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Looking forward to exploring Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, then look no further than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Scroll down and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for the best places to visit in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Bay of Banderas

Bay of Banderas Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Kurayba / Flickr

Be awe-struck by beautiful sunset views in this location.

Puerto Vallarta flourishes because of its proximity to the shore.

Whether boating, fishing, or simply lying on the beach, life revolves around the sea. Getting out on the lake is one of the best ways to take in the city’s sights. 

The Bay of Banderas, on which Puerto Vallarta is situated, is one of the world’s largest bays.

From octopuses and hawksbill turtles to dolphins, whales, and a plethora of fish, it’s brimming with life.

Even if you don’t see a dolphin or a whale, it’s rare to go to the sea without seeing one.

Evening excursions around Los Arcos’ natural landmarks are available from a number of boat companies, along with trips to remote beaches like Yelapa and Las Animas that can only be accessed by boat.

You’ll get a chance to snorkel and swim on the Banderas Bay Day Sailing Tour!

Everything you need, especially food and drink, is included.

Come and see the Bay of Banderas now when in Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / James Hillyerd / Flickr

Tour around this isolated haven if you seek a destination off the beaten path.

Bucerias is a lovely beach town about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta and a worthwhile day’s visit.

It’s where you’ll find Playa y Pueblo, a five-mile stretch of powdered white sand flanked by modest bars that are blissfully free of mass tourism. 

There are places to ride horses and ATVs along the beach and Wibit Adventures Water Park.

The latter is home to floating buildings, pyramids, and tunnels.

On Thursday evenings, it is recommended to take the Bucerias Art Walk, a self-guided tour of more than a dozen galleries and arts businesses.

Also, dining on the beach at locations like Mar y Sol is highly recommended. 

Make your way to Bucerias’ Golden Zone to explore dry land and learn about the local culture. Local markets, galleries, and the town’s lively main square may be found here.

Bucerias Art Walk takes place every Thursday evening from November to April, bringing the Golden Zone and Art District to life.

To get there from Puerto Vallarta, take a bus that leaves from Walmart, which is direct across the street from the ferry station.

Make sure to plan a day trip to Bucerias on your next adventure to Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Bucerias, Mexico

Casa Kimberly

Casa Kimberly is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A place where Hollywood royalty have stayed in.

John Huston’s film starring Richard Burton made him fall in love with Puerto Vallarta, and he chose to purchase a house there.

However, that wasn’t enough. A turbulent and scandalous love affair with Elizabeth Taylor was in the works.

For her comfort, he organized for her to rest in Casa Kimberly, a casita close to his home.

For the sake of privacy, Burton commissioned the construction of a footbridge to connect the two casitas.

Since its construction, the villa reopened in 2010 as a magnificent boutique hotel, with nine rooms designed in the way that Taylor and Burton would have known.

In addition, the center pool, the pink marbled heart-shaped bathtub, and the bridge were all renovated.

Likewise, all of its nine suites have sparkling chandeliers, expansive patios, opulent bathrooms, and plunge pools that are exclusively yours, all with views of the city’s rooftops.

Furthermore, check out the Iguana restaurant, which is one of the city’s top restaurants, and it also has an impressive view to boot.

Check out this beautiful hotel now.

Address: C. Zaragoza 445, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

Food and Mixology Tour

Food and Mixology Tour is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Great food, great drinks, and great company.

Allow a culinary guide to take you on a food and cocktail tour of the vacation town of Puerto Vallarta.

This walking tour includes taco and dessert tastes and five Mexican cocktails prepared by skilled mixologists. 

You’ll learn about the cultural origins of spirits like mezcal, raicilla, and tequila and sample coffee-flavored Kahla and Mexico’s famous beer cocktail, the michelada. 

To ensure a great experience, the tour hosts only small groups to ensure everyone has personalized attention.

Guests will be able to stop at the prominent eateries around the area as well as bars for food sampling and great beverages.

