Reasons to visit Cairo Egypt

Reasons to visit Cairo, Egypt at least once in your lifetime

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Reasons to Visit Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, the bustling capital city of Egypt, is a vibrant destination that offers a rich blend of history, culture, and adventure. From awe-inspiring ancient wonders to lively markets and mouth-watering cuisine, Cairo has something to offer every traveler. Whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, or simply seeking a unique experience, Cairo is a must-visit destination that will ignite your senses and leave you with lasting memories. So pack your bags and prepare for an extraordinary journey as we explore 100 reasons why you should visit Cairo, Egypt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cairo offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and adventure.
  • The city is home to iconic ancient sites such as the Great Pyramids of Giza.
  • Experience the vibrant local culture through traditional markets and cuisine.
  • Explore the bustling streets of Cairo and witness the harmonious coexistence between the ancient and modern world.
  • Engage in thrilling activities, such as camel rides, desert safaris, and Nile cruises.
  1. Witness the Magnificent Pyramids of Giza
    The Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, will leave you in awe of the incredible architecture and engineering skills of the ancient Egyptians. Marvel at the sheer size and grandeur of these monumental structures as you step back in time and imagine the pharaohs who once ruled over this magnificent land.
  2. Explore the Enigmatic Sphinx
    Adjacent to the pyramids stands the mysterious Sphinx, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. This iconic statue has fascinated visitors for centuries, and standing in its presence is an experience unlike any other. Snap a photo with the Sphinx and unravel the secrets of this ancient monument.
  3. Immerse Yourself in Ancient History at the Egyptian Museum
    Step into the Egyptian Museum, home to an extensive collection of artifacts and treasures that showcase the rich history of Egypt. Admire the iconic golden mask of King Tutankhamun and discover countless other ancient relics, including mummies, statues, and exquisite jewelry. This is a journey through time that history lovers won’t want to miss.
  4. Wander Through the Historic Streets of Old Cairo
    Travel back in time as you explore the narrow alleyways and charming streets of Old Cairo. This part of the city is a treasure trove of historic mosques, Coptic churches, and ancient architectural gems. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine lanes and soak up the atmosphere of a bygone era.
  5. Discover the Islamic Art and Architecture
    Cairo boasts breathtaking Islamic art and architecture that will transport you to a world of intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Muhammad Ali Mosque, also known as the Alabaster Mosque, and marvel at its stunning Ottoman-inspired architecture. Explore the beautiful Ibn Tulun Mosque, the oldest surviving mosque in Cairo, adorned with intricate geometric patterns and ornate calligraphy.
  6. Visit the Majestic Cairo Citadel
    Perched high on a hill, the Cairo Citadel is not only a historic fortress but also a complex of stunning mosques, museums, and gardens. Take in panoramic views of the city from its ramparts, visit the impressive Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and delve into the history that surrounds this magnificent structure.
  7. Stroll Along the Nile Corniche
    Take a leisurely stroll along the Nile Corniche, a scenic promenade that stretches along the banks of the River Nile. Enjoy breathtaking views of the river, watch traditional feluccas sailing by, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Cairo’s waterfront.
  8. Indulge in the Flavors of Egyptian Cuisine
    Cairo is a food lover’s paradise, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that will awaken your taste buds. Sample authentic Egyptian street food such as koshary, a hearty mix of rice, pasta, and lentils topped with spicy tomato sauce and crispy onions. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional falafel, ful medames, and deliciously sweet baklava.
  9. Experience the Chaotic Charm of Khan el-Khalili Bazaar
    Prepare to be swept away by the vibrant and chaotic atmosphere of Khan el-Khalili, Cairo’s oldest and most famous bazaar. Lose yourself in a labyrinth of narrow alleys filled with shops selling everything from spices and perfumes to textiles and jewelry. Bargain with the friendly shopkeepers and bring home unique souvenirs and trinkets.
  10. Explore the Treasures of Coptic Cairo
    Delve into the history of Egypt’s Christian heritage as you visit Coptic Cairo, also known as Old Cairo. Explore ancient churches such as the Hanging Church, discover the rich symbolism and beauty of Coptic art, and learn about the significant role Christianity played in shaping Egypt’s cultural identity.
  11. Sail the Nile on a Felucca
    Experience the timeless beauty of the Nile River as you set sail on a traditional felucca boat. Enjoy the gentle breeze, admire the stunning scenery, and witness the daily life along the riverbank. A felucca ride is a serene and magical experience that allows you to connect with the heart and soul of Egypt.
  12. Lose Yourself in the Vibrant Nightlife
    Cairo comes alive at night, offering a vibrant and eclectic nightlife scene that caters to all tastes. From rooftop bars and lounges with panoramic city views to traditional music and dance performances, Cairo offers endless entertainment options for night owls and culture enthusiasts alike.
  13. Explore the Unique Blend of Islam and Christianity
    Cairo is home to a rich tapestry of Islamic and Christian landmarks, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of both religions. Visit iconic sites such as the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus, which is said to have sheltered the Holy Family during their flight into Egypt, and the historic Amr Ibn al-As Mosque, the first mosque built on the African continent.
  14. Unravel the Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics
