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For your next holiday, make it a point to visit Napier Hastings, New Zealand. If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Napier Hastings, New Zealand, then look no further than Napier Hastings, New Zealand. Scroll down, and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Napier Hastings, New Zealand, for the best places to visit in Napier Hastings, New Zealand. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Bluff Hill Lookout

Bluff Hill Lookout, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Bluff Hill Lookout is one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Are you up for the adventure?

If you’re in the mood to take in Napier’s stunning coastline, head to the Bluff Hill Lookout. Right. Why go to Napier if you don’t see its beautiful vistas?

77 Battery, 10 Coast Regiment, NZA was stationed at Bluff Hill during WWII, in case you didn’t know.

In Napier, Bluff Hill Lookout is regarded as one of the best spots to catch a glimpse of the city skyline.

You can ascend the 105-meter-high stairwell to get a view of the area.

You’ll see Hawke’s Bay and the Napier waterfront at this vantage point.

Even though the hike is quite strenuous, if you need to rest your legs, you can always take a ride up instead.

The scenery from this location will surely make your stay in Napier even more unforgettable.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Bluff Hill, whether you’re a tourist or a local in Napier, you must visit.

Address: 50 Lighthouse Road, Bluff Hill, Napier 4110, New Zealand

Cape Kidnappers

Cape Kidnappers, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Cape Kidnappers, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Tony / Flickr

The wildlife you’ll see as you take trips from coast to cape will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.

After a local Mori attempted to kidnap one of Captain Cook’s crew, he named the place after the abduction attempt.

Visiting Cape Kidnappers is a great way to see the biggest mainland gannet colony in the world.

There are stunning views of the coast and an abundance of birds at this location, which is situated in Hawke’s Bay, on the southernmost tip of New Zealand’s North Island.

Taking a tour is one of the best ways to quickly get to the gannet colony.

Overland tours have only been offered by Cape Kidnappers Gannet Safaris.

In this location, you can get up close and personal with the nesting birds, watching them take off and land in and out of the colony with impressive agility.

An eight-kilometer walk from Clifton along the beach is also possible on your own if you prefer.

It’s time to go on an adventure around Cape Kidnappers!

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Church Road Winery

Church Road Winery, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Church Road Winery is one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

No one can deny its prestige for wine, and Hawke’s Bay is a well-liked tourist destination.

One of New Zealand’s most venerable wineries, Church Road, has been operating for over a century. It was established in 1897 and rebuilt in 1989.

In fact, it was Church Road that laid the foundation for Hawke’s Bay’s burgeoning wine industry.

This is a delightful place to visit for those wanting to learn about the history and art of wine production, owing to its excellent guided tours and gorgeous wine museum.

The Church Road winery’s cellar tours are, in fact, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the experience.

During the excursion, you can ask the staff questions about wine and increase your wine tier at one of the country’s best winemakers.

Take a tour of Church Road Winery right now. Have your questions about the world’s best wines answered!

Address: 150 Church Road, Taradale, Napier 4112, New Zealand

Cool off at Splash Planet

Cool off at Splash Planet, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Cool off at Splash Planet s one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Splash Planet in Hastings is the only New Zealand water park. It is a favorite spot in Hawke’s Bay and is set on 6.5 acres of beautiful parkland.

Splash Planet in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, is a family-friendly favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Despite its many water slides, the park also has a lot to offer visitors who prefer to stay dry.

This amusement park has many things to do, such as rides, water slides, mini-golf, bumper boats, and beach volleyball.

Those who want a break can cool off in one of the many pools available, each of which is tailored to a different age group.

As far as water parks go, Splash Planet certainly delivers.

Please keep in mind, however, that they are only open for business during the summer.

Check out Splash Planet’s official website before your trip there!

Address: 1001 Grove Road, Parkvale, Hastings 4201, New Zealand

Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market

Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market is one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Everything tastes better when it comes straight from Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market!

Over the past two decades, Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market has grown among the country’s largest and best known.

A visit to a New Zealand farmers’ market is an experience not to be missed. An “event” rather than just a market, that’s how it comes across.

You’ll be astounded by the variety of stalls and their selections here. 

Fortunately, this market has a wide variety of locally grown fresh produce, so you won’t be short of options.

Almost everything available at the market is a Hawke’s Bay, NZ product.

It’s a great chance for farmers and producers to discuss the food they grow, how to prepare it, and why it’s so special, making the experience more exciting.

For Hawke’s Bay’s weekly market, Sundays are the busiest day of the week.

You’ll need a large shopping bag and some money for this trip! Sundays at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market are a great way to spend your time.

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Lake Waikaremoana

Lake Waikaremoana, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Lake Waikaremoana, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Department of Conservation / Flickr

The North Island’s Lake Waikaremoana is one of the most picturesque places to escape.

