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Contemplating traveling to Cameroon? Make the most of your vacation time in Cameroon, we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Cameroon. Explore the top attractions and activities in the best places to go in Cameroon by scrolling down! We at Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, have big plans to shake things up in the travel business.

Blackitude Museum, Cameroon

Blackitude Museum, Cameroon
Blackitude Museum, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Cameroon’s hidden gem!

This small museum is the true hidden treasure of Cameroon. It’s a little tricky to find, but it’s well worth the effort.

It’s tucked away on a small side road parallel to the major road leading up to the roundabout.

Masks, royal artifacts, architectural features, ritual and ceremonial sculptures, potteries, and much more are all portrayed.

Most of the items are from Cameroon’s grasslands, although some are from Congo, Nigeria, and Gabon.

The lower floors cover many areas, such as costumes, sculptures, kitchenware, pipes, and musical instruments, all on display.

It pays homage to Cameroon’s indigenous heritage, particularly the Grasslands region, with a rebuilt royal chamber and intriguing spiritual, musical, and valuable objects. 

The museum is minimally labeled, making it difficult to appreciate all of the pieces without a guide or prior knowledge. That is why, when visiting this museum, a tour guide is necessary.

Address: VG79+M8G, Yaounde, Cameroon

Bois Sainte Anastasie, Cameroon

Bois Sainte Anastasie, Cameroon
Bois Sainte Anastasie, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Excellent location in the heart of the capital’s administrative district!

It is a popular picnic spot for local families and passing tourists who come by to enjoy the tranquility of the Bois Sainte Anastasie. It is indeed a beautifully landscaped oasis of gardens and woodlands.

Flowerbeds with hibiscus, violets, and roses add a splash of color to the sitting areas while also attracting insects and chirping birds, which add to the relaxing atmosphere. 

There is also a restaurant in the park that serves delectable buffet meals and a choice of beverages.

It is one of the most frequented structures in Yaounde Men. Tourists and locals travel there to enjoy the ambiance and spend quality time with their loved ones.

There was plenty of shade and chairs to sit on and think while observing the birds and people.

You will find natural structures, flora, and other art products sold by tiny traders in the area. 

Relax and enjoy!

Address: VGC7+GQ9, N 1, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon

Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon
Dja Faunal Reserve, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Living in the woods!

Visit one of Africa’s largest protected rainforest areas, which was recognized as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

It is remarkable for the terms of different animal species it preserves, which include mangabey’s white-collared, Western lowland gorilla, and chimp.

The reserve is home to over 1,500 plant species and 107 animals, including elephants from the forest, African buffalo, leopards, and approximately 320 bird species.

Even more so, it is home to 107 mammal species, five of which are endangered.

Within the reserve’s boundaries, in addition to this, is a group of Baka people who live traditionally. 

Overall, the reserve adds cultural value to the area and allows hunting using their old or traditional methods.

The reserve, which creates a natural barrier, is notable for its biodiversity and broad assortment of primates.

If you want to know more about Cameroon’s animals, you must visit Dja Faunal Reserve!

Address: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Douala-Edea Reserve, Cameroon

Douala-Edea Reserve, Cameroon
Douala-Edea Reserve, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Douala-Edéa Wildlife Reserve turns into a National Park.

This beautiful national park is situated on each side of the Sanaga River’s mouth, along the coastlines of the Bight of Biafra.

It is a wildlife reserve in Cameroon’s Littoral Region that became a national park in October 2018, increasing its area and adding 300km2 previously unprotected mangroves.

For additional information, the Douala-Edéa seaside environment encompasses beaches, mangroves, rainforests, swamps, freshwater, and rivers and lakes.  

In fact, Douala continues to protect a wide swath of African wildlands and waterways. 

The reserve includes Lake Tissongo, a lagoon connected to the south bank of the Sanaga River by a tidal channel.

Forest elephants, chimps, monkeys, shark rays, African soft-shelled turtles, marine turtles, and African Mantis are among the threatened species that have found sanctuary in these diverse patchworks of various habitats.