    Embark on a journey to decipher the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the intricate system of symbols that the ancient Egyptians used to record their history and beliefs. Visit the Temple of Karnak complex, where you can see firsthand the majestic hieroglyphic inscriptions carved on temple walls, and unravel the stories they tell.
  15. Shop for Authentic Handmade Crafts
    Cairo is a paradise for art and craft enthusiasts, with countless markets and shops offering exquisite handmade crafts. From hand-painted papyrus artworks to intricate brass lanterns and handmade carpets, you’ll find unique treasures that showcase Egypt’s rich artistic heritage.
  16. Relax and Rejuvenate in Traditional Hammams
    Experience the ultimate relaxation in traditional Egyptian hammams, where you can indulge in steam baths, revitalizing massages, and luxurious beauty treatments. Let the warm, cleansing steam invigorate your senses and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
  17. Capture Instagram-Worthy Moments
    Cairo’s stunning architecture, vibrant markets, and mesmerizing landscapes provide endless opportunities for capturing picture-perfect moments. From the iconic pyramids and Sphinx to the colorful chaos of Khan el-Khalili, Cairo offers a photographer’s dream come true. Don’t forget to bring your camera and unleash your creativity.
  18. Marvel at the Islamic Geometric Designs
    Islamic geometric designs are a hallmark of Cairo’s architectural heritage. Marvel at the intricate patterns that adorn mosques, madrasas, and palaces, and witness the mathematical precision and artistic beauty that went into creating these mesmerizing designs.
  19. Attend a Traditional Egyptian Wedding
    Immerse yourself in Egyptian culture by attending a traditional Egyptian wedding. From the vibrant and colorful celebrations to the traditional food, music, and dance, a wedding ceremony in Egypt is a joyful and unforgettable experience that will deepen your understanding of the local customs and traditions.
  20. Sail Across Lake Qarun
    Escape the hustle and bustle of Cairo and head to Lake Qarun, a serene oasis located southwest of the city. Sail across the tranquil waters, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the majestic Qarun Temple. It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and connect with nature.
  21. Get Lost in the Bustling Souqs of Cairo
    Explore the vibrant souqs of Cairo and get lost in a maze of stalls selling spices, textiles, traditional crafts, and souvenirs. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle, interact with friendly locals, and practice your bargaining skills to secure the best deals.
  22. Discover Islamic Calligraphy
    Islamic calligraphy is a true art form that combines precise penmanship with spiritual meaning. Visit the Gayer-Anderson Museum, also known as Beit el-Kreitlia, to admire a stunning collection of Islamic calligraphy, manuscripts, and rare Qur’an copies. Gain a deeper appreciation for this ancient artistic tradition and its importance in Islamic culture.
  23. Watch a Spectacular Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids
    Experience the pyramids in a whole new light during a spectacular sound and light show. As darkness falls, the pyramids are illuminated, and a narrated performance takes you on a journey through the history of ancient Egypt. The combination of lights, music, and history creates a magical atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.
  24. Visit the City of the Dead
    Contrary to its name, the City of the Dead is not a place of sorrow, but rather a vibrant and bustling neighborhood where the living coexist with the deceased. Explore the historic Islamic necropolis and witness the unique lifestyle of the residents who have made their homes among the tombs and mausoleums.
  25. Discover the Pharaonic Village
    Step into the Pharaonic Village and embark on a journey through ancient Egyptian history. Explore meticulously recreated scenes from everyday life in ancient Egypt, interact with actors dressed as pharaohs and commoners, and gain a deeper understanding of the customs and traditions of this fascinating civilization.
  26. Dive into the World of Islamic Art at the Museum of Islamic Art
    Immerse yourself in the world of Islamic art at the Museum of Islamic Art, located in Cairo’s historic Bab al-Khalq neighborhood. Admire a stunning collection of ceramics, textiles, metalwork, and woodcarvings dating back to the 7th century. This museum is a true treasure trove for art enthusiasts.
  27. Trek Through the White Desert
    Venture beyond Cairo and embark on a memorable trek through the otherworldly landscapes of the White Desert. Marvel at the surreal rock formations carved by nature over millions of years, camp under the starry sky, and witness the mesmerizing play of light at sunrise and sunset.
  28. Ride a Hot Air Balloon Over Luxor
    Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Luxor’s ancient monuments from a unique perspective as you float high above in a hot air balloon. Glide over the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Colossi of Memnon, and witness the breathtaking views of the Nile River and the surrounding landscapes.
  29. Explore the Storied Streets of Islamic Cairo
    Islamic Cairo is a treasure trove of history and culture, where you’ll find hidden gems tucked away in its winding streets. Explore the atmospheric alleyways, visit the historic Al-Azhar Mosque, and don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in delicious Egyptian street food, a true delight for your taste buds.
  30. Learn the Ancient Art of Belly Dancing
    Unleash your inner dancer and learn the sensual and graceful art of belly dancing, a traditional Egyptian dance form. Join a belly dancing workshop and master the mesmerizing hip movements and intricate steps under the guidance of professional dancers. An unforgettable experience awaits you.
  31. Take a Serene Cruise Along the Nile
    Embark on a luxurious cruise along the Nile River and soak up the breathtaking views of the ancient temples, palm-fringed landscapes, and traditional villages that line its banks. Relax on the sundeck, take a dip in the pool, and let the gentle rhythm of the river transport you to a state of tranquility.