In Maori, Lake Waikaremoana is known as the “sea of rippling waters” for a good reason.

People flock to Lake Waikaremoana for vacations to fish, hike, and engage in other outdoor pursuits.

These walks are ideal for those who prefer a more rural setting and are looking for a slower pace.

To get to Lake Waikaremoana, you’ll have to drive or hire a private transportation service.

But when hiking the Lake Waikaremoana Track, it’s best to be prepared ahead of time.

In just two days, you could walk 46 km of the Great Walk if you were inclined.

While there are some incremental elevation gains along the way, the path never becomes particularly difficult or treacherous.

Check out Lake Waikaremoana in Napier Hastings, New Zealand, as part of your thrilling outdoor adventure.

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Mission Estate Winery

Mission Estate Winery, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Mission Estate Winery, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / spentrails / Flickr

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll love this!

Mission Estate Winery is New Zealand’s oldest winery. It was started by some of the first French missionaries in 1851.

It is widely regarded in New Zealand as a producer of consistently high-quality, worthwhile wines.

You can participate in a fun and educational wine tasting led by experts who can tell you everything you need to know about the wine’s history.

Additionally, it offers many services, such as wine tasting rooms and vineyard tours.

As a bonus, a well-known mission restaurant in the area serves both lunch and dinner, emphasizing food and wine pairings.

You can eat delicious food while enjoying the beautiful views at one of the oldest open wineries.

If you’re a fan of wine, this is a wonderful opportunity. It’s worth a stop at the Mission Estate Winery if you’re ever in New Zealand!

Address: 198 Church Road, Poraiti, Napier 4112, New Zealand

MTG Hawke’s Bay

MTG Hawke’s Bay, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
MTG Hawke’s Bay is one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

You’ll be transported back in time if you stop by this location.

Over the past 150 years, MTG Hawke’s Bay has served as the cultural center of Napier, bringing together the city’s diverse population.

MTG Hawke’s Bay began in 1865, intending to give people in Hawke’s Bay more cultural and educational opportunities.

As a quick refresher, MTG is an abbreviation for Museum, Theatre, and Gallery.

An exhibition space where people may learn about and appreciate stories from around the world is available.

It’s an updated building that stays true to its roots by linking three separate buildings.

Nationally noteworthy artifacts from New Zealand can be seen in the gallery of the MTG. 

Thus, all of the items in the collection are based in New Zealand.

The Century Theatre at MTG has many different events, such as movies, live theater, and concerts.

Don’t miss a visit to this acclaimed museum on your trip to Napier!

Address: 1 Tennyson Street, Napier South, Napier 4110, New Zealand

Napier Art Deco Festival

Napier Art Deco Festival, New Hastings, New Zealand
Napier Art Deco Festival, New Hastings, New Zealand / Geoff McKay / Flickr

You won’t want to miss this event!

Every year in February, this festival takes over Napier for five days to celebrate the city’s Art Deco Festival, attracting tens of thousands of visitors yearly.

It’s no surprise that the Art Deco Festival in Napier has grown in popularity over the years. For this reason, it has become an important cultural event in the country.

With its Art Deco Festival, Hawke’s Bay pays tribute to the people who bravely rebuilt their city after the devastating earthquake of 1931.

To make this summer festival truly unique, visitors worldwide and locals flock to this event.

Many activities are available, from vintage car admiration and dancing to outdoor music events and runway shows; there’s something for everyone at this event.

Let yourself be a part of the Art Deco Festival! You will undoubtedly have a good time on the occasion.

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

National Aquarium of New Zealand

National Aquarium of New Zealand, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
National Aquarium of New Zealand, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / John Englart / Flickr

You can learn about life on land and underwater at New Zealand’s National Aquarium.

Despite its outward appearance, the aquarium’s interior will astound you with its sheer size.

The National Aquarium has the most varied collection of marine life in New Zealand.

It’s a haven for a wide range of seawater, land animals, and freshwater exhibits from New Zealand and worldwide.

In 1976, the National Aquarium of New Zealand opened its doors to the public in Napier.

There is a 1.5 million liter oceanarium near Hawke’s Bay that highlights a variety of fish animals.

In a pedestrian path underneath the oceanarium, look out for shark species and short-tailed stingrays as you navigate an underwater cave.

You sense that you’re on an underwater expedition when you’re in this game.

However, if you want to get up close to the Little Penguins, you should make a reservation for a Close Encounter tour.

You can watch the little penguins being fed in their displays here, which is another exhilarating thing, right?

Also, the aquarium has a lot of interesting displays that make people want to go there.

Remember to visit the National Aquarium of New Zealand as part of your vacation plans!

