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Where should you go for the holidays? Try The Hague, Netherlands. Look at our carefully selected list of top The Hague, Netherlands attractions below on the best thing to do in The Hague, Netherlands, and places to go in The Hague, Netherlands. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

The Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis The Hague Netherlands
The Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands / Victor R. Ruiz / Flickr

A lovely museum that has an extraordinary array of artwork!

This is home to some of the finest examples of Dutch art from the Golden Age. The modest but internationally acclaimed collection may be found in the middle of The Hague, close to where the government administration is located.

For those who have an art appreciation, the place is extremely beautiful, and if you want a more pleasurable experience, it is suggested to use the mobile application. The pricing at the gift shop is reasonable, and it has some excellent keepsakes to choose from. It is simple to locate in the center area of The Hague.

There are a lot of steps, however, there are lifts available to help. Some visitors absolutely adored the architecture and each room’s selection of paintings to decorate it. Prepare to spend between one and two hours there. There is a possibility that, at the very same time, there will be a more contemporary presentation. There are also beautiful gift shops and cafes for the guests. An absolute must-see location.

Address: Plein 29, 2511 CS Den Haag

Madurodam Model City

Madurodam Model City The Hague Netherlands
Madurodam Model City, The Hague, Netherlands / Anna & Michal / Flickr

The Madurodam family park is a lovely spot to spend a day with your family, allowing you to see some of the Netherlands’ most beautiful locations. Fun for everyone, young and old, in the great outdoors.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands is the Madurodam Model City, which features a large-scale model of the country’s landscape.

Incredibly accurate 1:25 scale recreations of all buildings, cars, people, and trees are included.

In 1952, the park debuted, and it has undergone several upgrades and modifications since then to include new technology and improve the models.

Windmills, tulip fields, and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) are all included in the model city, which is modeled after the real one.

Madurodam’s two eateries, Taste of Holland and Panorama Café, are open to tourists in addition to the park’s many entertaining attractions. Visitors may also buy souvenirs at the venue’s two stores.

You and your family will surely have a wonderful time here.

Escher in the Palace

Escher in the Palace, The Hague, Netherlands
Escher in the Palace is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

The Queen Mother Emma’s old Winter Palace now houses an extraordinary collection of M. C. Escher’s works of art.

In spite of the fact that the building itself is historic, the museum’s permanent collections are the most popular draw for visitors. 

Moreover, the museum’s highlights include over 150 beautiful original prints and lithographs showcasing his most famous works.

You’ll discover most of Escher’s renowned works has a mind-bending twist on perspective and perception.

After that, you can check out the museum’s cafe and gift store.

If you are interested in weird art and curious to see more of Escher’s work, head over to Escher in the Palace!

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag, The Hague, Netherlands
Panorama Mesdag is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Scheveningen’s coastline as it was in the 1880s is well captured in this wonderful painting, which has lovely ocean views and dunes. 

The world’s biggest circle painting is lighted indirectly from above to provide a sense of depth and a full rotate view. It has a vast dune with a variety of genuine items, giving the impression that you’re in the center of magnificent countryside.

Additionally, the museum’s store sells items relating to Mesdag and his wife’s art collection. The Mesdag Museum houses more works by Mesdag and other School Hague painters.

You never get the same vista of light; it’s very spectacular and changes constantly. H.W. Mesdag painted this scene of the sea, sand dunes, and the historic fishing hamlet of Scheveningen. Panorama Mesdag is a cultural and historical landmark that should not be overlooked.

Those who visit Scheveningen now have the opportunity to relive the city’s history in 1881 through the Panorama. It’s a visual feast that depicts the 19th-century fishing town, the emergence of international beach life, and the encroachment of the metropolis of The Hague.

Address: Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag

The Binnenhof

The Binnenhof The Hague Netherlands
The Binnenhof, The Hague, Netherlands / Kent Wang / Flickr

This enormous facility in the Netherlands serves as a meeting venue for a number of political groupings, including the Ministry of General Affairs.

The Binnenhof in Brussels, Belgium, is the world’s oldest parliament building that is still in operation.

Although it was first built in the 1200s, not much is known about the early history of the complex. However, it quickly became a significant venue for political gatherings during the 1600s.

Today, you are welcome to visit the Binnenhof and its grounds, where you may take in the breathtaking architecture and rich history of the structures, such as the legendary Hall of Knights, which once stood where the Ridderzaal is now located.

The House of Representatives also offers tours with a knowledgeable guide upon request.

With the help of ProDemos’ Visitor Center, you may go on a guided tour of the Binnenhof and the city center of The Hague, as well as on a political or historical stroll.

