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It’s almost guaranteed that Tuvalu will wow you with all the cool things to do there. For the best travel experience in Tuvalu, check out our curated list of things to do in Tuvalu and the best places to visit in Tuvalu below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.


Fongafale, Tuvalu
Fongafale is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Get away to Fongafale! Take advantage of the area’s beaches.

As you explore the neighborhood of Fongafale, make sure to stop by some of the area’s top attractions, such as Funafuti Beach. Tuvalu’s largest and most developed islet is located in Funafuti. It is home to all of the amenities that can be found in this area, and it is also among the most popular places for tourists to visit in Tuvalu. 

It is home to Fongafale’s only airport, built here by Americans during World War II when they created the lagoon that serves as its runway. Feel as though you’ve stepped into another universe as you watch the sun go down and the sky transform into a beautiful painting. 

Take a stroll around the lagoons under the light of the moon and the twinkling stars as you take in the beauty of the nighttime sea as it stretches out and relaxes. 

Look at the lighthouse’s beams as they shine their dazzling light onto the water.

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Funafuti Tuvalu
Funafuti Tuvalu / Stefan Lins / Flickr

This is not your typical islet! Funafuti is a small and laid-back state capital that encompasses 33 islets. The city is peppered with native covered roof structures and occasional concrete construction. 

It is considered excellent for snorkeling and diving experiences amid the vividly colorful tropical species and sea turtles. Because of this, the largest island in Tuvalu serves as one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. 

Walk on the cotton-like soft golden sand carpet that creates small strips of ground emerging from the massive quantity of water, producing a lagoon in the middle. 

You may also appreciate boating to glimpse the other uninhabited islands surrounding Funafuti. Experience the surge of the tropical wind on your face, and study the life undersea, even from the isolation of being 50 meters above the waterline. 

The breathtaking excursion all over the Faulopa islet, which may be reached by tossing a stone, is close at hand. Be sure to take a look at this paradise!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area

Funafuti Marine Conservation Area, Tuvalu
Funafuti Marine Conservation Area is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

If you will have to travel out of your way to go through Tuvalu, please do not deprive yourself of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore this location! This place is filled with islands strung out in a row like precious stones on a string!

The reefs, lagoons, and islands that make up the western side of Funafuti island in Tuvalu are protected by the Funafuti Conservation Area, which spans 33 sq km. Many different kinds of fish, coral reefs, algae, and crustaceans may be found in the nature preserve’s marine ecosystem, consisting of a reef, a lagoon, a channel, and the ocean. 

Carry your snorkeling gear with you so you may explore the clear blue lagoon and see the vibrant corals, fishes, crustaceans, and algae that live there. 

You might also wander on land, where there are a broadleaf forest and corals on white sandy beaches on six deserted islets. These islets serve as breeding places for sea turtles and are home to vital seabird species and crabs. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your things and head over to this destination!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

Funafuti Women’s Craft Center

Funafuti Women's Craft Center, Tuvalu
Funafuti Women’s Craft Center is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Have you seen bizarre fruits? Exotic fruits grow abundantly in the tropical climate that surrounds these white-sand beaches. The people of Tuvalu have managed to conserve not just the island’s pristine natural environment but also its indigenous crafts. The female inhabitants of the island. A Women’s Craft Center is located in one of Funafuti’s wealthiest cities.

The island’s center is a popular tourist destination. Residents’ handiwork is not only sold within the country but is also shipped to neighboring countries. Tuvalu is well-known for this particular commodity. The know-how for creating these goods is passed down through the family for generations.

A little girl working with beads or shells on a doll in the market, accompanied by her grandma, is not uncommon.

Each item is handcrafted by hand from natural materials in only one duplicate. A skilled artisan may transform an everyday object into a work of beauty in minutes. On this little Pacific Island, there is no other location to buy souvenirs other than here, so make sure to buy something from the shop!

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Nanumanga, Tuvalu
Nanumanga is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Are you ready for the next adventure? Head over to Nanumanga islet! The reef islet known as Nanumaga is located in the region of Tuvalu that has the same name. 

