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See the wonders of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Saint Kitts and Nevis and the best places to visit in Saint Kitts and Nevis below. Wondrous Drifter is a Web 3 travel company that aspires to disrupt the travel industry.

Amazing Grace Experience

Amazing Grace Experience, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Amazing Grace Experience is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Find yourself immersed in an unforgettable experience.

The Amazing Grace Experience Visitor Center is housed at the Lighthouse Baptist Church, located in Crab Hill, Sandy Point, approximately 11 miles from Basseterre on St. Kitts. 

The church is conveniently located just around the corner from the Brimstone Hill Fortress.

This museum recounts John Newton’s life, beginning with his days as a “great blasphemer,” continuing with his time as a slave trader and ship’s captain, and culminating with his work as the lyricist for the iconic song “Amazing Grace.”

The visitors center explains how John Newton’s words to Amazing Grace became famous worldwide, how the hymn played a role in the abolition of slavery, and how the song is related to the stunning island of St. Kitts.

The experience is both emotional and instructive, and it leaves guests with a profound sense of gratitude. Don’t forget to stop by!

Address: Main Road, Crab Hill, 869 Sandy Point, Saint Kitts & Nevis

Beach Addiction St. Kitts Nevis

Beach Addiction, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Beach Addiction St. Kitts Nevis is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Are you a beach addict? There’s no way you can miss this!

St. Kitts is a small island in the Caribbean characterized by its incredibly clear waters, stunning sandy beaches, and gentle breeze. 

One of them is called Beach Addiction, which can be found in the Frigate Bay location of the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

There are always thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies who can take advantage of the opportunity to try extreme sports, such as kitesurfing, paragliding, flyboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding, during their time in Basseterre. 

Some tourists are content to simply relax on a lounger on the beach or take a leisurely stroll through the winding streets of Basseterre.

This is where the watersports company known as Beach Addiction comes into play. Nick, the company’s owner and boat captain, guarantees a great time without sacrificing any sense of security.

He will take you from the beautiful sandy beaches in his boat to fulfill your desires and get your adrenaline pumping. He will do this together with the skilled teachers he employs.

Address: St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino, 858 Frigate Bay Road, Frigate Bay, St Kitts & Nevis

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis / Thank You (22.5 Millions+) view / Flickr.

If you’d rather learn about history than take pictures, you should check out this location.

Brimstone Hill Fortress contains Fort George Citadel, the Fort George Museum, the Eastern Place of Arms, and the Western Place of Arms, all of which are situated on Brimstone Hill.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the complex is preserved by a national park.

They are only accessible via a steep approach that includes several sets of stairs and ladders to keep them well-maintained.

British military engineers erected the structure, which is a monument to their expertise. Because it was erected and is still being maintained by enslaved Africans, it symbolizes their tenacity and strength.

The construction of the Brimstone Hill Fortress began in 1690 and lasted for just over a century until it was completed.

Take some time to enjoy the scenery and go for a stroll around this beautiful area. They also have a little gift shop where you can buy souvenirs.

Address: Island Main Road, Sandy Point Town, St. Kitts & Nevis

Central Forest Reserve National Park

Central Forest Reserve National Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Central Forest Reserve National Park is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Want to have a stress-free day? This park is a perfect place for you to unwind!

On October 23, 2006, the Government of the Federation of Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis recognized the Central Forest Reserve (CFR) as a National Park. 

This made it the first national park to be designated for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The park protects the island of St. Kitts’ last remnant tropical forest, making it a significant step forward in regional conservation.

To protect the entirety of the island’s rainforest, all places higher than 1,000 feet in elevation were designated as national forest reserves.

American Oceanic Rainforest is one of the most unique and rarest forests on Earth. In contrast to the majority of the world, it is growing rather than contracting.

It’s possible to take a number of different paths through the lush forests under the canopy of old trees, which are full of wildflowers and the noises of the creatures who live there.

Address: Old Road Town, St. Kitts & Nevis

Cottle Church

Cottle Church, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Cottle Church is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Only “Wow!” will come to your mind while gazing upon the beauty of the church’s ruins.

