Fadiouth is a lovely fishing village in Senegal. The town is surrounded by a large variety of shells, mangroves, and baobab trees. 

Witness the stained timber small boats and traditional fishing skills that are popular for sight-seeing and fishing activities. 

But the most fascinating attraction here is the Shell Cemetery. It is a small cemetery that houses the tombs of Muslims and Christians that once lived there. The tombs are made up of sea shells situated on the coast’s hilly side. 

Here you may also have the opportunity to witness the breathtaking panoramic view of the nearby island as well as the lush greenery that surrounds the area. 

And speaking of lush greenery, the island is home to the 800-year-old baobab tree. It is located near the church of Fadiouth and which, later on, was named as a sacred tree. 

Truly, the island will give you the most relaxing vacation with its calm sea beaches, shell attractions, and green environment. 

This is the ideal location for you. Visit now!

Address: Joal-Fadiouth, Senegal


Kafoutine, Senegal

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Another lovely coast in Senegal is worth a visit. 

Kafountine is one of the most lovely coasts of Casamance. It is home to the crystal clear beach and golden sand that stretches along the entire coast.

Marvel at the classic stained timber boasts along the waterfront of Kafoutine. Fishing is one of the main livelihoods of the locals. 

Here you may participate in fishing activities if you want to. Various fun water activities are also enjoyed here, including swimming, tanning, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 

You may also choose to explore the Forêt des Narangs, a perfect spot for bird watching. Watch the migrating birds from a distance, fyling over to the canopies. 

If you want to have the best view, bring your own binoculars. 

If you are planning to stay for more than a few days, it is recommended to book an eco lodge where you will stay at one of the traditional houses in Kafoutine. 

You must also bring your camera with you, for endless fascinating views are worth capturing here.

What are you waiting for? Spend your next vacation in Kafoutine!

Address: Kafoutine, Senegal


Kaolack, Senegal

Kaolack, Senegal / aliunix / Unsplash

If you are planning for a more diverse town in Senegal, Kaolack is the best place to go.

Kaolackl is home to another fascinating Islamic mosque, teaching, and culture in all of Senegal. 

This is best known as the center of the Islamic religion and the industrial hub of salt in Senegal. 

The most visited attraction here is the impressive Medina Baye. It is situated in the heart of the Kaolack, which features white and blue dome mosques and five spiral towers. 

Another popular attraction here is the Kaolack Market. Home to a wide variety of local handicrafts and local produce like peanuts, Kaolack is one of the trading centers not only for salt but also for peanuts.

The town is close to nature and is surrounded by baobab trees, which are well known for their mystical stories and beliefs.

Kaolack is a place to go when you find yourself looking for something new in Senegal. 

Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit this lovely town. Visit now!

Address: Kaolack, Senegal


Kedougou, Senegal

Kedougou, Senegal / Marten van der Kamp / Flickr

If you prefer more of a countryside attraction and happen to be in Senegal, Kedougou is the go-to place. 

Kedougou is located in the south-eastern part of Senegal. It is home to the large Guinean forest. 

The village of Kedougous is the best place to see the traditional Senegalese homes and culture. Here you may experience being one of the locals and learn about their lifestyle and livelihood. 

Apart from these, you will be able to enjoy the lush rainforest and greenery of the whole village because it is situated along the mountains. 

The village is quite prone to rain, which is why the agricultural land is more prosperous compared to other towns in Senegal. 

Kedougou is also a popular destination for people who travel to see Niokoloo Koba National Park, the largest national park in Senegal and home to the rich flora and fauna of the country. 

Another list for you to travel through after the exploration of Kedougou!

The choice is yours; travel to Kedougou soon!

Address: Kedougou, Senegal

Lake Retba

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, Senegal / Jeff Attaway / Flickr

A journey to the most fascinating lake in the world, Lake Retba.

The Cap-Vert Peninsula contains Lake Retba. The lake features the stunning bright pink color of the water. 

