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Where should you go for the holidays? Try Andorra. Get the most out of your vacation by exploring the best things to do in Andorra and the best places to visit in Andorra below. Wondrous Drifter is a cutting-edge, Web 3.0 travel startup that aspires to change the world.

Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Andorra la Vella, Andorra / Aleksandr Zykov / Flickr

Wander around the highest city in Europe, Andorra la Vella! It is the most popular place for people to visit in this small country.

Andorra is one of Europe’s most mountainous countries, with 65 peaks above 2,000 meters, making it one of Europe’s highest.
Regarding elevation, the maximum height is the Comapedrosa peak (2,942 meters).

Also, the lowest is where the river Runer crosses the border with Spain (838 m). The average elevation is 1,996 m above sea level.

Andorra la Vella is a bustling city with many activities and events to participate in throughout the year. Explore the city’s business districts and indulge in a packed shopping day.

Explore the ancient gathering places, both social and religious, which have evolved into the gems in the crown of Andorran culture throughout the centuries.

Wander down around the historic center of Andorra la Vella. You’ll find yourself transported back in time via history, culture, and custom.

Pal-Arinsal, Andorra

Pal-Arinsal, Andorra
Pal-Arinsal, Andorra is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Enjoy your time on the slopes in the Winter Wonderland of Andorra!
63 km of slopes are designated on the Vallnord piste map, making Vallnord Pal-Arinsal the ideal destination for learners and families who wish to learn to ski.

It is a favorite destination for family ski holidays because of its top-notch ski schools and various enjoyable activities, including snowshoeing, sledding, and snowmobiling.

Heli-skiing, ski-biking, and speed riding (a cross between skiing and hang gliding) are all options for the extremely daring. Suppose you’re seeking to truly spend on a customized ski or snowboard excursion in the Alps. In that case, you can rent a helicopter and a pilot for the day.

Vallnord is extremely well-served in lodgings, with a wide range of alternatives, from cheap hostels to luxury hotels. Since the area is so mountainous, several winter sports opportunities are available.

Winter tourists are inevitably drawn to ski resorts and snow, which are among the most popular attractions in the region. And also don’t forget about those chilly evenings by the fireplace!


Caldea, Andorra
Caldea, Andorra / Giorgio Minguzzi / Flickr

Take a moment to appreciate the Thermal Andorran Spa!

With its beautiful glass pyramid tower, the enormous Caldea Spa Complex (the biggest in Europe) stands majestically at Andorra la Vella, located in the heart of the country’s capital.

Andorra’s Caldea spa opened to the public in 1994 and has become a major tourist attraction.

It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its groundbreaking thermal spring recreational concept and world-class amenities. Over 30,000 m2 of stress-free relaxation space makes it the most extensive spa in Southern Europe.

Mega-spa Caldea is structured around four spas: Inuu Spa (spa for adults), Origins Spa (themed sensory baths), Thermal Spring Leisure Spa (huge spa of CAldea), and Likids Spa (a spa for the kids).

One of the most memorable pleasures in life is soaking in the mineral-rich warm waters that flow from the city’s thermal spring. It is used to power Caldea’s innovative spa.

Make sure to visit the spa’s Inúu facility if you’re looking for a more secluded adult-only encounter.

Les Escaldes Town

Les Escaldes Town, Andorra
Les Escaldes Town is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Explore various Museums in the Andorran town of Les Escaldes!
Les Escaldes, an Andorran village not far from Andorra la Vella, gets its name from the numerous hot springs that mark the area.

The town’s waters, which range from a delightful 22 degrees Celsius to a blistering 66 degrees Celsius, have been recognized for their health benefits since Roman times.

The Viladomat museum is one of the highlights of Escaldes town. This museum is dedicated to the life and work of the Catalan artist Josep Viladomat. It may be found in Andorra’s Escaldes-Engordany parish.

The Thyssen Museum, which houses a private collection of 19th and 20th-century masters, including Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, and Paul Gauguin, is also worth visiting.

The museum regularly hosts traveling exhibits as the country’s newest significant tourist spot.

Various art-related attractions await in the town of Les Escaldes in Andorra, so be sure to explore these pieces of art during your visit to the country.

