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Have you been thinking about visiting Marseille, France? Check out the list of the best things to do in Marseille, France, and places to go in Marseille, France, below. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Abbaye Saint-Victor

Abbaye Saint-Victor Marseille, France
Abbaye Saint-Victor Marseille, France / So_P / Flickr

One of Marseille’s “Must Sees” is the Abbey of Saint-Victor.

With a tour of the Basilica and the crypts, you’ll learn about the city’s religious past while taking in the stunning views of the ‘Vieux-Port’ (Old Port).

The 11th-century abbey known as Abbaye Saint Victor is a functioning Catholic church dedicated to a Roman soldier and Christian martyr, Victor of Marseille.

In 1794, much of the abbey was demolished, leaving just the church and crypts.

Visitors describe the monastery as magnificent yet straightforward due to its stark architecture.

St. Victor Abbey, a religious, cultural, and symbolic landmark, is a relic of Marseille’s past.

A gem of the early Christian era and Romanesque architecture, it was inscribed in the registry of historical monuments in 1840.

In Marseille, it is one of the city’s most magnificent cathedrals and a sacred location to pray.

Marseille residents have long recognized the abbey’s tower as a landmark.

You’ll get a sense of Marseille’s rich history as well as a stunning view from this historic tower.

So, come see for yourself!

Address: 3, rue de l’abbaye, 13007 Marseille

Basilique Notre – Dame de la Garde

Basilique Notre – Dame de la Garde Marseille, France
Basilique Notre – Dame de la Garde Marseille, France / Oleg Brovko / Flickr

Amid the world’s wonders, say your prayers here. 

The Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde (Our Lady of the Guard) is a 19th-century neo-Byzantine church. It was constructed in the 1850s on Marseille’s historic fortress site.

There are sweeping views of the city below from this functional catholic Basilica decorated with beautiful sculptures and artwork. 

It is the city’s crowning glory and a popular tourist attraction.

Because of the enormous, golden statue of the Virgin Mary situated on the bell tower, it should be easy to recognize from the port.

In travelers’ words, “it was difficult,” but the views were absolutely worth it.

Even though tourists say the chapel is lovely, the panoramic views are what they remember most.

The Basilica is less than two kilometers from Vieux Port and may be reached by foot.

But, if you don’t like to walk, there is also a bus that stops at the Basilica.

Visitors are welcome at the church, and on-site cafes and gift stores are available.

As you might imagine, the sight from this viewpoint is worth visiting.

Address: Rue Fort du Sanctuaire, 13006 Marseille, France

Calanques National Park

Calanques National Park Marseille, France
Calanques National Park Marseille, France / Kilyan Sockalingum / Flickr

You’re going to fall for this kind of beauty.

Calanques National Park, located between Marseille and Cassis on the French Riviera’s west coast, was established in 2012.

It is a popular tourist destination because of the stunning cliffside paths, exciting water sports, and picture-perfect clear waters. The fact that it is also near to other popular Riviera sites.

It’s a must-see for visitors to Marseille to experience this stunning landscape.

Biodiverse treasure with pebble and fine sandy beaches and blue waters.

It’s an excellent spot for sunbathing, scuba diving, and other water sports like kayaking.

Whether you’re planning a hiking trip or simply want to relax by the lake, this stunning location has it all.

Some Calanques are easier to get to and are thus better suited for families than others. 

Some of the more remote Calanques will be ideal for those who enjoy trekking, and their efforts will be well worth it.

For a truly unique experience in Marseille, check out this site!

Address: Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Cathédrale La Major

Cathédrale La Major Marseille, France
Cathédrale La Major Marseille, France / Fred Romero / Flickr

Visit a church that can hold up to 3000 souls!

It is located in Marseille’s 2nd district, between the ‘Panier’ and the ‘Joliette’ districts, just north of the ‘Vieux Port’ (Old Port).

The Cathedral of the Major is one of Marseille’s symbols since it is singular and embodies all of the city’s power. If you want to pray in Marseille, this is the best spot.

In fact, it is a two-cathedral complex, both old and new. 

The old cathedral is when French Emperor Napoleon III wanted to replace the 12th-century provencal romanesque cathedral in the late nineteenth century (“Vielle Major”).

