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Check out Guinea on your next trip. Here is our hand-picked list of the top activities and attractions in Guinea so you can make the most of your time there. Scroll down for the best things to do in Guinea and the best places to visit in Guinea. We at Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, have big plans to shake things up in the travel business.

Cape Verga

Cape Verga Guinea
Cape Verga is one of the best places to go in Guinea

This one’s for beach lovers!

As soon as the word “holiday” is mentioned, many people immediately think of a beach.

For many of us, nothing beats a trip to the beach when it comes to unwinding. During the warmer months, this is a popular spot.

The cool ocean breeze is one of the most significant benefits of going to the beach because it lifts your spirits.

Taking a seat by the water’s edge and unwinding is an experience that cannot be matched anywhere else.

For those looking for some of Guinea’s best beaches and a wide variety of lodging options, Cape Verga is a great place to visit.

Some of the most remote beaches in the world, such as Bel Air and Sobane, can be found here.

Additionally, there are several bars and clubs within a short distance of the hotel.

Indeed, good vibes happen on the tides. Come to Cape Verde!

Address: Guinea

Cathedrale Sainte Marie

Cathedrale Sainte Marie Guinea
Cathedrale Sainte Marie is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Find out more about the Cathedrale Sainte Marie, a must-see destination in Guinea!

The world’s great cathedrals symbolize humanity’s countless attempts to reach out to God and establish a spiritual connection.

A cathedral’s main function is to serve as a place of Christian worship.

However, it could also substantially impact the history and culture of the area it serves.

The Cathedrale Sainte-Marie is a place of worship for Christians. It is in the city of Conakry in the country of Guinea.

The cathedral was erected in the 1930s and featured spectacular architecture with a touch of Orthodox style.

The walls of the cathedral’s interior are covered in kitschy paintings depicting biblical scenes.

The cathedral in Guinea is small because the majority of the population is Muslim.

Nonetheless, it is still worth checking out this stunning cathedral in Guinea while you’re there!

Address: Conakry, Guinea

Conakry Botanical Garden

Conakry Botanical Garden Guinea
Conakry Botanical Garden is one of the best places to go in Guinea

One of life’s great pleasures is taking a trip to a botanical garden.

It’s been shown that spending time with plants and flowers improves one’s overall well-being.

The botanical garden is a beautiful site to learn about nature. A vast range of flora may be seen, making for a pleasant approach to unwinding.

Consequently, it is a park where one may walk, rest, and breathe better air than in other parts of the city.

The Camayenne district of Conakry is home to the city’s 1894-founded Conakry Botanical Garden.

It is well-known for being the capital’s most excellent picturesque natural spot.

Tropical trees tower over the space, home to various native Guinean plants. 

Visiting one of Guinea’s best botanical gardens is a must if you wish to experience the magic of nature.

Take a look at the natural beauty of this location on your next trip to Guinea!

Address: Conakry, Guinea

Fouta Djallon

Fouta Djallon, Guinea
Fouta Djallon, Guinea / Maarten van der Bent / Flickr

Looking for a place where you can relax while enjoying the natural scenery? If so, then this is a safe environment for you to come to.

Located in western Guinea, the region of Fouta Djallon is characterized by its high elevation.

This region’s landscape has long been recognized as one of the best in the country.

It comprises a series of sandstone plateaus with numerous gorges and trenches.

Fouta Djallon’s landscape is simply stunning, with rolling meadows, peaks, canyons, and all other activities in every region to enjoy.

If you go to the area, you’ll have plenty of chances to see stunning scenery. You can go on a hiking trip if you’d like.

This location’s serene ambiance is ideal for a peaceful evening or a leisurely weekend getaway.

You’ll be awestruck by the natural splendour of this area. This place is definitely worth seeing.

Make Fouta Djallon part of your travel plans! 

Address: Guinea

Get your hands on some Tapalapa Bread

Get your hands on some Tapalapa Bread Guinea
Get your hands on some Tapalapa Bread is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Happiness comes from eating bread!