Santa Coloma d’ Andorra Church

Santa Coloma d’ Andorra Church, Andorra
Santa Coloma d’ Andorra Church is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Visit Santa Coloma d’ Andorra Church!

This Andorran town, also known as the town of Santa Coloma, is located beside the Gran Valira River. It is just two kilometers from the capital city of Andorra la Vella.

The Santa Coloma Church has a polychrome wood figure of Our Lady of the Remedies (12th–13th centuries) and a Baroque altarpiece (18th–19th centuries) attributed to Saint Coloma.

Visitors may explore the ancient town of Santa Coloma, with its traditional houses and the modernist Els Russos tower. It was constructed by Cesar Martinell, an icon of Andorra’s granite construction.

The great painter of Santa Coloma painted the structure with 12th-century Romanesque murals. In 2007, the Andorran Government reclaimed these artworks, which had been stolen from the country in 1930.

It’s just the overhanging arch and the Agnus Dei flanked by two angels left in the church today.

Come to Santa Coloma Church and enjoy the full visit experience from Columba space.

La Cortinada

La Cortinada, Andorra
La Cortinada, Andorra / MARIA ROSA FERRE / Flickr

The charming town of La Cortinada is noted for its beautiful historical buildings and for being a destination of virtually unrivaled natural beauty in Andorra.

It rests among flower meadows, farms, and majestic mountains and is renowned for its elegant historical structures.

Visit the Sant Mart de la Cortinada church at La Cortinada to see colorful paintings and a dovecot, both examples of Romanesque architecture.

Additionally, there is an abundance of the carved wooden altar from the 18th century, a sculptured confessional, and carved wooden embellishments.
In addition to the town itself, several walking paths surround it if you’d want to see the surrounding scenery and a range of native plant species.

The utilization of natural resources from the surrounding land is a distinguishing aspect of this rural town, both in its architecture and customs.

That is why you should include your vacation with a visit to the La Cortinada Nature Centre. In this permanent display, you can observe the flora and fauna of Andorra firsthand!

El Serrat–Ordino, Andorra

El Serrat–Ordino, Andorra
El Serrat–Ordino, Andorra

El Serrat, a little hamlet, tucked away in the Valira del Nord Valley, is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Andorra la Vella.

At the apex of the El Serrat valley, within Ordino, Andorra, lies the mountain village of El Serrat. Explore Arcalis’ large ski area and take in the breathtaking views of the region’s lakes and mountains.

During the summer, explore the lush, steep landscape on picturesque hiking paths to experience the rich natural beauty. The best Andorran food is available year-round at restaurants with stunning mountain views.

There are many fun things around El Serrat, like birdwatching, hiking, cross country skiing, and snowboarding downslope in the winter.

Because of the village’s location in a mountain range, it’s possible to see the surrounding landscape. Nature enthusiasts should definitely take advantage of the chance to stroll around.

Valira D’Orient Valley, Andorra

Valira D’Orient Valley, Andorra
Valira D’Orient Valley, Andorra is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Andorra’s magnificent alpine landscape can be seen from the comfort of a vehicle during a visit to the country.

In the Valira d’Orient Valley, picturesque towns, villages, and historical structures appear out of nowhere as you travel through the area. San Miquel Engloasters, a Romanesque church in the Pyrenees, is one of these examples.

San Miquel d’Engolasters was constructed in the 12th century, during Andorra’s golden age of Romanesque art, at the same time as other notable Andorran churches like Sant Joan de Caselles in Canillo.

Most of the structure’s original characteristics are still visible. However, subsequent modifications like the entrance have been included.
Lake Engolasters, an artificial lake formed by a dam, is a short walk away and a popular fishing and tourist destination.

Another place to visit is Saint Joan de Caselles, in the Valira d’Orient Valley in Andorra. It is one of the best-known sites in the country. It is one of Europe’s finest examples of classical architecture.

Don’t miss out on the stunning and picturesque landscape Andorra offers!

Canillo, Andorra

Sant Joan de Caselles, Canillo, Andorra
Sant Joan de Caselles, Canillo, Andorra / Angela Lop / Flickr

Canillo, the highest parish in the Principality of Andorra, is called Andorra’s peak.

In addition, Canillo is a modern and mountainous tourist destination that provides guests with quality and tranquility. This area has abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, including world-class natural wonders that lure visitors.

