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Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Tbilisi, Georgia. #Top Attractions

Best & Fun Things To Do + Places To Visit In Tbilisi, Georgia. #Top Attractions

Do you have Tbilisi, Georgia, on your vacation itinerary? If you’re looking for the top attractions and fun things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia, then look no further than Tbilisi, Georgia. Scroll down, and you’ll find our top travel suggestions for Tbilisi, Georgia, for the best places to visit in Tbilisi, Georgia. Wondrous Drifter is an ambitious Web 3.0 travel startup with the potential to revolutionize the market.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia / Mary Birago / Unsplash

Among the many reasons to visit Georgia’s attractive city, Tbilisi, are its world-class restaurants, wineries, and soothing thermal spas.

The churches of Sameba and Sioni, Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue, Agmashenebeli Avenue, the ancient Narikala Fortress, the pseudo-Moorish Opera Theater, and the Georgian National Museum are just a few of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, has been included in an international online magazine’s list of 53 cities that it’s a must-see destination for everyone.

A boulevard runs along the right bank of the Mtkvari, partially carved out of a steep valley by the Ortachalskaya hydropower plant in Tbilisi.

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, is one of Europe’s safest cities.

Tbilisi, like Italy, is known for its passion for cuisine and wine, but it’s far cheaper.

It also has some of Europe’s highest peaks and some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

This city is a must-see for anybody who likes food and art.


Atashgah Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

Looking for something to do in Tbilisi to avoid the crowds? The next Tbilisi destination could be in the center of the Old City. Still, it’s so unusual that you’ll most likely be alone.

Tbilisi, Georgia’s ancient Zoroastrian fire temple, the Atashgah, is also known as the ‘Ateshgah.

The Atashgah is a pre-Islamic Zoroastrian fire temple. Throughout Zoroastrianism, a fire brazier is always burning in the temples. Because fire is considered sacred according to the Zoroastrian faith.

On the Old Town hills to the northeast of the Mother Georgia monument, Atashgah is located about 100 meters east of Holy Mother of God Church in Bethlehem. Perspex covers the roof of an antique brick structure.

Georgian capital Tbilisi is home to one of the city’s oldest religious buildings, the temple.

To protect the Atashgah, the city has carefully hidden it from public view. Some historians believe it was built during the Sassanian era, even though its exact year of construction is unknown.

While the Atashgah is in ruins and the fire is out, it is still a fascinating sight in Tbilisi and a reminder of an ancient, nearly extinct religion. This is a must-see!

Address: MRQ4 + G6H, Gomi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia


Abanotubani Tbilisi

Bath house domes in Abanotubani Tbilisi / Roberto Strauss / Flickr

Do you want to unwind and recharge? It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to relax and cleanse your body in the brick domes.

The old part of Tbilisi begins at Abanotubani, near the remnants of the Narikala Fortress, and continues to Freedom Square.

Historic homes from the 19th century and structures with big holes in their facade convey their own story amid the maze-like alleyways they’re nestled in.

The sulphur spa sector is simple to discover as you approach the Old City; simply look for the brick domes.

The Baths District of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is one of the city’s oldest areas. On Mtkvari’s right bank.

The city’s name derives from the Ancient Georgian word t’bili, which means ‘warm.’ It refers to numerous sulphur springs.

You may select from a variety of public and private bathhouses, and most include the option of male and female baths.

This is unquestionably Tbilisi’s must-see tourist destination!

Address: MRQ6 + 6CR, Abano Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Cable Car to Narikala Fortress

Cable Car to Narikala Fortress Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

You may obtain beautiful access to views using an aerial tram up to the Narikala Fortress.

Across the Kura River from the Old Town, Rike Park can board a cable car to the fortress. You may walk up the hill through the city, following the beautiful Betlemi Street until you reach the top.

Tbilisi’s cable car ride to Narikala Fortress is one of the city’s most popular activities! 

Traveling by ropeway is not eligible for a discount scheme. However, all groups with preferred prices in municipal transportation are automatically given favorable treatment in this transportation.

First erected in the fourth century AD to protect a Persian castle, the fortification grew during the next century before being destroyed by an explosion in the mid-19th century.

Today, two fortified parts may be accessed by hiking to the top, but the terrain is exceedingly steep and icy.

