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Planning to visit Nampa, Idaho, is easier with our travel guides! Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Nampa, Idaho, and the best places to visit in Nampa, Idaho below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Canyon County Historical Museum

Canyon County-Historical-Museum-Nampa-Idaho
Canyon County-Historical-Museum-Nampa-Idaho / Ken Lund / Flickr

If you’re visiting Nampa with relatives, stop into Rusty Retro Antiques & Oddities to pick up some fascinating and intriguing gifts.

There are a wide variety of historical objects in the antique shop, including artwork, toys, jewelry, and furniture.

The interior decor of the shop is colorful and joyful.

In Rusty Retro Antique & Oddities, you will undoubtedly find something you will enjoy browsing through the displays.

Experience the shop’s colorful, one-of-a-kind feel, complete with constantly changing vintage items.

A museum dedicated to the area’s history is housed in an old train depot established in 1903.

With three rooms crammed to the rafters with furniture, vintage & toys, Pyrex, handcrafted jewelry, curiosities, local steampunk artwork, and more, you’ll be able to find anything that suits your needs.

Exploring the stuff at Rusty Retro Antiques & Occurrences must be on your list of entertaining, family-friendly activities to do in Nampa.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 604 Caldwell Blvd 

Civic Centre

Civic Centre, Nampa, Idaho
Civic Centre is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

Nampa Civic Center is one of the incredible things to do in Nampa.

The 28,000-square-foot event center in Nampa is fully equipped and large enough to hold concerts, meetings, seminars, outreach, and business shows.

The Civic Center is a popular gathering spot situated on Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard and bordered by flourishing Nampa companies and nice people.

In the early 1970s, a committee of Nampa residents recognized the need for a community event center.

The event area is available for meetings, conferences, and trade exhibitions.

On May 12, 1990, the Nampa Civic Center commemorated its 20th anniversary with dedication ceremonies.

On August 27, 2007, the Nampa Civic Center’s 5,500-square-foot addition broke ground.

Flexible room configurations allow for up to fourteen distinct meeting spaces for your group.

The Civic Center, located on Nampa/Caldwell Boulevard and surrounded by flourishing Nampa businesses and beautiful people, is a neighborhood gathering spot.

While in Nampa, spend the day wandering the Civic Center or participating in events.

Address: Nampa, ID 83651-3766 (311 3rd St S) 

Crescent Brewery

Crescent Brewery, Nampa , Idaho
Crescent Brewery, Nampa , Idaho / Tim / Flickr

Do you want to try different artisan beers and talk about them?

Nampa’s Crescent Brewery is a must-see!

Crescent Brewery offers a diverse selection of premium handcrafted beers from Nampa’s premier brewery.

Enjoy tasty beers while conversing with colleagues, neighbors, and family members.

“Diamond in the rough” is a phrase the Crescent Brewery uses.

Even though it is not the most financially successful establishment, The Crescent is a laid-back brewery that welcomes people from all different walks of life.

Highlander Hammer Wee Heavy Ale, Search IPA, and Skull Splitter IPA are just a few of the beers available in their tasting facility.

The locals know the Crescent Brewery taproom as “the Cheers of Nampa”; make a visit and enjoy a good time.

During your time in Nampa, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a tour of the Crescent Brewery!

Come and try some of our delicious beer! This is one of the fanciest, friendliest brewery spots around!

Address: Nampa, Idaho, 1521 Front Street

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Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, Nampa, Idaho
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

The Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is one of the top attractions in Idaho.

When you visit Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge in Nampa, you may observe species and have an exciting adventure with your friends and family.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge serves as a haven for humans and nature.

As a result, wildlife animals are housed and safeguarded at the refuge.

Dedicated areas are set aside for geese and mallards to ensure that these creatures are protected.

The shore is accessible from several spots, the most convenient to Nampa being the 20-acre Lake Lowell Park.

The refuge protects the Snake River Islands Area and Lake Lowell Unit of the Deer Flat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Because of this, the refuge may continue to provide a safe haven for locals and wildlife on their way to the beach.

This awe-inspiring oasis acts as a breeding ground for city dwellers.