This eye-catching lake is best known as Lac Rose. The lovely pink color has been loved by locals and visitors alike. 

The reason for the vivid color is the high salt content of the lake. Due to this, the lake became one of the locations for salt production. 

It is a 3-kilometer-long lake that has been a favorite destination for kayaking, canoeing, and sightseeing. 

Even more lovely is the salt dune that surrounds the area. From a distance, you will mistakenly see it as a sand dune because of its color. 

And if you are wondering if you are allowed to swim here, The answer is yes. You may enjoy a quick dip as long as you do not taste the salty lake. 

Make your unique adventure here at Lake Retba and marvel at its beauty!

Address: Lake Retba, Cap Vert Peninsula, Senegal

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Mboro, Senegal

Mboro, Senegal / oft-quoted Mandrake Silvertongue / Flickr

If you happen to be in Dakar and want to have a more laid-back trip, head to Mboro. 

Mboro is located near the capital city of Senegal. It is home to the bustling vegetable markets of the country. 

Mboro is a town that offers a lively market, agricultural land, and a white sand beach. 

The most famous attraction here is the bustling market, where you will find a wide variety of fresh food, including vegetables, fruits, and seafood. 

Witness the food stall that sells Ceebu Jen, the popular local food made up of rice cooked in oil and fish with vegetables topped with tomato sauce. 

Boulets are also a must-try food here. It is groundfish that is formed like meatballs and served with French beans and onion sauce. 

Of course, there is always room for deserts. Try the Beignets. A sweet bread that is cooked in oil, it is comparable to donuts. 

Finished off with Bissap, a chilled red juice made of hibiscus leaves and served with mint.

After the delicious meal, you might as well buy a colorful tie-dye shirt as a great souvenir.

The best time to go to Mboro is today! Visit now!

Address: Mboro, Senegal


Ngaparou, Senegal

Image for illustration purposes only

Your total summer getaway continues at the Ngaparou. 

Ngaparou is situated in the west of Senegal. It is one of the most visited destinations in the country because it provides a wide variety of attractions, from beaches to safaris, to lagoons. 

Enjoy your day at the Accrobaobab Adventure. It is an adventure park that people of all ages love. 

Try the fun zipline adventure at the top of the baobab trees here. This will allow you to see the panoramic view of the entire park. 

Visit the Parc Exotique de Ngeurigne, a bird zoo that is home to large bird species such as vibrant plume parrots.

The zoo will also provide you with interaction with other animals, such as turtles, monkeys, crocodiles, and alligators. 

If you are looking for another adventure, head to Laguie dela Somone, located nearby, where you will enjoy kayaking and canoeing activities as well as a refreshing dip. 

There is more to discover in Ngaparou. Consider visiting this place when you are in Senegal!

Address: Ngaparou, Senegal


Palmarin, Senegal

Palmarin, Senegal / Christian COSTEAUX / Flickr

Palmarin is a tropical destination that you have been dreaming of seeing in Senegal. 

Palmarin is home to the mangrove forest, lagoon, and Atlantic beachfront. 

From the name itself, Palmarin, the village is home to a large number of palm trees. 

Due to it, palm trees have been the number one source of livelihood for locals here. It is the main ingredient for palm tree wine and other local palm tree products. 

Moreover, Palmarin is also the ideal destination for all adventure and nature lovers in Senegal. 

Spend your sunny afternoon kayaking and canoeing on the Sangomar. An economic tourism location in Palmarin. 

Marvel at the beautiful mangrove forest of Palmarin and watch migratory birds flying over the lagoon. 

Note that this is the best place to see the spectacular sunset. Bring your camera with you and capture this stunning masterpiece.

In addition, Palmarin is a favorite destination for beachgoers. You can get a tan here and take a refreshing swim on its white sand beach.

Isn’t that a very tropical place? 

Pack your bag and travel to Palmarin now!