Also, you will be able to learn more about Mexican spirits like mezcal and tequila, which are made in the country, from a local guide.

Bite into savory tacos and delectable dessert on this food and cocktail tour of Puerto Vallarta.

There’s so much food to taste in Puerto Vallarta. Visit now and have an amazing culinary experience.

Address: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Islas Marietas

Islas Marietas Puerto Villarta Mexico
Islas Marietas, Puerto Villarta, Mexico / Christian Frausto Bernal / Flickr

This location is home to the famed not-so-secret Secret Beach.

Islas Marietas is a nationally designated natural area rich in biodiversity.

It is a cluster of desolate islands that is nestled off the coastline of Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit in the Bay of Banderas.

Many choices are available for visiting the islands.

Tour companies in the area can organize everything, including snorkeling and kayaking to paddle-boarding around the islands for visitors, such as Vallarta Adventures. Scuba diving is a common pastime in this area.

Moreover, the secret beach inside one of the islands is one of the nicest portions of Islas Marietas.

A peaceful, pristine beach can be kept out of sight by the tide in an open-air café for swimmers who swim through a tiny tunnel.

Horseback riding around Puerto Vallarta is an exciting experience!

Note that only 116 individuals per day are permitted to visit this stunning location, so make a reservation online in advance.

This is a must-see for anyone wishing to come to Puerto Vallarta, what are you waiting for?

Address: Marietas Islands, Mexico

Isla Rio Cuale Market

Isla Rio Cuale Market is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This outdoor market in Puerto Vallarta has the best shopping for souvenirs and gifts to take home.

The Rio Cuale or the Cuale River divides the Zona Romantica from the Centro near the Malecon and passes through the heart of town.

Isla Cuale is a lush refuge beside the river.

You may reach the unique island by crossing the bridge. From there, choose one of the paths leading to a bustling bazaar. 

Head to Restaurant Oscar from the Malecon downtown area, then cross the pedestrian bridge to the small island.

Furthermore, cafes, a small museum, a cultural center, and a vibrant Mercado with stalls selling anything from local artists’ works to clothes can be found in this pleasant tree-lined region.

A statue of John Houston, the director who helped launch Puerto Vallarta’s ascent to prominence, can be found further along.

Still, no trip to the island would be complete without a stop at Museo de Cuale.

Explore this art museum with a remarkable archaeological and artistic collection dedicated to Indigenous culture.

Shop till you drop for amazing souvenirs now at Rio Cuale Market.

Address: Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Los Arcos

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Andrew Milligan sumo / Flickr

Swim through these amazing rock formations.

In Banderas Bay, Los Arcos (The Arches) is a group of enormous boulders. As the name implies, one of the rocks has a wide arc that you may swim beneath.

The Bay of Banderas in Puerto Vallarta is the world’s second-largest.

It’s no surprise that such a large seaport would provide many opportunities for travelers.

The National Marine Park of Los Arcos is right by the bay area. Unique species and fish of every hue under the sun can be found in this protected area.

Visitors on a national marine park tour will have the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive at numerous diving sites. 

This will reveal the captivating nature that lurks behind the surface. Dolphins, octopuses, and hawksbill turtles are common swimming companions.

From the comfort of your boat, you may witness migratory whales at the proper time of year.

You can also visit the rest of the harbor, including the Islas Marietas and the famous Mismaloya Arches.

Address: Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Malecon Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Malecon, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Andrew Milligan sumo / Flickr

One of the most famed locations in the city of Puerto Vallarta.

If Puerto Vallarta had to be reduced to a single image, it would be the famed Malecon.

Visitors can travel from Centro to the Zona Romantica, or historic quarter, on this mile-long path that hugs the ocean.

Walking around the Malecon is one of the most popular activities to do in Puerto Vallarta. The term “malecon” refers to a boardwalk or path along the coast’s edge.