Birds, mammals, various amazing animals, and even some endangered species can be found here.

Bring your camera if you visit Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge because there are many beautiful photography topics to shoot.

Address: 13751 Upper Embankment Road, Nampa, Idaho

Dog Park

Nampa Dog Park, Nampa, Idaho
Nampa Dog Park, Nampa, Idaho / cifraser1 / Flickr

Bring your dog and have fun together while playing in Nampa Dog Park.

Unlike other dog parks that require leashes or confine your dog to a specific area, the park does not require that you do so.

In 2009, the Nampa Dog Park was created.

It is an area where dog owners can let their pets loose for a bit of action.

An enclosed dog park with numerous amenities for both of you is available at the park.

The park includes dog-themed walking routes, shaded shelters, a swimming pool, trees, water fountains, and seats.

This lovely park boasts breathtaking views and a beautiful pond that adds to its beauty.

It is entirely fenced, allowing your dog to run free and wild.

In addition, the park has a swimming area where they can jump in and enjoy the water.

A picnic area at Nampa Dog Park is where you and your family can eat while taking turns playing with your pet.

Address: 2nd St S, Nampa, Idaho 83686, USA 

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Farmers’ Market

Farmers' Market, Nampa, Idaho
Farmers’ Market is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

The Nampa Farmers’ Market is a fantastic place to get fresh veggies from the farm.

Take your time looking through the numerous agricultural products to stock up on plant-based foods.

There is always an appealing range of seasonal fruits and vegetables and specialty items such as freshly roasted coffee, local honey, chocolate truffles, Jam, and organic herbs.

In Nampa, it serves as a hub for manufacturers, farmers, and customers.

The market features artisan vendors, live music every week, and fully prepared dishes like Tex Mex, gourmet hot dogs, and Hawaiian-style shave ice.

The market fosters direct contact between producers and consumers, as are nutrient-dense food options.

This may lead to the development of a place where local growers, processors, craftspeople, and artisans come together to sell their fresh vegetables and handcrafted goods to the public.

Additionally, there will be a live band playing music for the crowd and people selling other products in areas such as food at the marketplace.

Locally grown and manufactured by your neighbors!

Address: 1 13th Avenue South Lloyd Square – 13th & Front St, Nampa, Idaho 83651, USA 

Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery, Nampa, Idaho
Fish Hatchery is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

This fish farm is the second-largest establishment among the state’s residential hatchery facilities.

A variety of provincial regions rely on the hatchery to raise and supply their own fish.

In 1982, the Idaho Fish and Game Department acquired this species.

The hatchery raises multiple fish species from eggs.

Locust Lane and the South Powerline Road are connected in the south end of the city of Nampa in Idaho.

A hatchery is a place where rainbow trout are raised, so there are a lot of them there.

It was initially built-in 1975.

Eight artesian wells with pump assistance provide water for the area.

This place is a perfect place to go with your classmates, family, colleagues, and other related neighborhoods.

The Nampa Fish Hatchery is a fun place to visit with your relatives, close friends, or other groups that should be on your schedule.

Address: Nampa, ID 83686-8521, 3806 S Powerline Rd 

Ford Idaho Centre

Ford Idaho Centre, Nampa, Idaho
Ford Idaho Centre is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

The Ford Idaho Centre is one of the best things to do in Idaho.

In Nampa, the Ford Idaho Centre is a must-see!

Additionally, it features a number of various establishments and amenities that make it unique in Canyon City and beyond.

Many sports and entertainment activities take place at the Centre.

It is located at a roughly equivalent distance between Seattle, Salt lake, Portland, and Reno.

Boise Airport is just twenty minutes distant, making it the Northwest Crossroads.

With a Ford Arena with a maximum of 12,279 spectators, an Auditorium with a capacity of 10,500, and a 110-acre Pony Park, the Institution is the premier equestrian site in the Northwest.

Many superstars have performed at the theater, including James Taylor, Bob Dylan, and Shania Twain.

The venue is fantastic: clean, easily accessible, courteous employees and the regular food/beverage vendors!

