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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Freiburg, Germany. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Freiburg, Germany. #Top Attractions

Thinking of going to Freiburg, Germany, for your vacation? Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Freiburg, Germany, and the best places to visit in Freiburg, Germany below. We at Wondrous Drifter, a Web 3.0 travel startup, have big plans to shake things up in the travel business.

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany / Mondo79 / Flickr

A journey to the German fairy-tale town of Freiburg.

Freiburg, a medieval university town on the border of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, is surrounded by vineyards.

In fact, it is Germany’s hottest city; and it was founded in 1120 as a free-market town and reported 2,000 hours of sunlight each year.

Freiburg’s minster is the first thing you’ll notice. You’ll want to take in every angle of this Gothic wonder and its magnificent tower.

Colorful medieval cottages nestle among a river, a canal, and a little stream on cobblestone streets and historic gates.

This city is the ideal destination for a long weekend, thanks to its busy medieval squares full of cafes and restaurants, beer gardens, and boutiques and stores.

Germany’s green movement originated in Freiburg in the 1970s as the most liveable city.

Freiburg, Germany, is now a Green Party stronghold and one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities.

Take a tour around Freiburg to view some of the most beautiful and exciting sights you’ve ever seen.

Augustiner Museum

Augustiner Museum, Freiburg, Germany

Augustiner Museum, Freiburg, Germany / kurzkarl74 / Flickr

Because of its beautiful fusion of antique and modern features, the Augustiner Museum is regarded as an architectural gem in Freiburg and worldwide.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, the Augustinian order’s monks were the first residents of these medieval buildings.

Located on Augustinerplatz, a former Augustinian convent has been transformed into a beautiful gallery showcasing art from the Middle Ages through the Baroque period.

Matthias Grünewald, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Hans Baldung Grien, and Master of the Housebook’s paintings from the Speyer Altarpiece are displayed in the gallery upstairs.

Medieval stained glass from Freiburg Minster and Medieval wooden sculptures are displayed on the upper level of this historic cathedral museum.

For Baroque sculptures, statuettes, paintings, and altars, the chancel of the abbey church has been reserved below, and the pillars are lined with carved figures in solemn row formations.

Depending on the show, blind and visually impaired visitors are given special tours. A museum cafe and a restroom for the handicapped. You need to see it!

Address: Augustinerpl., 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Alter Friedhof

Alter Friedhof, Freiburg, Germany

Alter Friedhof, Freiburg, Germany / Andreas Schauer-Villanueva / Flickr

This isn’t your typical cemetery. For more than two centuries, Freiburg’s people were buried here – today, the old cemetery is both a natural and cultural landmark.

As part of his will, Johann Christian Wentzinger stipulated that Freiburg’s Alter Friedhof would always be his last resting place.

Thus, the cemetery has remained mostly unchanged since it was last used in 1683 and was abandoned in 1872.

A visit to the north end of the Old Town is just as much a cultural experience as it is a relaxing stroll through a wooded area.

They are all buried in this cemetery. Their tombs, gravestones, and other memorial art masterpieces of Baroque and Neoclassical architecture.

Other notable historical figures include the brother of Mirabeau, the father of 19th-century artist Anselm Feuerbach, and the daughter-in-law of composer Felix Mendelsohn.

A trip to the cemetery leads you through Freiburg’s history and art history, from the baroque to the neoclassical. You must include this one on your journey.

Address: Stadtstraße, 79104 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Black Forest Wine

Black Forest Wine, Freiburg, Germany

Image for illustration purposes only

In a pop-up wine tavern, have a glass of Black Forest wine.

Wine aficionados will find much to choose from in Freiburg. Vintners in the region can sometimes not sell their wines to dining eateries or markets since they manufacture them in tiny numbers.

Wine taverns that are only open for a short period of time are put up in the garage, basement, and lounge area to serve German food with their wine.

This famous straussenwirtschaften is allowed in operation for approximately 16 weeks every year. Therefore they display a giant broom in front.

White color asparagus peak, which begins in April, is a big deal in Freiburg. The best place to sample this delicate delicacy is Griestal-Strausse, a native vineyard above hills outside of town.

The tasty kürbiscremesuppe and the famous flammkuchen are popular in the region outside of the asparagus season.