  32. Visit the Hanging Church
    Discover the spiritual significance of the Hanging Church, also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary. This Coptic Orthodox church is considered one of the oldest in Cairo and features beautiful frescoes, stunning wooden carvings, and intricate marble work. Admire the breathtaking interior and feel a sense of peace and tranquility.
  33. Venture into the Heart of Islamic Culture at Al-Azhar Park
    Escape the chaos of the city and find solace in the serene oasis of Al-Azhar Park. Explore beautifully landscaped gardens, enjoy panoramic views of Cairo’s skyline, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural events that take place within the park. This hidden gem provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling streets.
  34. Discover the Beautifully Preserved El-Muizz Street
    Stroll down El-Muizz Street, a vibrant pedestrian avenue that showcases the architectural splendor of Islamic Cairo. Admire the stunning mosques, palaces, and mausoleums that line the street, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture that permeate these ancient structures.
  35. Journey to the Coastal City of Alexandria
    Take a day trip to Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city and a melting pot of cultures. Explore the ancient Citadel of Qaitbay, visit the stunning Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and relax on the Mediterranean beaches. Alexandria offers a refreshing change of pace from the bustling streets of Cairo.
  36. Explore the Vibrant Street Art Scene
    Cairo’s street art scene is a vibrant and ever-evolving expression of the city’s culture and identity. Take a walking tour of the city and discover colorful murals, thought-provoking graffiti, and captivating street installations that reflect the spirit and creativity of Cairo’s artists.
  37. Discover the Wonders of Islamic Carpets and Textiles
    Experience the artistry of traditional Islamic carpets and textiles at the Museum of Islamic Art. Admire intricately woven rugs, delicate textiles embellished with embroidery, and stunning tapestries that showcase the skill and craftsmanship of Egypt’s textile artisans.
  38. Visit the Majestic Valley of the Kings
    Embark on a journey to the Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Explore the intricately decorated tombs, marvel at the vibrant murals depicting scenes from the afterlife, and uncover the secrets of this fascinating archaeological site.
  39. Immerse Yourself in Sufi Whirling Dervishes
    Witness the ancient Sufi ritual of whirling dervishes, a mesmerizing dance form that is part of Egypt’s rich spiritual heritage. Sufi ceremonies take place at various locations in Cairo, offering a unique opportunity to experience the mystical and spiritual side of Egyptian culture.
  40. Marvel at Islamic Metalwork and Jewelry
    The Museum of Islamic Art houses a remarkable collection of metalwork and jewelry that highlights the intricate craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans. Admire delicate filigree work, exquisite gold and silver jewelry, and beautifully engraved metal pieces that attest to the skill and artistry of the past.
  41. Embark on a Desert Safari
    Escape the city and embark on a thrilling desert safari adventure. Hop on a 4×4 vehicle and explore the vast expanse of the Egyptian desert, witness stunning rock formations, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of dune bashing. End your adventure with a traditional Bedouin-style dinner under the starlit sky.
  42. Explore the Historic Neighborhood of Zamelek
    Zamelek, an island in the Nile, is a tranquil and upscale neighborhood known for its tree-lined streets, charming villas, and trendy cafes. Take a leisurely walk along the waterfront, visit art galleries, and indulge in delicious cuisine at one of the many restaurants. Zamelek offers a slice of sophistication and serenity in bustling Cairo.
  43. Discover the Magical Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple
    Experience the ancient Karnak Temple like never before during a mesmerizing sound and light show. As darkness falls, the temple’s majestic pillars and monuments are bathed in a colorful play of lights, while a narrated performance narrates the temple’s history and mythology. It’s a captivating spectacle that will transport you to the time of the pharaohs.
  44. Visit the Magnificent Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan
    Step back in time as you explore the awe-inspiring Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, a masterpiece of Mamluk architecture. Admire the intricate craftsmanship of the massive central courtyard, the beautiful minarets, and the stunning interior adorned with intricate woodwork and decorative tiles.
  45. Wander Through the Royal Gardens of Al-Azhar Park
    Escape the chaos of Cairo and find tranquility in the beautifully landscaped gardens of Al-Azhar Park. Take a leisurely stroll through lush greenery, enjoy panoramic views of the city, and savor a delicious meal at one of the park’s restaurants. It’s the perfect spot to relax and recharge.
  46. Take a Horseback Ride Through the Desert
    Experience the thrill of riding through the desert on horseback, following ancient trails and witnessing the vastness of the Egyptian landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a novice rider, this adventure allows you to connect with nature and embrace the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle.
  47. Explore the Bustling Bazaars of Islamic Cairo
    Indulge in a shopping spree at the bustling bazaars of Islamic Cairo, where you’ll find a treasure trove of handicrafts, textiles, spices, and souvenirs. From the vibrant Khan el-Khalili to the lesser-known markets of Bab Zuweila, you’ll discover a world of colorful sights, intoxicating aromas, and friendly shopkeepers.
  48. Witness the Mesmerizing Tanoura Dance
    Immerse yourself in Egyptian folk culture by witnessing a mesmerizing Tanoura dance performance. Dancers dressed in colorful skirts spin gracefully in a trance-like state, accompanied by traditional music and captivating rhythms. The Tanoura dance is a celebration of Egypt’s vibrant heritage and will leave you spellbound.