Address: Palmarin, Senegal


Popenguine, Senegal

Popenguine, Senegal / Christian COSTEAUX / Flickr

If you love wildlife and happen to be in Senegal, you must visit this place!

It is not surprising that in Popenguine you will see a wide variety of wildlife, including exotic birds and marine animals. 

Africa is no doubt the Safari capital of the world, and so is Senegal. Visit the Nature Reserve of the Popenguine and witness the Palearctic migrant birds, the Blue Rock Thrush, and Eurasian crag Martin.

The Eurasian Crag Martin is a European bird found mostly in Greenland and France. A bird is mistakenly described as a bat because of its similar features.

The Blue Rock Thrush, however, is a bird that lives in Europe and North Africa. They are smaller compared to the crag martin. 

The Nature Reserve will also allow you to discover the Audoin gulls, bathing in the seawater or lake. It has a light gray color, long legs, and narrow wings.

There is also a lagoon in the area. Watch out because you might come across alligators and crocodiles. 

A tour guide accompanies the adventure. And you need to book first before visiting. 

Let your fun adventure begin at Popenguine!

Address: Popenguine, Senegal

Saint Louis 

Saint Louis, Senegal

Saint Louis, Senegal / Patrick Schumacher / Flickr

When in Senegal, a trip to Saint Louis is a must!

Saint Louis is loathed in the northern part of the city. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Senegal. 

The Senegal River runs through Saint Louis, and that is what makes it a scenic town. The most visited attraction here is the Faidherbe Bridge. 

The Faidherbe Bridge was constructed during the 19th century with arched steel. The bridge is 507 meters long and comparable to the Mississippi Bridge in the USA. 

Taking pictures here is a must for an excellent souvenir. 

You may also want to visit the old city of Saint Louis, wherein you will marvel at the fascinating French architecture, white-washed buildings, the green plantation, and the fun arcades. 

All of which are worth visiting. Take note also of the popular jazz festival during the month of May, when the streets of Saint Louis become more lovely as it creates harmonious jazz music. 

There is more for you to discover in this lively city of Senegal. Come over here and check this place out!

Address: Saint Louis, Senegal

Saly Beach

Saly Beach, Senegal

Saly Beach, Senegal / tjabeljan / Flickr

A perfect summer destination for all the beach-goers out there!

Saly beach is one of the most popular summer attractions in Senegal. 

It boasts a stunning turquoise sea and fine sand beach and is a hub for luxurious hotels, spas, and restaurants in all of Senegal. 

The stunning Saly beach is comparable to the French Riviera of Europe because it boasts a natural and chic resort that is similar to Riveira. 

Various fun water activities, including snorkeling, paddle boarding, gentle surfing, swimming, island hopping, and even fishing activities, are enjoyed here. 

Saly beach is also rich in history. It was one of the trading posts during the 16th century of the Portuguese. 

Without a doubt, the hotels and accommodations are influenced by European and Portuguese architectural design, which adds to the overall beauty of the island. 

Stay here for a few more days with your loved ones to make the most of your visit. 

What are you waiting for? Today is the best time to go to Saly beach!

Address: Saly beach, Senegal

Senegal River

Senegal River, Senegal

Senegal River, Senegal / chelsealwood / Flickr

Looking for a serene place to journey in Senegal? Great! You’re on the right path.

The Senegal River is one of the most tranquil attractions in Senegal. It stretches for over 1,990 kilometers and runs along the west of Africa. 

Senegal’s long rivers offer not only a fishing livelihood but also a completely relaxed vacation experience.

Various activities are waiting for you here, such as canoeing, boat trips, quick dips, or simply just walking around the area. 

You can also spend the afternoon relaxing and having a picnic next to the beautiful scenic river.

Even more beautiful because of the colorful Pirogyue, a small boat that was used for excursions and fishing. 

The Senegal River is one of the most valuable water resources in the entire country.

This is a great way to unwind and learn about the rich fishing resources of the country. If you happen to be in Senegal, a trip here is a must.

