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As a vacation spot, Stockholm, Sweden, is a top-notch travel destination. For the best things to do in Stockholm, Sweden, and the coolest places to visit in Stockholm, Sweden. Scroll down for our top travel recommendations in Stockholm, Sweden. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3.0 travel startup with ambitious goals to change the world.

ABBA Museum

ABBA Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
ABBA Museum, Stockholm, Sweden / Kostas Limitsios / Flickr

ABBA The Museum is much more than simply a traditional museum. Sure, the ABBA memorabilia displayed at the exhibition include stage attire, equipment, gold records, prizes, and much more. 

However, it is also an engaging experience that allows you to perform, dance, and even mix music while allowing you to try on virtual stage attire. 

As you wander at your own pace through the Museum, the audioguide will provide you with the opportunity to hear the band members recount personal anecdotes and experiences from their extraordinary careers.

The audio guide is available for hire at the Museum as soon as you enter. The Museum is available for the public using wheelchairs in every way. Attendants and personal care aides are permitted to attend and do not have to purchase a ticket; instead, there will be a complimentary ticket upon arrival. 

They have prepared an entertaining and instructive quiz for the children who will be coming to see us. Discovering the Swedish pop group ABBA through this activity is a lot of fun.

You can record your performance using the purchased ticket and then retrieve it from the Museum’s webpage.

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 68, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
Drottningholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden / Paulius Malinovskis / Flickr

Drottningholm Palace has been included in UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is Sweden’s best-preserved 16th-century royal castle and a model for 16th-century European architecture.

Take a day’s visit to Drottningholm and enjoy a historic environment of the finest global standards. Visiting Drottningholm is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the bizarre Chinese Pavilion recreational palace, the royal theater, and the awe-inspiring palace grounds.

Queen Hedvig Eleonora commissioned builder Nicodemus Tessin the Elder to build the Palace, which he based on a French example. Since then, many royals have passed through the Palace, each leaving their imprint on the architecture.

The Royal Highness, the King, and Queen have a permanent resident status at the Palace. The apartments on the southern side of the building are dedicated to this. The remainder of the estate and its gardens are available to the public all year round, regardless of the weather.

Address: 178 93 Drottningholm, Sweden


Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden
Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden / pedro layant / Flickr

Discovering world-class imagery, varied programming, refined eating, and unexpected new viewpoints are some things you can do at Fotografiska. Fotografiska is recognized as among the most important gathering spots for modern photography around the globe. 

Four distinct big exhibitions and roughly 20 lesser shows are exhibited yearly. There is a café, a shop selling books and souvenirs, and a photographs gallery. One of the most breathtaking panoramas of Stockholm can be seen at the café on the penthouse level.

Fotografiska also aspires to serve as a gathering place for photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world, regardless of the genre or style of photography. 

The Museum strives to foster a sense of community by offering photography classes, artist talks, a membership program, articles, and one-of-a-kind events. The goal is to generate conversation about the photography world and its function in shedding light on pressing global problems and fostering positive social transformation.

Address: Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden / Brian Dooley / Flickr

Gamla Stan, often known as the Old Town, is among the most popular tourist destinations. It is among the biggest and finest maintained medieval urban centers in Europe. In 1252, the city of Stockholm was established on this very spot.

The entirety of Gamla Stan and the neighboring island of Riddarholmen may be considered a contemporary museum welcoming to pedestrians and packed with views, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and other establishments in which to shop. 

In addition to being well-liked by fans of handicrafts, oddities, and souvenirs, Gamla Stan is also quite known among tourists. Gamla Stan’s one-of-a-kind personality may be attributed to the fact that its streets are twisting and narrow and are paved with cobblestones. 

The structures in Gamla Stan are painted in a variety of golden tones. Behind the exterior facades of the buildings in the neighborhood are hidden underground caverns and frescoes that date back to the Middle Ages. When it snows in the winter, the neighborhood has the atmosphere of a scene from a fairy tale. Indeed, it is nice to visit the location!

Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden
Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden / Arild / Flickr

At Grona Lund, Stockholm’s amusement park, you may immerse yourself in a world filled with joy and fantasy. Each day spent at Grona Lund is one of the most unforgettable days of your life, whether you eat in the restaurants, take part in one of the mini-games, see a live performance, or ride one of the 30 thrilling attractions.