Keep calm and explore African culture as well as natural life.

Address: FVQ4+FV6, Lote, Cameroon

Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls, Mekong, Cameroon

Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls, Mekong, Cameroon
Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls, Mekong, Cameroon / Jeremy Astorg / Flickr

Take a leap like Tarzan!

Ekom-Nkam appeared in the film Tarzan: Greystoke as Ekom-Nkam.

Waterfalls cascade down a cliff that rises to 82 meters (280 feet). The location appears to be a natural paradise, surrounded by lush green vegetation.

This beautiful waterfall may be found in the heart of a virgin forest. Beautiful waterfalls and one-of-a-kind scenery.

They are twin falls, one male and one female, with additional twin falls less than 100 meters from the main ones.

These waterfalls appeared in the Tarzan film. 

The falls are much more magnificent during the wet season, although swimming in the river is not permitted.

You should wear comfortable shoes if you wish to walk to the bottom of the falls because the path is not easy.

Put it on your travel list right away! This waterfall is well-known since it has served as the setting for several films, including Tarzan.

Wear comfortable clothes, and don’t forget your sunblock!

Address: Ekom-Nkam, Melong, Cameroon

Fon’s Palace, Cameroon

Fon’s Palace, Cameroon
Fon’s Palace, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Palace celebrations are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

Fon’s, a local chief palace, is the residence of a representative of a 700-year-old historical dynasty which provides a beautiful peek into Cameroon’s traditional culture.

The majestic colonial structure above the palace has been converted into a museum. It houses a variety of exciting carvings, traditional clothes, and weapons.

Several stones in front of the palace compound mark the burial locations of nobles who died while serving the fon and the Takombang House, which houses the fon’s ceremonial drum.

It was built on a sturdy foundation of long stone pillars.

The walls are wood, like the roof, which is made of wood and grass.

One of the most awaited events in Cameroon.

Bafut holds a four-day festival in late December to celebrate the end of the year’s ancestor worship, complete with masked dancing and drumming.

Plan your trip now!

Address:  X575+6JH, Bamenda, Cameroon

Foumban Royal Palace and Museum, Cameroon

Foumban Royal Palace and Museum, Cameroon
Foumban Royal Palace and Museum, Cameroon / Jasmine Halki / Flickr

One of the best museums in Cameroon to visit!

The Foumban Royal Palace is a historical structure in Foumban. It is the capital of the Kingdom of Bamum and is home to the Chief-Superior of the peoples of the Noun Valley’s East Bank.

The palace contains a plethora of royal costumes, armaments, musical instruments, statues, jewels, masks, and beautiful bead-covered thrones.

It is fashioned in the shapes of the men who sat on them and served as the power for the Bamoun people.

The Palace Museum presents the chronicle of the Bamum kings’ dynasty from 1394 to the present day.

Also, it includes information on the most famous of the Bamum monarchs, Ibrahim Njoya.

Njova died in 1933 and invented a writing system known as the Bamum script at the end of the nineteenth century.

This is one of Cameroon’s top museums since it focuses solely on the history of its people (Bamun)!

You’ll be able to understand the beginning with the Tikar plateaux, the kingdom’s establishment, its relationship to its community, Islam, and German and French invaders.

If you like visiting museums, this is the perfect and wonderful place for you.

Address: Rui de Palais, Foumban, Cameroon

Gorges de Kola, Cameroon

Gorges de Kola, Cameroon
Gorges de Kola, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

The stronger the rock, the greater the memory is!

The “Gorge de Kola,” located in Cameroon’s North Region near the settlement of Kola, is a small canyon sculpted by water movement.

Kola is one of the region’s most fascinating natural wonders. It’s a great half-day journey, especially if you’re coming from Garoua. 

The rock formations vary in shape and size, spreading like a spider’s web throughout the terrain. And entering the Gorges de Kola cracks, some of which are as deep as 20 meters (65 ft).

Climb the unusual rock formations, but be aware of the jagged edges at the summits of each one as you do so.