As the new cathedral, it is built in a Byzantine style. It is France’s biggest church. 

In France, it is the only 19th-century cathedral.

Its enormous size is comparable to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, allowing it to accommodate up to 3,000 people. 

The Cathédrale La Major is the place to go to pray in elegance.

Address: 10 Place de la Major, 13002 Marseille

Château d’If

Château d’If Marseille, France
Château d’If Marseille, France / bvi4092 / Flickr

You’ll be locked up at the Château d’If for your crimes!

This is the famed Château d’If in southern France. The fortress, built by Francis I in 1524, served as a state prison for several decades.

Prisoners included Philippe Égalité, a notorious regicide, and the mysterious Iron Mask, who had been imprisoned by Louis XIV.

When Marseilles turned Château d’If from a naval stronghold into a prison in 1516, it became known for its exclusive guest list. People of importance were held at the Chateau d’If.

In contrast, the rest of the criminal population was held in mainland prisons.

Neglect claimed the lives of several inmates, and many had gone mad. Château d’If had its last inmates departed in 1914.

Although time has passed, the writings on the walls serve as a strong reminder of the lives that previously were here. 

All of the fascinating details about the past of this historic location are available to anybody who wants to visit.

So, spend your day in prison and plan your escape!

Address: Embarcadère Frioul If, 1 Quai de la Fraternité, 13001 Marseille, France

Cité Radieuse

Cité Radieuse, Marseille, France
Cité Radieuse is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Are you a massive fan of architecture? Be sure to stop by Marseille!

The Cité Radieuse’ (radiant city) created by Le Corbusier is a UNESCO World Heritage site that should not be missed.

One of Marseille’s most important aspects is its role in its history.

Due to a lack of housing, particularly social housing, after World War II, the Minister of Reconstruction ordered an apartment building in Marseille.

Architect Le Corbusier came up with a radical new idea. As part of a larger effort to modernize housing, this plan sought to increase construction volume.

There are a lot of surprises in this ‘unité d’habitation’ (housing block unit). It’s a true architectural idea with its play on light, perspective, and color.

In and of itself, it’s an avant-garde architectural piece that’s more than just a collection of houses and condos.

When it comes to modernity for a 20th-century structure, Le Corbusier’s (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret) ambition to provide occupants with everyday comfort and well-being shines through.

The “must-see” Marseille attraction will captivate visitors of all ages, so stop by today!

Address: 280 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille

Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Marseille, France
Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Have you ever heard of the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy?

The Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known as Corniche Kennedy and La Cornice, is a boulevard that stretches along the Mediterranean Sea in Marseille in southern France.

It was renamed in honor of President John F. Kennedy following his assassination, highlighting the close ties between France and the United States.

It was created in the 1860s, but it was restored in the 1960s and is now a popular route connecting Marseille’s attractions and a destination unto itself.

If you’re planning a trip to La Corniche, carry a camera to capture some of the most incredible views of the city.

The boulevard is a great place to sit, relax, and take in the scenery.

Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy features a lot of walking.

Be sure to bring comfortable shoes if you intend on visiting the avenue during your visit to Marseille.

It’s time to get your walk started at La Cornice.

Address: Corniche du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy; 13007 Marseille, France

Friche Belle de Mai

Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille, France
Friche Belle de Mai is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Have a casual time at La Friche.

Visiting La Friche Belle de Mai or La Friche, one of Marseille’s lesser-known sites. It is a terrific option for those who enjoy doing activities a little off the beaten path.

One of the most popular gathering spots is now a cultural arts center that holds several festivals and events throughout the warmer months.

Even if you don’t visit Marseille in the summer, La Friche has enough going on all year long.

You can find anything from a hip and quirky bookshop selling some of the best coffee in Marseille to pop-up art galleries showcasing the work of local artists here.

Get some dinner from a food truck and walk up to the rooftop for a spectacular sunset view while you’re there.

Due to its location in a residential area, La Friche’s events tend to stop early.

Come in the afternoon while the energy is still high to get the most out of your visit.

Visit La Friche today!

Address: 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille, France

Fort Saint-Jean

Fort Saint-Jean Marseille, France
Fort Saint-Jean Marseille, France / decar66 / Flickr

To wander within the fortress is to step back in time.