A modest Anglican church known as Cottle Church can be found to the north of Charlestown. 

It was constructed in 1824 by John Cottle, who served as President of Nevis then.

It was important to him that the church be a place of worship for free black and white people.

Due to the fact that it was against the law for enslaved people to worship during that time, the church was never consecrated and was left to fall into disrepair after John Cottle passed away.

Even though there is not much left of the church other than the exterior walls, it is still a popular tourist destination and a venue for weddings, even though it is hidden in the forest and is challenging to find. 

The walls, however, offer an exciting glimpse into the island’s history, making it one of the most sought-after churches by tourists.

Address: 5CW3+HGM, Rawlins, St. Kitts & Nevis

Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts

Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis / Bernard Spragg. NZ / Flickr

Swimming with dolphins is just one of the many unforgettable experiences you can have during your time in St. Kitts. 

The Dolphin Swim Adventure allows you to swim in the crystal-clear seas of the tropics and get a better look at dolphins in their natural habitat, as opposed to seeing them in a confined space such as an aquarium.

You will get the opportunity to engage in conversation with these highly intelligent mammals, cuddle up with them, and witness them do amazing acrobatic feats in front of you.

In addition, they will give you what is colloquially known as “the bootie push” to get you across the water.

The Dolphin Swim Adventure is an additional attraction that allows visitors to swim with dolphins at a much faster pace than they could do on their own. 

Participants grab onto the dolphin’s fin and swim behind the animal as it travels across the water.

While you are engaging with the dolphins at Swim Adventure, the knowledgeable staff members will educate you on the history and biology of these amazing creatures.

Address: Bird Rock Beach Hotel, Basseterre, St. Kitts, and Nevis

Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden

Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden, Saint Kitts and Nevis / David Stanley / Flickr

Explore this wonderful French colonial palace!

Fairview Great House is nestled on almost 2 acres of lush tropical gardens at the foot of the luscious Olive Mountain.

Historic furnishings and decor have been preserved for visitors to enjoy, along with a 16-seat mahogany dining table furnished with china and silverware.

Over the years, this great house has had numerous owners and residents, each making their mark and adding to the property’s distinctive history.

To accommodate petticoat wearers, docents that escort visitors increased the width of the chaises.

The beautiful Caribbean Sea, southeast peninsula, and the island of Nevis views can be seen from the master bedroom balcony.

The remaining remnants of the former farmhouse’s kitchen, bath, and souvenir store are in the fieldstone cellar across the courtyard from its main building.

Flowers, monkeys, and other wildlife abound in the home’s lush grounds. The mansion is a veritable tropical oasis. In St. Kitts, this is an excellent thing to spend a half-day.

Address: Boyd’s Village 0000 Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

Independence Square

Independence Square, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Independence Square is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Feel the ancient vibe through the handful of old houses.

Independence Square, or Pall Mall Square as it was previously known, is located in the eastern portion of Basseterre near Newtown and was renamed on September 19, 1983, to commemorate the establishment of the nation of St. Christopher and Nevis.

On the square, you may see old houses and others, such as the public library and the courthouse, have survived. 

The space on which the square now stands was once a pasture, then a slave market where enslaved people sold their produce and socialized, and finally a parade field and a location for the militia to conduct maneuvers.

The Commissioners for the Supply of Water began improving Pall Mall Square in 1855, including constructing a lovely fountain surrounded by flowering plants.

The square became a popular area to live in, and many renowned people, like Doris Wall, Sir Maurice Davis, and Professor Bryan King, have called it home.

Nowadays, locals and visitors alike love relaxing under the trees in the square, which hosts a variety of cultural activities.

Address: 77WH+F33, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

Island Paradise Tours

Island Paradise Tours, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Island Paradise Tours, Saint Kitts, and Nevis / Luigi Rosa / Flickr

St Kitts is a small island, yet there is so much to see and do that you don’t want to miss out. 

Experts are required to ensure that you visit the top sites in the most relaxed and comfortable manner possible.

Allow Island Paradise Tours to do the driving for you. They will pick you up from the airport or your cruise ship and transport you on one of their entertaining, educational, and enlightening excursions.