Waters have sculpted certain rocks brilliantly. Throats reach a height of roughly fifteen meters at the highest.

A guide will explain basalt and granite stone formations in stunning hues and shapes surrounding you as you go around the tiny river.

Address: Guider, Cameroon

Hilton Yaounde, Cameroon

Hilton Yaounde, Cameroon
Hilton Yaounde, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Are you looking for a place to stay here in Yaounde? Hilton Yaounde is one of the top recommended places to visit.

The Hilton Yaounde hotel is an international hotel located in Yaounde’s central business district.

The hotel has 248 rooms and suites, 16 flexible meeting and banqueting rooms, a Business Centre, 4 restaurants and bars, a Fitness club with an outdoor pool, and an indoor Mall with 14 shops.

The Hilton Hotel offers full-service amenities as well as outstanding customer service. They guarantee that you will enjoy your stay.

It’s the best place to stay in town and likely the only one where most foreigners would feel comfortable.

The accommodation was clean and practical, with a large comfy king bed, a decent workspace, and fast wifi. 

The top-floor pub has a lovely atmosphere and frequently has a good-sounding band. In general, people are nice and friendly.

It’s not just the hotel that is beautiful but also its staff. They are very accommodating and hospitable to all the guests.

You will love your stay here because the service is top quality.

Address: Bd du 20 mai, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Lac Petpenoun, Cameroon

Lac Petpenoun, Cameroon
Lac Petpenoun, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Are you thinking of taking a short vacation to Cameroon? Lac Petpenoun is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your special someone!

A magnificent and one-of-a-kind tourist destination. Far from the city of foumbot, surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings that are pretty peaceful.

The tranquil view of the lake against the backdrop of the lush green mountains is like receiving a relaxing eye massage.

An outstanding gem at the end of a dusty road was well worth the hour it took to get there!

Making this a part of your travel list could be one of the best decisions.

You will be spoiled with breathtaking landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, nature as far as the eye can see, nautical activities, mountain walks, and a dream vacation in full tranquility. This will compel you to return for some time!

Address: Route Foumbot Région de l’Ouest, Foumban Cameroon

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Lake Oku, Cameroon

Lake Oku, Cameroon
Lake Oku, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

It’s not about how many miles you walk or travel; it’s about the experience you’ll remember.

Visit one of the breathtaking lakes in Cameroon!

It is a crater lake on the Bamenda Plateau in Cameroon’s Northwest Region.

Also, the lake is located on Mount Oku at 2,227 meters (7,306 feet) and is encircled by a cloud forest. 

The lake is situated in an explosive crater formed during the later phases of the Oku Massif’s formation, a huge volcanic zone with a diameter of around 100 kilometers.

It is a BirdLife International natural reserve home to various species, including the rare Bannerman’s turaco and an indigenous frog breed.

Long-established Fulani people populate the Oku area, and your walk will take you through their farms.

Aside from the stunning environment and vistas, you will have the opportunity to observe a range of products farmed by locals, including corn, cocoyams, and coffee.

Depending on your preferences, you may hike up to the lake or take a motorbike taxi there.

Travel with your friends to create extraordinary memories!

Address: Bamenda, Cameroon

Limbe Wildlife Centre, Cameroon

Limbe Wildlife Centre, Cameroon
Limbe Wildlife Centre, Cameroon / AfricaTravelAssociation / Flickr

Speak for their voice!

Get a close-up look at rehabilitating creatures at Limbe Wildlife Centre, an orphaned primate sanctuary.

The institution was founded in 1993 as a sanctuary for rescued chimps.

Still, it quickly expanded to include other primates, reptiles, and birds over its grounds of man-made ponds and lush flora. 

This rescue institution solely takes in Cameroon’s orphaned, endangered, and injured animals.

Western gorillas and chimps, mandrills, olive baboons, red-capped mangabeys, guenons, and vervet monkeys are among the 200 creatures kept in large enclosures.

They aim to preserve Cameroon’s unique natural history through wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, educational efforts, and community programs.