Canillo’s climate is often more relaxed and drier than the other Principality’s parishes. The Sant Joan de Caselles Chapel, established in the 11th century in the Romanesque style, is located north of the hamlet.

As a small stone chapel built by local craftsmen, it has gained notoriety thanks to its intact paintings and sculptures featuring a stucco Jesus Christ.
Andorra’s stunning landscape and rustic local eateries make it a perfect combination for visiting the chapel.

This may also be combined with a rural stroll and a stop at one of the rustic restaurants.

It is essential to note that this region contains many beautiful trails and routes traversed by many hikers each year. The villages and towns in this zone retain their traditional mountain architecture, which creates a comfortable ambiance.


Ordino, Andorra
Ordino, Andorra / Naval S / Flickr

The village, located at the foot of Casamanya Mountain, offers a relaxed environment and rustic appeal. The town of Ordino is an important stopping place for people who wish to explore more of the Valira del Nord Valley.

The 17th-century Casa Plairal d’Areny de Plandolit, the previous residence of Baron de Senaller, is a popular tourist destination in Ordino.

An elegant iron balcony and a former workshop with a barrel organ are just some of the historical features displayed at the residence. The original structure originates from the 12th century and has undergone various renovations.

This leads us to 19th and 20th century Andorra, where you will see many unique and unique things about this family. They were highly significant around 1600 and 1900.

They were the only household with noble titles in the Principality in an era when luxuries and comforts were not available.

You can also view the Andorra National Auditorium and the estate’s gardens.

Other notable features include original copies of Andorra’s national hymn in the music room and the beautifully furnished private chapel, which are well worth seeing.

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Anyos, Andorra

Anyos, Andorra
Sant Cristòfol d’Anyós, la Massana, Andorra / Angela Llop / Flickr

The charming village of Anyós is located in the La Massana parish. It is approximately one kilometer outside of the town of La Massana. It is a pleasant place to spend a day touring.

The Church of St. Christopher is situated in the center of Anos. It is dedicated to the patron saint of travelers. High on the steep hills surrounding a little town on the left of the Valira, this stone church in Romanesque architecture was most likely built in the XII century.

It is an excellent example of the architecture of the time.

Hundreds of motorists gather here on the 10th of July to respect their subordinates. This church has a unique look with its XVII-XVIII century altar with a figure of St. Christopher and old paintings from that period.

The church’s observation deck has a stunning view of the valley below.
Bird watching and fishing are also popular activities in the Anyós neighborhood.

This is a great spot to walk and see the native Alpine flora and animals.

Pas de la casa Grandvalira, Andorra

Pas de la Casa, Grandvalira, Andorra
Pas de la Casa, Grandvalira, Andorra / VICTOR VIC / Flickr

The Pas de la Casa area boasts extensive slopes for all skill levels, allowing everyone to enjoy the finest winter activities.

Pas de la Casa, a popular ski resort in Andorra near the French border, currently has 31 ski lifts. This allows guests to reach all of the resorts below the Pic d’Envalira.

Pas de la Casa is a better option for beginner and skilled skiers than other Andorran ski resorts. It has several red ski areas that cover the surrounding area.

Pas de la Casa is also noted for its infinite storefronts with the most acceptable pricing. It is regarded as one of Andorra’s top shopping zones.

It also has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the country, with bars and massive parties, making it one of the most appealing areas for young people.
It also provides one of the most diverse lodging options in Andorra.


Encamp, Andorra
Encamp is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Make your way over to the town of Encamp, divided by the Valira d’Orient River.

A top-rated attraction in Encamp is the National Automobile Museum, which has an extensive collection of historic autos, including steam-powered automobiles and motorbikes.

In addition to being the initial point of entry into the territory from Spain, the Encamp ski sector is also the most convenient to the towns of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany.

The Funicamp gondola lift, which runs for 6 kilometers between the towns of Encamp and Solanelles, needs just 15 minutes to carry passengers between the two locations.

Solanelles is the highest point on the hills. It offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views of the entire region, so make sure to visit here.

The Funicamp is a unique experience, as it’s one of the longest cable cars in Europe and one of the most scenic.

Encamp is indeed a picturesque site to be enjoyed!