Fort Saint-Jean is a historic fort from which visitors may get a panoramic view over the harbor and the city.

It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Marseille. It was built in 1660 by King Louis XIV and stood at the gateway to Old Port.

Fort Saint-Jean may be accessed by two footbridges built-in 2013 that link to Le Panier’s historic district and the MuCEM.

Before visiting the Fort Saint-Jean, stop at the MuCEM’s Galerie des Officiers.

To learn more about Fort Saint-history Jean and its significance.

The history of Fort Saint-Jean is well-represented in this museum, which has a specific section.

You’ll see videos and educational exhibits tracing the building’s history, from its foundation to its most recent extensions, at the site.

After learning more about Fort Saint-Jean at the MuCEM, you may go through Fort Saint-Jean to witness all of the numerous features.

Such as the two high towers at the entrance to the harbor, vaulted corridors, a rise for cannons, etc. 

To find out more, visit Fort Saint-Jean.

Address: Place d’Armes, Marseille, France

La Canebière

La Canebière , Marseille, France
La Canebière is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

There are no bad days to go shopping since they are always good days.

La Canebière is a lovely tree-shaded avenue lined with 17th and 18th-century buildings.

Canebière takes its name from the Provencal term for hemp, which was inspired by local ropemakers throughout the Middle Ages, who made rope for sailing ships.

Many well-known brands and boutiques may be found in La Canebière’s stores.

If you’re looking for new clothing or accessories, you can find them here.

From La Canebière to Rue de Rome and Rue Paradis, stylish shops may be found in the street’s western end, near Vieux Port. 

As you climb up the hill, you’ll pass by cheese stores, cafés, and bakeries.

Also, try the classic Marseille pastries known as navettes, fashioned like boats and flavored with orange blossom.

A colorful carousel may be seen at the end of the street in Place du Général-de-Gaulle.

And to add, weekends are prime time for listening to live music.

There are also some neogothic touches on the facade of the Church of Saint-Vincent de Paul with its mosaic flooring and exquisite stained glass.

Make plans to visit La Canebière right now.

Address: La Canebière, 13001 Marseille, France

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Le Panier

Le Panier, Marseille, France
Le Panier is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Take a deep dive into Marseille’s oldest district.

Its name translates to “Basket” in French. Nowadays, Le Panier is like a basket of narrow lanes, small stores, boutiques, and brightly colored buildings.

Marseille claims France’s oldest city, even older than Paris, was founded in 250 BC.

You won’t know where to begin exploring everything.

Getting lost in the city’s small alleyways and soaking up the welcoming vibe is the best way to get the most out of this renowned destination.

Several little streets connect large areas in Le Panier.

Despite being in the center of a large metropolis, it has the sense of a tiny town. 

Keep an eye out for Rue du Petit Puits, which leads to Place de Lenche, even if you simply want to roam about.

As long as you’re fit enough, the Mediterranean spontaneity of the locals and stunning views of the Big Blue will repay your efforts.

Visiting the Le Panier in Marseille is a must-do when you’re there!

Address: Le Panier, 13002 Marseille

Marché des Capucins

Marché des Capucins, Marseille, France
Marché des Capucins is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Here, you may purchase your happiness with money.

Market sellers from the Noailles district sell their goods in an open-air setting at Le Marché des Capucins or the Capucins Market.

The outdoor market is a terrific place to taste the local flavor and culture while enjoying a fun, busy day with the family.

Spices, baked delicacies, and specialized meals fill the air here, making it impossible not to be delighted.

The entire area is surrounded by sidewalk cafés that provide an old-world vibe and allow you to experience the full color of the neighborhood at the same time. 

A lovely spot to unwind and mingle with a diverse group of people without spending a lot of money.

Although these establishments are independent, they act and feel like an extension of the market.

The market is held outside a flat town square, making it accessible to those with disabilities. However, the aisles can become packed and tight, so be careful. 

Shop at the Marché des Capucins now!

Address: Noailles, 13001 Marseille, France

MuCEM – Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean

MuCEM - Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean, Marseille, France
MuCEM – Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Visiting Marseille? The MuCEM is a must-see for museum lovers!