The purpose is to collaborate with local and international populations to safeguard the survival of Cameroon’s endangered species.

An education center hosts regular talks for groups of children and students.

If people deserve a second chance, so do animals. Visit now to learn more about the animals who have been saved. #BornFree

Address: Botanical Garden Road, Limbe, Cameroon

Mandara Mountains, Cameroon

Mandara Mountains, Cameroon
Mandara Mountains, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Make sure you have your shoes on since you will be taking a step forward to reach the highest point!

Located near the Nigeria–Cameroon border, this series of volcanic mountains is the highest point in the area, with Mount Oupay as its highest peak.

The mountains climb above sea level to more than 3,500 feet (1,100 m).

They served as the border between British and French Cameroons throughout the colonial period. 

The locals designed an intensive agriculture approach that involved the construction of terraces and steps to protect and improve soil fertility, all of which were implemented.

Originally built on hillsides to prevent soil erosion, terraces can be found in various settings, from valley floors to rocky mountain slopes.

It is the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy adventure and nature. Visit the Mandara Mountains for a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding area!

Address: Mandara, Camaroon

Mefou National Park, Cameroon

Mefou National Park, Cameroon
Mefou National Park, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Explore the wildest reaches of Mefou.

Mefou National Park is a primate sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of native wildlife and the preservation of their natural habitats.

An extraordinary wildlife haven and one of the most visited tourist attractions located around Yaoundé city.

To ensure the safety of primates, the facility is constantly striving to improve its operations.

You will explore nature trails and learn that participating in conservation efforts is the most effective method to safeguard monkeys, gorillas, and chimps.

Ape Action Africa’s goals are to address the urgent dangers to gorillas and chimps in Africa and collaborate with communities to establish long-term solutions to secure their survival in the wild.

Observing rescued monkeys and gorillas in their natural environments while meeting people concerned about their welfare would be a great experience.

You will be able to engage with them and observe how they develop in their natural environment.

Address: Mefou, Yaounde, Cameroon

Menchum Falls, Cameroon

Menchum Falls, Cameroon
Menchum Falls, Cameroon is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

Have you ever visited a Waterfall in Cameroon? This is the perfect time to go.

Menchum Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in this part of the continent. In the midst of the lush forest, it is a gorgeous and spectacular work of nature.

You’ll have to hike to the falls along the same-named river. The steady flow of water abruptly stops and cascades into a pool beneath. 

The falls can be seen on a viewing platform, and there are benches, a viewing deck, and a cement barrier to keep guests safe.

A massive volume of water streams down at the end of the rainy season.

As a result of the continual mist, the sheer walls are bordered by flora.

Menchum is challenging to locate, especially when you don’t have a guide.

Sometimes, it is not well maintained, but those who like nature will be awestruck by its beauty.

Very adventurous to travel, but it is well worth it once the challenges are overcome.

Address: Wum, Cameroon

Monument De La Reunification, Cameroon

Monument De La Reunification, Cameroon
Monument De La Reunification, Cameroon / Mark Fischer / Flickr

Designed to be a major tourist destination for those visiting the capital and the most visible symbol of the union of the two regions.

Was it ever brought to your attention that President Ahmadou Ahidjo and the government of Cameroon commissioned this monument to honor the prosperity of the Cameroonian people in the years after its independence?

This unification’s history is significant because it brings together the historical memory of around 200-250 ethnic groups who coexisted in the Republic of Cameroon during the unification.

Moreover, the architectural component of the monument commemorating the reunification of Yaoundé has the appearance of a big cone made of concrete, the largest structure in the city center. 

This cone comprises two spirals that move in a sinusoidal pattern and come together at the structure’s apex.

The monument also expresses the hopes and dreams of a multilingual Cameroon that may serve as a model for the rest of Africa.

Don’t miss out on one of Cameroon’s top attractions!

Address: VG 37+293, Bd de la Réunification, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon
Mount Cameroon / AfricaTravelAssociation / Flickr

Discover Mount Cameroon. 