Address: 546 Marine Parade, Napier South, Napier 4110, New Zealand

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Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Ocean Beach, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / itravelNZ® – New Zealand in your pocket™ / Flickr

Make plans to spend the day at the ocean beach.

Were you aware that Ocean Beach is practically undeveloped? When you arrive at the beach, you’re greeted by nothing more than an empty parking lot.

On the other hand, the Hastings District of Hawke’s Bay’s Ocean Beach is a well-liked vacation spot for families and water sports enthusiasts.

Just south of Cape Kidnappers, you’ll find the lovely sands of Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is also a major spot for surfers and swimmers alike.

However, the beach’s characteristics change dramatically at high tide, especially when large waves roll in.

As a result, surf lifesavers are stationed at Ocean and at Waimarama beaches throughout the summer months.

Apart from that, there is a peaceful atmosphere at Ocean Beach, where you can spend the day enjoying the sand and glancing out to the sea.

Take a trip to Ocean Beach while in New Zealand’s Napier Hastings region.

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Otatara Pa


Otatara Pa, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Otatara Pa, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Noel O’Riley / Flickr

Get to know Otatara Pa, a must-see destination!

There are many important Pa sites in the country, but none as large as the over 40-hectare-sized area known as Otatara Pa.

Maori fortified villages are referred to as “Pa.” It is of great significance to archaeologists because it retains many of its features.

Heritage New Zealand has called it a Category One Historic Place because it has exceptional historical significance.

One of New Zealand’s most impressive defense and settlement complexes can be found in reserve today.

Since the archeological site has been kept so that it can be dug up, you may find some holes as you look around.

That being said, the views from this site are spectacular. Napier is visible across Cape Kidnappers and out to sea from this vantage point.

Walk through the area for 45 minutes to see the fascinating ancient archaeological ruins and the surrounding scenery.

Address: Taradale, Napier, New Zealand

Pania of the Reef

Pania of the Reef, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Pania of the Reef, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Sarah-Rose / Flickr

Visiting Napier isn’t complete without a stop at Pania of the Reef.

Marine Parade is proud to have this statue as a landmark.

To begin with, who is Pania of the reef?

Maori Pania, also known as “Pania of the Reef,” is a Maori mythological creature and the city’s emblem. She was a gorgeous woman who lived by the ocean and was called Pania.

Maori mythology tells the story of a sea creature who turned into a reef because she was torn between her love for another sea creature and a human tribal leader.

There are a lot of people who travel to Napier just to see the Pania of the Reef statue because of the narrative behind it.

Because of this, she’s become one of Napier’s most chosen tourist destinations.

The bronze statue of Pania of the Reef deserves a closer look if you want to appreciate it to its full potential.

Now is the moment for you to view it for yourself!

Address: Napier, New Zealand

Shine Falls

Shine Falls, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Shine Falls, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / russellstreet / Flickr

Nature is calling your name. If this is the scenario, act quickly! Take a trip over here now.

The Hawke’s Bay region is home to a number of breathtaking waterfalls, the most famous of which is Shine Falls.

The 58-meter-high Shine Falls in Hawke’s Bay is a magnificent sight. It is regarded as the region’s tallest waterfall.

When you finally get to the falls, you’ll breathe in the peaceful atmosphere and feel relieved from the hike’s exertions as you take in the view.

The Shine Falls route takes around an hour and a half to reach the waterfall’s base.

Don’t fret. You’ll reap the advantages of your efforts! A stunning waterfall awaits at the end of your journey.

If you’d want to take a break and take in the 58-meter Shine Falls, there’s a picnic table next to the waterfall.

Furthermore, the region is a good place to set up camp in the evening. If you decide to spend the night, look for kiwi birds.

Oh! Just to add, there is no access to cellular service in the area. However, Shine Falls is still a great place to visit!

Address: 653 Heays Access Road, Putorino 4181, New Zealand

Soak up the Sun in Waimarama Beach

Waimarama Beach, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Waimarama Beach, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Anne, and David / Flickr

Waimarama Beach is one of the most revered beaches in New Zealand. It has clean sand, warm sunshine, and clear blue skies.

The long, wide beach is ideal for unwinding in the late afternoon or morning hours when the sun is just rising over the horizon.

It’s perfect for swimming, a stroll, or just sitting and watching the waves pound the shore.

Hakikino, a Maori stronghold used to protect a town of many thousand people, is also in Waimarama.

Many water sports can be enjoyed here, like kiteboarding, waveski, and surfing.

But tourists should be aware of the dangers of the huge waves and currents.

Because of this, surf lifesavers watch the beach to ensure swimmers aren’t in dangerous situations.

Waimarama Beach is pet-friendly, so you can bring your four-legged friends along.

This is a great place to spend a sunny day with a packed picnic basket. Visiting is the best way to experience it firsthand!