Address: Zeestraat 65, 2518 AA Den Haag

Ridderzaal: The Knights’ Hall

Ridderzaal: The Knights' Hall, Netherlands
Ridderzaal: The Knights’ Hal is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Embark on a journey back in time to our nation’s founding Binnenhof (Inner Court). In this location, the most significant events in the history of the country occurred.

It is also the place where the future is made. The Inner Court in The Hague is dotted with imposing historic buildings that have stood for eight centuries, but there are also a number of open spaces that are accessible to the public. 

If you’re in The Hague, don’t miss the Binnenhof. While strolling across the courtyard, observe the fanciful grandeur or spend some time touring the halls. You won’t be let down in the least!

Binnenhof’s Ridderzaal serves as the complex’s primary focal point and is situated in the stunning courtyard of the nearby Hall of Knights.

Royal receptions are held here as well as prime ministerial openings of the Dutch parliament.

The Gothic-style edifice was created with two massive symmetrical towers towering on either side of the arched entryway.

Several beautiful stained-glass windows and an elegant throne adorn the Ridderzaal’s interior.

The courtyard outside of the Ridderzaal is charming and is enclosed by three arches, with a Neogothic fountain in the center that dates back to the 1600s.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Netherlands
Kunstmuseum Den Haag is one of the best places to go in Netherlands

The museum houses an extensive assortment of magnificent pieces of art in its permanent collection.

This location is highly recommended for everyone who has an interest in art. The structure is just stunning. It is a work of art in and of itself. Due to the complex arrangement, locating the various exhibitions might be a little bit of a struggle at times.

There is a lot to do and a lot of information. In addition, the structure itself is a piece of art. The museum is large and might be difficult to navigate, but the courteous staff will respond to questions you may have.

Here you will find artwork by renowned painters such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian, and Van Gogh, among others. This is a fantastic museum with a wide range of exhibits. There are a number of exhibitions happening all at once.

It is an absolute need to go there if you have any interest in the exhibits.

Landgoed Clingendael Park

Landgoed Clingendael Park, Netherlands
Landgoed Clingendael Park is one of the best places to go in Netherlands

Due to its delicate and meticulously kept Japanese Garden, this beautiful park is only available during specific periods of the year. Located in the Netherlands, the Clingendael estate is one of the country’s most beautiful. The park situated between The Hague and Wassenaar has a colorful past. 

Several landscape/arden designers have been involved in the design of this rural house since the sixteenth century. Huy Clingendael’s home is surrounded by an enormous playground and field, where children play, and families eat. You may have a relaxing afternoon with several walking trails and a tearoom to stop by for a cup of tea or coffee.

Wassenaar’s Clingendael is a 17th-century manor house surrounded by parkland.

A protected section of The Hague for many years, this park and garden are extremely stunning.

The Japanese Gardens, which are housed within, will take you to a new world, complete with Japanese-style pavilions and gates, as well as an array of exotic plants and trees.

You should not miss the garden if you chance to be in The Hague at the right time.

Louwman Museum

Louwman Museum The Hague Netherlands
Louwman Museum, The Hague, Netherlands / Michel Curi / Flickr

150 years of technological advancement, invention, beauty, and speed are all on display at this museum. You can see all of the most important technological advances at the Louwman Museum in The Hague. A museum dedicated to automobiles and their history.

An impressive collection of over 200 automobiles from all over the world may be seen at the Louwman Museum. This is a really unique museum that houses an amazing assortment of automobiles. The cars that are more than a century old make up the bulk of the collection’s holdings.

In this collection, you’ll see everything from horse-drawn sleighs to early self-propelled cars. Also included are luxury vehicles from the end of the 19th century, post-war “affordable cars,” and the earliest race cars. There are a number of notable automobiles on display, including an Aston Martin from Goldfinger and an Elvis Presley Cadillac Fleetwood.

There is the world’s greatest collection of automobile-related art, including posters, sculptures, and awards, in the Louwman Museum. Take a journey through 150 years of art.

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The Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is, without a doubt, among the most beautiful structures that can be seen in The Hague. It is a well-known symbol of justice and peace that currently serves as the home to a number of important international organizations.

Although going to the Peace Palace is not the easiest thing in the world to do, taking a tour of the premises in which the International Court of Justice is located is an activity that should not be overlooked. The construction of the palace, as well as its furnishing and interior décor, included contributions from a number of other nations.

The outside of the Peace Palace may be viewed at any time. However, the time of day that I find most beautiful is just before sunset. In most cases, the people have dispersed, and you are able to appreciate the edifice while standing behind the barrier. You may also have a look at the Eternal Flame, which is located outside the boundaries of the complex.

The palace and its magnificent grounds are open to visitors on weekends for guided tours.