Even though it didn’t open its doors until the 1990s, the Centre has already established itself as one of Nampa’s most venerable and long-standing institutions.

Address: Nampa, ID 83687-5012 16200 Idaho Centre Blvd 


Greenbelt, Nampa, Idaho
Greenbelt is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

The path has multiple paved routes, making it suitable for a simple or extended evening stroll with your family members.

It’s not just a great area to walk in Nampa, but it’s also a fantastic spot to go sightseeing.

The area is home to many different kinds of birds, and its plants are at their most beautiful right now.

You can witness geese, ducks, hummingbirds, kingfishers, and blue herons at the Greenbelt.

For everyone who has spent even a brief period of time in the Capital Valley, the Idaho Greenbelt is a well-known and familiar landmark.

In Nampa, too, there are several miles of boardwalks, but they’re less well-known since they’re not all designated and are split up into various unmarked trails.

Your itinerary for stuff to do in Nampa should include taking your children on a stroll along the Greenbelt trail.

Bring your camera to let your kids walk around and take a picture, for this surely won’t forget the experience.

Address: Nampa, Idaho, 83686-6: 131 Constitution Way, Suite S

Jabbers Playdate

Jabbers Playdate, Nampa, Idaho
Jabbers Playdate is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

You and your children can enjoy various amusing games and activities at Jabbers, beginning with the large performing arts center and the painting area.

It’s a great place for parents to relax and catch up on work while their children play nearby.

Jabbers has a lively, bright, multi-level playschool with climbing and sliding that is great for toddlers in elementary school to explore and play with.

It’s a great place to go on field trips with the whole family, celebrate birthdays, go to church, or even home school.

Suitable for toddlers, babies, and older kiddos!

It’s a 5,000-square-foot indoor active and inventive play center and has a parent lounge.

A fantastic destination for families, birthday parties, school field trips, and church activities.

It is always safe, always clean, and a wonderful place for the community to congregate, mingle, and PLAY!

Jabbers is a dream come true made possible by old friends, new friends, a loving and supportive family, and the love of this incredible community.

For a family outing in Nampa, Idaho, consider stopping by the Jabbers playgroup.

Address: Nampa, ID 83687-5228, 1210 N Galleria Dr 

Labyrinth Escape Games

Labyrinth Escape Games, Nampa, Idaho
Labyrinth Escape Games is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

Numerous captivating games in Labyrinth Escape Games immerse the player in real-world scenarios.

In an exciting fictitious game world, solve puzzles, solve mysteries, and be like a real superhero.

The award-winning Labyrinth group has generated more than 70 titles around the state, showcasing some of the most unique and imaginative young game makers.

Adventure Labyrinth Escape Games isn’t like any other place.

There are various challenging puzzles to solve. Nonetheless, it is possible for them in an elegant setting with visual effects.

The easiest way to decide which room is suitable for your group is to look through the numerous options when you arrive at the building or visit their website.

Trying to play escaping gameplay at the Labyrinth Escape Games with your family members and friends is among the best things to do in Nampa.

So be prepared to be a hero and experience the excitement of the adventures so you can save the universe.

Address: Nampa, ID 83651, 1213 1/2 1st St S

Lake Lowell

Lake Lowell , Nampa , Idaho
Lake Lowell, Nampa, Idaho / Bonnie Moreland / Flickr

The (listing name) is one of the best places to visit in Idaho.

If you wish to go even deeper into nature, Lake Lowell Park has several hiking trails.

Lake Lowell is an extensive reservoir that serves as Nampa’s western edge.

Water from the lake is used for water agriculture in Canyon County as well as for recreation and touring.

Moreover, it is home to various creatures, so you may expect to see a wide variety of animals and creatures.

Families enjoy coming here for picnics and barbecues with their loved ones.

There is also a large grassy field where people can go disc golfing.

Furthermore, the sight of migratory birds and their melodious chirping adds to the enchantment of the location.

Boating is permitted from the middle of April to the end of September. The top and the bottom dams were all within 200 yards.

However, most of the time, the lake is allocated for migratory species.

