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With the help of our travel guides, organizing a trip to Barbados is a breeze. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Barbados and the best places to visit in Barbados below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 startup in the tourism industry that aims to disrupt the industry as a whole by utilizing Web 3.0 technologies.

Downtown Bridgetown

Downtown Bridgetown, Barbados
Downtown Bridgetown, Barbados / Kathryn Maingot / Unsplash

Barbados’ capital city, Bridgetown, is the place to be. Because of its dual status as the country’s capital and biggest city is an energetic and lively metropolis with a rich background rooted in American, African, and British influences.

Many developments have taken place in Barbados since it became an independent state in 1966. UNESCO World Heritage Site title was bestowed on Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, in 2011, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s remarkable history. 

It was just a matter of time until Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison in Barbados were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, as the date was set for June 25, 2011. It’s a huge accomplishment for a little Caribbean island nation. As a result, the geographical imbalance in Latin American and Caribbean locations might be addressed.

Even if you’re not planning on spending much time in the country’s capital, Bridgetown is a great area to stroll, buy, or eat. Nearly every attraction in the downtown area is within walking distance of another, making it simple to see everything on foot.

Bathsheba Bay, Barbados

Bathsheba Bay, Barbados
Bathsheba Bay, Barbados / Tom Jur / Unsplash

This is Barbados’ wild east coast, where travelers flock to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the revitalizing Bathsheba Pools.

Bathsheba Bay, located on the rocky Atlantic coast, is a striking example of the sea’s destructive force. It’s a popular spot for surfers, but it’s not a superb location to swim because of the large rock formations formed by the ocean’s ravages.

Folklore has it that King David’s wife Bathsheba soaked in milk to maintain her skin soft and fair. Bathsheba, Barbados’ mineral-and life-rich surf-covered white waters, mimic Bathsheba’s bath in look and health-giving effect.

The east coast of Barbados is home to one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, and this one is nestled between the cliffs. While swimming in the rip tides is not suggested, ascending the sea vines and dunes to watch the pounding waves break or conversing with the local Bajans at Bathsheba Park are two fantastic ways to appreciate its natural beauty.

Having a picnic, photographing, and simply absorbing the sights are all recommended at Bathsheba Park!

Dover Beach

Dover Beach, Barbados
Dover Beach, Barbados / Abir Anwar / Flickr

Travelers looking for a less crowded beach will love the laid-back atmosphere that Dover Beach offers.

Dover Beach is situated in the heart of the famed St. Lawrence Gap tourist attraction on the island’s south coast. Jetskiing, boogie boarding, Hobie Cat sailing, and even windsurfing are popular watersports on the vast and spacious beach, ideal for families and friends.

You may often witness a cricket match at the Dover Playing Field across the street from the beach, where visiting teams take on local cricketers or Bajan footballers are in action.

Dover Beach may be accessed by public transportation and by private car. Although street parking is limited, it is free and open to the public. Many hotels, pubs, and restaurants are nearby.

In addition to beverages, ice cream, snacks, T-shirts, and snorkeling gear, there are various shops next to the beach where you can buy all of the above and more!

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay, Barbados
Carlisle Bay is one of the best places to go in Barbados

On the outskirts of Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay is one of Barbados’ most attractive spots. 

As one of the most tempting spots to relax and cool down in the ocean, this location has vast areas of white sand beaches and turquoise seas.

Carlisle Bay is a crescent-shaped bay and natural harbor. Carlisle Bay, which adjoins the capital city of Bridgetown, used to be bustling with trade ships, many of which belonged to the British Empire. Catamarans and high-end boats are anchored here today.

The Earl of Carlisle, James Hay, was the Lord Proprietor of Barbados in the 1600s and is commemorated by the name Carlisle Bay. The bay is located in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Browne’s Beach in Carlisle Bay is a great place to sunbathe and swim because the water is calm and the sand is soft.