  49. Visit Ain Shams University and Explore its Botanical Gardens
    If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Ain Shams University and explore its breathtaking botanical gardens. Wander through lush greenery, discover a wide variety of plants and flowers, and enjoy a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.
  50. Marvel at the Ancient Temple of Philae
    Embark on a Nile cruise to the ancient Temple of Philae, located on the island of Agilkia. Marvel at the beautifully preserved temple complex dedicated to the goddess Isis, and witness the stunning light and sound show that brings the temple’s history to life after dark.
  51. Discover the Serenity of Wadi El-Rayan
    Escape to the tranquility of Wadi El-Rayan, an oasis located in the Western Desert. Explore the stunning waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes that dot this natural paradise, and interact with the diverse wildlife that calls this area home. It’s the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.
  52. Attend a Traditional Sufi Music Performance
    Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of traditional Sufi music during a live performance. Sufi music combines spiritual poetry and enchanting rhythms, creating an ethereal experience that transcends language and culture. Let the music transport you to a state of deep meditation and inner peace.
  53. Explore the Vibrant Neighborhood of Zamalek
    Zamalek, located on an island in the Nile, is a trendy neighborhood known for its upscale boutiques, art galleries, and lively cafes. Take a leisurely walk along the waterfront promenade, visit the Zamalek Art Gallery, and indulge in delicious international cuisine at one of the many restaurants.
  54. Marvel at the Painted Tombs of Saqqara
    Discover the vibrant and beautifully preserved painted tombs of Saqqara, an ancient necropolis located near Cairo. These tombs offer a glimpse into the lives and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and are adorned with intricate frescoes depicting scenes from everyday life and the afterlife.
  55. Hike to the Top of Mount Sinai
    Embark on a spiritual and physical journey as you hike to the top of Mount Sinai, the legendary mountain where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. Witness the breathtaking sunrise from the mountaintop and soak in the serene beauty of the surrounding desert landscapes.
  56. Learn the Art of Egyptian Pottery
    Unleash your creativity and learn the art of Egyptian pottery during a hands-on workshop. Discover the ancient techniques of pottery making, from shaping the clay to decorating and firing the finished pieces. Create your own unique pottery masterpiece to take home as a lasting souvenir.
  57. Enjoy a Traditional Egyptian Tea Ceremony
    Immerse yourself in the rich tea-drinking culture of Egypt by attending a traditional tea ceremony. Sip on aromatic Egyptian tea, indulge in delicious sweet treats, and learn about the customs and rituals associated with this beloved beverage. It’s a delightful way to connect with the locals and experience Egyptian hospitality.
  58. Take a Glimpse into Egypt’s Modern History at the Egyptian Presidential Palace
    Visit the Egyptian Presidential Palace, located in the Heliopolis district, and get a glimpse into the country’s modern history. Explore the palace’s beautiful gardens, marvel at its magnificent architecture, and learn about the political events that have shaped Egypt’s recent past.
  59. Witness the Traditional Horse Races at the Gezira Club
    Experience the thrill of horse racing at the Gezira Club, a prestigious sports club located on Zamalek Island. Watch as skilled jockeys compete on the racetrack, place your bets, and soak up the exciting atmosphere of this beloved Egyptian pastime.
  60. Discover the Fascinating History of the Hanging Mosque
    Explore the fascinating history of the Hanging Mosque, also known as the Mosque of Sultan al-Muayyad, located in the heart of Islamic Cairo. Admire the mosque’s stunning architecture, marvel at its intricate carvings and beautiful domes, and learn about its unique history and cultural significance.
  61. Witness the Whirling Dervishes of Al-Ghouri Complex
    Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Sufi ritual of the whirling dervishes at the Al-Ghouri Complex, located in the heart of Islamic Cairo. Watch as the dervishes spin in a trance-like state, accompanied by the haunting melodies of traditional Sufi music. It’s an enchanting and spiritual experience.
  62. Explore the Unique Crafts of Khan el-Khalili
    Venture into the bustling souq of Khan el-Khalili and discover a world of unique crafts and artisanal products. From intricately woven carpets to beautifully handcrafted lanterns and pottery, this market offers an array of treasures that showcase Egypt’s rich artistic heritage.
  63. Take a Dip in the Red Sea
    For beach lovers and adventure seekers, a trip to Cairo is not complete without a visit to the Red Sea. Explore the vibrant coral reefs, go scuba diving or snorkeling, and relax on the pristine sandy beaches. The Red Sea offers a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  64. Uncover the Mysteries of the Valley of the Queens
    Explore the Valley of the Queens, the final resting place of ancient Egyptian queens and princesses. Marvel at the beautifully decorated tombs, adorned with vibrant wall paintings that depict scenes from the afterlife. It’s a lesser-known but equally mesmerizing archaeological site as the Valley of the Kings.
  65. Indulge in a Traditional Egyptian Breakfast
    Start your day in Cairo with a traditional Egyptian breakfast that will tantalize your taste buds and fuel your adventures. Head to a local eatery and savor dishes like ful medames (mashed fava beans), tameya (Egyptian falafel), and baladi bread with cheese and honey. It’s a flavorful and hearty way to begin your day.
  66. Discover the Charming Neighborhood of Maadi
    Escape the hustle and bustle of central Cairo and explore the charming neighborhood of Maadi. Stroll along tree-lined streets, visit the Maadi Corniche with its stunning Nile views, and indulge in delicious cuisine at one of the many international restaurants. Maadi offers a peaceful retreat within the bustling city.