There has never been anything like it in terms of a museum dedicated to the 21st-century Mediterranean civilization.

Today, it receives almost 2 million visitors a year, making it one of Marseille’s busiest cultural destinations!

Despite the impressive outside design, describing what’s on the interior would be challenging.

It’s a sort of overview of Mediterranean culture and civilization, encompassing art, photographic displays, and ancient artifacts.

This museum’s goal is to help visitors better comprehend the world around them.

With over 1,000,000 items, the museum’s holdings are priceless treasures regularly on display in various exhibitions, both permanent and temporary.

Most visitors believe that the exhibits are inconsistent, hopping from period to period and topic to theme.

Yet, they are so diversified that there are galleries for everyone to enjoy.

Check out this site if you want a better grasp of the past.

Address: 1 Esp. J4, 13002 Marseille, France

Musée Cantini

Musée Cantini, Marseille, France
Musée Cantini is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

More exposure to art will help you develop a unique sense of taste special to you.

The Musée Cantini Marseille is a fascinating museum of modern art and a must-see for everyone interested in learning more about art.

Open to the public since 1936, the museum’s collection of contemporary art from the early 20th century is often regarded as noteworthy.

The Musée Cantini Marseille is home to some of the world’s most renowned painters’ work.

The museum’s permanent collection includes masterpieces by painters such as Wassily Kandinsky, Jean Arp, Pablo Picasso, and many others.

It also has masterpieces of sculptural work, collage, and ceramic art. 

While the Musée Cantini Marseille is well-known for its modern art collection, it has recently expanded its holdings to include contemporary work.

A short distance from the Museum Cantini Marseille, you’ll be able to find a variety of other attractions. 

You may stroll to one of the many beautiful restaurants in the area and have a delicious supper.

If you’re in Marseille and a fan of the arts, you must visit this museum.

Address: 19 Rue Grignan, 13006 Marseille, France

Musée d’Histoire de Marseille

Musée d'Histoire de Marseille, Marseille, France
Musée d’Histoire de Marseille is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Learning about France has never been so much fun!

The Musée d’Histoire de Marseille (Marseille History Museum) is a local history and archaeology museum covering the city’s history from ancient times until the eighteenth century.

The museum is home to an extensive collection of artifacts and information detailing the city’s historical significance in France.

Locals and foreigners to the museum will be able to learn about the area’s history through artifacts, ephemera, photographs, and documents that will both entertain and educate them.

It’s a wonderful place to take the whole family, and there’s something for everyone here.

You may download an app from the Museum of History in Marseille that provides more information on exhibits.

Those with vision and hearing problems and mental disorders can request on-site audio-guided tours through headsets.

The museum is accessible to someone with disabilities and their caretakers, and entrance is free.

Visit Musée d’Histoire de Marseille today to learn more about France!

Address: 2 Rue Henri Barbusse, 13001 Marseille, France

Old Harbour – Le Vieux Port

Old Harbour - Le Vieux Port, Marseille, France
Old Harbour – Le Vieux Port is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Drop your anchor here at the Old Harbour!

Old Port Marseille has been the city’s heartbeat for a long time.

Because of its importance in sea trade, this area was a hub of maritime activity for the town.

As you wander down the port, you’ll see a variety of boats, both old and new.

In Marseille’s Old Port, the culinary scene is no exception to the rule of France’s gourmet food.

Outside seating is available at many restaurants and bars in the port area, so you can take advantage of France’s glorious weather.

It’s been a tradition for generations of residents and visitors alike to buy seafood from the waters around here.

Interestingly, the fish on sale, taken in the early morning hours in the Mediterranean Sea, is as fresh as it gets.

Many of Marseille’s best-known landmarks are within a short distance.

The cathedral of the Major, Fort Saint-Jean, and the Church of Saint Ferréol les Augustins are among the must-see sights.

Get ready to set your sail here!

Address: Vieux-Port de Marseille, 13001 Marseille

Parc Borély

Parc Borély, Marseille, France
Parc Borély is one of the best places to go in Marseille, France

Does it bug you that you haven’t been to one of the most beautiful gardens in France? Better get moving on that then!