Address: Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ Den Haag, Netherlands

Prison Gate Museum

Prison Gate Museum, The Hague, Netherlands
Prison Gate Museum is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

When was the last time you went inside a prison? What about the jailer, the judge, or the person who puts you to death? Is this your first time in front of a guillotine? Take a trip back in time to see how crime and punishment were handled in the past.

This historic jail was constructed in 1420 and used to hold criminals who had committed heinous acts as early as that year. You will get an enlightening and eerie look into the progression of crime, punishment, and the legal system throughout history, as well as a glimpse of what an ancient cell block and jail might have seemed like.

A guided tour is included in the purchase of the admission, and it is possible to take the trip in either Dutch or English; however, the English tours are only offered on Sundays.

A trip to the Prison Gate Museum is highly recommended if you are interested in gaining an informative and thought-provoking understanding of the evolution of crime and its associated punishments over the course of human history.

Palace Noordeinde

Palace Noordeinde The Hague Netherlands
Palace Noordeinde, The Hague, Netherlands / Ben Sutherland / Flickr

The Hague’s Paleis Noordeinde may be found on Noordeinde Street in the city’s downtown. From the street, you may get a good sight of the palace, although it is not available to the general public. 

While there, you may also stroll down this street, which is noted for having the largest concentration of art in Holland.

One of the three official residences owned by the Dutch royal family, the Noordeinde Palace is a stately structure.

Early in the palace’s history, it served as a medieval farmhouse. For many centuries after this, it has been owned by a succession of royal families.

While originally a private residence for the Dutch Royalty, the building was eventually converted into a functional palace in which the Dutch monarchy conducted many of its official functions.

It’s fascinating to view this huge building with its massive iron gates and excellent architecture.

Lange Voorhout

Lange Voorhout The Hague Netherlands
Lange Voorhout, The Hague, Netherlands / Fred Romero / Flickr

Den Haag’s lovely main street, located in the ancient city center, is a wonderful area to stroll, observe, and unwind.

The street is rather big, with two separate roadways and a center area surrounded by a beautiful collection of trees.

Some of the street’s most notable structures date back to the 18th century. Among these are The Escher Museum, British and American embassies, the Bernhard-the-Prince monument, and the Netherlands’ Supreme Court.

The surrounding area is attractive in its own right. It’s easy to picture the sound of horses’ hooves on the shell-lined road if you close your eyes. In front of the carriage of their monarch, count, or duke with a proud trot behind them. 

The century-old structures on each side of it today house embassies, houses, offices, and other cultural institutions. During the year’s warm months, festivals use the gravel paths as a stage. 

There’s a museum dedicated to Dutch optical illusionist M.C. Escher near the end, and on Prince’s Day, the Golden Carriage rides along Lange Voorhout on its way to the Knights’ Hall of Honour.

Haagse Bos

Haagse Bos, The Hague, Netherlands
Haagse Bos is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Haagse Bos, a two-kilometer-long grassland area in The Hague known for its lovely curving pathways, is one of the city’s nicest open spaces.

The forest, which has been protected from logging since the Middle Ages, is a peaceful place to spend some time.

The Hague’s woodland is known as Haagse Bos.

Its rich history is intricately intertwined with the forest’s enormous and centuries-old green scenery.

In fact, the Hague forest is a vital part of the city’s green identity. 

From Malieveld towards the municipality of Wassenaar, the region is around 100 hectares in size.

The woodland has a central pond in the middle of it. For jogging, picnics, or just strolling through the trees, this is the ideal spot.

Similar to Central Park, the Haagse Bos is an urban green space.

Near the forest, Noordeinde Palace is another palace that’s worth a stroll around for its beautiful external views.

Spend the day in the natural wonders that Haagse Bos features!

The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk, The Hague, Netherlands
The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Ampng of The Hague’s most recognizable landmarks is St. James’ Church, often known as The Great Church or St. James’ Church.

The Torenstraat, where the building is located, takes its name from the street’s tall tower. 

It is notable for its beautiful bell tower and bell chime, as well as the 1667 Cornelis Moninckx and Bartholomeus Eggers cenotaph monument honoring Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam and the Renaissance tomb honoring Gerrit van Assendelft.

One of The Hague’s earliest structures, along with the Binnenhof, is this one. 

However, there aren’t any taller than this church’s six-sided tower in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, there is a number of Orange-Nassau family members baptized and married at this location.

Among the most recent are the Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Princess Catharina-Amalia of Orange, who were married in 2011.

Sint-Jacobskerk, located in the heart of The Hague, is accessible by both vehicle and public transportation.

Overall, this historic site may be explored on foot or with a guide, so don’t miss out.