Sightseeing and getting to know people are two of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling. There’s also the never-ending stream of Instagram updates.

Despite all the positive aspects, the food really makes the trip worthwhile.

When it comes to African bread, Tapalapa is among the best.

The Gambia is the country where it originated, but it is also trendy in Senegal and Guinea. Although it is just a simple bread, it is primarily the favorite of Guineans.

It is similar to a French baguette in its form and structure,  but its inside resembles a soft pretzel.

Millet and wheat flours are combined with maize flour, salt, yeast, cowpea flour, and water to make this bread.

This bread is usually eaten with jam, ideal for breakfast or brunch.

This is an absolute must-try. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample the Tapalapa bread while visiting Guinea!

Address: Guinea

Grande Mosque

Grande Mosque Guinea
Grande Mosque is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Explore the largest mosque in Guinea! 

The Conakry Botanical Garden may be found to the north of the Grand Mosque in the city’s northern section.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia provided the funds for its construction, led by Sekou Toure.

For West Africa, the Grand Mosque ranks fifth among the world’s most extensive mosques list.

All Muslims in Guinea regard it as the most sacred spot in the country.

Women and men have their own sections of the mosque.

The upper level has 2,500 spots for women, and the lower level has 10,000 areas for men.

To accommodate many people who visit this mosque, this mosque has a designated area for worshipers to pray.

An expansive green space surrounds the mausoleum, which also houses the tombs of national heroes Alfa Yaya, Samori Ture, and Sekou Toure, all of whom are buried there.

It’s the best spot to go in Conakry.

Address: Conakry, Guinea

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Iles de Los

Iles de Los Guinea
Iles de Los is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Are you a fan of the islands? Shell yeah!

An island group off the coast of Conakry, Guinea, is known as Iles de Los or Islands of Los.

That area is home to three major islands, the largest of which are Kassa and Roume, and Tamara (Fortuna).

In Portuguese, Ilhas dos Idolos, or “Island of the Idols,” is what they are known as.

These islands are frequently cited as the best place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

This is because it provides a genuinely therapeutic setting.

It is a beautiful island with golden-pink sandy beaches. While the sand and stones fill the coast.

Many species of plants and animals may be found in the dense forests, making it the ideal area to escape and reconnect with nature.

Sailing, snorkeling, island hopping, and even climbing are just a few things that can be done here.

Explore these stunning islands while you’re in Guinea!

Address: Guinea

Le Voile de la Mariee

Le Voile de la Mariee Guinea
Le Voile de la Mariee is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Have you ever wondered about the sad love story that took place here?

Le Voile de la Mariee is also a mysterious waterfall because of its mysterious origins.

This rich man is madly in love with a young woman.

However, they struggle for their love and eventually reach a point where they no longer obey the woman’s father.

They decided to get married without telling the father of the woman.

As soon as he heard about the wedding, the father was so enraged that he showed up at the church.

He was so enraged that he wanted to saber-kill this despicable man.

Although they could make it to the Cirque’s hills, the bride tripped and fell.

The waterfall earned its name because her veil got tangled on the cliff face.

After she vanished, rumors circulated that her father wept nonstop at the cliff’s edge, watching his tears fall into the thundering waterfall below.

That’s how this waterfall came to be, according to some legends.

The Voile de la Mariee has become one of Guinea’s most prominent tourist destinations.

Take a closer look at the waterfall. It’s time to check it out!

Address: X6J3+RW2, Bendougou, Guinea

Mount Nimba

Mount Nimba Guinea
Mount Nimba is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Explore the highest mountain in the region!

Taking in the world’s natural splendor is made easier when surrounded by mountains.

Even the thought of a trip to the mountains, whether it’s by yourself or with close friends and family, can improve your mood.

Mount Nimba is the most amazing place in West Africa, it is a wonder of nature. 