Along the journey, visitors may enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay of Banderas and jungle-covered mountains, see the city’s magnificent red-tiled rooftops, stroll through many of the city’s hottest restaurants and the beaches, city’s sculptures, and live street performances.

The Malecon is also restricted to vehicular traffic, so you can stroll at your leisure. It’s also a fantastic place to go for an early run. It comes to a close at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous beaches and the city’s distinctive sail-shaped pier.

There is always something going on at the Malecon, and it is the prime gathering place for locals, tourists, and expats.

Stroll along this lovely promenade now and see breathtaking water and city views.

Address: Paseo Díaz Ordaz S/N, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Magic Towns

Magic Towns is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

These towns retain the cultural legacy of Mexico, keeping the magic alive.

A couple of years back, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism began designating some villages in the country as “Magic Towns” for their cultural legacy and charm. Towns that reflect historically true Mexico have been accorded this status and may be found all around the country.

Three Magic Towns near Puerto Vallarta offer a unique perspective on life in the state of Jalisco. 

San Sebastian del Oeste is the first. San Sebastian owes its existence to Mexico’s mining heydays, which peaked during the colonial period.

A visit here is like a trip back in time, with restored churches, ranches, and even abandoned mines.

The mountain hamlet is enveloped in fog and surrounded by lush forests, providing a different experience than Puerto Vallarta’s beaches.

The next destination is Talpa de Allende, a town with cobblestone streets and brightly colored buildings.

The center church is surrounded by brilliant purple bougainvilleas. Pilgrims typically make a pit stop at the church to pay their respects.

Finally, there’s Mascota, which is nestled among the Sierra Madres’ huge pine and oak trees.

The Temple Inconcluso de la Preciosa Sangre, which sits amid the pristine, hilly town, is famed for its incomplete church.

Be enchanted by the beauty of these Magic Towns now. Come to Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico City

Marina Vallarta 

Marina Vallarta Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Andrew Milligan sumo / Flickr

Stroll around this gorgeous marina. 

Marina Vallarta is situated on the north edge of the city of Puerto Vallarta, only 5 minutes from the airport.

She is marked by a large whale sculpture of a mother and baby whale and a huge statue of the Roman god Neptune holding a trident atop Neptuno Plaza shopping center.

Marina Vallarta is a 544-acre proposed upmarket resort and residential development in Puerto Vallarta that includes a 450-slip marina with docks ranging in length from 30-140 feet.

The marina features a beautiful promenade, numerous spectacular yachts, sailboats, charter boats, and a variety of watercraft owned by various Puerto Vallarta tour operators.

Visitors can enjoy seeing the many sailboats, yachts, and charter boats that are docked there, as well as the famous El Faro Lighthouse, which has a good bar/lounge.

It will give you the best sunset views at the top of the boats.

You can also have a delicious meal or some Happy Hour cocktails at one of the many restaurants that line the marina’s extensive promenade or boardwalk. 

Explore the many stores and boutiques that sell one-of-a-kind things, or treat yourself to an afternoon spa day that includes a relaxing massage and a mani/Pedi beauty treatment at one of the salons.

Likewise, you might often see walking Mariachi or other welcoming musicians along this promenade, willing to entertain guests by performing music for a tip.

There’s so much to see around this beautiful neighborhood, make sure to give it a visit when in Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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Mirrador Cerra de La Cruz 

Mirador Cerro de La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Mirador Cerro de La Cruz, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / daryl_mitchell / Flickr

The most amazing panoramic views of the city can be seen from this viewpoint.

It’s time to see Puerto Vallarta from the air once you’ve seen it from the ocean.

Puerto Vallarta is situated between the sea and the mountains, giving it a distinctive setting.

The city goes back into the green-covered hills, providing picturesque views of the entire city.

The Cerro de la Cruz overlook is one of locals’ greatest (and greatest secrets).

This viewing point, perched high above Centro, provides a bird’s-eye view over the entire city, the bay, and north into Nuevo Vallarta and the Punta Mita hills.