  67. Explore the Ancient Ruins of Heliopolis
    Uncover the ancient ruins of Heliopolis, a historic district that dates back to the time of the pharaohs. Visit the well-preserved Temple of the Sun, dedicated to the sun god Ra, and learn about the ancient religious beliefs and practices that flourished in this once-great city.
  68. Witness the Mesmerizing Sufi Dancing at Ibn Tulun Mosque
    Experience the mesmerizing Sufi dancing at the Ibn Tulun Mosque, one of Cairo’s oldest and most iconic mosques. Watch as the performers whirl and spin to the rhythmic beats of traditional music, and feel the energy and spirituality of this ancient dance form.
  69. Discover the Charms of Maadi Grand Mall
    Indulge in some retail therapy at Maadi Grand Mall, a modern shopping center that offers a wide range of international and local brands. Shop for fashion, accessories, electronics, and more, and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants or cafes. It’s the perfect place to unwind and satisfy your shopping cravings.
  70. Marvel at the Ancient Temples of Abu Simbel
    Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the ancient temples of Abu Simbel, located on the banks of Lake Nasser. Marvel at the colossal statues of Ramses II, explore the intricately carved interiors, and learn about the incredible engineering feat that allowed these temples to be relocated during the construction of the High Dam.
  71. Take a Walk Along the Nile Promenade
    Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Nile Promenade and soak up the stunning views of the river and the city skyline. Watch the feluccas sailing by, listen to street musicians playing traditional music, and marvel at the timeless beauty of this iconic waterway.
  72. Explore the Vibrant Art Scene of Cairo
    Cairo boasts a vibrant and diverse art scene that showcases the talent and creativity of Egyptian artists. Visit art galleries and cultural centers such as the Cairo Opera House and Townhouse Gallery to discover contemporary works of art, attend exhibitions, and immerse yourself in the city’s thriving cultural landscape.
  73. Discover the Ancient City of Memphis
    Step into the ancient city of Memphis, once the capital of ancient Egypt, and explore its archaeological treasures. Visit the colossal statue of Ramses II, the beautiful statue of his queen, and marvel at the ancient ruins that reveal glimpses of the city’s former grandeur.
  74. Get a Bird’s Eye View from Cairo Tower
    Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Cairo from the iconic Cairo Tower, one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Take an elevator to the top and marvel at the sprawling cityscape, the meandering Nile River, and the majestic pyramids on the horizon. It’s a picture-perfect spot for capturing stunning photographs.
  75. Take a Boat Ride to Elephantine Island
    Embark on a boat ride to Elephantine Island, located in the Nile River near Aswan. Explore the island’s archaeological sites, visit the Nubian Village, and learn about the rich history and culture of the ancient Nubian civilization. It’s a peaceful and picturesque escape from the bustling streets of Cairo.
  76. Explore the Vibrant Street Food Scene
    Cairo’s street food scene is a sensory delight, offering a multitude of flavors and aromas that will tantalize your taste buds. From sizzling kofta and savory grilled meats to sweet pastries and refreshing juices, the street food stalls and carts of Cairo offer a true culinary adventure.
  77. Relax on the Beaches of El Gouna
    If you’re craving a beach getaway, head to the coastal resort town of El Gouna, located on the Red Sea Riviera. Relax on pristine sandy beaches, go snorkeling or diving in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the laid-back and luxurious atmosphere of this idyllic seaside destination.
  78. Experience the Tranquility of Al-Azhar Mosque
    Visit Al-Azhar Mosque, one of Cairo’s most prominent Islamic landmarks, and experience a sense of tranquility and spirituality. Admire the mosque’s stunning architecture, stroll through its peaceful courtyard, and witness the harmonious coexistence of faith and education within the mosque complex.
  79. Discover the Ancient Wonders of Luxor
    Embark on a journey to Luxor, often called the world’s greatest open-air museum, and discover its ancient wonders. Explore the Temple of Karnak, visit the majestic Luxor Temple, and step back in time as you wander through the sprawling open-air museum of the West Bank, where you’ll find the iconic Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut.
  80. Take a Traditional Falucca Ride on the Nile
    Experience the tranquility of the Nile River as you take a traditional falucca ride. Drift along the calm waters, enjoy the soothing breeze, and marvel at the beauty of Cairo’s skyline from a different perspective. It’s a relaxing and magical experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  81. Discover the Rich History of the Coptic Museum
    Explore the fascinating history of Egypt’s Coptic Christian community at the Coptic Museum, located in Old Cairo. Admire the museum’s extensive collection of religious artifacts, including ancient manuscripts, icons, and textiles, and gain a deeper understanding of the role Christianity played in Egypt’s cultural fabric.
  82. Climb the Steps of Montazah Palace
    Step into the world of royalty as you climb the steps of Montazah Palace, located in Alexandria. Explore the palace’s beautifully landscaped gardens, stroll along its palm-fringed beaches, and admire the stunning Ottoman architecture that showcases the opulence of a bygone era.
  83. Discover the Forgotten Tombs of the City of the Dead
    Uncover the secrets of the City of the Dead, a vast cemetery that has been inhabited for centuries by Cairo’s residents. Explore the hidden tombs and mausoleums, witness the unique lifestyle of the people who call this place home, and gain a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between life and death in Egyptian culture.
  84. Pay Homage to Egyptian Cinema at the Cairo Opera House