Meritxell, Andorra
Meritxell, Andorra / Pedro / Flickr

Take a trip to the small town of Meritxell to see the beautiful Basilica Sanctuary of Our Lady of Meritxell.

For the people of Andorra, the sacred site of Meritxell holds a special place in their hearts. Indeed, the country’s patron saint, Our Lady of Meritxell, may be found here.

After a fire in the 1970s, the Romanesque-style sanctuary built in the 17th century was meticulously saved and rebuilt. Ornate saint sculptures adorn the church, featuring a stunning mirror chamber.

The Marian Route, which connects El Pilar, Montserrat, Torreciudad, and Lourdes in Spain and France, includes Meritxell as one of its stops. As a result, the temple became a popular destination for those seeking religious and spiritual inspiration.

Another attraction is the Basilica Sanctuary of Meritxell’s lovely location in a secluded valley in Canillo’s parish. Its setting, either snow-white in the summer or lush green the remainder of the year, lends a sense of reverence and peace to the temple’s design.

These factors have contributed to the Basilica Sanctuary of Meritxell becoming a must-see destination for travelers interested in Andorran culture and customs.

La Massana, Andorra

Santa Victoria, La Massana, Andorra
Santa Victoria, La Massana, Andorra / MARIA ROSA FERRE / Flickr

See what La Massana offers visitors visiting Andorra’s capital city of Andorra la Vella. If you’re into religious art, history, and architecture, La Massana is the place for you to go.

La Massana is a town in the Principality of Andorra’s west. The Alto de Comapedrosa, standing at 2,943 meters, is located in this high mountain parish. The Valls del Comapedrosa Communal Park can be seen from there.

Suppose you’ve ever wanted to see the differences between the Romanesque and traditional architecture of yesteryear and the avant-garde creations of today.

In that case, this trip will take you through the parish capital of La Massana, where you’ll have a chance to see both.

Before continuing your city tour, visit one of La Massana’s major temples, the Church of Sant Iscle and Santa Victoria. It was constructed on the site of a medieval temple and had Baroque architecture and religious artifacts.

Despite its small size, La Massana has one of the country’s most fabulous hotels. Restoration offers numerous commercial businesses where you can buy high-quality items at low costs.

La Massana is an excellent choice for those looking for an all-encompassing vacation experience.

Casa de la Vall (Andorra la Vella, Andorra)

Casa de la Vall, Andorra
Casa de la Vall, Andorra / Karoly Lorentey / Flickr

There are several reasons why Casa de la Vall is one of Andorra’s most recognizable landmarks. It is located in Andorra la Vella’s historic center and is open to the public.

On a cliff overlooking the Valira Valley, the Busquets family constructed Casa de la Vall as a manor house in the late 16th century. The Consell General, the Parliament of Andorra, purchased it in 1702 and used it as its headquarters until 2011.

After a substantial refurbishment in 1962, it could better serve the community by offering a better main session space and improving the building’s physical condition. The Consell General relocated to a new location in Andorra la Vella in 2011, again in 2011.

Casa de la Vall has several unique rooms and surprises for guests, including a quadrangular floor plan and three galleries, typical stately residences. The bottom level and two above stories make up the building’s interior.

There is a square outside where you can look at the dovecote and the architectural features of the building, which are made with lime and sandstone mortar.

The roof of the gabled building is made of slate, and the entrance has stone keystones.

If you want to go to Casa de Vall, you’ll have to buy a ticket. You can do this at the reception of the building. You can do a self-guided tour with an audio guide or ask for a guided tour.

You’ll need to make a reservation over the phone or send an e-mail in advance if you want to go on a tour. Because the building is so old, its structure isn’t set up for people who have difficulty getting around.

La Noblesse du Temps, Andorra

 La Noblesse du Temps, Andorra
La Noblesse du Temps, Andorra is one of the best places to go in Andorra

An authentic Salvador Dali sculpture may be found in one of the world’s tiniest countries.

Plaça de la Rotonda in the centre of Andorra Vella is home to an incredible bronze statue titled “La Noblesse du Temps” (The Noblesse of Time). Salvador Dali was the mastermind of the sculpture depicting a melting clock that symbolizes time passing.