At the northernmost tip of Carlisle Bay, there is a place called The Boatyard where you can do water sports like sea trampoline and jet skis.

Consider a nearby hotel if you want to be close to this historic site while just a short distance from all the great things to do in Barbados.

Barbados Boardwalk

Barbados Boardwalk
Barbados Boardwalk / Loozrboy / Flickr

A stroll down the calming boardwalk is a tranquil experience that embodies the spirit of Island Bliss.

The Barbados Boardwalk is among the island’s most famous destinations, despite the island’s many beaches. This seaside boardwalk is only a few kilometers south of Bridgetown’s northern border between Accra and Camelot beaches.

Relaxation is enhanced by the sound of waves, which creates a blissful setting. Sometimes, all you need for amusement is to relax by the sea, wade ankle-deep in the cold water, and watch schools of the fish dart by.

Flat and well-maintained, it draws walkers and joggers, who may stroll from the sparkling sands of Rockley Beach in Hastings in the east to the coconut trees of Coconut Court Beach in the West.

As you make your way around the island, you’ll come across several rum shacks and bars, palm palms swinging in the wind, and beautiful clusters of fruit trees.

This is a great spot to go with family, friends, or even alone. Every day, a diverse group uses the space for leisure, fitness, or amusement. There’s always something new to discover on the Richard Haynes Boardwalk; whether it’s a new location to visit or an old favorite, there is always something to look forward to. 

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison's Cave, Barbados
Harrison’s Cave, Barbados / Gail Frederick / Flickr

Admire the white flowing stones and the speleothems that embellish Harrison’s cave.

The spectacular Harrison’s Cave is located in the center of Barbados. This crystalline limestone cave features flowing streams, vast pools of pure water, and towering columns. 

As far as historians are concerned, this cave was initially found in late 18th-century Europe. Nearby Holetown and Bathsheba Beach, the cave is located amid the country, approximately five miles away. 

The stalagmites in Harrison’s Cave are still growing at less than a sheet of paper per year, but that is exceptionally rapid in geological terms. The cave is considered active because it contains water.

Great Hall, a 50-meter-high echoing chamber, and the Altar, an unusual geological feature, may be found in these underground corridors crammed with bulbous stalagmites and stalactites.

Visitors can take a self-guided tour, but a tram ride to the cave’s depths is the most popular option! Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to explore Harrison’s Cave.

Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave, Barbados
Animal Flower Cave, Barbados / Berit Watkin / Flickr

Where the Earth meets the Sky meets the Sea!

The Animal Flower Cave in Barbados has been a popular tourist destination. It is the only accessible sea cave on the island and is located under the North Point cliffs in St. Lucy Parish. 

The oxidation of iron and copper has resulted in green and brown hues on the cave’s walls, creating an intriguing array of formations to explore. Explore the cave and see if you can find the lizard, turtle, and hand formations.

A spectacular view of Barbados’ northern shore may be had from the cliffs around Cave Hill, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the cliffs.

It’s not as well-known as Harrison’s Cave, but it’s still worth the trip from your accommodation to explore the caverns and scenery for at least an hour. 

If the weather permits, you may be able to cool down in the cave’s rock pools, so be sure to dress in swimwear and bring a beach towel.

Morgan Lewis Windmill

Morgan Lewis Windmill, Barbados
Morgan Lewis Windmill, Barbados / Diego Tirira / Flickr

In the Caribbean, this is the only surviving wind-powered sugar mill of its sort and the largest and most complete sugar windmill. 

The Morgan Lewis Windmill may be found in the northern parish of St. Andrew, with a distance view of the east coast and the Scotland District.

It is one of only two sugar mills in the Caribbean that has been preserved and restored to its former glory. The second is on Antigua, a sister island at Betty’s Hope Estate.

At one time, sugar cane was ground using wind-powered machinery in the 18th and 19th centuries. For tourists, the Barbados National Trust has set up several exhibits that explain how sugar cane is ground. Each year, visitors can sample the cane juice made at the mill for a few days.