Grona Lund is accessible to visitors from the end of spring through the end of September. The amusement park is open throughout the Swedish Autumn holiday and on Halloween.

It is important to mention that in addition to being a public square, the park’s main plaza also functions as a concert hall that welcomes some well-known performers. 

Because the stage is physically located within the park, admission to any shows is incorporated into your ticket cost. 

This represents an incredible value for the money. It is highly recommended that concert schedules be reviewed before making reservations. 

When you go, make sure you get over there earlier if you only want to go on the rides because they close a few of the activities, including the Star Flyer, earlier than usual.

Address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Junibacken, Stockholm, Sweden
Junibacken, Stockholm, Sweden / pousseurdecailloux / Flickr

This is a children’s cultural home, and magical things take place every day at this house. Junibacken takes great pride in being home to Sweden’s most extensive children’s bookshop. 

You’ll find it all, from Astrid Lindgren’s enduring classics to contemporary works that are gaining a following here. 

It is Junibacken’s mission to encourage a love of reading in children by utilizing the performing arts, music, and songs as their primary teaching tools. 

Junibacken is Sweden’s most prolific children’s theater production, putting on an average of 1,500 presentations annually. First and last in this place are role-playing games and other forms of interactive fiction.

Rest is required after all of the playing and enjoying that has taken place. After that, you may have a meal at Junibacken’s restaurant, which has the most breathtaking view of Stockholm.

Address: Galärvarvsvägen 8, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden
Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, Sweden / Arild / Flickr

The parkland is among the most significant gathering areas in the city, and its position in the middle of the city gives it a green hub amid the metropolis. Cherry blossoms may be seen in the park’s northernmost section each year during the springtime. 

Several Stockholm residents and guests have made it a point to make it a point to see the city during the springtime when the cherry trees are in full bloom. The park sees a lot of foot traffic and hosts a variety of activities during the warmer months. 

The location is defined by adaptability in the context of a civilization that is always shifting. Relaxation, adventures, gatherings, and activities may all find a place to unfold and flourish here. The park also has evolved throughout the years to include various chambers.

The park is surrounded by winding lanes lined with willow and cherry trees to create a green frame. The Tea House’s collection of tall elms contributes to the area’s unique character as a whole.

Address: Jussi Björlings allé, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden

Medieval Museum

Medieval Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Medieval Museum, Stockholm, Sweden / Jorge Láscar / Flickr

The past is brought to vivid life! The Medieval Museum emphasizes individuals and recreates scenes from the daily lives of people living in medieval Stockholm. 

Explore the rebuilt brick buildings, marketplaces, and workshops of medieval Stockholm. You can also encounter the people who lived there and listen to stories about their daily lives. 

The finds from Stockholm’s greatest excavation inspired the Museum’s design, which was erected around them.

Through paintings, carvings, landscapes, and reproductions of structures that you can really go through, the Museum allows you to experience what it was like to live throughout the Middle Ages. 

Some further facts would be nice to have on transitioning from one scene to the next. However, the technique is quite easy to understand and the things presented are excellent. 

Address: Strömparterren 3, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden

Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Modern Art Museum, Stockholm, Sweden / Ed Webster / Flickr

Do you enjoy lovely items and objects of artistic beauty? Do you like taking pictures with a camera? If that is the case, you have arrived at the proper location. 

A person interested in art will find that Stockholm has many opportunities. You won’t have any trouble nurturing your interest because the city is teeming with museums and galleries of all kinds.

Masters of the Renaissance, exponents of Swedish nationalistic romanticism, or early 20th-century trailblazers. Stockholm is home to a wide variety of stunning artwork, all of which can be seen in the city’s several museums.

Numerous renowned art museums may be found in Stockholm. A trip to Stockholm is like a tour through a massive open-air museum. 

Wherever you look, there are remarkable structures, ranging from those unmistakably modern to those built as early as the ancient 13th century. The following is a list of places you may visit to take in some amazing artwork.

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Norrmalm, Stockholm, Sweden
Norrmalm, Stockholm, Sweden / Arild / Flickr

Norrmalm, which serves as the city core of Stockholm, is often ranked among the city’s busiest locations. You will discover many shops, cafes, and pubs, in addition to many shopping centers and department stores.

Shopping may be had at reasonable prices in the City Center, making it an attractive destination for young people and those who follow the latest fashion trends. A variety of large-scale traditional Stockholm department shops may be found in the Drottninggatan & Sergels Torg neighborhoods, as well as in the region between Kungstradgarden and Kungstradgarden.