Although Salvador Dali’s artwork “Noblesse du temps” was donated to the Andorran government in 1999, it wasn’t placed in its present location in Andorra la Vella’s Rotonda Square until 2010.

The nobility of time weighs 1,400 kilos and rises to 4.90 meters. Many Salvador Dali fans worldwide are excited to visit Andorra to see this one-of-a-kind masterpiece crafted by the artist himself.

If you want a good shot, you’ll have to stand in queue before getting close enough.


Coma Pedrosa, Andorra

Coma Pedrosa, Andorra
Coma Pedrosa, Andorra / sena_fuhur / Flickr

Andorra’s highest peak is located on this mountain. The enormous peak of Coma Pedrosa towers above the settlement of Arinsal, which sits at the foot of a small valley by more than 1,500 meters. 

Its increased tourist exposure has drawn millions of visitors who come to appreciate the unique visual splendor of its hills and valleys.

The mountain’s highest levels are forested, while the lower reaches include some agricultural fields. The mountain is covered in snow during the winter, providing chances for skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, and scrambling. 

After passing Baiau, the mountain pass, the mountain gives numerous simple paths for walking across the Arinsal valley and other parts of Vall Ferrera in Spain during the summer season.

Pine, fir, and birch are the most common trees found in forests. Beautiful meadows and glacial lakes surround the mountain. Still, some rough ridges make the ascent challenging at the summit.

As the snow melts, mountaineers go to Coma Pedrosa, which is relatively straightforward to ascend by the standard path.

Mountain climbers love it because the ascent is technically simple but physically demanding. 

Mirador Roc del Quer, Andorra

Mirador Roc del Quer, Andorra
Mirador Roc del Quer, Canillo, Andorra / Fernando Prada Sanroman / Flickr

One of the sites you’ll never forget is the Mirador Roc del Quer viewpoint. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

Offering vistas that will last a lifetime also provides the rare opportunity to feel as if one is floating in mid-air over the majestic Pyrenees.

If you’ve been to Canillo recently, you’ll know that this is one of the town’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s open to everyone, accessible, and a great place to soak in the splendor of our country’s modest size.

Many refer to the Mirador del Quer as having a 20-meter walkway, of which only 8 meters are on solid ground. The remaining 12 appear to extend into the scenery itself.

This part of the walkway consists of a platform suspended in mid-air, giving the impression that you are floating above the valley.
The breathtaking view from the Mirador del Quer sets it apart from other lookout points.

On each side, you can see the lush greenery of Montaup and the icy whiteness of Valira d’Orient valleys.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a short outline of the surrounding countryside and an explanation of how the mountains came to be constructed.

Carmen Thyssen Museum, Andorra 

Carmen Thyssen Museum, Andorra
Carmen Thyssen Museum, Andorra is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Take advantage of the opportunity to see this contemporary beauty amid the Pyrenean mountains!

Carmen Thyssen Museum Andorra opened in March 2017 and has quickly become a must-see exhibition for art enthusiasts, particularly those interested in 19th and 20th-century painting.

The old Hotel Valira, now home to the Carmen Thyssen Museum Andorra, is a historic landmark and one of the outstanding representations of Andorran granite architecture.

The honeycomb arrangement of the granite stones on the façade reinforces this trait of the heritage of the Principality.

The exhibitions are presented annually and change every eleven months, enabling the construction of ‘mixed exhibitions’ in partnership with other institutions worldwide. Every year, the gallery will welcome pieces that will surprise even the most frequent visitor.

It’s worth mentioning that this art museum was named by UNESCO as Europe’s most outstanding new museum in 2018 and has been included in The Guardian’s list of the world’s top 20 museums.

Grandvalira Ski Resort, Andorra

Grandvalira Ski Resort, Andorra
Grandvalira Ski Resort, Andorra / / Flickr

Ski at a world-class resort in one of the world’s tiniest nations.
Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra, is located 210 kilometers (three hours) north of Barcelona and a relative distance (two hours) south of Toulouse.

The Grandvalira ski area stretches 17 kilometers from Encamp to Pas del la Casa and is just 7 kilometers from the city.

Grandvalira is the largest and most well-known ski resort in the Pyrenean mountains. Grandvalira is a big, interconnecting ski resort with many communities free of crowds.

However, Grandvalira doesn’t seem very big for all its size regarding advanced and off-piste terrain.