Try some of their drinks! But don’t stop there; there’s more to try!

Address: Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg Minster

Freiburg Minster, Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg Minster, Freiburg, Germany / Björn S… / Flickr

See for yourself the magnificent gothic structure.

You’ll be in the transept when you enter by the south entrance, viewing a 15th-century sculpture depicting the Magi’s worship of the Christ Child.

A Romanesque church begun in the 13th century would require about 300 years to be completed in Freiburg’s magnificent minister.

Although the area around Münsterplatz was decimated in 1944, however, the cathedral escaped with minor damage.

The 116-meter tower was regarded as the most beautiful place globally by Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt in 1869.

An ornate hollow tangle of pinnacles formerly stood as the world’s highest building for three years in 1330.

This facade alone is breathtaking, with 418 stone figures sculpted into the archivolts and tympanum on the entryway.

You can visit an art installation by Hans Baldung Grien and ascend the tower to the viewing platform at 70 meters high in the museum’s interior.

Definitely do not skip this must-see tourist attraction while in Freiburg!

Address: Münsterplatz, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Freiburg Bächle

Freiburg Bächle, Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg Bächle, Freiburg, Germany / Rob Faulkner / Flickr

If you’re a first-time visitor to Freiburg, you’ll be awed by the abundance of open streams with crystal-clear water coursing through the city.

If you spend any time in Freiburg, you have to make a pit stop at one of the many tiny streams that run through the city’s historic center.

Known as Bächle, they result from the Dreisam River’s flow.

Medieval periods saw a variety of purposes for them, including providing water for local trades like tanners, but they were also open sewers.

15.5 miles of canals, 6.4 of which are submerged.

They’ve become a charming downtown icon, and in the summer, they assist in keeping things cool.

It’s also said that if you fall into one, you’ll wind up marrying a Freiburger by mistake.

Put your feet up on the sand and enjoy the view! The Freiburg Bächle’s shallow, babbling clear waters aren’t just for kids; these urban rivers in miniature take in many adults.

Address: 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Historical Merchants’ Hall

Historical Merchants’ Hall, Freiburg, Germany

Historical Merchants’ Hall, Freiburg, Germany / Marco Verch Professional Photographer / Flickr

If you’re going through Freiburg’s Münsterplatz, you won’t be able to overlook the dark red, ornate edifice.

In addition to the splendid Renaissance edifice on the south side of Münsterplatz, there is also a market warehouse.

The building’s scarlet exterior and bay windows, covered in glazed patterned tiles, make it difficult to overlook.

The structure dates to the early 1530s in its current configuration, with crow-stepped gables and an arcade on the ground level.

Three Holy Roman Emperors, Maximilian I, Charles V, Ferdinand I, and Philip I of Castile, Maximilian I’s son died before his father and never became emperor. This is shown in the four sculptures above the access balcony on the facade.

Check out the coats of arms of the Habsburg dynasty’s five empires in the bay windows. Hans Sixt von Staufen, a Renaissance artist, sculpted these and the sculptures.

A gentle reminder that the Historical Merchants’ Hall’s spectacular halls may only be seen during regularly planned activities. Required to visit an SWR Symphony Orchestra reading or concert.

Address: Münsterplatz 24, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Haus zum Walfisch

Haus zum Walfisch, Freiburg, Germany

Haus zum Walfisch, Freiburg, Germany / Reading Tom / Flickr

This Renaissance edifice is a must-see! This is essential for anyone in your path.

Jakob Villinger von Schönenberg, the Holy Roman Emperor’s Grand Treasurer, commissioned this stately early Renaissance mansion.

The mansion dates back to the 1510s and has hosted several notable figures during the next century.

According to historical records, Erasmus visited the residence between 1529 and 1531, while Emperor Ferdinand I stayed there between 1562 and 1563. Dario Argento fans may recognize the Whale House as the scene for the dancing school in Suspiria, Argento’s 1977 horror film.

Most people remember the name of Erasmus von Rotterdam as a resident of the Whale House. the world-renowned professor fled the Reformation in his native Basel, Switzerland, in 1529. He came to live in this city for a brief while in 1530.

The Whale House branch of the Sparkasse Bank is now in operation.