This is the highest peak of the Nimba range that extends towards the Guinea-Cote d’Ivoire-Liberia border. 

It is a protected area and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It’s home to various animals, including leopards, gorillas, etc., and unique plants can be found on the mountaintop that isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

You can climb the mountain along with your guide and take in the scenery. 

For those visiting Guinea, this is a worthwhile excursion. Get outside and spend some time in the fresh air. You’ll surely love it!

Address: Borders of Guinea, Liberia, and Côte d’Ivoire

National Museum of Guinea

National Museum of Guinea, Guinea
National Museum of Guinea, Guinea / Hans Splinter / Flickr

One of the best ways to learn interesting stuff is to stop by a museum when travelling.

You can even meet new folks from all across the world. You’ll run with another person who shares your passions at the museum most of the time.

In addition,  museums often depict what life was like in past eras. This gives you a sense of what life was like back then, which can be fascinating.

Conakry is home to Guinea’s National Museum. It was founded in 1960, shortly after the country gained independence.

Despite its small size, it contains a treasure trove of Guinean culture.

Local antiquities and Colonial-era artifacts can be found in the museum, as can statues in the courtyard.

Visitors can take some beautiful pictures inside where they can spend some time.

A trip to this museum is highly recommended if you’re curious about the area’s past. 

Address: 2nd Ave, Conakry, Guinea

Sheraton Grand Conakry

Sheraton Grand Conakry Guinea
Sheraton Grand Conakry is one of the best places to go in Guinea

A place to unwind would be nice. Snuggle up with a good book in the Sheraton’s Shine Spa!

The Sheraton Grand Conakry is conveniently located near the airport and on a beautiful beachfront property.

While in Guinea, this is the ideal place to stay while you’re on vacation!

On every floor of the hotel’s 282 guestrooms, guests may enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.

In addition to studios and one-bedroom rooms, the property offers many amenities.

Additionally, there is a swimming pool bar, a spa, an infinity pool, a ballroom, and an all-day dining option.

Sheraton is the most excellent spot to stay in Guinea as a business traveler or a vacationer.

Book your stay now at Sheraton Grand Conakry!

Address: Kipe Centre Emetteur, Ratoma, Guinea

Soumba Waterfalls

Soumba Waterfalls Guinea
Soumba Waterfalls is one of the best places to go in Guinea

In Guinea, you’ll find breathtaking scenery!

A waterfall’s sound and sight instantly lift your mood due to its pleasing appearance.

Conveniently situated just north of the city of Dubreka in Guinea are the Soumba waterfalls.

It’s one of the most excellent spots for a gentle waterfall dip.

Waterfalls such as this one provide the impression of being in a nature reserve.

The water and surrounding area are meticulously cleaned and cared for. It’s a terrific place to dip in one of the many pools or even scale to the falls.

Additionally, restaurants are available on-site for those who like to dine in.

In the rainy season, Soumba Waterfalls is best visited. The waterfalls can dry out between January and March.

Check out the Soumba Waterfalls, and experience the beauty there!

Address: Guinea


Ureca Guinea
Ureca is one of the best places to go in Guinea

Get to know the stunning landscape of Ureca while you’re there!

This village has been called one of the wettest places in the world because it is close to many waterfalls.

While visiting Ureca, be sure to check out the black sand beaches that surround the city.

You can see the Eola River’s waterfalls on the beach, which emerge from the forest and plunge straight down to the beach.

This place has a beautiful coastline and a variety of activities for visitors, including swimming and hiking, to name a few.

One can see the rare great apes of Equatorial Guinea in abundance in the jungles of this region.

There is no doubt that Ureca will be a place that you will fall in love with, even more so if you’re a nature buff!

What are you putting off? Ureca is a great place to go for a nature-filled adventure!

You haven’t decided to go to Guinea yet, have you? Check out reasons to visit Guinea at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: San Antonio de Ureca, Equatorial Guinea

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