It would be a shame to miss the recently renovated Hotorgshallen food hall and the vibrant market held on the nearby plaza. 

Whenever the cherry blossoms bloom in the springtime and the ice skating arena is open, travelers and residents flock to the park to take advantage of this attraction.

And if you’re in the mood for a nice movie, Norrmalm offers fairly a few different cinemas for you to pick from!

Royal Palace

Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden
Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden / Michaela Loheit / Flickr

This Palace is one of the biggest in Europe and among the most active. The Royal Palace in Stockholm is the official house of His Majesty the King. It also serves as the location for most of the monarchy’s ceremonial festivities. 

This Palace is unique among the royal homes in Europe because, in addition to serving as a dwelling for the royal family.

It also functions as an office building and a cultural and historical landmark available to the public all year round.

Nicodemus Tessin, an architect, designed the Palace to resemble a Roman palace. The building was built in the baroque style. 

As many as 600 rooms are spread out throughout the Palace’s eleven stories, with the state apartment overlooking the city and tiny living spaces facing the Palace’s inner courtyard. The royal apartment also has its own kitchen and dining room.

The Palace is available to the public all throughout the year.

Address: Kungliga slottet, 107 70 Stockholm, Sweden


Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden
Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden / Guillaume Baviere / Flickr

Skansen is a one-of-a-kind location where the past and present coexist, Swedish customs and handiwork are kept alive, and people of different ages congregate.

You may learn about the past of Sweden and figure out how Swedes used to live as per the seasonal change at Skansen. You can do this by learning about the culture and traditions, work, festivities, and daily life of days gone by in Sweden.

It’s also the location where joyous celebrations are commemorated at various times throughout the year. The busy schedule includes singing, dancing, and performances in the summertime, as well as Night markets in the wintertime, which feature grooving all-around Christmas trees and performances held at Seglora Church.

Discover how people used to live and the park’s many recreational areas to see why Skansen is such a well-visited destination throughout the year.


Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden
Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden / chas B / Flickr

An area known as Söder in Stockholm has become one of the city’s most sought-after destinations. The town is full of vintage, couture, and design businesses, and the ambiance is laid-back and artistic.

There are also several restaurants, bars, and smaller shops and galleries.

Skanstull, one of the largest neighborhoods in Stockholm and can be found at the very end of Sodermalm, is not the most attractive area of the town. Nevertheless, this compensates for its lack of aesthetic appeal with its abundance of shopping and dining options.

The Clarion Hotel, located right across the road from Ringen, is nonetheless considered among the finest hotels in the city. It also features an abundance of pubs and restaurants, all of which exude a distinct atmosphere. The atmosphere is really laid-back and pleasant, and the views are breathtaking.

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden / Jens Cederskjold / Flickr

The reception for the Nobel Prize is held every year in the City Hall, which is well-known for its magnificent ceremonial rooms and one-of-a-kind works of art. One of the city’s most recognizable profiles is that of the Stockholm City Hall, with its distinctive golden Three Crowns atop the tower of the building. 

It is often considered the region’s most prominent example of national architectural romanticism.

The shop within City Hall sells a variety of souvenirs. It presents that were created expressly to commemorate City Hall and the city of Stockholm. The only way for members of the general public to enter City Hall is on one of the provided guided tours. 

Daily guided tours are offered in both English and Swedish at predetermined times; however, these excursions are subject to last-minute changes or cancellations due to unexpected occurrences.

Stockholm Public Library

Stockholm Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden / chibicode / Flickr

Have you heard that the library is always available to visitors? The answer is yes if you access the library’s digital resources via a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile phone, or a tablet PC. 

You can access reading suggestions and information about what is going on in the many libraries across the City of Stockholm at any time of the day or night. It is not necessary to have a library card to use the online resources provided by libraries or to participate in any of the activities offered by those establishments.

However, to borrow anything from the library, you will need to first obtain a free library card. With a library card, you can immediately borrow e-books and publications from newspapers through your personal computer, some cell phones, and certain tablet PCs.

In addition, you can borrow books, movies, and CDs from any of the libraries within the City of Stockholm.