The climb is hard for the faint of heart because it is a straight ascent, but the vista is well worth it as the red-roofed city spreads before you. 

A funicular operates between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. during peak season. Depending on your physical level, the ascent can take 15 to 40 minutes.

Put your walking shoes on now and climb to the top of this tower for the best views of Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Abasolo LB, Cerro, 48304 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Andrew Milligan sumo / Flickr

The crown on top of the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe dominates the skyline of downtown Puerto Vallarta.

The Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe ( Parroquia de Nuestra Seora de Guadalupe) may be viewed from the skyline of Puerto Vallarta.

This metropolitan landmark is recognized for its red-brick exterior and majestic crown perched on top of its tower.

The church’s building began in 1903 when Puerto Vallarta was still a small village on the map. It has increased in size and splendor since then, like many other churches in Mexico.

By 1917, the church contained its existing foundation and the principal pillars and walls.

The church was progressively enlarged over the years, with the addition of the main bell and a greater room around the working chapel.

Today, even if a service is in process, visitors will crowd the church’s steps to take in the amazing vibe that fills the air and admire its majestic architecture.

This lovely parish is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, just a quick walk from the Malecon. 

From December 1 to 12, the square is especially frantic as the city celebrates the Feast of Guadalupe. Parades, dancing, painted floats, and music brings the city to life.

Come to Puerto Vallarta now and see this splendid church.

Address: Hidalgo 370, Proyecto escola, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico

Playa de Los Muertos

Playa de Los Muertos Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Playa de Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / apasciuto / Flickr

Families, locals, and visitors from nearby cities and states all flock to this beach.

It’s a bustling village, full of traditions, and a terrific spot to drink a beer by the sea with your feet in the sand and watch the now-famous sunsets.

​​This beach was close to a ranch called “Las Peas” (the town’s first name), where silver and gold from the Cuale mines at the Sierra would be ventured.

One day, local Indians attacked the crew of a transport ship, massacring them all and leaving the beach full of dead men, thus the name Playa Los Muertos.

The beach of Los Muertos is the primary attraction of Old Vallarta.

It is very crowded in contrast to the other beaches in Puerto Vallarta and the Bay Area. Still, if you prefer people-watching, you’ll enjoy yourself here. 

Vendors, activities, food, beverages, swimming, parasailing, and making some sand castles with your kids are all available.

Olas Altas beach is between the Cuale river mouth and the Los Muertos Beach Pier in the Romantic Zone (Old Vallarta). In contrast, Los Muertos beach is located south of the pier.

Enjoy the salt in the air and sand on your toes at Playa de Los Muertos.

Address: El Centro. 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico.

Playa las Gamelas

Playa las Gamelas is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Mexico definitely has stunning beaches. This is another one of them.

Las Gemelas Beach or Playa Las Gemelas is a pair of modest beaches located 5.5 miles south of Puerto Vallarta’s main center in the downtown area.

With blue-green waves and clear, soft sand, and is a great place to get away from all of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beaches. 

Nonetheless, because Las Gemelas is a small island, the north beach is approximately 140 yards long, and the south beach is approximately 200 yards long, totaling roughly 1000 feet.

They are stunning from the moment you get onto the beach, with a large stretch of fine, clear sand bathed in soothing waves of dazzling emerald green translucent water.

Many water sports, including snorkeling and kayaking, are available at Las Gemelas (you must bring your equipment). Los Arcos can be seen further south to the left of the beach.

The geological formation of Las Gemelas is intriguing and appealing due to the confluence of two contrasting reliefs, coast, and mountain, which is a rare occurrence on the shores of Central and South America.

Furthermore, Las Gemelas gets along swimmingly with the nearby developments, which are large condos, resorts, and villas.

Come to the Playa las Gamelas now and have fun in the sun.