You can get a bird’s eye perspective of the ancient mill while strolling the beautifully planted grounds. Both guided and self-guided tours are available for visitors to the mill.

Garrison Savannah Historic Area

Garrison Savannah Historic Area, Barbados
Garrison Savannah Historic Area is one of the best places to go in Barbados

There are well-preserved historical and architectural sites in the Barbados Garrison Historic Area that give a well-revealed account of the most remarkable British military facility created in the Caribbean.

There is a lot to see and do in Barbados’ historic Garrison, the biggest of its kind in the British colonies throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. The Imperial Forces stationed here from 1780 until 1905/6 used it as their military headquarters. On the other hand, St. Ann’s Fort was built in 1705, in its current location.

The Garrison neighborhood has grown over the years. Currently, it encompasses the Savannah and a few buildings along Bay Street and Hastings. 

Whether a child or a senior citizen, the Savannah in Barbados is a great place to spend time. Anyone who comes to the park before sunrise till far after sunset will observe people doing everything from walking and jogging to sports like rugby and basketball, as well as kite flying, gossiping, and falling in love with the people around them.

Speightstown Barbados

Speightstown, Barbados
Speightstown, Barbados / rufus / Flickr

For those looking for a more realistic view of island life, Speightstown draws tourists, including its rows of crumbling fishing shacks and some ancient, weathered structures from ages past, along the south coast of Bridgetown.

Speightstown, a prominent Barbados city on the island’s northwestern coast, has a rich and fascinating history.

The town’s architecture reflects Speightstown’s unique personality, including historic structures from the island’s early settlement alongside more modern designs. 

It reflects the country’s current state of development, as well as the people who live there, including street vendors selling fresh produce, fishers unpacking their catch on the jetty, the colorful characters who congregate on the Esplanade, and the helpful salespeople in the town’s modern restaurants and shops.

Speightstown was among Barbados’s busiest harbors for many years but has now experienced a revival, becoming an active and dynamic town with colonial beauty.

The town’s nevertheless gorgeous beaches are less crowded than some other spots along this famous stretch of coastline.

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Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park, Barbados
Farley Hill National Park is one of the best places to go in Barbados

On the grounds of the once-royal Farley Hill estate, you’ll find this breath-taking beauty. 

Farley Hill is an abandoned mansion hidden in a mahogany tree forest on a hilltop overlooking the wild Atlantic coast. It’s a great place to picnic, get lost in nature, find some peace & quiet, or just sit back and enjoy the view. In addition, it is a popular location for tourists to tie the knot!

Farley Hill, now a national park, provides visitors with an insight into the island’s colonial history as well as an unnerving experience in the center of Barbados’s swaying mahogany forests.

At the park’s heart is a derelict manor home that was destroyed in a fire in the 1960s, serving as its centerpiece.

Several musical and dramatic performances are held on Farley Hill throughout the year. The remains of Farley Hill House serve as the backdrop for events like Gospel Fest, Soca on the Hill, and Reggae on the Hill. 

Spectacular music fills the air as picnic baskets are unpacked and people of all ages and nationalities dance, listen, and sing together in an unparalleled environment of joy, friendship, and togetherness.

Rockley Beach, Barbados

Rockley Beach, Barbados
Rockley Beach, Barbados / Loozrboy / Flickr

A day at Rockley Beach in Barbados is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean island’s most famous beach. This beach on the island’s southern tip is perfect for a lazy day at the pool or chasing nice waves while bodyboarding.

This renowned south coast beach, also called Accra Beach, provides a mix of thrilling surf and serene water for bathers.

The beach’s southern end has a pool-like region surrounded by rocks that moderate the intensity of the waves, making it ideal for little children to play in. An adrenaline rush awaits older youngsters who dare to boogie board on the waves highest crests!

Windsurfing, Hobie Cat rides, and body surfing are just a few of the various watersports accessible at the beach.