This is one of the most incredible activities in town! You could ride a cable car with a breathtaking view and an absolute must-see!

Address: MRQ5+4R8, Tbilisi, Georgia

Dry Bridge Flea Market

Dry Bridge Flea Market

Dry Bridge Flea Market / shankar s. / Flickr

Are you going to Tbilisi to do some shopping? Suppose you’re seeking Soviet-era collectibles, odd trinkets, prints, old cameras, coins, traditional jewelry, drinking horns, rugs, etc. In that case, the Dry Bridge Flea Market is the place to go.

It’s a great flea market in the heart of Georgia’s capital, especially if you’re a fan of vintage and antique items. All kinds of antiques and more may be found here.

Dry Bridge market used to be a location for locals to sell their belongings to make a little more money. This might be a full-time job for some folks.

People who enjoy street shopping might visit the Flea Market Dry Bridge, which has a wide variety of souvenirs.

The flea market, of course, is a location where you may haggle. Especially for visitors, prices may be exaggerated. 

If the weather is favorable, the park is open every day from 10:00 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. Weekends tend to bring more vendors and tourists.

Rustaveli Avenue, near the Rustaveli Metro Station, has a comparable selection of antiques. Still, the Dry Bridge Flea Market is the place to go for a truly unique keepsake!

Address: PR23+96X, Tbilisi, Georgia

Eat Churchkhela (Georgian Snickers)

Strings of juice-coated almonds that resemble multicolored candelabra are delightful.

Visitors visiting the Caucasus may be baffled by a cluster of brightly colored churchkhela. Nuts aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you look at them.

They are made by stringing nuts like walnuts, almonds, or pistachios, and fruit like dried fruit like raisins or peaches, or plums, together in a cylinder shape.

To create the thick, waxy fruit syrup, they repeatedly dip the strand in solid grape juice, sugar, and flour. The completed product may be stored for an extended period after a few days of air drying.

During combat, soldiers relied on sticks of the well-preserved, compact candy. “Georgian Snickers bar” was coined as a byproduct of the high-calorie treat’s reputation as an energy source.

Most civilians don’t use sweets as a fuel source, however. Snack-sized slices are typical over the holidays.

If you’re looking for a quick bite while visiting Tbilisi, this one!

Address: Tbilisi, Georgia

Fabrika Hostel

Fabrika Hostel Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

Sleep, dine, drink, design, create, engage, discover, and learn at Tbilisi’s Fabrika Hostel.

Even if you didn’t stay at Fabrika Hostel, you should spend a whole day there because it was the location of the Touch Digital conference, which was held there.

When you visit Fabrika, you’ll have a remarkable experience, from comfort and design to exciting events and excellent facilities to beautiful employees. Fabrika was once a decommissioned Soviet sewing factory.

This is the place to be at the heart of the city’s creative energy.

Located in Tbilisi’s historic center, Fabrika offers easy access to the city’s best attractions and lesser-known jewels.

Alternatively, you may use the subway, only a short walk away, or stroll through the city’s twisting backstreets.

Converted from an old textile mill, the hostel has common areas, including coworking spaces, cafes, small businesses, and engaging public art installations.

Staying at this Tbilisi, Georgia, hotel is the ideal option for visitors.

Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Gallery 27

Gallery 27 Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

The combination of stained glass and wooden staircase in this Tbilisi mansion makes it the city’s most romantic (and Instagrammable) location.

On top of that, stores offer a variety of art and crafts done by young Georgian artists on the upper stairwells, some of which are excellent keepsakes.

High-quality, handcrafted artwork is on display at Gallery 27. Since 2013, Nino Kvavilashvili has been running a small batik art gallery. More than a hundred Georgian artists from Tbilisi and other parts of the country with Nino will display their original works of art.

The goal at Gallery 27 is to cultivate close, mutually beneficial connections with outstanding suppliers and clients from throughout the world.

In addition, classic blue tablecloths and jewelry made of enamel discovered handmade scarves and wall hangings decorated with hand-painted designs and leather and ceramics that keep the warmth of the creator’s hands.

You may participate in our seminars if you want to do something different and acquire new skills and techniques.