Mount Cameroon, also known as Mont Cameroun in French, is a volcanic massif in southwestern Cameroon that reaches a height of 13,435 feet (4,095 meters) and stretches 14 miles (23 kilometers) inland in the Gulf of Guinea.

The highest peak in Sub-Saharan Western, Africa’s fourth most conspicuous peak, and the world’s 31st most prominent summit.

It comprises volcanic rocks, woodland, and animals appealing to tourists.

Hikers begin their journey to Mount Fako’s peak in the lovely town of Buea.

The university town, located on the mountain’s slopes, has numerous decent hotels and enough destinations to keep trekkers and hikers entertained before and after their trip.

Solid shoes, warm clothing, and climbing equipment are all required when planning a visit.

Hikers on the mountain can view craters and lava footprints formed over thousands of years.

Go ahead and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Cameroon!

Address: Southwest Region, Cameroon

National Museum, Cameroon

National Museum, Cameroon
National Museum, Cameroon / AfricaTravelAssociation / Flickr

Visit the exhibitions of bronze, and wooden statues, symbols, and images of Cameroonian historical figures!

The National Museum of Yaounde (Le Musee National de Yaounde) is an institution for conserving national culture housed in the old presidential home.

The museum, which opened in 1972, draws visitors with its architecture, beautiful grounds, and extensive art collection.

The exhibition highlights traditional musical instruments from the country, a modern African art museum, and the Egyptian embassy’s modest Egyptian collection.

An extensive range of historical photos is available, providing a significant representation.

It also gives a good overview of the various regions and tribes.

The tour guides are very knowledgeable and made the experience entertaining and rewarding for all who participated.

Visit the National Museum in Cameroon if you are the type of traveler interested in the country’s history. 

Address: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Presbyterian Handicraft Center, Cameroon

Presbyterian Handicraft Center, Cameroon
Presbyterian Handicraft Center, Cameroon, is one of the best places to go in Cameroon

2 in 1 Support! Happy customers = to local support.

This shop, PresCraft in Bamenda, is the best place to buy locally-made items. The staff is polite, and a pleasant place to visit and shop.

Prescraft’s mission is to alleviate poverty through fair commerce rather than assistance, improve village life, and reduce rural flight to towns by providing a means of honest livelihood to jobless people.

The market also houses the Founding Family, a priceless collection of artworks.

These pieces, made of clay and covered in cowries, portray an unidentified father, mother, and son. 

PresCraft is an excellent site to learn about Cameroonian history and culture while shopping for handcrafted gifts.

After shopping, you can stop by PresCaf, the market’s cafe, for coffee, fresh juice, or lunch.

Our best-selling goods are calabash rattles, drums, hand and foot rattles, xylophones, and other musical instruments.

Priestcraft can make traditional chairs, plaques portraying everyday sceneries, religious plaques, etc.

They want to maintain the region’s indigenous arts and crafts by creating profitable and sustainable markets for them. 

Visit now! 

Address: Commercial Ave, Bamenda Cameroon

Waza National Park, Cameroon

Waza National Park, Cameroon
Waza National Park, Cameroon / Mark Piazzi / Flickr

Observe nature in its truest form.

This park was established in 1934 as a hunting reserve and later became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Waza National Park has 660 square miles and is located in Cameroon’s northern finger extension (1,700 sq km).

Did you know that the remainder of the park is divided into five vegetation types: shrub savanna, open grass savanna, acacia tree savanna, perennial grasslands, and floodplains?

The variety of vegetation attracts a wide range of species, which enhances the overall wilderness experience. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas are among the predators found in Waza.

This park also has one of the best-preserved rainforest tracts in Africa.

There are 30 different types of mammals. Thriving lion prides in the area.

Also, giraffes, waterbuck, roan, elephant, and hippopotamuses are among the other animal species you’ll have a chance to see. 

Birdwatchers might look for hornbills, kestrels, herons, Arabian bustards, Nubian bustards, spotted eagle fish storks, and ostriches among the 350 species.

Discover, Explore and Experience!

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Address: 8MM8+8MM, Rohaya, Cameroon

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