Accra beach is the conclusion or the beginning, depending on your view of the south coast boardwalk! It’s a fantastic opportunity to observe the coastline while also taking in the seaside air.

Hunte’s Garden, Barbados

Hunte's Garden, Barbados
Hunte’s Garden, Barbados / Alex Dixon / Flickr

Located in Barbados, Hunte’s Gardens is a popular tourist destination. A serene setting where you may relax and rejuvenate your spirit while taking in the wonders of nature’s many manifestations. 

Anthony Hunte has transformed a little gully in Barbados into an exquisite landscape known as “Hunter’s Gardens” across the world, and it’s a beautiful place to walk down through the tall palms.

A beautiful and easy-to-walk path is full of surprises thanks to a well-designed series of mini-gardens hidden inside the large main unit. These mini-gardens are full of vibrant colors and textures from rare and exotic plants, giving visitors an enlightening and fulfilling experience.

During this self-guided tour, you can find your own space and unwind on one of the garden seats hidden in the gardens as you go around at your own pace. Also, you can meet and talk to other people at the top house.

Address: Hwy 3A, Coffee Gully, Barbados

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Iguana at Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Iguana at Barbados Wildlife Reserve / Joe Ross / Flickr

Are you curious whether Barbados has a zoo? Barbados has something even better than a zoo – a wildlife reserve!

In a mahogany forest on the north coast of Barbados, you’ll find the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

There are four acres of land in the reserve where you can view monkeys, peacocks, deer, iguanas, turtles, and much more. A few, like the snakes, are fortunate enough to be housed in sanctuaries.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the creatures up close and in their natural habitat without any restrictions. You may see the animals play, eat and engage with each other in the few available cages.

Deer and even peacocks might be missed when you’re not paying close attention to their movements. There’s no urgency because it’s a self-guided tour, so you can take your time and revisit your favorite animals as you like.

Children, in particular, will have a blast at this Barbados attraction that is perfect for the whole family.

St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados
St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados / Diego Tirira / Flickr

One of only three Jacobean houses in the Western Hemisphere, this stunning historic structure is a must-see when visiting Barbados. There’s a lot to see and do here, from a plantation to a museum to a rum factory.

St. Nicholas Abbey is not affiliated with any religious organization. The plantation was established in 1660 as a private residence and has remained thus for the past 350 years. 

According to local legend, the name was adopted as part of a long-standing practice of renaming properties as they changed hands.

Charles and Sarah Cave, the proprietors of the land since 1834, came up with the current moniker. As far as we can tell, they created the name ‘St. Nicholas Abbey’ by fusing the existing names of ‘Nicholas Plantation, St. Nicholas Parish, and Bath Abbey, where Sarah’s family has lived in England.

The plantation allows and encourages amateur photography, so bring your camera along! Flash photography should be done with caution.

Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados

Sandy Lane Beach, Barbados
Barbados / Tom Jur / Unsplash

Everything about the famous Sandy Lane Beach on the west coast of Barbados looks like it’s worth a lot of money, like gold.

Sandy Lane Beach is another of the island’s most popular beaches. It’s a beautiful Caribbean swimming place located on its west shore.

The perfect combination of sugar-white sand, blue ocean, and towering mahogany trees create the ideal setting for a day in the sun. It’s no surprise that some of the nicest beach rentals in the Caribbean can be located on this shore.

People like Simon Cowell and the singer Rhianna, who live on the island and stay at the five-star Sandy Lane Hotel Resort, love this beach because it’s a ton of fun in the water. A path to the right of the imperial One Sandy Lane leads to this star-studded beach. This road leads to a beautiful stretch of beach that looks as lavish as the many high-end hotels that line the shore. 

You’ll need to walk to see Sandy Lane’s famous pink umbrellas. There’s a good chance you’ll see a famous person, but the real reason this area is so popular might be because it’s so beautiful.