Address: Playa Las Gemelas, Puerto Vallarta

Playa Mismaloya

Playa Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Playa Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Christian Frausto Bernal / Flickr

The famed beach that put Puerto Vallarta on the map.

The Playa Mismaloya is the stunning location where it started for this Mexican City.

This beach transformed a little Mexican town’s future and fortune, transforming it from a small scenic, peaceful fisherman town to a huge world-renowned tourist destination.

All the beaches in Jalisco have unique appeal and limitless attractions for people of all ages and interests.

Still, this time we’ll focus on Mismaloya and the beach.

It’s a stunning spot formed by the convergence of the rising Sierra Madre Occidental hills with the warm Pacific Ocean seas.

In fact, everything changed for the small town when the movie director and the Hollywood movie stars were chosen for the film production. 

The world media arrived, and Vallarta began to appear on the map, even more so when some of the stars, including the director himself, chose to make the town their home and stay there for years.

Visit this stunning beach now on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Address: Playa Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta, Ja., Mexico

The Rhythm of The Nights Show

The Rhythm of The Nights Show is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

An amazing show is perfectly fitting for the amazing Puerto Vallarta.

The Rhythm of the Night tour is an all-night affair. It all starts with a sundown dinner cruise in Banderas Bay. On this 1-hour trip, you can enjoy a drink while watching the famed PV sunset from a catamaran. You might even see whales during some times of the year!

After that, you’ll be seated in the theater to watch the entertainment when you arrive at Las Caletas. 

Cirque de Soleil’s co-founder created the Rhythm of the Night show. It features an outstanding mix of acrobatics, theatrics, music, and dance. It does, however, have a Mexican flavor, recounting historical traditions and myths.

Following the entertainment, you’ll be driven to one of the beach’s many restaurants for a romantic candle-lit buffet meal. The meal is delicious, and drinks, spirits, beer, and wine are available. The dinner left a lasting impression on us.

This is a very unique Puerto Vallarta experience that you should not miss!

Come to Puerto Vallerta now and experience this great show.

Address: 48333, H. Escuela Naval Militar 9, Área Militar de Vallarta, 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico


Sayulita Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / dog4aday / Flickr

Look no further if you’re looking for the top beach communities around Puerto Vallarta.

Take a look at Sayulita, Nayarit, one of Mexico’s magical villages (magic towns).

Without mentioning Sayulita, an Instagrammable, laid-back, boho beach village, no Best of Puerto Vallarta guide would be complete.

To go from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita, drive northwest approximately an hour up the coast, and you’ll soon be in the beautiful Riviera Nayarit.

You’ll be entering the state of Nayarit; PV, in Jalisco.

Sayulita, one of Mexico’s most famous surf towns, is located along this lengthy stretch of gorgeous Pacific Coast shoreline.

Look for it among the coconut plantations and jungle-covered hills, where it unfolds with bright plazas and cobblestone walkways laced with cantinas.

Sayulita, one of Mexico’s most famous surf towns, is located along this lengthy stretch of gorgeous Pacific Coast shoreline.

Look for it among the coconut plantations and jungle-covered hills, where it unfolds with bright plazas and cobblestone walkways laced with cantinas.

The town is a great place to relax after a long day of surfing.

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican beach town experience, you’ll get it here in Sayulita.

Bring your swimsuit and try out the waves of the amazing Sayulita! Surf’s up at another one of the country’s amazing beaches.

Address: Sayulita, Mexico


Skydive is one of the best places to go in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In 1, 2, 3 JUMP! Skydiving is the most exhilarating activity available in Puerto Vallarta.

Skydiving is a bucket-list activity in and of itself, but doing so over one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines enhances the overall experience.

Jump with Skydive Vallarta’s professional instructors, who have thousands and thousands of jumps under their belt in the Zona Hotelera Norte (North Hotel Zone).

Moreover, skydive Vallarta meets the United States Parachute Association (USPA) safety standards, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

This implies they follow the same safety regulations as American skydiving companies.