    If you’re a film enthusiast, don’t miss the opportunity to pay homage to Egyptian cinema at the Cairo Opera House. Catch a screening of a classic Egyptian film, attend a film festival, or explore the museum dedicated to the history of Egyptian cinema. It’s a cultural experience that reflects the country’s rich artistic heritage.
  85. Take a Dip in the Hot Springs of Siwa Oasis
    Escape to the tranquil oasis of Siwa and experience the healing properties of its natural hot springs. Relax in the therapeutic waters, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, and let the warm, mineral-rich springs rejuvenate your body and mind.
  86. Witness the Whirling Dervishes at Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe
    Immerse yourself in the hypnotic and enchanting performance of the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe. Watch as the dervishes whirl and spin to the rhythm of traditional music, accompanied by colorful lights and captivating visuals. It’s a fascinating and spiritual spectacle that showcases Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.
  87. Explore the Wonders of Saqqara
    Discover the wonders of Saqqara, an archaeological site that is home to the iconic stepped pyramid of Djoser. Explore the ancient necropolis, witness the beautifully decorated tombs, and unravel the mysteries of this ancient city that served as a burial ground for pharaohs and nobles.
  88. Take a Traditional Felucca Ride on Lake Nasser
    Embark on a traditional felucca ride on Lake Nasser, one of the world’s largest artificial lakes. Enjoy the serene beauty of the surrounding landscapes, spot wildlife such as birds and crocodiles, and witness the stunning sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant hues.
  89. Experience the Culinary Delights of Cairo’s Trendy Restaurants
    Cairo’s culinary scene is booming, with trendy restaurants offering a fusion of international and local flavors. Indulge in gourmet cuisine, innovative dishes, and creative interpretations of traditional Egyptian recipes. From rooftop bars with panoramic views to cozy hidden gems, Cairo’s dining scene has something for every palate.
  90. Discover the Desert Oasis of Bahariya
    Escape to the desert oasis of Bahariya and immerse yourself in its mystical beauty. Explore the palm-filled valleys, soak in natural hot springs, and venture into the desert to witness stunning rock formations and fossilized remains. Bahariya offers a peaceful retreat and a chance to reconnect with nature.
  91. Get a Glimpse into Cairo’s Cultural Heritage at the Egyptian Opera House
    Visit the Egyptian Opera House and get a glimpse into Cairo’s vibrant cultural heritage. Attend a concert by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, watch a ballet performance, or witness the magic of a traditional Egyptian play. The Opera House is a cultural hub that showcases the diversity and talent of Egypt’s artistic community.
  92. Trek Through the Sinai Peninsula
    For adventure enthusiasts, a trek through the Sinai Peninsula is an experience unlike any other. Journey through stunning landscapes, hike to the summit of Mount Sinai, explore ancient monasteries, and witness the dramatic beauty of the Red Sea coast. It’s a rugged and unforgettable adventure that will test your limits and reward you with breathtaking views.
  93. Get Lost in the Labyrinthine Streets of Islamic Cairo’s Fatimid Quarter
    Explore the labyrinthine streets of Islamic Cairo’s Fatimid Quarter and get lost in a world of history and charm. Discover hidden gems, ancient mosques, and beautiful courtyards adorned with intricate geometric designs. The Fatimid Quarter offers a glimpse into the city’s past and a chance to experience its vibrant present.
  94. Learn the Art of Arabic Calligraphy
    Discover the art of Arabic calligraphy and learn to write beautiful letters and words using traditional techniques. Join a calligraphy workshop and master the precise movements of the pen, while gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural and artistic significance of this ancient art form.
  95. Discover the Hidden Gems of Downtown Cairo
    Venture into the heart of Cairo’s downtown district and uncover its hidden gems. Explore historic buildings, visit art galleries and cultural centers, and indulge in delicious street food from the countless cafes and restaurants that line the streets. Downtown Cairo is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood that combines history, culture, and modernity.
  96. Witness the Mesmerizing Tanoura Whirling at Wekalet El Ghouri
    Experience the mesmerizing Tanoura whirling at Wekalet El Ghouri, a historic building in Islamic Cairo. Watch as performers dressed in colorful skirts spin to the rhythmic beats of traditional music, creating a captivating spectacle that celebrates Egypt’s rich folk traditions.
  97. Take a Tour of the Giza Plateau on a Segway
    Explore the iconic Giza Plateau in a whole new way by taking a segway tour. Glide effortlessly past the pyramids, Sphinx, and other ancient structures, learning about their history and significance along the way. It’s a unique and fun-filled adventure that combines modern technology with ancient wonders.
  98. Discover the Architectural Masterpieces of Zamalek
    Venture into the leafy streets of Zamalek and discover its architectural masterpieces. From elegant villas and stately homes to art deco buildings and modernist gems, Zamalek offers a visual feast for architecture enthusiasts. Take a leisurely walk and appreciate the diverse styles that define this charming neighborhood.
  99. Attend a Theater Performance at the Cairo Opera House
    Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts by attending a theater performance at the Cairo Opera House. From classic plays and musicals to contemporary dance and experimental theater, the Opera House showcases a diverse range of performances that captivate and inspire.
  100. Experience the Whirling Dervishes at Wekalet El Ghouri
    Witness the mesmerizing performance of the whirling dervishes at Wekalet El Ghouri, a cultural center in Islamic Cairo. Watch as the dervishes spin in elegant, flowing movements, accompanied by traditional music and chants. It’s a spiritual and enchanting experience that will leave you with a sense of awe and wonder.