A little monkey biting into a sour apple may be found on the backside of this bank building on Gauchstrasse, referencing the German term “swallowing a bitter pill.” Find out what the monkey is attempting to warn you of.

Address: Franziskanerstraße 5, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Markthalle, Freiburg, Germany

Image for illustration purposes only

Did you get tired and hungry while on the road? Make this your next stop.

Traditional Baden food and cuisine from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East may be found in the Freiburg Markethalle.

An international food court may be found right around the corner from Martinstor.

More than 20 kiosks offer a variety of cuisines from across the world if you’re feeling adventurous.

Frikadellen (pan-fried meatballs) or Freiburg-style wurst (a type of smoked sausage) may be a good option if you’re in Germany.

Weekend afternoons are made joyful by the champagne bar, while evenings are filled with live music and DJ sets from the hall.

Fresh ingredients and a fantastic Italian Espresso fill the air with intriguing flavors.

Visitors to this designated old sandstone structure will be startled by the contemporary, cheerful environment that welcomes them inside.

During the week, Aperol Spritz and live music till midnight are the perfect way to unwind after a long week.

Address: Grünwälderstraße 4, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Mundenhof, Freiburg, Germany

Mundenhof, Freiburg, Germany / grebrov / Flickr

It’s time for the kids to have some fun and enjoy themselves at this park.

Located on an estate that dates back to the 9th century, Baden-largest Württemberg’s animal park spans 38 hectares.

The Mundenhof used to be farmland, but the city acquired it and converted it into a park during the last century. Hence, the park retains its tranquil country atmosphere.

The zoo that opened to the public in 1968 is unique. It is a non-profit organization that is available to the public for free in exchange for donations.

In open pastures, the vast majority of the animals are local to the area, domesticated, or used for specific tasks.

Aside from these animals, gibbons, macaque monkeys, brown bears, alpaca, llama, yak, and even ostriches can be found.

The park is home to storks throughout the summer. A former stable has been transformed into an aquarium and terrarium.

If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss this stop. The Mundenhof is a popular family site outside the city, with two huge playgrounds and two accessible animal habitats.

Address: Mundenhof 37, 79111, Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany

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Münsterplatz, Freiburg, Germany

Münsterplatz, Freiburg, Germany / LenDog64 / Flickr

The constructions will astound you. It’s an instagrammable backdrop for your images.

Minster Square in Freiburg, Germany’s central district, is an asphalted space encircling the Freiburger Minster, the city’s main cathedral. City Hall, Wentzinger House, Korn House, and Wentzinger Library are all located in this square.

Historic monuments and a weekly open-air market are on a cobblestone pedestrian square that surrounds the minster.

The Wentzingerhaus on the plaza’s southern outskirts was one of the few remaining undamaged after the area was nearly completely destroyed by bombs in 1944.

Johann Christian Wentzinger, a painter, sculptor, and architect, designed and erected this late Baroque home in 1761. It presently houses a modest museum dedicated to the history of the city.

There are 96 regional food stalls on the north side of the market and 65 on the south side that offers anything from exotic spices to handicrafts.

A long, Freiburg-style wurst in a toasted bun may be found at the foot of the minster.

You will undoubtedly appreciate your visit to this place!

Address: 9098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Martinstor, Freiburg, Germany

Martinstor, Freiburg, Germany / Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

It would be an extraordinary act of contempt if one attempted to desecrate these venerable and outstanding witnesses to Freiburg’s most ancient past.

Both of the city’s entrances date back to 1202, although the one on the southwest side of Old Town is the more historic of the two. The Martinstor was first mentioned in 1238, but examining the wood has revealed that it may be far older.

Some residents and business owners were calling for the demolition of the Schwabentor and Martinstor in light of plans to build an electric trolley car line.

When Vauban, a French military engineer, restored the city’s defenses in the 1600s, the gate was useless.

Gate’s bottom third was initially built. The upper stories in the early twentieth century were capped with Late Gothic-style roofs.

On the city’s side of the tunnel, a plaque recalls the 1599 burning to death of three women accused of witchcraft in the town.

Those interested in history will enjoy themselves extensively here.

Address: Martinsgässle 79098 Freiburg

Pedal along the Dreisam

Pedal along the Dreisam, Freiburg, Germany

Pedal along the Dreisam, Freiburg, Germany / Till Westermayer / Flickr

You’ll have a great time riding your bike throughout the city.