Queen’s Park

Baobab Tree Queen's Park Barbados
Baobab Tree Queen’s Park Barbados / David Stanley / Flickr

In Bridgetown, Queen’s Park is a great place to stop while you’re in the capital of Barbados. 

This place has a peaceful fountain and a bandstand that looks like it was built in the 1800s. The centerpiece here is a baobab tree that’s been around for more than a thousand years. It’s one of the most enormous trees on the island, and many think it shows how long Barbados has been around.

General Vaughan, the first British commander in the West Indies, lived at Queen’s Park, Bridgetown’s sole park. During the American War of Independence, the British decided that a permanent British garrison should be established in Barbados. 

When Edward Falkinham sold his estate to the Crown in 1782, the deal was finalized in December of that year. As a result, in 1780, a hurricane destroyed the mansion, and in 1784, it was rebuilt from the ground up.

What are you waiting for? Barbados has so much to offer. If you start preparing now, you’ll be on your way to discovering this magical island on your own in no time.

Mount Gay Visitor Center

Mount Gay Rum, Barbados
Mount Gay Rum / Barbados Travel Tips / Flickr

Every great narrative has a beginning and an end. 

The year was 1703, and the location was the Caribbean island of Barbados, where Mount Gay Rum was first produced. The Barbadians who first distilled rum nicknamed it “Kill-Devil,” which is undoubtedly a product of this stunning island.

Mount Gay Rum, the island’s oldest and still-operating rum distillery, gives visitors a behind-the-scenes peek at how the rum is made. Following their tour of the company’s bottling plant, visitors may sample a variety of rums.

Some of Barbados’ finest rums may be found here. You may learn about the production process and then sample some of the finished products at the facility’s visitors center, located approximately 1 km north of Bridgetown Harbour.

Many visitors praise the tour for its educational and entertaining aspects and the numerous free samples it offers. Consider splurging on the lunch tour to get the most out of the experience!

Address: 497F+4F6 Spring Garden Highway, Exmouth Gap, Bridgetown, Barbados

Shark Hole Bay and Beach, Barbados

Shark Hole Bay and Beach, Barbados
Shark Hole Bay and Beach, Barbados / Luis Alveart / Flickr

The name Shark Hole may be derived from an ancient fishing story. However, there are no sharks in this water and no trace here.

Shark Hole Beach is a bathing area on Barbados’ southern coast. Usually, this harsh, cliff-lined shoreline is pretty rugged for a swim, but Shark Hole’s unusual layout makes it a perfect location to cool down.

A gap in the cliffs at Shark Hole allows water to reach this little c-shaped sandy spot. There’s also a rocky coral barrier at the bay’s edge to keep the sea from being too turbulent.

These rocky structures combine to produce a bowl-shaped swimming hole with clean water and sea views.

Even with the wall of protection, this is a site for more experienced swimmers since you can feel the powerful push and pull of the waves.

After-school crowds and weekend visitors both flock to this secluded cove. Viewing the sky change color while waves crash under you is always a treat when you’re on the cliffs at sunset.

Miami Beach Barbados

Miami Beach, Barbados
Miami Beach, Barbados / David Stanley / Flickr

This is a hidden treasure that is a complete contrast to its American equivalent. 

Miami Beach, also known as Enterprise Beach, is near Oistins on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church.

This shaded and secluded spot is a welcome respite away from the frequently busy pace of the south coast. A rock barrier divides the beach into two portions.

A vast amusement area with picnic tables under shaded green pines and almond trees can be found on the island’s east side, which has deep, tranquil, and crystal-clear waters.

Miami Beach in Barbados is a long stretch of powder-soft white sand with a hint of pink sheltered by tall cliffs and fringed by shady trees. The beach is surrounded by clear, crystal clear azure waters gently rolling onto the shore.

The best time to visit Miami Beach in Barbados is probably weekdays, as it is a popular destination for Barbadians on the weekends and on Bank Holidays. As Oistins is just a short drive from Miami Beach, why not spend a day at the beach and stock up on fish for dinner?