If you want to jump with a pro, a one-time tandem skydiving in Puerto Vallarta with an experienced instructor will set you back around 5,000 pesos.

Prices vary depending on your reservation’s season, day, and week.

For those with free time, a sunset skydive, when the sky’s hues are at their most spectacular, is a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime event.

Take a leap of faith and see spectacular views now.

Address: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Vallarta Botanical Garden

Vallarta Botanical Garden Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Vallarta Botanical Garden, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / David Stanley / Flickr

A beautiful lush oasis in this seaside town.

Visit the Jardin Botanico de Vallarta to get away from Puerto Vallarta’s downtown (Vallarta Botanical Garden).

Many vividly colorful wildflowers can be seen here, including one of Mexico’s most popular public orchid collections.

The garden’s beautiful plant and tree collection are showcased along kilometers of nature walks. Native species, a captivating desert garden, and exquisite rows of vanilla orchids are among them.

Sit by the garden’s river to stretch your legs and take a refreshing dip.

Plants such as cacao, agave, vanilla, cacti, and magnolias can also be found. It’s also possible to witness parrots and many hummingbird species.

You’ll find much more than gardens here, including hiking paths, a café, and even a river portion where guests may swim.

Also, you can spend your time in Puerto Vallarta however you choose. If you need to catch your breath, visit the Vallarta Botanical Garden. 

It’s an opportunity to take a break without having to leave town. Feel at ease as you stroll around the orchid and wildflower gardens.

Visit the restaurant and artisan shop for handcrafted chocolate before you leave!

Address: Carretera Puerto Vallarta, Carr. Costera a Barra de Navidad Km 24, 48425 Jal., Mexico


Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Brett Wood / Flickr

It’s heaven on earth at this stunning location.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most famous beach resort destinations in Mexico. As a result, finding your own private stretch of sand might be challenging.

But that’s where Yelapa comes in; one of Puerto Vallarta’s best-kept secrets and a favorite refuge for residents.

Yelapa is a peaceful stretch of sand 20 kilometers south of Puerto Vallarta.

What makes it so quiet? The only way to get here is by boat.

You may do this from the Los Muertos pier or Boca de Tomatlan, a fishing town south of Puerto Vallarta, by hiring your own private charter.

Moreover, there are only a few guesthouses, tiny hotels, and palapa-style beach eateries.

However, Airbnb is still thriving in this city, making it an appealing alternative for those who like to make their meals.

Remember that stores are non-existent, so you’re limited to what you can find at the local “market.” 

Ultimately, its turquoise-green lake contrasts beautifully with the golden sand and jungle-covered mountainside.

If you’re searching for a location to get away from it all, Yelapa is the place to go.

Get your tan on and eat like the locals at Yelapa now.

Address: Yelapa, Mexico

Zona Romantica

Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Zona Romantica Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / EdFladung / Flickr

Experience the heart and soul of the original Puerto Vallarta by taking a trip back in time. 

The historic quarter of the city, the Zona Romantica, is one of the most physically appealing areas in the city.

Historic buildings line cobblestone lanes and alleys, each with distinctive red-tile roofs.

You’ll be greeted with purple bougainvillea blossoms arching over side streets, adding a splash of color to the scene.

The Zona Romantica begins at the Rio Cuale’s bridge. The Old Farmers Market and some of the city’s most popular beaches, restaurants, art galleries, and boutique hotels are all located here.

It is also home to the biggest number of ex-pats, making it a popular tourist destination.

The Pier is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

You can take a water taxi to many neighboring districts or rent a boat trip to take you around the bay for a spectacular view of the city from the sea.

Travelers should make sure their cameras are fully charged before leaving. On weekends, the greatest time to visit is when you can combine your investigations with a trip to the Old Farmers Market.

See this magnificent neighborhood now in Puerto Vallarta.

Still wondering if you should visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? Click here for all the reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Zona Romántica, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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