Address: N3 Betlemi St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia

Juma Mosque

 Juma Mosque Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

Attention and tourists are drawn to the building’s magnificent mosaic front because of its unique design.

First erected in the Ottoman period in the 18th century, the mosque was restored three times.

In the 1740s, the Persians conquered and conquered it. Giovanni Scudieri, an Italian architect, restored the structure between 1846 and 1851.

A blend of neo-Gothic and Islamic styles can be found throughout the city’s architecture. An eight-sided minaret is one of the gate’s most notable features.

Although the Tbilisi Mosque is originally Sunni, it now accommodates worshippers of both the Sunni and Shiite faiths. There were only two individuals in the region before 1951, Shiites and Sunnis.

To build the Metekhi bridge, the blue mosque had to be torn down. The Juma Mosque welcomed the Shiites since they had nowhere else to go. The mosque was formerly split into two sections, one for Sunnis and one for Shiites, by a black curtain.

The mosque’s internal area has been reunited with the rest of the building and is accessible to everyone. This is your chance to view this excellent mosque for yourself!

Address: Botanikuri Street, 32 Botanical St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Liberty Square

Liberty Square

Liberty Square / Dan Lundberg / Flickr

There are incredible vistas, various retail complexes, and many places to explore in this packed and gorgeous Liberty Square.

Tbilisi’s Liberty Square is one of the city’s most popular and congested areas.

You can find some of the best examples of late 19th and early 20th-century architecture. Zurab Tsereteli erected a St. George statue in the middle of the square. Around Liberty Square, you’ll find everything from hotels and stores to banks, the Tbilisi Tourist Center, the Tbilisi City Assembly, and museums.

Galleria Tbilisi is a large retail mall located near Liberty Square. Pushkin Square may be found right around the corner. 

The Georgian Art Museum, located below Pushkin Square, houses some of the most unique chase art and painting pieces.

There is also a Georgian National Museum and a Rustaveli Cinema nearby. You’ll find a wide range of art and historical exhibitions at the National Museum. Rustaveli Avenue, the city’s principal thoroughfare, links Liberty Square.

You can easily visit Tbilisi’s historic neighborhoods from the square and view many of the city’s sites, which is highly recommended for your vacation to Tbilisi.

Address: 11 Aleksandr Pushkin St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia

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Leaning Tower of Tbilisi

Leaning Tower of Tbilisi

Leaning Tower of Tbilisi / amanderson2 / Flickr

As if Tbilisi’s Clock Tower Puppet Theater wasn’t already neglected enough.

Tbilisi’s leaning tower is a unique architectural feature.

The tower looks to be unstable at first glance, with only a steel beam supporting it from falling down.

Despite the tower’s shambles, the clock still sits atop a leaning column.

If you look closely, you may see that the building is newer than you might expect. The tower is a new building that has been linked to the famous puppet theater by Rezo Gabriadze.

In addition to designing the structure, he also designed the following building, which will contain the theater. Gabriadze’s dream theater took him 30 years to build because he had to find new uses for old things and buildings that an earthquake had damaged.

Tbilisi has a lot to offer families looking for things to do. Take a look at the nearby clock tower and puppet theater for some photo opportunities! This is the ideal location for a family outing!

Address: 13 Ioane Shavteli St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Mtatsminda Park

Ferris wheel in Mtatsminda Park

Ferris wheel in Mtatsminda Park / Randy Shan / Flickr

Hoping for a fun vantage point to see Tbilisi from? Mtatsminda Park, on the other hand, is a good option.

The city’s tallest point, the Tbilisi TV tower, is just a short walk away.

Located atop Mtatsminda, the Mtatsminda Park entertainment complex overlooks the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

It’s Tbilisi’s highest point, encompassing over 100 acres of land. The Park dates back more than a century.

Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda Park is the city’s most popular amusement park. It’s the ideal option for having a good time and unwinding.

In addition to the numerous cafes and souvenir stores, there is a giant Ferris Wheel at the base of the mountain and picnic areas and a kid amusement center. The Park also has a great perspective of the city, a funicular tram, and several other exciting things.

This is a great place to go if you enjoy fresh air, exciting rides and attractions, and ongoing activities. You’ll unwind, have a good time, and spend quality time with your loved ones when you receive excellent customer service.