You can take their Cruise and Snorkel Tour, which takes you around the stunning, breathtaking coast and includes snorkeling. 

Alternatively, you can take a Scenic Drive and Sightseeing Tour aboard a large air-conditioned bus, which will take you down the coast, past sugar cane fields, and past grand old plantations.

Visit the Capital, Basseterre, and participate in tours such as the Rainforest Tour, Volcanic Hike Tour, Capital and Beach Tour, and many more.

The memories you will take with you will be priceless!

Address: Basseterre, St. Kitts, St. Kitts & Nevis

Museum of Nevis History

Museum of Nevis History, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Museum of Nevis History is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Learn more about the history of Nevis on your visit to this museum.

Located in Charleston, the Museum of Nevis History is set in a Georgian-style building.

In Hamilton House, the Nevis House of Assembly gathers in a conference chamber on the second floor, which is also home to the museum.

Built in 1680, the magnificent stone structure was wrecked in an earthquake in 1840 and reconstructed in 1983.

The structure is most known as the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, an American statesman, soldier, lawyer, first Secretary of the Treasury, and founding father who was born in 1757. He grew up on St. Kitts till he was nine years old.

The modest museum also houses a collection of intriguing artifacts that trace the history of Nevis from the indigenous Amerindian peoples through the arrival of Europeans and on to the present day.

After exploring the exhibits, stop by the small gift shop for items such as local stamps and prints.

Address: Alexander Hamilton Birthplace, Main Street, Charlestown, St Kitts & Nevis

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Nevis Botanical Gardens

Nevis Botanical Gardens, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Nevis Botanical Gardens is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

The gorgeous, lushly tropical garden of Nevis is waiting for you! 

Nevis Botanical Garden, nestled against the imposing shadow of Mount Nevis, is just a short drive from Charlestown and its luxury resorts.

The Montpelier Estates owned the land where the gardens are now.

With a wide variety of tropical plants from across the world and several fountains and pools, the 5-acre gardens are a terrific place to spend time with family and friends.

The royal poinciana, St. Kitts, and Nevis’ national flower bloom spectacularly. 

Furthermore, there are more than 100 types of palm trees that might well be seen at the Orchid Terraces.

With its fabric-like calico vine flowers and deep perfume, the Tropical Vine Garden is sure to enthrall you.

Bees make their rounds, gathering nectar to take back to colonies strategically situated so as not to bother diners, and a herb garden is located within easy reach of their restaurant kitchen.

In the fascinating Rainforest Conservatory, you can even see the ruins of a vanished temple!

Address: Montpelier Estates, Nevis, West Indies, St Kitts & Nevis

Oualie Beach Resort

Oualie Beach Resort, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Oualie Beach Resort is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Give yourself some time to relax on this beach!

The Oualie Beach Hotel is a low-key establishment that has been owned and operated by the same family for three generations. 

It is situated on Oualie Beach on the Caribbean coast and is surrounded by a lush tropical garden near the far northwest tip of Nevis, with views of the neighboring island of St. Kitts. 

The historic Cottle Church is approximately 2 kilometers away, while the Nevis Botanical Gardens are about 13 kilometers away. 

The attractive and airy rooms are set in small private cottages and offer tropical design, lots of light, romantic four-poster beds, and colorful local artwork. The cottages are located on the grounds of the resort.

Each room has a television, a minibar, a coffeemaker, and a refrigerator, in addition to a lovely furnished screened-in porch with breathtaking views of the ocean. 

Studios come equipped with kitchens, while one-bedroom suites provide separate living rooms and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Guests may take advantage of a relaxed restaurant and bar on the premises of the hotel that also has seating on the beach and live entertainment. A full-service spa is also available at the hotel.

Address: Oualie Beach, Oualie Bay, Nevis, New Castle, St Kitts & Nevis

Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts

Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Check out this world-class Caribbean resort.

The Park Hyatt Hotel St. Kitts is situated on the banks of scenic Banana Bay.

When you are staying at the hotel, you’ll have the best views of the Narrow.

You will surely know that you are staying in a good hotel because it’s been in the business since 2017.

In fact, it started with 126 premium rooms with an intricate design in each suite.