Parc Borély, one of France’s Remarkable Gardens, is a public park located in Marseille.

The Ministry of Culture has recognized it as one of France’s finest.

With so many gardens to choose from, your visit might quickly turn into a full-day affair.

Visiting this garden doesn’t necessitate a whole day of your time.

Most visitors spend only a few hours here, focusing on the most notable attractions.

In addition, the well-maintained gardens offer an attraction that appeals to everyone, with a variety of newly rebuilt landmarks.

While visiting Parc Borély, you’ll want to watch for the most popular attractions.

The three different sections are all French-style gardens, an English-style park, and a racetrack on the waterfront.

With its replica of Notre Dame de la Garde draped in vibrant greenery, the English landscape garden is one of the park’s three most popular sections.

You must visit Parc Borély if you’re in Marseille and plan on staying for a few days.

Address: Av. du Parc Borély, 13008 Marseille, France

Palais Longchamp

Palais Longchamp Marseille, France
Palais Longchamp Marseille, France / Vicuna R / Flickr

Although each person’s definition of heaven is unique, this place is a water-filled paradise.

The Palais Longchamp is located in the heart of Marseille, surrounded by lush greenery.

Despite its name, this isn’t a palace. Marseille was built in 600 B.C. by the Greeks, and since then, the importance of water has only grown.

A water shortage caused a cholera epidemic at Phocaea in 1835.

After this tragedy, an 85km canal to deliver water from the Durance river to Marseille was implemented by the architect Franz Mayor de Montricher, who was educated at the famous Ponts et Chaussées.

After ten years of effort, 18 aqueduct bridges brought water to Marseille.

From 1682 through 1869, the famed Notre Dame architect Henry Espérandieu staged the arrival of water on the Longchamp plateau.

You must see it in Marseille; it’s a historical landmark set in a lovely park and an impressive architectural feat that brought water to the city.

To this day, locals and visitors alike enjoy strolling down its winding walkways, taking in the magnificence of the city’s past in front of their eyes.

More of its history and natural splendor can be uncovered when visiting this place.

Address: Bd Jard. Zoologique, 13004 Marseille, France

Stade Vélodrome

Stade Vélodrome Marseille, France
Stade Vélodrome Marseille, France / dronepicr / Flickr

Hello there, soccer fans!

Do you want to go to a place where you can watch your favorite star players up close?

In recent years, Marseille’s Olympique de Marseille has become a beloved institution for its capacity to unite the city’s diverse population.

It is also used for athletic events, concerts, rugby matches, and hosting soccer matches.

The stadium’s backstage, private boxes, players’ changing rooms, the press area, and the panoramic lounges can all be seen on a tour of the Velodrome.

As of 1937, the Stade Velodrome (today known as the Orange Velodrome for sponsorship reasons) has been the home of Olympique de Marseille.

As the second-largest club football stadium in France, it holds a capacity of 67,394. 

This iconic location is also a treasure trove of history, and it has been in the center of Phocaean city for the last 80 years.

So, make your way to the stadium where many football stars have already performed!

Address: 3 Bd Michelet, 13008 Marseille, France

Vieille Charite

Vieille Charite Marseille, France
Vieille Charite Marseille, France / Tiberio Frascari / Flickr

In a museum, everything has been preserved and rediscovered.

The Vieille Charité, one of Marseille’s most prominent museums, is also a stunning building in its own right.

The Vieille Charité was built between 1671 and 1749 in the center of the Panier, or Old Town. Artist, sculptor, and architect Pierre Paul Puget was the driving force behind the construction.

Four museums are housed within the complex, which is needed in a location with much history as this one.

However, at the time, it was utilized to house the city’s beggars.

Currently, this monument in Marseille serves as a cultural hub for various organizations.

Because of its tranquility and breathtaking beauty, it’s a standout location in Marseille.

The Vieille Charité also has a culture and literary center, research departments, a lovely art book shop, a library, and a small cinema.

It also features a cafe where you may relax with a coffee or a light meal.

Come explore Vieille Charité today!

Still undecided on visiting Marseille, France? Hop over to reasons to visit Marseille, France, at least once in your lifetime here

Address: 2 Rue de la Charité, 13002 Marseille

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