Address: 9 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Old City Wall

Old City Wall Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

If you’re looking for a snug, cave-like ambiance to enjoy a rainy-day meal, this restaurant is for you.

Georgia’s Old City Wall is a restaurant. Georgian Accent and Day Off are also nearby, as is Old City Wall.

Old City Wall’s patrons enjoy the delicious Georgian fare they get there. They order Georgian wine and khachapuri as well as veggie salads. Nothing compares to the pleasure of a delightful Compote.

Everyone can find something they like in the broad wine selection. Many customers will return for a cup of tea or a refreshing drink at this establishment.

In the eyes of many visitors, the staff is welcoming. This restaurant’s customer service is out of this world.

Prices appear to be reasonable, at least in the eyes of the reviewers. This restaurant has a pleasant environment and contemporary design.

Get the beef stew, garlic chicken, and khachapuri/khinkali, all washed down with amber wine, while you’re there!

Address: 2 Shota Nishnianidze St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge Tbilisi

Peace Bridge Tbilisi / T L / Flickr

The unique bridge with the most memorable name will have you wondering why it was called that way.

On the 6th of May, 2010, it was declared open to the public in all its glory. Michele de Luca designed the bridge and the MIA and Presidential Palace buildings, and Philippe Martino designed the lighting for the structure.

During the night, the reflection of the lights in the water makes this glass bridge even more stunning. Rike Park, located close to the Peace Bridge, is a well-equipped amusement park and a great place to relax.

Tbilisi’s Peace Bridge is a renowned tourist attraction. The modern design bridge provides eclecticism to the landscape of ancient Tbilisi.

Given Georgia’s complex history and Tbilisi’s own stormy past, dedicating a monument in this manner seems appropriate. That is precisely what this edifice is: a memorial. The administration might have chosen a short bridge.

This is a must-see, especially at night, to appreciate how lovely it is and the beautiful views it provides.

Address: MRV5+58G, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Old Town

Tbilisi Old Town

Narikala Fortess, Tbilisi, Georgia / specchio.nero / Flickr

Looking for something to do in Tbilisi? Starting at the city’s Old Town is an excellent spot to begin your explorations.

There are trellised vines with flowing grapes right in the city center. It displays Georgia’s millennia-old love affair with wine in the Old Town of Tbilisi. A maze of tiny alleyways with colorful buildings, wandering cats, and courtyards.

Wine tasting establishments exist throughout the nation, which is reputed to be the origin of the wine. Wine Underground in Tbilisi’s old town is a great place to sample Georgian wine.

Walking about the Old Town is constructed on the side of the hill going up to Narikala Fortress. It has a steep ascent and steps leading to breathtaking vistas, the best way to feel it.

There may be many churches and antique shops here and freshly renovated houses with brightly painted exteriors and creaky spiral stairs.

Racha, a Georgian restaurant off the beaten path, serves robust, flavorful, and reasonably priced Georgian cuisine. The dining room is nearly completely submerged and is computed on a wooden abacus.

Make room on your Georgia itinerary for chacha or flavor-infused vodka.

The Lower Bethlehem Church

The Lower Bethlehem Church Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

This is the most incredible spot to say your prayer petitions, and it also has an intriguing structure!

King Vakhtang Gorgasali, according to mythology, erected the first church at this location in the fifth century.

There are rumors that his mother and sister were buried in the same plot. The Lower Bethlehem Church will be seen as you begin your ascent of Betlemi Street. Armenians took over and finished it in the years 1725-1727.

It is made using ancient Georgian bricks embedded in the stone. It has been operating as a Georgian Orthodox Church since 1988.

From 1991 to 1997, the church’s interior was painted by two well-known Georgian artists, D. Khidasheli and M. Chakvetadze.

Even after all this time, the church continues to hold services on the weekends.

Ascending 120 steps erected in 1850 is required to reach a lovely church. Up at the bluff is the Upper Bethlehem Church, a historic landmark.

Make a visit here to pray for the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

Address: 5 Betkemi Rise, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Tbilisi Botanical Garden / Vladimir Shioshvili / Flickr

Want to reduce weight while traveling? This is an incredible place for you. Its stunning environment and plants make it a perfect site for walking and biking.