Address: Sveavägen 73, 113 80 Stockholm, Sweden


Stortorget, Stockholm, Sweden
Stortorget, Stockholm, Sweden / Susanne Nilsson / Flickr

The Gamla Stan neighborhood of Stockholm is known as the Old Town portion of the city. Stortorget is the primary square in this neighborhood. Although its name, which literally translates to “Big Square,” is among the tiniest Old Town centers in all of Europe, it is actually rather large.

Not only is Stortorget the most prominent public space in Stockholm’s historic district, and it is the oldest remaining public plaza. The brightly painted storefronts that line the plaza’s west side are likely the most photographed sights in the entire city.

An attractive neighborhood in the old part of Stockholm contains many historical sites. Some nice eateries that are worth stopping at for a glass of wine. Gorgeous neighborhood in the middle of the city, comprised of winding, cobblestone lanes lined with intriguing stores and eateries. Wonderful for strolling in the spring and early summer.


Strandvagen, Stockholm, Sweden
Strandvagen, Stockholm, Sweden / Guillén Pérez / Flickr

Strandvagen is an essential destination for anybody in Stockholm, regardless of whether they were born and raised there, recently relocated there, or are simply visiting the city. In this area, you can find a variety of fantastic eateries, unique shopping opportunities, and historical settings. 

You may escape the hustle and bustle of the major metropolis by taking in the breathtaking scenery of Nybroviken or by focusing on the town’s remarkable architecture and rich history.

You would not have expected to find an archipelago idyll so close to the heart of Stockholm. Yet, it can be reached from Ostermalmstorg in only five minutes on foot. Strandvagen is an absolute one-of-a-kind boulevard with a look reminiscent of other countries.

You may check for your absolute favorites or get information on classic spots to visit, which can be discovered on Strandvagen by using this website. 

After that, nothing is left for you to do but lace up your shoes and make your way to Stockholm’s most exclusive street. Just a wonderful setting, especially on such a delightful day.

Swedish History Museum

Swedish History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Swedish History Museum, Stockholm, Sweden / Celeste Lindell / Flickr

Treasures made of gold and silver, as well as exquisite works of art from the middle ages, are on display here. 

The Swedish History Museum presents a comprehensive account of Swedish history, beginning with prehistoric periods and continuing to the present. 

This Museum is notable for being one of the country’s most extensive museums. Every year, thousands of tourists keep coming from Sweden and around the world to visit one of the world’s largest Viking exhibits.

This Museum may be visited for no cost and will more than enough occupy your time for one or two hours.

Everything is well organized, and data are given in Swedish and English. Fantastic Museum to check out, with no admission fees and a wealth of exhibits and audio. Large rooms are tastefully adorned and created with the traveler and the hotel’s history in mind. Calm, inspirational, and flexible for any age. Some components can be interacted with. 

Hidden jewel! The Museum has a lovely big cafe worth looking for a traditional Fika.

Address: Narvavägen 13-17, 114 84 Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden / Claudia Schillinger / Flickr

The Vasa is a one-of-a-kind art treasure renowned for being the ship from the seventeenth century that has been kept in the greatest possible condition. 

The ship retains more than 98% of its original construction and is adorned with numerous hand-carved sculptures.

A variety of displays around the ship cover subjects such as life aboard and the historical backdrop of the ship. The movie about the Vasa has been dubbed into many languages. Additionally, visitors may use their own mobile phones to listen to an audio tour that is available in a variety of languages. 

The Museum provides access to free Wi-Fi. In fact, there is a shop with a good selection of items and a lovely restaurant serving lunch and Fika.

To this day, the Vasa is now the only ship from the 17th century maintained anywhere around the globe.

Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden


Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, Sweden
Waldemarsudde, Stockholm, Sweden / Udo Schröter / Flickr

A trip to the stunning park and gardens at Waldemarsudde is a feast for several sensations and provides access to a garden’s history that dates back more than a century. 

The garden layout, which Prince Eugen was responsible for developing, is continuously maintained per the Prince’s orders and guidelines.

The sculptures seen around the park were all acquired by Prince Eugen and frequently placed there with a particular location in mind.

During the year, visitors to the Museum can view a collection of Prince Eugen’s works, in addition to works drawn from the gallery’s archives and works included in temporary exhibits.

The Museum is encircled by a gorgeous park that is quite breathtaking because of the sculptures and flowers found there.

Waldermasudde is now widely considered among the most well-liked art museums in all of Sweden and features an active schedule of events and exhibitions.

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