The entirety of Nanumaga is protected as part of a Community – owned Marine Area established on the island. Handlining is the only kind of fishing permitted on the reef, which is located on the island’s west coast. 

Spearfishing is prohibited entirely on the reef as well. Additionally, spearfishing is not permitted in any way on the island. A sea mound that is situated close to the northernmost edge of the island is a significant essential fishing ground that has been designated as a “no anchor zone.” If you are looking for something out of the ordinary island, Nanumanga is the choice! So gear up and be prepared for your next travel here in this islet!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

Nanumea Atoll

Nanumea Atoll, Tuvalu
Nanumea Atoll is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Visitors to Nanumea will be able to take in the island’s scenic beauty in all its pristine glory at this Atoll! 

This uninhabited and secluded island country is located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean between the republics of Fiji and Kiribati. The combined land area of all nine of its atolls is less than 10 sq miles, and even the tallest point is barely 16 feet higher than the surrounding ocean. 

Deterioration of both marine and terrestrial resources poses a significant risk to the island nation of Tuvalu. The rise in sea level, a direct consequence of climate change, is a key contributor to the deterioration of biodiversity and the depletion of natural resources.

The area’s mangrove forests are a valuable resource. In addition, the villagers can aid you by taking you on tour around the island, where you’ll be able to locate a wide variety of military remnants still being used by the locals. 

Nanumea is among Tuvalu’s most popular tourist destinations, making it a must-visit place in Tuvalu!

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Niulakita, Tuvalu
Niulakita is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Aside from its unique name, this island also has unique features! Niulakita is not only the label of the solitary settlement that can be found on this island but also the southernmost point in Tuvalu. The population of Niulakita is currently 27 persons strong. 

The people who now call Niulakita home originally hail from the neighboring island of Niutao; nevertheless, they moved to their new home on Niulakita. The members of the Parliament of Tuvalu who symbolize the Niutao constituency talk about Niulakita. 

Surely, you will love every bit of this tiny but magnificent island!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

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Niutao, Tuvalu
Niutao is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Small but terrible, they say! This islet boasts a beautiful view, making it a perfect spot to go to!

An outcrop or islet of reef Niutao may be found in Tuvalu’s topographically most northern part. Tuvalu counts this region as one of its nine territories. In addition to this, it is one out of the three regions that are comprised of only a single island. 

This does not include the three islands that are located within the enclosed lagoon. There are 606 residents living in the town of Niutao.

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Nui, Tuvalu
Nui is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Go out of your comfort zone and look at this Tuvalu island! It is considered to be among the most important islands in all of Tuvalu. The perpetual village may be found on the largest islet of Fenuatapu, which is located in Nui. 11 principal islets make up the island of Nui. 

Every islet has at least one route that runs through it. The waves crash through the narrow channels that connect the sea and the lagoon. When the tide is low, people can walk over these channels from one islet to another. The islets are connected by a coral reef that is 200 meters in width. 

The longest passageway through it is close to two kilometers in length. It can be found to the west of the island. There are several trees in this location. The locals have access to a sufficient amount of freshly caught fish thanks to the waters surrounding them, including the lagoons, the coast, and the ocean. 

As a result, fishing, the most important component of the indigenous people’s nutrition, is the most common occupation in this area. Discover the wonderful coral reefs that surround this island. It will surely be worth the trip here to Tuvalu!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

Philatelic Bureau

Philatelic Bureau, Tuvalu
Philatelic Bureau is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

The remarkable and one-of-a-kind Tuvalu Philatelic Bureau showcases an extensive collection of stamps from Tuvalu spanning thousands of years! Each of these comes in a bewilderingly diverse spectrum of designs. 

These stamps include a wealth of history and wonderful anecdotes about the customs, culture, and way of life that are prevalent among the Tuvaluans. They were organized by a group of extremely pleasant ladies. These stamps have the potential to serve as a beautiful keepsake for the people you care about the most in your life. Do you have someone whom you care about? 

Collect stamps here and show them!

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Tepuka, Tuvalu
Tepuka is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Did you know that this island’s name came from a tree? This island chain may be found 18 km to the west of Fongafale and to the northwestern of Funafuti. This is the essential Atoll in Tuvalu. Tepuka is a tree that is also known as Pouka-Hernandia peltata. 

