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Reasons to visit Vatican City at least once in your lifetime

Reasons to visit Vatican City at least once in your lifetime

Why go to Vatican City?

You must visit Vatican City at least once in your lifetime because you can’t miss it since it’s a genuinely unique corner of the world with so much historical, artistic, and religious value. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy a visit to the Vatican; there are many other reasons to go there. For art and architecture buffs, it’s a must-do trip that you can’t miss. 

What is Vatican City famous for?

Vatican City is famous for its magnificent monuments and ancient historical paintings. To preserve their historical and religious value, they have been carefully preserved. “Vatican City State” is the official name for the territory. It lists some of the Vatican’s most well-known art treasures as a landmark in Rome.

Fun Facts about Vatican City

  • The Vatican City does not have a prison in its jurisdiction.
  • Since 1506, the Swiss Guards have kept watch over the Pope in Vatican City. They are the smallest and oldest permanent army in the city.
  • The world’s tiniest country.
  • There is no such thing as a Vatican permanent citizen.
  • Vatican City is also a wine destination.

Why visit Vatican City

How big is Vatican City?

Vatican City is about 0.44 square km or 0.17 square miles in size.

When is the best time to visit Vatican City?

The best time to visit Vatican City is the months of March, April, October, and November.

How many days do you need to see Vatican City?

A visit to the Holy See is a one-day excursion; it’s crucial to know what to expect, how much it will cost, and where to go before you set foot inside.

What is the cheapest time to go to Vatican City?

The low season (flights) to visit Vatican City is from January to March and May to June.

Is Vatican City an expensive city to visit?

The Vatican City is free to access, yet most of the city is off-limits to the general public. St. Peter’s Square and the Basilica of St. Peter are free to see. Guided tours of the Vatican Museum are available, but reservations must be made at least a week in advance.

How to save money when visiting Vatican City?

The best ways to save money when visiting Vatican City are:

  • Visit on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday if you can.
  • Plan your trip for the off-season.
  • Consider taking public transportation or renting electric bikes or scooters to get around.
  • Purchase tickets to the Vatican Museums online.

What food (and drinks) is Vatican City known for?

Things you need to eat in Vatican City before you die:

  • A cannoli is a sweet delicacy that is served for dessert. A sweet and creamy cheese filling is tucked inside these miniature pastry tubes.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo – It’s a pasta dish composed of large, flat noodles mixed with cheese and butter.
  • Aperol Spritz is another popular drink. It is a cocktail.
  • Coffee

Visit Vatican City at least once in your lifetime

Is Vatican City safe to visit?

Safe travel in Vatican City begins with knowing where you’re going ahead of time and keeping all valuables close at hand and secured with a locked backpack or purse.

What is the best way to get around in Vatican City?

The best way to get around in Vatican City are:

  • On foot: There’s no better way to see Vatican City than on foot.
  • Public Transportation
  • Open-top Bus

What are the neighbourhoods or areas I should stay in when I visit Vatican City?

The best areas you should stay in when visiting Vatican City are:

  • Rome Armony Suites – To get to the Vatican City, this hotel is only a few hundred yards away.
  • Hotel Santa Maria – This hotel near the Vatican is recognised as a haven of peace amid the bustle of Rome’s daily life. 
  • Palazzo Cardinal Cesi – St. Peter’s Square is just a few feet from the hotel’s front. Even the hotel’s historical magnificence will impress even the most discriminating guests.
  • Aurelio Aquilone B&B – The Vatican City is less than half a mile away from this centrally located B&B, making it easy to get to the Holy See.

What are the best neighbourhoods or areas for food?

The best areas for food and drinks when visiting Vatican City are:

  • Tre Pupazzi
  • Trattoria Vaticano Giggi
  • L’Isola della Pizza
  • La Soffitta Renovatio

What are the best neighbourhoods or areas for shopping?

The best areas for shopping when visiting Vatican City are:

  • Libreria Editrice Vaticana
  • Via del Corso
  • Paciotti Salumeria
  • Via Margutta

What should I do on my first trip to Vatican City?

If you are visiting Vatican City for the first time, explore some of the most famous attractions in the city: Saint Peter’s Square and the Basilica. They are a must-see place that is also incredibly affordable. Free admission to the plaza and the ground level of the basilica means that even visitors on a tight budget may experience the Vatican’s atmosphere.

Is Vatican City a good place for solo travel?

When traveling solo, you’ll find the city to be a lovely and rewarding experience. The Vatican City is surrounded by the city of Rome on all sides. It has its own banking system, immigration system, and security system.

Is Vatican City a good place to visit for a family with kids?

You can explore the magnificent Vatican gardens when visiting Vatican City as a family with kids. Even though the Vatican’s beautiful gardens aren’t conducive to running around and having fun, they’re an excellent destination for families. Children ages 6 and up are best served by taking the eco-bus and exploring on foot, the preferred mode of transportation for visitors to the gardens behind the basilica.

Is Vatican City a good place for couples?

When visiting Vatican City as a couple, you’ll have a great time together in the city. Romantic adventures at the Vatican are a must-see for visitors. The city’s museums have proven to be the best examples of art in the world. There are so many beautiful and intricate carvings in Rome that you’ll fall in love with the city on your romantic getaway! Even the museums, well-kept gardens, and other historical sites seem like something out of a fairy tale.

What are the best annual events in Vatican City?

The best annual events in Vatican City that you cannot miss are

  • Easter in April
  • Rome International Choral Festival in July
  • International Festival of Sacred Music and Art in November
  • Christmas Day in December
  • New Year’s Day in January