The few advanced piste trails aren’t very good, and the off-piste freeride lacks the long, steep fall lines and variety you’ve come to expect from other Pyrenees and Alps ski resorts.

Grandvalira has a lot of backcountry options for experienced riders who want to get away from the resort. The peaks and bowls up behind the resort would be their first choice.

With just a short drive from the capital, Grandvalira offers a unique ski vacation experience.

Lake Engolasters, Andorra

Lake Engolasters, Andorra
Lake Engolasters, Andorra / Angela Llop / Flickr

The Engolasters route is an interesting option for anyone pursuing an easy hike in Andorra.

It’s a short, linear, and relatively flat route with an elevation of only 408 meters throughout 2 km.

This route is approximately 2 hours long: 1 hour and 15 minutes to the end and 45 minutes back (the return journey is downhill). The area that it passes through belongs to the parish of Encamp.

Some of the region’s most frequent flora may be seen on each side of the walkway, including the fringed pink dianthus hyssopifolius.
You’ll also come across several historic Andorran structures, such as the Cresper “borda” (mountain cabin).

Even though it was formerly used for its historical significance, it now serves a totally distinct purpose: hiking trails run by it, and an adventure park starts up almost immediately as the ski season is over.

This adventure park has something for everyone with zip lines, balance games, and other activities geared at children.

Montmalús, Andorra

Montmalús, Andorra
Montmalús, Andorra is one of the best places to go in Andorra

To the top of a magnificent mountain, which has a peculiar shape like a table, you can see the Montmalus mountain range.

You can also see the Pessons lake sector, and the far-reaching vistas of the surrounding area from this vantage point.

As you look out over Lake Montmalus and across Eastern Pyrenees’ ridges, you can see mountains rising above Envalira Pass in the east.

As you look west, you can see a wide semicircle of ridges and mountains that make up the Pessons cirque and the long chain of lakes below them on the deep water.

Ten places can be found at an altitude of 2,445 meters, and there are 10 places. To get to the Montmalús Hut, you can drive to Soldeu and then take the bus.

The route takes about two hours and climbs 810 meters, which isn’t too hard. It has a fire and water next to it. During the summer, the hut is usually cleaned and kept up.

Montmalus is not guarded and is open all year.

Estany Blau, Andorra

Estany Blau, Andorra
Estany Blau, Andorra / Ferran Llorens / Flickr

Estany Blau is a lake in the municipality of Escaldes-Engordany in the province of Catalonia, Spain, with an altitude of 2,509 meters. Estany Blau is located near Estany del Gargantillar and west of Estany Forcat.

Estany Blau (the Blue Lake) has a surface area of 2.1 hectares. However, the water is muddy and has a greenish color.

You may explore the Madriu Valley, home to a broad range of natural habitats, showcasing the Principality’s ecosystems in all their glory. The Madriu Valley is home to three distinct ecosystems: low, middle, and high mountain ranges.

Amid a multitude of ridges, the lake is beautifully concealed. Following a challenging and steady ascent on twisting routes, there is a period of smooth walking up the mountain, followed by another steep and steady rise on winding paths. Once you get to the top, the views are breathtaking!

Sola Irrigation Canal, Andorra La Vella

Sola Irrigation Canal, Andorra La Vella
Sola Irrigation Canal, Andorra La Vella is one of the best places to go in Andorra

Andorra la Vella is home to the Sola Irrigation Canal Trail. As you plan your visit, remember that Sola Irrigation Canal Trail is one of several options available.

With the Sola Irrigation Canal, locals and tourists may now play sports, walk, and observe the city from a position that helps them better appreciate its growth. Tourists can simply let off steam after a long day of dealing with the stresses of urban life.

Several interpretive routes lead near the Solà irrigation canal, including agricultural transformation in the valley and a leisurely walk through the historic center of the parish.

You can also observe the growth and urbanization in the valley and people and their adaptation to natural hazards, a long walk through the historical and traditional heart of the parish.

One of the most remarkable ways to appreciate the beauty of Andorra da Vella is to walk along a trail that runs across the city’s hills and provides spectacular views in all directions!

Do you need any more convincing that Andorra is worth a visit? Hop over to why visit Andorra at least once in your lifetime here.

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