Address: Senegal River, Senegal


Somone, Senegal

Somone, Senegal / Raquel Wilson Sow / Flickr

You are just starting to discover more of the summer attractions in Senegal. 

Somone is one of the lovely summer places in Senegal. It offers laid-back and fun activities that adventurers and nature lovers will enjoy. 

Someone provides enjoyable activities such as riding boats around the lagoon, a calm swim to its beach, and sea exploration. 

Exploring the 700-hectare lagoon will allow you to see the migratory birds and the rich mangrove forest. 

You may book your ticket in advance and enjoy the activity for the whole day. Bring your hats and binoculars for more exciting adventures. 

After the lagoon adventure, have your mouthful meal at the Beah restaurant and order a fresh oyster meal to pair with some cocktails or your choice of drinks. 

Someone is the ideal place to get away from your hectic city life. Spend your summer vacation here and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Address: Somone, Senegal


Tambacounda, Senegal

Image for illustration purposes only

For your information, this is not a ghost town but rather a place of historical remnants and attractions. 

Tambacounds is a place to go in the hot weather of Senegal. Here you will see several remnants of French colonial buildings, an empty train road, and some traditional lodges such as Chez Balingao. 

Chez Balingo offers a stay in the village of Tamaounda locals; be one of them as you witness their lifestyle, livelihood, and culture. 

And if you want to level up your exploration in Tambacounda, you may want to visit the Niokolo Koba Nationa Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the largest flora and fauna of Senegal. 

Get a chance to see close-up views of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, reptiles, birds, and more. 

The adventure will be accompanied by a professional tour guide. Witness the most breathtaking views of rocky hills, rivers, and forests.

That is indeed the best jumping-off point after the visitation in Tambacounda. 

This is another adventure for you to discover in Senegal. Explore and learn more about it!

Address: Tambacounda, Senegal


Touba, Senegal

Touba, Senegal / Neddo / Flickr

It’s like you are traveling to one of the Islamic countries in the world but in Africa. 

Touba is the heart of Islam in Senegal. It is home to one of the most impressive mosques, pilgrimage shrines, and monuments. 

Explore the Great Mosque of Touba, built in 1926. It houses the tomb of the Saint Senegalese, Cheikh Ahamadou Bamba, a notable African leader who founded the Mouride brotherhood in Touba.

The Great Mosque is the most popular Islamic attraction here. It features a large building for worshippers of a maximum of 7,000 capacity, and it is the largest mosque in Africa. 

Here you may also see the Lamp Fall, which soars high at 285 ft. from the ground. The excellent architectural design of the mosques attracts not only locals but also visitors from around the world. 

Whether you are Muslim or not, visiting Touba should be on your travel itinerary while you are in Senegal. 

Plan your visit now!

Address: Touba, Senegal 


Zinguinshor, Senegal

Image for illustration purposes only

This is what the popular phrase “save the best for last” is all about. 

Zinguinshor is a delightful city in Senegal. It is a small town that offers plenty of reasons why you should pay a visit. 

Zinguinshor is sometimes described as the most forgotten town in Senegal. It is due to its location that it is relatively far from the city. 

Nonetheless, it won’t change the fact that Zinguinshor is home to a wide variety of fun and exhilarating activities. 

Here you may enjoy birdwatching in the Casamance River. Various migratory birds visit the town, especially in the late afternoon when birds flock and stay overnight. 

If you want to have a better view, go to the governance building, where you will see up close the Yellow-billed stork and Pied Kingfishers. 

You may also explore the restaurants near the area where the seafood is a must-try dish as it is the main livelihood of the locals here. 

After your delightful meal, you might want to stop by the fishing beach of the town, where you will marvel at the colorful boats and Parisian design houses. 

Make your journey in Senegal more fun by visiting this town!

Still unsure to make Senegal your next destination? Check out reasons to visit Senegal at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Zinguinshor, Senegal