Cairo, Egypt is a destination that offers an unparalleled blend of history, culture, and adventure. From ancient wonders such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx to vibrant markets, delicious cuisine, and the harmonious coexistence of the ancient and modern world, Cairo has something to offer every traveler. Whether you’re exploring the treasures of the Egyptian Museum, sailing on the Nile, or immersing yourself in the vibrant street art scene, Cairo will capture your heart and leave you with unforgettable memories. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey to Cairo, and prepare to be enchanted by this extraordinary city.

Why go to Cairo, Egypt?

You must visit Cairo, Egypt, at least once in your lifetime because the city’s unique culture, cuisine, nature, and shopping will astound you. To top it all off, you’ll get a taste of ancient Egypt’s dominion over the region. Located on the banks of the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt, Egypt’s capital, the Great Pyramid, finished in approximately 2540 B.C., is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. Just outside the city on the Giza Plateau are six pyramids.

Places to go in Cairo, Egypt:

  1. Abdeen Palace Museum
  2. Al-Azhar Mosque
  3. Al-Azhar Park
  4. Al-Muizz Al-Din Allah Street
  5. Bab Zuweila
  6. Bayt Al-Suhaymi
  7. Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino
  8. Cairo Tower
  9. Cave Church
  10. Coptic Museum
  11. Family Park
  12. Ibn Tulun Mosque
  13. Kazaz Restaurant
  14. Khan El-Khalili
  15. Muhammad Ali Mosque
  16. Museum of Islamic Art
  17. Pyramids of Giza
  18. Synagogue Ben Ezra
  19. The Egyptian Museum
  20. The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

What is Cairo, Egypt, famous for?

Cairo, Egypt, is famous for The Giza Pyramids Complex, which includes the Great Pyramid of King Khufu, the world’s oldest and largest statue, the Sphinx, and the Valley Temple.

Fun Facts about Cairo, Egypt

  • The capital of Egypt, Cairo, is the continent’s most populous metropolis.
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza can be found in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Historic Cairo, Egypt, is a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO.
  • Cairo, Egypt, is located on the banks of the Nile River.
  • The Egyptians were the first to devise a calendar with 365 days yearly.
    Why visit Cairo Egypt

How big is Cairo, Egypt?

Cairo, Egypt, is about 3,085 square km or 1191 square miles in size.

When is the best time to visit Cairo, Egypt?

The best time to visit Cairo, Egypt, is between October and April, when the weather is colder but still comfortable. This helps a lot in experiencing Cairo, Egypt’s bustling alleys, the desert-based pyramids, and the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs.

How many days do you need to see Cairo, Egypt?

If you just have two days in Cairo, Egypt, you won’t be rushed and can take your time exploring the city. Yet the best time to see Egypt’s major cities, including Cairo, Egypt, Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, and the Nile River, is seven days. However, five days should be sufficient to see most of Egypt’s key sites.

What is the cheapest time to go to Cairo, Egypt?

The low season (flights) to visit Cairo, Egypt, is in March because January, November, and December are the peak seasons. Flights for as low as $265 cost an average of $1,108 for a round-trip ticket.

Is Cairo, Egypt, an expensive city to visit?

In reality, Egypt is an extremely budget-friendly vacation. There are three price ranges for a seven-day vacation to Cairo, Egypt: lone travelers will pay an average of $1118; couples will spend $2008, and a family of four will pay $3764. With an average price of $46, hotels in Cairo, Egypt, are priced between $20 and $110 per night. In comparison, most rental properties are priced between $20 and $320 per night for the full property. 

How to save money when visiting Cairo, Egypt?

The best ways to save money when visiting Cairo, Egypt, are:

  • During the off-season, take advantage of the lower prices. Traveling to Egypt during the off-season can save you a lot of money.
  • There are several advantages to staying in a hostel, guesthouse, or small hotels, such as lower prices and the opportunity to meet other travelers.
  • You may easily get around Cairo, Egypt, via the Metro, and buses are also available for longer journeys between towns.
  • Saving money on souvenirs and presents by hopping in local markets is a terrific way to save money on your trip. To receive the greatest deals, make sure to haggle with the sellers.

What food (and drinks) is Cairo, Egypt, known for?

Things you need to eat in Cairo, Egypt, before you die:

  • Foul medames- Traditional pitta bread is used to serve this dish, made with cooked fava beans, Egyptian spices, and other herbs.
  • Egyptian falafel- It is also called taamiya. It is made with fava beans and herbs and has a brilliant green interior with a crispy deep-fried brown outside.
  • Hawawshi- Egyptian street food combines a pie and a sandwich, making it a popular snack. It’s commonly made with minced meat, peppers, onions, and pine nuts.
  • Kishk- A creamy and malty-tasting white soup prepared from fermented bulgar wheat.
    Visit Cairo Egypt at least once in your lifetime

Is Cairo, Egypt, safe to visit?