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Sunken Garden

Sunken Garden, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Sunken Garden, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / russellstreet / Flickr

The Sunken Garden is an oasis of tranquility in the bustling city.

Visitors to Napier can take a breather in the Sunken Gardens, which are filled with fragrant blooms.

Since it is under the parade route, Sunken Gardens has been called the “hidden treasure” of the parade.

The flowerbeds were opened to the public in 1969 and have been lovingly cared for ever since.

The gardens are a haven for nature lovers. They feature a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and blooming flowers.

Sculptures and streams abound, as do fountains and other attractions.

If you’re with your children, there’s nothing to worry about!

The Sunken Plant provides stroller-friendly paths through the garden displays and small water features for children to play in.

However, it’s important to watch this park because no signage indicates its presence.

Visit the Sunken Garden and be awed by its ethereal ambiance!

Address: Napier South, Napier 4110, New Zealand

Take a stroll through Marine Parade

Marine Parade, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Marine Parade, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Robert Linsdell / Flickr

Head to this location to taste New Zealand’s newest coastal reserve!

A trip to Napier wouldn’t be complete without taking a stroll along this world-famous coastal route, which spans around three kilometers.

It connects Napier to the Pacific Ocean, providing breathtaking views of Hawke’s Bay from its vantage points.

The recently rebuilt Marine Parade is a welcome sight. Family-friendly activities will keep the youngsters occupied for hours.

Along Marine Parade, you’ll find a wide variety of attractions, including water fountains, children’s playgrounds, the beach, a mini-golf course, and much more.

The Sound Shell, where many events and concerts occur, is one of the many beautiful art deco buildings along the Marine Parade that locals and tourists can enjoy.

You can see that Marine Parade is brimming with interesting things to see and do. As a result of this, parking can be a bit of a challenge during peak times.

Expect a large number of visitors to simply stroll around the area.

If you have a few spare hours, you won’t be bored at Marine Parade!

Address: Napier 4110, New Zealand

Take a tour of the stunning Art Deco buildings

Art Deco buildings, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Art Deco buildings, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Russell James Smith / Flickr

When visiting Napier Hastings, New Zealand, keep an eye out for the city’s many Art Deco landmarks!

Did you know Napier is home to more than 130 Art Deco buildings? That’s right, you read that correctly!

Let yourself be charmed by the beautiful buildings the city is so proud of.

Napier has been called one of the best-preserved Art Deco cities worldwide because of its beautiful and unique architecture.

You’ll find stunning Art Deco structures meticulously restored throughout the city.

As a result of the work of a local architect named Louis Hay, the style of architecture took on a uniquely New Zealand flavor by using Maori symbols on different parts of buildings.

Napier’s skyline is still, in fact, dominated by Art Deco structures today. Not to mention, these things serve as major draws for tourists. 

The city’s most beautiful structures can be seen anytime, but guided walking tours are the best way to see them.

If you’re in the area, you should stop by any of these places!

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

Te Mata Peak

Te Mata Peak, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
Te Mata Peak, Napier Hastings, New Zealand / Phillip Capper / Flickr

With its famous peak, Te Mata Park is one of the greatest prevalent places to visit in Hawke’s Bay.

The entire area is a park with mountain bikes and walking pathways that allow visitors to enjoy the picturesque landscape and pine trees.

Driving to the summit is also an option if you’re not in the mood to walk.

It’s a go-to spot for anything from hiking and mountain biking to family get-togethers and other special events.

The standpoint of Hawke’s Bay and the Heretaunga Plains, especially Napier, can be seen from the highest point in the area.

Having a camera with you will allow you to show off the beautiful scenery. Furthermore, it is free, so there’s even more incentive to scale the summit.

Climb Te Mata Peak for stunning views!

Address: Napier Hastings, New Zealand

The Faraday Centre

The Faraday Centre, Napier Hastings, New Zealand
The Faraday Centre is one of the best places to go in Napier Hastings, New Zealand

The notably hands-on, interactive museum in Hawke’s Bay is here to help you get creative while you look around.

The Faraday Centre is a history and technology museum with a wealth of information and treasures to be unearthed.

It began in 1979, and in 1993, it joined with the Museums Trust of Hawke’s Bay.

When considering how technology has impacted people’s lives over the past decade, the Faraday Centre is an excellent resource.

There are plenty of hands-on opportunities for children to learn about and play with historical instruments at the museum.

You may play with vacuum transit tokens and ancient dial phones and observe Tesla coil presentations at this location. 

Even though it’s a tiny museum, the staff’s enthusiasm and the opportunity to interact with exhibits make it the finest vintage museum.

If you want to see all of the amazing and interactive displays in the museum, you’ll have to go yourself.

Address: 2B Faraday Street, Napier South, Napier 4110, New Zealand

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