Close by is the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, which features educational exhibits, a wildlife observation area, and activities for children.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 83651-3944, 1305 2nd St S 150

Northern Lights Cinema and Grill

Northern Lights Cinema and Grill, Nampa, Idaho
Northern Lights Cinema and Grill is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

If you want to chill and calm yourself, the best place to visit Northern Lights Cinema and Grill with your family and friends!

Tourists at the Northern Lights and Grill get the best of both worlds when they dine and watch a show at the same time.

While watching a movie with your loved ones, eat meals such as burritos, burgers, fries, and pizza.

The cost of a movie ticket is inexpensive.

The chairs are the old-fashioned movie theater seats when you walk into the theatre.

A wonderful night out at the Northern Lights Cinema and Grill with your family and friends must be on your checklist to do in Nampa, Idaho.

Park in the mall’s back, south side, to get here. You may walk right to the theater from there without going through the mall.

Address: 1509 Caldwell Boulevard, Suite 1111, Nampa, Idaho 83651-8501

RedHawk Public Golf Course

RedHawk Public Golf Course, Nampa, Idaho
RedHawk Public Golf Course is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

RedHawk Public Golf Course is a remarkable 18-hole competition facility in Nampa. If you enjoy golf, this place is for you!

Since its debut in July 2014, the world-class golf course has provided guests with amazing scenery of Owyhee Mountains and Lake Lowell.

If you ever need to enhance your swing, the practice facilities are first-rate, with a driving range, putting green, and practice bunkers.

Many teeing places and quick, smooth fairways make this competitive golf course a test for golfers of all kinds of experience and ability.

Enroll in any of RedHawk Public Golf Course’s golf training lessons to hone your golfing skills for you to master the game.

The breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains and Lake Lowell entice golfers.

Play golf at the RedHawk Public Golf Club answers what to do in Nampa for a pleasant time, so do it to your list of stuff to do here in Nampa, Idaho.

Address: 11826 W Nette Way, Nampa, Idaho 83686-5469 

Ridgecrest Golf Club

Ridgecrest Golf Club, Nampa, Idaho
Ridgecrest Golf Club is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

If you’re a game fan, make a trip to the Ridgecrest Golf Club within Nampa.

Ridgecrest is among the top 18-hole golf games in Idaho, created by famous course architectural Firm Harbottle III.

The course comprises an 18-hold regulation configuration ranging from 4,900 to 7,000 yards.

Ridgecrest also offers an executive 9-hold course that spans over 2,400 yards and the 18-hold standard layout.

Additionally, the organization offers a full-service facility, as well as championship-level practice fields.

If you’re new to the game, don’t worry; private classes or seminars are ready to support your improvement.

It’s a hard but enjoyable game to play.

The Ridgecrest Golf Club is a modern course designed in the links style that can be found tucked away among the rolling cornfields of Nampa.

Golfers and non-golfers will have a good time at Ridgecrest Golf Club, whether they hit the links or simply stroll the lush fairways.

Address: Nampa, Idaho, 83687-9402 3730 Ridgecrest Dr.

Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery, Nampa, Idaho
Sawtooth Winery is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

Visit one of Idaho’s most popular vineyards if you’re a fan of wine festivals with a stunning view of the Idaho surroundings.

The winery is located at an elevation of 2,700 feet. It has the ideal wine-grooming climate, assisting the Pintler family in producing magnificent and delectable wines.

When visiting Sawtooth Winery, enjoy wines such as Riesling, Tempranillo, and Pinot Gris.

The winery is well-known for its unusual wine varieties and beautiful view for leisure.

Sawtooth Winery in the Snake River Valley has gained national praise for its outstanding varietals like Merlot, Pinot Gris, and Riesling.

The estate vines that encircle Sawtooth Winery, which was established in 1987 in Idaho’s Snake Valley Area, were previously rich meadows maintained by Charles Pintler.

The nearly 500-acre landscape and property are awe-inspiring as you sip your wine.

So, treat your friends and family to a sampling wine excursion at the Nampa Sawtooth Winery.