Address: South Coast, Oistins, Barbados, Bridgetown

Folkstone Beach Barbados

Folkstone Beach, Barbados
Folkstone Beach, Barbados / Gary J. Wood / Flickr

Folkestone’s beach is a lovely stretch of golden sand with picnic spots and trees to enjoy. 

There are beach loungers, umbrella rentals, and changing rooms with showers, toilets, and lockers. A children’s playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court are also available at Folkestone Beach in Barbados. There is also a lifeguard and beach security workers on duty.

Swimmers may enjoy the clean, tranquil, and mild waters at Folkestone Beach. Much tropical fish and other marine life, including sea lilies, anemones, corals, and sponges, may be found in the area’s inshore reefs, making it an excellent spot for snorkeling.

In addition to renting snorkeling gear, glass-bottom boats may transport you further to see this incredible richness of marine life without having your feet wet.

Relax on the park’s picnic tables or beneath the shelter of the park’s gorgeous tall trees while taking in the island breezes and the ocean’s turquoise waters.

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

Andromeda Botanical Gardens
Andromeda Botanical Gardens / Mat Can / Flickr

Andromeda’s garden has trees from all over the world, making it one of the most diverse places for tree species.

In the eastern parish of St.Joseph, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens are located just up the hill from the settlement of Bathsheba. Tropical flowers, shrubs, and trees, including orchids, palm trees, heliconias, hibiscuses, bougainvillea, and begonias, grow in abundance in this six-acre garden designed by a world-renowned landscape architect.

In addition to the unique flowers, a stream bisects the area, creating beautiful pools and cascades, making the scene even more magical. There is something magical about the lilies in the ponds.

The island’s lush foliage, colorful blossoms, and cooling trade winds make for a relaxing stroll. The view of the ocean is incredibly stunning from the lofty elevation.

Butterflies and birds trill in the breeze while the flowers bloom around them. Monkeys come from the nearby gullies to see the gardens.

You may have a delicious fruit juice, rum punch, soda, or beer in the little balcony café. Visit the gift shop, where you’ll find a wonderful collection of items made on the island or by artists from the area.

Address: Off Highway 3, Bathsheba, Barbados

St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados, Barbados
St. Lawrence Gap is one of the best places to go in Barbados

“The Gap,” as locals affectionately call it, is a meeting ground for people worldwide.

In the parish of Christ Church, the St. Lawrence Gap, a 1.3-mile length of the road, is renowned for its superb restaurants and lodging options and its vibrant nightlife and shopping.

St. Lawrence Gap is the starting point for Barbados’ entertainment scene! There are a variety of nightclubs in The Gap to suit all musical interests.

In the meantime, clubbers may try the local cuisine offered by food sellers that gather in the Gap!

Even though Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches, there is much more to the island than simply its beaches. Historic sites, beautiful scenery, and a rich cultural heritage abound. 

It’s simple to get around: take the bus if you’re feeling brave, rent a vehicle, or arrange a driver for the day. Even with children in Barbados, there are many fun things to do on this little island.

Fitts Village

Fitts Village, Barbados
Fitts Village is one of the best places to go in Barbados

Barbados’ west coast area is a tranquil haven for a Caribbean getaway.

Fitts Village in St. James Parish, Jamaica, is named after Benjamin Thomas Fitt, who owned the property on the west side of the parish that slopes into the Caribbean Sea.

The Fitts area became a fishing community primarily due to its calm and pure blue ocean location. There is still fishing in the area, which extends to the nearby Paynes Bay Fishing Market.

Snorkeling is possible due to several reefs and the area’s crystal-clear waters. You could even catch a turtle rising to the surface to breathe. Sea turtle hatchlings rescued by the Barbados Sea Turtle Project are frequently released at this location. There are some great swimming spots along this shore. 

This is a great place to read a book in the shade of a palm tree or to soak up the sun and the surf.

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Address: Barbados, North America

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