For several reasons, Cairo, Egypt, is a relatively safe city in Egypt, partly because it is also the most developed. Pickpocketing and petty theft are the most likely threats, but other than that, you don’t need to be concerned. Get ready for an enormous tourist influx and nice locals. Traveling to Cairo, Egypt, Egypt may be quite safe if you stay on the main tourist routes, use a reputable local tour operator, and exercise common sense.

What is the best way to get around in Cairo, Egypt?

The best way to get around in Cairo, Egypt, are:

  • On Foot- Despite the overwhelming number of automobiles, donkeys, buses, and pedestrians, Cairo, Egypt, is quite walkable for those of average fitness.
  • Metro- Cairo, Egypt’s Metro is a viable mode of transportation. Trains operate every 10 to 15 minutes and are reasonably clean during rush hour.
  • Felucca- is a classic Egyptian wooden boat with a canvas sail. Still, they are available in a variety of sizes and designs. This technique is employed throughout the eastern Mediterranean, particularly in the Nile Valley and the Red Sea’s sheltered waters, such as around Malta and Tunisia.

What neighbourhoods or areas should I stay in when I visit Cairo, Egypt?

The best areas you should stay in when visiting Cairo, Egypt, are:

  • Zamalek– is a great place to see some of Cairo, Egypt’s best scenery. As the city’s embassies are located here, there is a high level of protection on the streets, making it an excellent place to walk around and feel safe.
  • Maadi– Cairo, Egypt’s “green oasis,” provides brief relief from the city’s traffic chaos on roads. Maadi’s Road 9 has restaurants, stores, cafes, and even a bar.
  • Garden City- Many exquisite buildings still survive, albeit with some damage, in Garden City, formerly Egypt’s most affluent neighborhood.
  • New Cairo, Egypt or Tagamoa’ El Khames- It’s a bit of a drive from the city’s most popular attractions. Still, the Eastern suburbs of Cairo, Egypt, are less crowded and less hectic than the city’s center and closer to the airport. Cairo, Egypt Festival City, a massive shopping mall with several shops, restaurants, and shisha cafes, can be found here. Road 90 is also a great place to eat or shop for lunch or dinner. The American University in Cairo, Egypt, is also located here.

What are the best neighbourhoods or areas for food?

The best areas for food and drinks when visiting Cairo, Egypt, are:

  • Le Pacha 1901- Zamalek (300-800 EGP per person)
  • Abou El Sid- Zamalek, Heliopolis, 6th of October and Tagamo’a (200-600 EGP per person)
  • Pier 88-Zamalek (300-1000 EGP per person)
  • Andrea Mariouteya- New Giza (200-800 EGP per person)

What are the best neighbourhoods or areas for shopping?

The best areas for shopping when visiting Cairo, Egypt, are:

  •  Khan Al-Khalili- Al-Azhar Street, Cairo, Egypt 11511, Egypt
  • Mall Of Arabia- Juhaynah Square, Cairo, Egypt 11511, Egypt
  • Tiba Outlet Mall- 75 Al Nasr Road, Cairo, Egypt 11511, Egypt
  • Downtown street market- 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

What should I do on my first trip to Cairo, Egypt?

If you are visiting Cairo, Egypt, for the first time, make sure to pack some long, baggy skirts and/or pants, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed sun hat, and long sleeves. Shoes that are suitable for long walks in the fresh air. For women who visit mosques, a headscarf or shawl to conceal their hair is a good idea. A light fleece or jacket is recommended outside of summer. Check out the Pyramids of Giza, Saqqara Pyramid, Coptic Cairo, Egypt, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Muhammad Ali’s Mosque, and Giza’s Pyramids.

Is Cairo, Egypt, a good place for solo travel?

If you ever get the chance to visit Egypt, it’s one of the most magnificent places you’ll ever experience. Even though some women may be apprehensive about visiting this country on their own, various tour options allow you to experience it. While Egypt is generally a secure and hospitable country, it is advisable not to walk alone after nightfall in some areas. As a result, it is preferable to have a reputable local guide with you rather than traveling alone. In addition, they can teach you a lot about Egypt’s illustrious past.

Is Cairo, Egypt a good place to visit for a family with kids?

When visiting Cairo, Egypt as a family with kids, if you want your children to get the most out of their Egypt family vacation, wait until they are older and more capable of understanding the country’s history and politics, as well as its natural beauty, before taking them there. But for some, Cairo, Egypt, was a positive experience thanks to a guide and host family who made them feel at home and safe.

Is Cairo, Egypt, a good place for couples?

When visiting Cairo, Egypt, as a couple, to reignite the romance in your relationship, take them out on a romantic dinner date. To have a magical experience, you don’t need to go anywhere else. You’re already in the proper place! It’s true that Cairo, Egypt has a lot to offer, but some of the city’s most romantic sites are hidden away. It’s a wonderful vacation spot, but it’s also a great honeymoon destination for couples who want to spend quality time together in an unusual location. In Egypt, you’ll find a plethora of stunning destinations that are ideal for a relaxing vacation.

What are the best annual events in Cairo, Egypt?

The best annual events in Cairo, Egypt, that you can not miss are

  • Downtown Contemporary Art Festival in March and April
  • Cairo, Egypt Jazz festival in October
  • Pharaonic Race in November
  • Cairo, Egypt Bite in the month of mid-April
  • Cairo, Egypt International Film Festival in November


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