Freiburg, Germany, is a cyclist’s paradise, Over 400 kilometers of paved bike path lanes crisscross the city and its surrounding woods and other villages. 

With two times the number of bicycles as before automobiles, you’ll feel like an outcast if you don’t follow in the footsteps of those who live in the area and ride horses.

Visitors may borrow a bike in the city through the simple “Frelo” (where you can share bicycles) network and return it to hundreds to the parking area around the Freiburg region.

Look for the bicycle, which is a blue emblem that indicates FR1, a designated bike freeway that spans the famous Dreisam River. 

This gorgeous transect begins in the city and cruises by the gardens in the community, the ancient Arena, sculpture gardens, animal refuges, and much graffiti art may be found in the area surrounding the Mundenhof.

 Also, you can visit Cafe Extrablatt, feed upon their famed breakfast, and have a sip of coffee as you continue your journey.

Address: Freiburg, Germany


Rathäuser, Freiburg, Germany

Rathäuser, Freiburg, Germany / WordRidden / Flickr

The structures’ history is the cause for the unique names.

Rathausplatz, Freiburg’s central square, houses both the city’s new and old town halls.

The Renaissance-style Old Town Hall is located on the north side and dates back to the late 1550s.

As you look up at the clock, you can see the Holy Roman Empire’s double eagle and the coats of arms of Freiburg’s past rulers on the cable above the clock.

Freiburg’s tourism office is located in the city’s historic Old Town Hall. Thus visitors are welcome.

Rather than a brand new structure, the New Town Hall is made up of two Renaissance-style burgher homes that an arcade has brought together.

At 12:00, the glockenspiel in the connecting portion will sound to let you know it’s time to visit.

The city of Freiburg is fortunate to have several town halls. Although the New Town Hall is older than the Old Town Hall, figuring out which one can be a challenge given that the city’s oldest town hall is known as the Gerichtslaube, or “Old Court House.”

The New Town Hall’s interior is likewise a treasure. Elegant wood carvings and decorative plasterwork on the ceilings lend an air of romance to the expansive spaces. You need to see this!

Address: Freiburg, Germany


Schwabentor, Freiburg, Germany

Schwabentor, Freiburg, Germany / Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

Leaving the city walls in medieval times must have been quite the adventure.

There are two Medieval gates in Freiburg, one of which was built in the 13th century and is adjacent to the Dreisam River’s earliest crossing.

Three stories of red sandstone make up the tower. In the 16th century, the staircase tower and half-timbered expansions were added.

The story of a merchant who sought to purchase Freiburg with bags of what he believed were gold, but which his wife substituted with sand and pebbles, soon established folklore in the city.

An ancient Greek theme, depicted in Romanesque style above the arch’s keystone, may be found on the city side of the structure.

It’s said that this is how the Schwabentor was dubbed. Moreover, since the 17th century, the salt merchant and his cart have graced the town gate’s inner wall.

Both merchants and tourists were always looking for robbers in the mysterious woodlands and along the unusual routes.

Visit the Zinnfigurenklause, a small tin figure museum, to see the inside of the Schwabentor.

Address: Oberlinden 25, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Schlossberg, Freiburg, Germany

Schlossberg, Freiburg, Germany / Ralf Schulze / Flickr

Locals and visitors alike enjoy the spectacular view of Freiburg’s ancient Old Town when the sun sets, and the sky turns a vibrant hue of orange, crimson, and purple.

A 456-meter Black Forest hill serves as a barrier to the east of Freiburg.

Schlossberg was defended in the 1100s because of its strategic location. Attempts have been undertaken to bring these remains back to life.

In 2008, Schlossbergbahn inaugurated a three-minute-long funicular train, which takes visitors from the bottom of the hill to the top in seconds.

The 2002-erected Schlossbergturm, perched atop the hill, affords visitors a birds-eye perspective of the city.

Kanonenplatz, a picturesque terrace overlooking a vineyard and the minster, may be found on the southwest side of the fortifications.

The Vosges Mountains provide a lovely background to the Bächle, its winding lanes, and its church. Freiburg is at its most beautiful at these times.