Located in the heart of Tbilisi’s old town, the Tbilisi Botanical Garden has been in existence for almost a century.

The Botanical Garden has been known as the royal garden from antiquity, as described in 17th-century travelers’ writings.

The gardens evolved into an arboretum around 1845, when they took on their current appearance. As a result, the Tbilisi Botanical Garden is one of Russia’s oldest botanical gardens.

More than 3500 different plants may be found at the Tbilisi Botanic Garden. A total of 128 hectares of land is devoted to various flora from throughout the world and pavilions, shaded alleyways, a few waterfalls, and bridges.

Plant aficionados will enjoy perusing the Botanical Garden’s collection of unusual specimens. Nearby the gardens lies an ancient Muslim cemetery, the final resting place of many notable Caucasian personalities.

Sitting under the shadow of a centuries-old tree by the river, anybody may relax and take in the scenery. You need to go no farther than here for a romantic thing in Tbilisi!

Address: 12 Bambis Rigi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

The “Tbilisi Sea”

The “Tbilisi Sea” Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

Seas the day with the captivating view of this gorgeous beach, Which might help you relax.

The Samgori Reservoir on the Iori Plateau, northeast of Tbilisi, is also known as the Tbilisi Reservoir and the Tbilisi Sea. Avlabari, Ilgunian, and Kukia salt lakes were located on the site.

The Sea of Tbilisi is large to the north and west but small to the east and south. Length: 8.75 km; width: 1.85 km at its broadest point.

Summer day trips from Tbilisi to Batumi’s Black Sea resort town are pretty popular. However, it’s a bit of a drive from the capital city.

Tbilisi Sea, Georgia’s capital city, is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Attractions and a wellness facility are included in the new Gino Paradise aquapark. 

Two obelisks built in the 1950s mark the site of the reservoir’s opening on the Tbilisi Seaside of Varketili.

Tbilisi Sea and Turtle Lake, two nearby lakes where swimming and sunbathing are permitted, are popular destinations for city people. Take notice of this Tbilisi attraction if you’re coming in the summer!

Address: Tbilisi, Georgia

The ‘Italian Courtyards’

The ‘Italian Courtyards’ Tbilisi, Georgia

Image for illustration purposes only

You will fall in love with Tbilisi’s historic wooden houses and the people who still call them home.

As a general rule, when people think about Georgian architecture. They think of bold Soviet remnants such as the Wedding Palace and the Ministry of Highway Construction. The modern but no less controversial Rhike Music Theater and Exhibition Hall.

As a Tbilisi resident will tell you, the city is most known for its beautiful “Italian” courtyards, which everybody adores.

Numerous residences in the Old City of Tbilisi have what are known as “Italian Courtyards,” which are essentially open-air courtyards with wooden balconies. 

Spiral staircases may or may not be included in the design of these structures.

They can range from neatly manicured to overgrown and overrun with green plants and old, discarded items like bicycles and cars that have been left amid the courtyard.

If you were wondering, these courtyards aren’t ‘Italian’ but instead derived from Persian caravanserais. Regardless, they’re one of Tbilisi’s most intriguing sights!

Address: Tbilisi, Georgia

Vera District

Vera District Tbilisi

Vera District Tbilisi / Thomas Depenbusch (Depi) / Flickr

Are you seeking a place to go away from the city’s historic center? The Rooms Hotel is one of my favorite places in Tbilisi’s Vera District.

Central location in a quiet green neighborhood. There are several private yards and gardens. It’s so well-known that there’s even a stage production called “Melodies of Vera District.”

First and foremost, it’s a Tbilisi-style neighborhood. Stroll around its higher reaches and take note of its architectural characteristics, which have remained virtually untouched since the late 1800s.

A music theater and two pub/bar streets are also located there (Kiacheli and Akhvlediani/Perovskaya).

There are numerous instances of ‘Italian Courtyards’ and some fantastic street art in the neighborhood around the northern end of Rustaveli Avenue. It’s a terrific place to spend some time.

Tbilisi’s Vera is one of the city’s most romantic attractions. So don’t forget to put it in your schedule! Take a stroll from Rustaveli metro station up to Round Garden and check out the modest eateries in the back yards of Barnovi and Zandukeli streets.

Address: Tbilisi, Georgia