Surely, you’ll see it at home and relax in this hotel!

Moreover, they also offer the finest amenities such as deep tubs, private pools, wellness centers, and of course, who does not want walk-in rain showers and a luxury spa?

After you relax in your hotel room, head over to their five-star dining options.

Try to taste their freshest seafood menu and also, specially adults-only Stone Barn.

Besides, there’s also a chef’s table and a liquor bar there.

Overall, the spectacular vistas of Mount Nevis are one of the most enjoyable aspects of vacationing at this hotel!

Escape to the glamour and luxury of the Caribbean Islands and find five-star service, beachfront rooms, and refined resort dining at Park Hyatt St. Kitts!

Address: Banana Bay, South East Peninsula, Parish of St. George, St. Kitts, St. Kitts & Nevis

Romney Manor

Romney Manor, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Romney Manor, Saint Kitts, and Nevis / Henry Zbyszynski / Flickr

Be amazed by the plantation in this great house.

Romney Manor is the historical mansion of the Wingfield Estate sugar plantation owners in downtown Basseterre.

The Caribelle Batik store and workshop have owned the mansion since 1964, and it is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions. 

The Caribelle team demonstrates the batik process to tourists and sells their gorgeous items, which range from clothing to gifts and accessories. 

If you visit, you will have to go through the Caribelle Batik store, but what you may not know or plan for is the Wingfield Estate Sugar Plantation, which now offers a sampling tour of the Old Road Rum, which was recently debuted in 2022-a great activity and a delightful stop.

The former manor’s garden is a horticulturist’s dream, with a 350-year-old raintree as the focal point and a bell tower that was once used to keep an eye on enslaved people.

The view from the observation gallery of the entire garden is really amazing!

Address: 85GX+8H4, Old Road Town, St. Kitts & Nevis

Sky Safari Tours

Sky Safari Tours, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Sky Safari Tours is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Take in the fresh view of the breathtaking natural scenery of St. Kitts. 

Sky Safari Tours is located in Old Road Town. 

This zip line adventure tour company will show you the surrounding rainforest from a completely unusual perspective—from above the canopy, the way that birds see it.

You can obtain a bird’s eye view of the various trees that make up the lush rainforest jungle from any of the five zip lines that are a part of the Sky Safari. These zip lines range in length and level of difficulty, with the longest one spanning 1,350 feet.

While you are traveling through the air at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour), you will have the opportunity to look down on the nearby islands and historical monuments.

Each line has been thoughtfully placed in order to provide riders with a unique perspective of the surrounding area. 

The entire zip line system is state of the art, making for an experience that is not only exhilarating but also absolutely risk-free.

Address: 85GX+RJP, Unnamed Road, Old Road Town, St. Kitts & Nevis

Spooner’s Ginnery

Spooner's Ginnery, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Spooner’s Ginnery is one of the best places to go in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Visit the outskirts to know the tale of St. Kitts and its changing industries.

Spooner’s Estate was formerly owned by French Captain Paul De Brissac, who processed sugar cane like everyone else at the time. He constructed a big boiling house, as well as a mill and a still. 

The land was owned by John Spooner in 1720. After several owners, it was purchased by Wade and Abbott in 1901, who transformed the old sugar mill into a cotton ginnery, as sugar had stopped providing its normal high profits by that time.

Spooner’s Ginnery remained open until the 1970s, when it was bought by the government of St. Kitts & Nevis. 

All that remains of the Estate’s original building is only a cotton gin, offering lovely views over the surrounding region.

Among other things, the Ginnery hosts a Caribbean Film Exhibition. There is also a gift shop on the premises that occasionally offers discounts.

Address: Bay Road Basseterre, Saint Kitts, and Nevis

St. Kitts Eco-Park

St. Kitts Eco-Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Kitts Eco-Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis / St Kitts and Nevis Photo Stream / Flickr

If you want to feel like you’re in another place without going far, you must see this eco-park!

The St. Kitts Eco-Park is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in greenhouses and, most especially, plants!

The park has a vast garden that gives the best views for everyone.

It is located in the village of Sandy Point on the island of Saint Kitts. 