Climb the castle tower for a bird’s eye view of the city, relax in the beer garden and watch the sunset over the water.

Address: Freiburg, Germany


Seepark, Freiburg, Germany

Seepark, Freiburg, Germany / Jan Beck / Flickr

See the Park of Seepark. To see is to believe in what it can offer.

The Seepark in Freiburg is one of the city’s most popular green areas, including a swimming lake, cafés, a swimming pool, playgrounds, and miniature golf for all ages to enjoy.

In this 35-hectare park west of Freiburg, you’d never believe that you’re standing in the heart of a gravel quarry, which was here for 35 years before that.

Freiburg’s preparations for the 1986 Landesgartenschau revolved around the Seepark, which began to take shape in the early 1980s (Federal Garden Show). There is a jetty at the park’s lake where you may hire pedal boats during the summer months.

As a monument of Freiburg’s collaboration with the city of Matsuyama, a 3,600-square-meter Japanese garden was built in 1990.

Atop the observation tower, a mini-golf course and an eco-station can be found at the Seepark.

Amid these breathtaking surroundings, you will be able to unwind and recharge.

Address: Sundgauallee 12A, 79110 Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Schauinsland, Freiburg, Germany

Schauinsland, Freiburg, Germany / Dirk Olbertz / Flickr

What else could you possibly do when riding this would provide you with a beautiful view?

A 1,284-meter-high Black Forest peak may be seen from Freiburg’s southern horizon.

Schauinsland’s cable car is a popular day trip from the Old Town, only 10 kilometers away.

In Germany, the Schauinslandbahn is the country’s longest cable car, running 3.6 kilometers and ascending more than 700 feet.

There is usually no wait time for a cabin, and the climb to the top is completed in 15 minutes.

The Schauinslandbahn is open year-round. However, it does shut down in inclement weather.

The mountain’s summit may see the gentle Vosges mountains to the west and the jagged northern Alps to the south.

3600 meters long, the Schauinslandbahn has a 746-meter height difference. When it was built in 1930, it was the world’s first passenger cable car built based on circularity. The summit of Schauinsland is 1,284 meters high.

You may stop by one of these cozy inns for a bite to eat. Make good use of your acrobatic skills!

Address: Freiburg, Germany

Sedan District

Sedan District, Freiburg, Germany

Image for illustration purposes only

Do you want to go shopping in this sustainable district? This is your opportunity!

You won’t find the largest ones names in this lovely retail zone in the south of the city.

In contrast, small-scale, environmentally friendly purchases are the focus here. Check out Elephant Beans or Strandcafe while you’re out and about, where refugees cook traditional dishes using local, organic ingredients in a social business cafe run by refugees.

Stop into Glaskiste, a nutritious store that doesn’t allow plastic in the area, local food while you’re in the grocery market.

Zündstoff’s corner store sells lovely organic apparel located just around the block.

Self-made juice and “the greatest coffee in Freiburg” was touted to me (I obviously have not tried all of them myself). Sedan Café is a beautiful place to start when looking for a cafe.

The Sedan District should be on your itinerary. There are numerous items to buy and cuisines to sample!

Address: Freiburg, Germany

Vauban’s Utopian Society

Vauban's Utopian Society, Freiburg, Germany

Vauban’s Utopian Society, Freiburg, Germany / Payton Chung / Flickr

This is one to look into more! If you want to experience Freiburg, there are several options available.

The desire to build the ideal society is ingrained. Many things in life are bound to fail, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep trying.

The absence of automobiles and the replacement of parking places with community green areas serves as a first indicator.

After that, you’ll see that woodchips or solar panels power all residences.

Co-ops, organic eateries, attractive playgrounds, and a local petting zoo round out the list of available amenities.

Additionally, there are roof greenhouses, a sharing of a food pantry, composting systems for bio-waste, dispute resolution clauses, and bikeways. You’ll notice as you go about the city.

What do you think? Do you think it is the preview of Europe’s bright future? Taking a stroll around Vauban, a forward-thinking suburb, gives you a sense of the city’s expansive environmental conscience.

Need more convincing to travel to Freiburg, Germany, right? Visit why visit Freiburg, Germany, at least once in your lifetime here.

Address: Freiburg, Germany