This plant is where the word Tepuka originated. On the island lies a well-preserved subterranean bunker that was an American intelligence station erected during the Pacific War. This outpost was attached to the military airstrip that was located on Fongafale.

The island is located between the minor island chain of Tepuka Vili Vili in the southwest and the narrower islet of Te Afualiku in the northeastern. To the west is the Pacific Ocean, while a lagoon in Funafuti called Te Namo is to the east. The island has suffered significant erosion over the past several years but remains intact today. Pay a visit to this gorgeous island for a more exciting experience!

The Amatuku

The Amatuku, Tuvalu
The Amatuku is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

There is a training institute on this tiny island! A Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute may be found on this little island off the coast of Funafuti, which is located in Tuvalu. Tengako, which seems to be the point at the north extremity of the Fongafale islet, is the location from where one may enter Amatuku. 

The oldest building in Tuvalu may be found on Amatuku. There is also a thatched roof house with intact coral rock walls, which was constructed in 1904 by the London Missionary Society as a kind of a school. However, it has since been converted into a heritage site and is now used for various purposes. 

To this day, the tiny islet continues to be a fascinating destination for those interested in learning more about the remarkable abilities possessed by the sailors of Tuvalu and who also want to take advantage of the small slice of paradise that the nation of small islands possesses. Visit here and take advantage of this incredible destination!

Address: Tuvalu, Island

Vaiaku Stadium

Vaiaku Stadium, Tuvalu
Vaiaku Stadium is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

During your time in Funafuti, be sure to stop by Vaiaku Stadium!

The stadium is indeed a multi-use facility in Funafuti, Tuvalu. The majority of football matches are played there most of the time. There are 1,500 seats available at the stadium. Solar photovoltaic panels have been installed on the stadium’s roof, and they now provide around 5 percent of Funafuti’s need for power.

Visit the stadium without exceeding your wallet, and the budget you save by getting that central site at a modest cost will return you tenfold. Discover the local area by walking about. Spend some time in the company of the natives. 

Then let the hotel concierge suggest the greatest “extras” you skipped out on the previous time you traveled, such as an excellent local bar or restaurant, an expert-guided tour, or a local hangout that tourists don’t often know about.

And while you’re not out exploring, relax in a comfortable hotel that offers all the services and conveniences you’ve come to expect on vacation. Come and see this tourist hub!

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Vaitupu, Tuvalu
Vaitupu is one of the best places to go in Tuvalu

Enjoy easy access to nearby attractions and activities while in Vaitupu! Vaitupu Island is known as Tuvalu’s largest island, including several smaller islands and a major core island. 

1,591 people call it home, and its entire area is about 5 miles long. This stunning island highlights some key mangroves, an extensive lagoon, a coral reef, and marshes and, therefore, massively draws your attention. 

The optimum time to visit the island is between May and September when the climate is tropical, and the risk of cyclones is lower. 

Most of Vaitupu Island’s inhabitants live in Tumaseu and Asau. You could also feel stuck in a maze of interesting government structures like the primary school, the local parish hall, and the local post office. Agricultural farming and the production of coconuts are the primary occupations of the residents of this region. 

You will never run out of things to do and see here on this island!

Address: Tuvalu, Island


Vaiaku Tuvalu
Vaiaku Tuvalu / Michael Coghlan / Flickr

Get yourself into the spirit of the city! This is the ideal chance for you to rest from your usual routine and appreciate a trip packed with exciting activities. Vaiaku, located in Tuvalu, is a wonderful holiday place. 

This untouched region of the Pacific Ocean is one of the world’s smallest and most isolated countries; as a result, it provides a tranquil and non-commercialized atmosphere that is perfect for resting and relaxing in. 

A one-of-a-kind atmosphere is created by the South Seas’ breathtaking marine environment, consisting of a huge expanse of water punctuated by atolls, gorgeous lagoons, coral reefs, and tiny islands.

Don’t just go on a trip—allow yourself to be guided by the experience! Have a nice day at Vaiaku.

Address: Tuvalu, Island

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