Merlot wine is an absolute must-try, and it has earned multiple awards.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 83607, 19348 Lowell Rd 

The Dutch Goose

The Dutch Goose, Nampa, Idaho
The Dutch Goose is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

At the Dutch Goose in Nampa, you may savor a delectable dinner.

Tourists and local residents are encouraged to dine at Dutch Goose-Nampa in a laid-back setting while taking in a presentation on the screens.

Make sure to taste their special promotions and other beverages when you explore Dutch Goose-Nampa; delicious steaks are a must-have.

The restaurant’s food is both inexpensive and good.

Make delicious cocktails your way.

Service is a big part of what The Dutch Goose-Nampa is all about.

If you do not like what you ordered, they will create something else at no cost.

A round of cocktails with dinner is not out of the question at this restaurant, which also has a bar.

The happy hour food and drink promotions at Nampa’s are just around the corner from work.

When going to visit Nampa, Idaho, another of the nicest options to do with your relatives or friends is to consume food at the Dutch Goose-Nampa.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 83651-1719, 1125 Caldwell Boulevard

Village Antiques

Village Antiques , Nampa , Idaho
Village Antiques , Nampa , Idaho / Kylie_Jaxxon / Flickr

This is a great place to find all the antiques you need from a variety of sellers.

Over 20 sellers display a wide range of vintage materials and treasures; there are other shops to see here.

Visit a nearby vintage shopping center with your family and friends to get some retail therapy.

If you’re looking for a unique antique or vintage item, this 10,000-square-foot antique mall has two floors to explore.

They provide a superb collection of antique and vintage coins, cash, and tokens from the United States and worldwide, dating back more than three centuries.

Village Antiques has a large selection of old toys and books for both children and adults.

Kitchen antiques, vintage, retro, and collectibles ranging from Fire King and Pyrex to graniteware and hand-forged cutlery.

Automobilia, clothes, ceramics, jewelry, interior items, kitchen artifacts, clocks, furniture, and toys are available.

The Boise metro area is home to a wide variety of unusual antiques and historical and retro items.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 83651-3901, 1309 2nd St S

Warhawk Air Museum

Warhawk Air Museum, Nampa, Idaho
Warhawk Air Museum is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

Why don’t you visit this fantastic museum and invite your group members when you go to Warhawk Air Museum.

This museum, like Canyon County Historical Nampa Train Depot Museum, is committed to displaying the transportation component of Nampa, but this one focuses on aviation.

Museum’s founders, John Paul and Sue, began collecting air history relics when individuals started bringing it to them while John was working on restoring planes in his hangar.

Established the museum March 6, 1989, when it first opened its doors to the public.

The exhibitions of numerous aircraft, historic warbirds, and aviation memorabilia will captivate you here.

After acquiring a substantial collection and purchasing items from soldiers, such as uniforms, medals, and photographs, they opened the Warwick Air Museum.

Display cabinets are brimming with intriguing items, as are binders containing fascinating personal accounts and archived documents.

The museum depicts the evolution of aircraft technology through several wars, such as the Cold war and World War I and II.

Address: Nampa, Idaho 83687-8582, 201 Municipal Drive

Wilson Springs Ponds

Wilson Springs Ponds, Nampa, Idaho
Wilson Springs Ponds is one of the best places to go in Nampa, Idaho

Spend a day at Wilson Spring Ponds if you and your loved ones appreciate fishing and boating as a family ritual.

This scenic natural wonder is a favorite summer getaway for residents and a great fishing spot.

Wilson Springs Ponds will make you feel at one with nature, its stunning views, and glimpses of wildlife.

Fishing in either the bays or lakes at Wilson Springs Ponds is a great way to spend time with loved ones around Nampa, Idaho.

There are fish, bluegill, and peacock bass to be discovered while fishing in the north pond, but you’ll need a fishing license or permit to access the south pond.

In addition to fishing, you may try walking around the Wilson Springs Ponds zone and admiring its natural features.

Observing the pond’s resident birds, including the geese and ducks is always a treat.

Getting out into nature is made simple by the presence of this pond complex.

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Address: Nampa, ID 83686-8520, 3101 S Powerline Rd 

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