Duivenvoorde Castle

Duivenvoorde Castle, The Hague, Netherlands
Duivenvoorde Castle is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Explore the castle museum, stroll through the park, and marvel at the castle’s and estate’s rich history.

Walkers may enjoy the park’s serene serenity and wonderful views from walkways and seats in the park.

It is located in the vicinity of The Hague, between Voorschoten and Leidschendam, in the province of North Brabant. The majestic home is reached along a tree-lined avenue.

The name Duivenvoorde is derived from the two rivers surrounding the castle: the Duve and the Voor. 

It’s a lovely castle with informative guides who can tell you everything about its past and previous occupants. Lovely walking routes wind their way around the castle’s grounds in this lovely park.

The visitor’s center and bistro feature modern amenities, including an indoor and outdoor seating space that overlooks the herb garden and apple orchard.

A swaggering peacock strutting around the dining room may provide both companionship and visual pleasure. Indeed a charming, peaceful, and well-kept destination.

Van Kleef Distillery

Van Kleef Distillery, The Hague, Netherlands
Van Kleef Distillery is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

This ancient distillery in The Hague is the only one of its kind left in the Netherlands.

They were established in 1842 and are still in use today.

Liquors from Van Kleef’s extensive collection are all made with the same old-fashioned method in mind. 

Step inside, and you can feel this long-standing local business’s quality, workmanship, and legacy.

Touring the Van Kleef Museum and Distillery with its passionate proprietor is an unforgettable experience. 

You’ll learn about The Hague’s past as the country’s third-largest distillery city and booze manufacturer throughout the trip.

Furthermore, there are original ‘drankorgels’ (racks for storing liqueurs and spirits) and copper stills on display. 

A broad variety of locally made liqueurs are available, all of which are made using a traditional method. There are several spirits that can be tasted during a session of spirits-tasting

Drievliet Amusement Park

Drievliet Amusement Park, The Hague, Netherlands
Drievliet Amusement Park is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

Drievliet is a family-friendly amusement park in the Netherlands.

It boasts a wide variety of family-friendly attractions, including kid-friendly activities, thrilling rides, and enchanting performances.

You may tailor your experience to your own personal preferences.

In addition to the spooky museum, which is an old-fashioned haunted house in the form of a carnival, there are other more family-friendly activities. 

Drievliet’s attractions include thrilling roller coasters and kid-friendly playgrounds. Still, it’s also home to some of the region’s most adventurous and stunning performances.

Jungle Show or pirate show in Parktheater are great options.

Also available for the enjoyment of the whole family are live performances and  5D cinema, which features a moving seat and other cutting-edge equipment.

Amusement park Drievliet in The Hague offers a variety of operating hours, making it difficult to plan a visit. Check the hours of operation ahead of time if you intend to go.

Address: Avenue of ‘s-Gravenmade, Den Haag


Lisse The Hague Netherlands
Lisse, The Hague, Netherlands / Pommiebastards / Flickr

In the spring, Lisse, which is nestled in the midst of the flower-bulb region, is a riot of color.

Keukenhof, the world’s largest flower garden, and the vibrant flower fields around it are popular tourist attractions that bring in tens of thousands of visitors each year. 

Two months each year sees an abundance of springtime flowers and tulips blossom across the country at the same time. Lisse is a stop on the annual march of flowers from the region.

Starting in Noordwijk, the procession makes its way to Haarlem.

Lisse is approximately half an hour from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport, making it a convenient destination for visitors.

From Haarlem, a pleasant walk or bike ride takes you to Lisse, which is surrounded by scenic countryside. 

Moreover, a lovely mansion erected in the Golden Age is located nearby: Keukenhof Castle.

As a Dutch coastal town, Lisse is close to Noordwijk, Zandvoort, and Bloemendaal, all of which are popular with tourists.


Plein, The Hague, Netherlands
Plein is one of the best places to go in The Hague, Netherlands

The Plein in The Hague is one of the city’s best places to eat and drink.

An important daytime gathering spot in Amsterdam’s Binnenhof, the country’s political center.

It is a historic Plein that has stately structures and an abundance of dining establishments.

In the center of the bustling metropolis, the Plein, which functioned as the castle’s fruit and vegetable gardens, has the sense of an ancient town square.

On the Plein, you can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the old and the new.

On a sunny day, The Hague locals go to the Plein for some people-watching.

This area, surrounded by trees and old buildings, is a perfect place to dine al fresco on the weekends and at night, thanks to a long string of cafés and restaurants.

There are also periodic pop-ups and promotional events, so there is always something new to see.

Indeed, The Plein is one of the city’s nightlife hotspots owing to a number of fashionable clubs.

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