Moreover, the eco-park was funded by Taiwan. Its primary mission was to educate young people living on the island about agriculture, horticulture, and how to take care of them sustainably.

Furthermore, all of the structures around the park have 5 times as many fibers in glass fiber-reinforced cement as there are in normal concrete, making it more durable and lightweight.

It is the largest greenhouse in the Caribbean thanks to its height of 24 meters and its surface area of 14,000 square feet. 

Also, it is home to a diverse assortment of flora, including native flowering plants, orchids that attract butterflies, and lovely roses.

Meanwhile, there are tropical fruit trees abound in this park, and the fruit is sold to the locals for a small profit.

Overall, the Eco-Park is home to a fascinating plant-based maze that takes the form of two different maps: one of St. Kitts and one of Taiwan. It’s easy to see why the locals refer to this park as “Little Taiwan.”

Address: Sir Gillies Estate, Sandy Point, St. Kitts, W.I., St. Kitts & Nevis

The Circus

The Circus, Saint Kitts and Nevis
The Circus, Saint Kitts, and Nevis / Roger W / Flickr

Join and experience the activities in this Circus! 

The Circus is in the center of Basseterre, and it is located at the circular traffic intersection of the city.

It was built after the Great Fire destroyed the town in 1867.

The planned expansion of Liverpool Row and Fort Street in the case of another fire would allow for faster traffic flow and prevents flames from moving easily in case of another catastrophe.

The Berkeley Memorial, an elegant clock in the center of the Circus, was erected to honor Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley, a local senator and a landowner. 

Moreover, early planted trees were damaged by numerous hurricanes, and palm trees were planted around the inner plaza, which was subsequently paved.

Also, the Circus was claimed to be built to look like London’s Piccadilly Circus. It is notable during various carnivals and other festivals.

Address: Bay Road Bank Street Fort Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts

The National Museum

The National Museum, Saint Kitts and Nevis
The National Museum, Saint Kitts and Nevis / David Stanley / Flickr

It is well worth the trip and learning something new in this museum!

The building formerly housed the Treasury on St. Kitts and Nevis is now home to the National Museum of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The building’s original location was on the waterfront of Basseterre Bay, which is now the land between Basseterre and Port Zante. 

The reclaimed ground has been transformed into a new entrance to Basseterre, where cruise liners now anchor.

Built in 1894 out of naturally formed, locally mined limestone, this venerable old edifice was constructed around 1894.

Moreover, it is an excellent location to learn more about the history, heritage, and colonial heritage of St. Kitts.

Also, you’ll find three galleries that contain exhibits that depict the tale of the country’s legacy, including its original people, sugar plantations, rum trade, carnival items, and, lastly, their independence.

In addition to that, there is an exhibition of incredibly bright traditional clothing. Make sure to take lots of photos with your family as well!

Address: 77VG+RGC, Bay Rd, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

Warner Park

Warner Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Warner Park, Saint Kitts and Nevis / St Kitts and Nevis Photo Stream / Flickr

Your travel won’t be complete without visiting this sports complex that hosts big international competitions!

Warner Park is the primary venue for athletic competitions in St. Kitts. 

This sports complex is situated in Basseterre and contains the Warner Park Stadium, which was well-known as the Cricket World Cup in 2007.

In fact, over 4,000 people may be accommodated in the stadium’s seats, which include a stadium, a cricket ground, and a modern media center.

For major events, temporary stands can cater to up to 10,000 audiences at the same time.

Additionally, they also have a football stadium with a capacity of up to 3,500 spectators can be found in the western portion of the expansive complex. 

Warner Park was the first of the seven new World Cup venues to open in the Caribbean region. 

It hosted its first one-day international in May 2006 and its first test match in June of that same year.

The park’s northern half is home to the Len Harris Cricket Academy, as well as three volleyball courts, three tennis courts, and a Carnival City, which is mainly utilized for various carnival activities.

If you like to experience sports and leisure activities at the same time, Warner Park should be on your list of places to go in Basseterre!

You haven’t made up your mind to go to Saint Kitts and Nevis yet, have you? Visit why visit Saint Kitts and Nevis at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: 77XG+9Q3, Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis

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